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Registred: 12.19.06
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Posted: 12/19/06, 13:02    Quote 

This site is hard work to navigate. The videos are cut up into anything between 8 and 40 clips that are spread across a number of pages. So to download the video you are interested in you have to navigate across 2 to 5 pages of clips to download the clips of interest.

The content is OK, but nothing to write home about and, for a professional site, a lot of the video quality is pretty average. Some of the content is available on other sites, not much but enough to be irritating. The search engine is useless if you are searching for video as it only returns photos.

I think the site needs to be re-designed so that the video clips are merged into one downloadable clip and the search engine allows the user to search for video.

If it is video you want, only subscribe to this site if you have plenty of time to search and download the video content.
 E Bert

Registred: 07.07.07
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Posted: 07/07/07, 09:01    Quote 

ATK Galleria and KarupsPC are pretty much tied for first place if you want pretty good quality mostly non-exclusive content in quantities that boggle the mind. Though both sites also do have many models and pic sets I have found nowhere else.

Pic quality is not state of the art HQ, but is on the high end of commercial grade. Video quality is a notch below what sophisticated consumers expect, but the newest vids are better than most sites provide, and a bit better than Karups at the moment.
There is a lot of everything including lesbo and BG, but solo pics & vids is the single biggest genre category (hurray!).

If I only joined ATK Galleria once a year, I wouldn't be able to browse all the updates, much less dowload all I want to take. BTW - dl speeds are very good and concidering the huge archive of material, the site is as ergonomic as they could make it I think. And if you go to a models page all her pic sets and vids are linked.

Registred: 07.04.14
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Posted: 12/22/14, 07:05    Quote 

It's my opinion that ATK has a pretty good search engine, and the results turn up all shoots for girls that are found. That's a great feature. However, this site fulfills it's name 'Amateur'. The photography here is ADB (awfully damn bad). The shoots are full of camera tilts, zooming in and out without discretion, and the photos range from undersaturated to highly oversaturated. This site sucks. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a zero.

I used to go there a lot. Since then, I've discovered sites that deliver what I want -- great photography of girls/women who have talent. I am buying photos, after all, and I want the backgrounds to have vertical doors and wall corners. I don't want to wade through zoom happy shoots. And I want better than average looking teens.

I know three sites that have GREAT photography -- 18xGirls (hard and softcore, mostly hard); Explicite, a french studio that has superb hardcore shoots (lot's of fisting here), and Femjoy which is all softcore but superb photography. I suspect that MetArt's photography is superb too from seeing a few sample galleries, and perhaps SexArt's (which I've heard by word of mouth is mostly boy-girl action). This is what I want -- great photography done right, with studio lighting and the camera held straight, not twisted.

Aren't you tired of sites that give you lousy shoots or lousy videos? I don't see the camera move in anything I view on Television or Movies, but the porn industry just doesn't give a damn about quality, and long ago ATK Galleria started delivering these bad shoots and nobody said a thing, as if poor photography is to be overlooked. IT IS NOT, in my opinion. I'm looking for

Professionally shot photos and videos
Professional post production, including color balancing and weeding out the crappy photos.
A start of a shoot that is inviting, and an end of a shoot that leaves in a heatwave!

ATK Gallery does not deliver this.

Now I am seeking an Asian site that has great photos, hard or soft (a combination of both would be nice). Does anyone have a suggestion about an Asian site that has superb photography? I'm really tired of wading through bullshit that calls itself porn. I want art first, with porn included.

Registred: 02.10.05
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Posted: 02/10/05, 04:22    Quote 

ATK Galleria is one of my favorite sites. The quality of the pictures is first rate, and the quantity of material is better than I have seen elsewhere.

Registred: 01.20.05
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Posted: 02/15/05, 15:09    Quote 

The young girls are first rate. icon_razz.gif

Registred: 07.01.05
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Posted: 07/01/05, 11:49    Quote 

Beatiful Girls Great Graphic Of Videos!

Registred: 10.30.05
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Posted: 10/28/06, 05:24    Quote 

I've found the clips are quite small and the video quality isn't very good. I like the pictures on the site though. Navigation isn't very good.

Registred: 02.12.07
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Posted: 02/12/07, 08:34    Quote 


Registred: 03.26.12
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Posted: 10/12/14, 20:46    Quote 

ATK is my NUMBER ONE > > 1 < < Best Porn Website EVER ! !

No other porn website comes close.
Ladies spread their pussies wide open


Actually all other porn websites
should copy the way ATK photographers take photos.
ATK should be the standard for
all other porn websites to follow.
And I'm not saying this lightly..
I'm saying this after checking
what i consider the best porn websites on the internet..

It's painfully frustrating when
you look at a photoset of a
super hot Lady on another website
and she closes her eyes while spreading
or hides her beautiful boobs while spreading
or even worse she barely spreads her pussy.

Not so with ATK ! !
You look at any of the latest photosets and
you are confident and excited that
towards the end of the photoset
the Lady is going to spread her pussy wide open for sure,
showing all her body at the same time ! !

As long as I'm single I'll keep
subscribing to the ATK network.
Plus ATK website must be made known everywhere
and I will spread this message to
all forums and blogs everywhere
to the best of my ability.


Registred: 09.05.11
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Posted: 01/22/17, 23:16    Quote 

ATK Galleria is rather expensive and yet it has no free associated sites. The models do not look to be amateurish but the camera work (video and still) is not at all professional. I did not find one model I would rate above a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5, most rate a 2 or a 3. And I did not find a "shoot" worth more than a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5).

The shoots are boring! And making naked women engaged in sex boring is tough to do. Not one of the female orgasms was believable. Not many of the 18 and 19 year old models looked younger than 25 or so.

Site is not worth a visit, let alone the $29.99 I paid.

Registred: 07.04.14
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Posted: 07/25/17, 15:21    Quote 

This site has something VERY special. Their search engine is very comprehensive but it could be a little better. Their search engine is very good and it's the best I've ever found. You can search for multiple terms.

Search terms are

Breast size
Eye color
Hair color
Clothing (lingerie, shorts, panties, none, dress, mini-skirt, and more)
Cum shot
and more

On the flip side, these girls are amateur for the most part and not all that pretty.

Even worse are the photographers. They know next to nothing about lighting and composing, and nothing about scripting. Furthermore, most shoots are hand held, allowing the background to move while the gals stay stationary. This is VERY distracting in my opinion. You never see this in movies or Television. Why is this so commonly found in porn?

Overall, when it comes to searching, ATK has their act together. I wish other sites would put as much effort into this. Then again, the models here range from very pretty (a handful), to average and even below average in looks.
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