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Posted: 04/11/04, 20:57   Quote 

This site has been closed

The hottest transsexuals from Brazil show off their best assets. These gorgeous chicks love showing and stroking their cocks.

Inspected by: Jamdin
This site has been closed 

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Posted: 04/12/04, 18:56    Quote 

as i donot pay i only get preview tours but it looks good and the galleries jamdin shows are worth looking at. icon_cool.gif

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Posted: 04/13/04, 15:10    Quote 

Jamdin our shemale specialist icon_wink.gif
Rate explained in review. On note from me: This site operated by big Netherlands company, which owns a big number of public houses and other sex oriented biz, so I think pics and videos inside can't found somewhere else.

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Posted: 02/07/05, 09:33    Quote 

Perfect shemales. Really sexy! icon_exclaim.gif

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Posted: 06/03/05, 00:42    Quote 

Incredibly Perfect, Sexy shemales!
 Montey Woods

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Posted: 06/03/05, 18:15    Quote 

Cute t-girls. The Brazilian shemales are so sexy!

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Posted: 05/03/06, 16:12    Quote 

Heiße seite!!!

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Posted: 05/04/06, 03:08    Quote 

Ok, I just have one question, how does a girl get lucky enough to have been born with this arousing appendage that doesn't belong there, but by some stroke of nature, it's there just the same. Yes, I'm happy being a girl...all girl, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to give that a shot for a few months.

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Posted: 05/04/06, 03:10    Quote 

I know, this is question #2, but I'm curious. How many men are secure enough with their sexuality that they would be with a she-male? Would you consider that gay behavior, or do the tits save the day and make it an act that can be overlooked by any phobias that you might have?

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Posted: 05/08/06, 17:15    Quote 

Most shemales are men to female transsexuals so they are not always born with it. Very rarely are women born with a penis (there are women born with huge clits). There are cases of natural-born hermaphrodites who grow up as one sex despite the fact that they have both genitals (but that is another subject altogether).

Gay guys do not like shemales because of their breasts and the fact that they look like women. Gays love guys because they are attracted to men. Labels can be very confusing when dealing with the wonderful world of shemales. If you need a label for those who enjoy shemales, then bisexual would fit the most.

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Posted: 05/15/06, 21:47    Quote 


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Posted: 05/16/06, 17:06    Quote 

You are right in everything you said Jamdin, thanks for the input! I'm not sure I could partake sexually with a shemale, but would really like to see one in person instead of just on the net. Terrible aren't I?

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Posted: 05/16/06, 23:47    Quote 

I don't think a she male would float my boat. I like a woman to be all woman.

Cheers. Dynamo.

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Posted: 05/17/06, 13:47    Quote 

Hi Dynamo!

Well, you would like me then, nothing un-natural or different about me, all my parts are put in the right places, just a bit of gravity taking hold on them from age! icon_rolleyes.gif
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