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Video Box****/*
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Registred: 03.22.06
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Posted: 03/29/06, 23:50    Quote 

If you have a lot of time on your hand and you want to add A LOT of porn to your collection then VideoBox is the site for you! icon_exclaim.gif I highly recommend this site because not only is it easy to navigate, it is only $9.95 per month, and it is loaded with almost any type of porn you are looking for. You are essentially downloading whole movies divided into individual scenes and this is a great concept. Say that you like only a few of the scenes, well you don't have to download everything, only the material that you like. The quality of the movies are also pretty good, and if you like you can see what movies are available before you buy. By this I mean you can see what is available, not that you can actually view the movie but you see what you will buy. This site is highly recommened and well worth the price. icon_eek.gif

Registred: 01.26.07
Posts: 2
Posted: 01/26/07, 04:04    Quote 

This is one of the few websites that are worth the moneyYou do have to pay $17.95 with no sneaky additions. It has close to 1000 DVD's. The variety is vast in many categories of porn. It is a good value for the money. I recommend this site.

Registred: 05.13.07
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Posted: 09/06/08, 15:27    Quote 

Recently I got suckered into subscribing to this "best of all pornosites" for the third time. And again I was sorely disappointed. Sure, it's big and cheap. But it is also very samey. The teens are mostly in their late twenties and the grannies in their early thirties. It's all very middle-of-the-road and conventional, with an outright obsession for anal. There are more assholes at work here than in the whole of Canada.

I am getting on a bit, so I've seen enough of the ordinary stuff. I like things a little more original now, but I cannot find it here.

The custom clips are a good idea but sadly the wrong way around. Now you can save bits, but it would have been much better if you could delete them. After all, the middle is always the most boring part of the movie.

Registred: 04.09.06
Posts: 8
Posted: 11/01/08, 21:20    Quote 

I've been a member of this site for 3 years and I still love it.

Yes, they post crap, a lot of it in fact, but with 5 complete DVD's a day, which is over 1,800 new DVD's a year, it's hard to complain, especially when they add some wonderful stuff all the time.

They offer several download size options and, as well have an amazingly fast streaming option.

Only negative is that it has no pix...it's totally video only.

Registred: 07.19.04
Posts: 98
Posted: 04/27/06, 09:02    Quote 

this undoubtedly is one of the best sites with amazing value.

Registred: 01.27.07
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Posted: 01/27/07, 18:45    Quote 


Registred: 05.09.05
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Posted: 02/15/07, 23:58    Quote 


I was a member of this site a year ago for one month. I cancelled because I had seen most of the video's before and the download speed was slow, so trying to download the dvd quality videos would take ages.

Now one year on, I thought I would try joining again as the video collection had increased and I had hoped they might have improved the bandwidth problems.

I am sorry to report the download speed here in the UK is so bad, the maximum was 105Kbps dropping to 45Kbps, so even downloading the worst quality video was hopeless.

They might have 4-5 videos added daily and a good selection to choose from, but at download speeds not much better than dialup it becomes a joke.

I have 8Mb broadband and know I can download from other sites much faster than Video Box.

All I can say is if you can download from Video Box at a decent speed you are lucky, as the site contains some good content. Otherwise you will be very disappointed like me.

Registred: 09.04.06
Posts: 1
Posted: 02/16/07, 02:47    Quote 

the girls are okay the only problem is the quality of the pictures are deplorable, needs more definition to give a more in dept review.

Registred: 05.09.05
Posts: 16
Posted: 02/17/07, 10:25    Quote 


I thought I should add a few things to my previous comments.

I tried downloading video's first thing Saturday morning in the UK before going to work. At that time the USA is 5-7 hours behind and sleeping.

I found I could download at speeds between 1000-1300Kbps, a lot better than previous attempts.

I joined another site the same day and found I could download at anytime at 3500-4000Kbps.

Problem is to download the video's at a decent speed, I have to take time off work or download first thing in the morning, which is not always convenient.

Video Box help page blames the slow speeds on the internet. I know that companies who invest in high bandwidth, do not have problems at peak times. So I can only assume they work with the minimum to save running costs.

The price $9.95 a month only applies if you pay $99.95 for 10 months in advance. It used to be $9.95, now it is $17.95 or $14.95 a month if joining through link in Porn Inspectors review.

Registred: 11.01.04
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Posted: 08/26/07, 19:50    Quote 

I've been a member of this site for over 2 years now, and I still think it's great. The price is amazing, and I get about 25 new scenes each and every day. There are now (as of this posting) 3312 DVDs or 18636 scenes. How can you go wrong with nearly 20 thousand different scenes to wank to?

Registred: 02.10.06
Posts: 6
Posted: 09/01/07, 18:29    Quote 

They provide a lot of content for very little money. I do agree; the video quality and the speed could be better -- and hopefully they will work on it...But given the cost, and the contents -- I guess I can certainly put up with a few compromises ..Plus bandwidth costs money....

Kind of a Catch-22 But looking the content, and the daily updates; I think they really offer quite a lot. I suppose you could try downloading at "DVD Quality" and use a good download manager; that might help.

Registred: 09.28.07
Posts: 5
Posted: 09/29/07, 08:51    Quote 

I have been on this site for about 8 hours and i have to say it is one of the best. i am on 18 inches of pain also and it is good they put out a movie a day and i thought that was good but this is awesome and the selection here is huge every star i like there is like tons of movies i mean 18 inches of pain is good for the 5.95 i pay a month but u only get that on the cancellation i think. well worth the money for both sites truthfully i am not canceling either.[/list][/quote]

Registred: 05.02.07
Posts: 2
Posted: 11/22/07, 00:30    Quote 

This is one of the best sites. I love the new format. I love to see some Carmen Luvana clips.

Registred: 12.23.07
Posts: 1
Posted: 12/23/07, 11:09    Quote 

flyfish wrote:
I cancelled because I had seen most of the video's before and the download speed was slow, so trying to download the dvd quality videos would take ages.


Registred: 02.28.12
Posts: 2
Posted: 02/28/12, 02:07    Quote 

I recommend this site, because in porn it is the best value per buck. Yes, they have a lot of old movies and some bad scenes, but they also have great movies from some of the best studios. You don't need to search a lot to get something you like. I mean, with more than 10.000 dvd and 5 more per day it will take quite a lot of time to watch all you want. You can also organize your favorites in different ways.

Best of all, you can dowload the movies and they won't expire nor have any restriction.!

On the Internet you can't get better value for your money

Registred: 11.12.11
Posts: 11
Posted: 08/25/12, 23:09    Quote 

Video Box is an outstanding adult website that offers the best “bang-for-your-buck,” bar none. Five new box releases are added to the site on a daily basis and include a variety of content that will suit most taste, including amateur, BJ, DP-Anal, Fetish, GILF-MILF, Lesbian, Straight Sex, etc. I have subscribed to this site off-and-on since 2009 and can only remember one minor problem that resulted from my Mozilla Firebox browser automatically updating and not allowing me to see the current updates. Video Box responded to my enquiry and solved the problem quickly and efficiently. This site deserves an off-the-scale rating for offering the most daily content; a subscription price that can’t be beat; the site is easily navigable via the movies, scenes, clips, and studios links; 97 niches exist for the thousands of scenes; and Video Box allows the user to create up to ten folders defining their own niches and saving either the video box or specific scene for later viewing or downloading; and you can browse the site with almost unlimited access before you subscribe. My personal rating is ten stars! icon_biggrin.gif
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