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First Autopost for Sexy Muscular Women
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SexyMuscularWomen.com (Score: 1 out of 5)

SexyMuscularWomen.com promises many things and delivers few. If you are simply looking for pornography – you will find that in spades. However, this site does not feature exclusive content.

Upon entrance you will be brought to your own personal home page that features your favorites and your settings (where you can change your name, your email and the color of the site interface). You’ll also notice the site is no longer calling itself “Sexy Muscular Women” but has instead opted for the rather ambiguous title of “Body Builders”. For me this all seemed like a very bad sign. Sadly I was right.

The site is features seven major links at the top of the page as well as a category list box. The links are: My Favorites (i.e. Home), Body Builders, Live Shows, Videos, Galleries, Stories, and Help. The category list in the right corner listed everything from Amateurs to Transsexuals.

I decided to start with the link “Body Builders” and was immediately greeted by a page listing outside sites, and the option to add these sites to my Favorites section. The first site was “MILF’s Elite Speed Videos New!”. I thought it strange since I was in the Body Builders section – in fact, of the 12 sites listed, only 4 were actually about body building, and none of them featured the full length videos of muscular women that were advertised. The videos and photos the sites featured were often not even of body builders and the videos usually didn’t exceed 3 minutes in length.

The Live Shows category featured your standard fare of free preview web cam sites, categories like this show up on even the most reputable sites, so there was no real surprise there.

The rest of the categories were a mish mash of these standard sites usually featured on small sites as “bonus” memberships so as to increase the total amount of their content without actually investing much money. Now, these sites do in fact feature porn, and quite a bit of it. Some of the sites even featured full length movies – but almost none of it was focused on muscular women.

Long story short, SexyMuscularWomen.com is a rip-off, fortunately it only cost me $7 to figure it out. I hope this review serves as a warning to all – save your money for a more worthy cause.
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new! Write a short review of any site existing in our ratings and get the prize:
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