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Registred: 07.02.03
Posts: 349
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Registred: 05.30.05
Posts: 1
Posted: 05/30/05, 23:03    Quote 

Abby Winters is a complete dream come true. But the gorgeous girls, artful posing, and extreme high quality of every picture are not the reason why. The reason that this site rises to the top is because of Abby Winter's sensitivity, her love of this craft that permeates every posting. Her pictures combine the sexy curves and thrilling features we all want to see, but these things are presented with such complete realism it's like being there yourself. The life of the mind is what makes these pictures mind-blowing. Abby's shots will bring back every real memory you have, and allow you to create new wonderful fantasies. One of mine was always wondering... I wonder what that cute young lady would look like without her clothes on. Now, at last, I'm able to have this dream come true. I cannot recommend this site highly enough. Abby's site is simply the best, and by an order of magnitude.

Registred: 06.08.05
Posts: 1
Posted: 06/07/05, 23:26    Quote 

AW.com is the only site on the net that gets any of my hard earned cash for a membership fee. the variety & the genuine qualities of the girls, as well as Abby's abilty to bring those qualities out mean that I don't need to look anywhere else for my entertainment. Thanks Abby. icon_biggrin.gif

Registred: 05.17.06
Posts: 2
Posted: 05/17/06, 08:20    Quote 

Love the site.
Best I have seen.
The girls are real and not plastic but beautiful as well.
The before and after interviews are amazing good to know how the girls felt.
Gold Pass is definately worth the money.
Abbey u know what the ordinary guy likes beautiful realistic young women with a variety of content and realism. We want to know these are the beautiful girls we meet every day in all situations and a bit about them and no fake acting done with a sensual sense of humor.

Well done thanx and congratulations

Registred: 03.27.06
Posts: 75
Posted: 06/13/06, 01:03    Quote 

This is a great site if you like naked girls doing handstands and climbing trees and stuff. I find it a bit frustrating that only one in about every six girls actually does a masturbation scene though, and some of them frizzle out into nothing. It took me a while to figure out the best way to navigate the site seeing as there's a ton of sub menus and extra links on each page, but once I did I was okay. I can sort of understand why there is so many sub menus and links, but its probably a wee bit over the top.

Cheers. Dynamo.

Registred: 07.16.06
Posts: 1
Posted: 07/16/06, 14:56    Quote 

How to characterise the Abby Winters Experience? Fantastically erotic, arousing and satisfying (for both women and men), without a trace of smut. An enthusiastic celebration of the sexuality and eroticism of beautiful young women, all of whom are presented with obvious loving care. Technically superb and brilliantly managed. Incredibly smooth and user-friendly in navigation. Wittily entertaining. Life-enhancing. Complex in flavour like the finest Australian wines. And with all that, unbelievably yet truly excellent value for money.

Registred: 10.22.05
Posts: 2
Posted: 08/28/06, 10:21    Quote 

The Abby Winters site is an excellent departure from the run of the mill "babe machine" internet porn sites. How many other sites feature really well photographed girl next door types? The only other similar material is blurry, underexposed photos taken on phone cameras. Long live Abby Winters! icon_biggrin.gif

Registred: 09.11.06
Posts: 2
Posted: 09/11/06, 02:09    Quote 

Best site on the net, one that ACTUALLY cares about its customers and not just their money. This is the only site I have membership in, I've checked out other's "Trial" periods and they don't even come withing a fraction of the quality that Abby has on her site. If you want fake girls don't bother with this site as they are all your girl next door type and Don't look like the sleazy old windbags some other sites have. Like the review said this is mostly softcore site, some hardcore in it but not much. I also love how they put everything in categories.

Registred: 12.19.06
Posts: 4
Posted: 12/19/06, 12:49    Quote 

This is a site that delivers on the promise. Lots of good looking ladies doing their thing photographed and filmed in very high quality. The ladies are all sizes and shapes and they are real, that's right, real women having real fun and mostly, but not always, having real orgasms.

The site has ladies masturbating alone, masturbating in pairs (very sexy), full lesbian action sets, a few boy/girl hardcore scenes and a whole lot of stuff where the girls talk about themselves and their interests, both sexual and non-sexual. I downloaded about 70% of the video content (lots of GB's) because of the quality.

This site is a 10/10, do yourself a favour and subscribe.

Registred: 12.30.06
Posts: 1
Posted: 12/29/06, 23:07    Quote 

Abbywinters is not to be considered 'porn' because it is not 'performed' nor 'acted' but straight from the heart and sincere. I would call it 'a beautiful, sincere celebration of, and tribute to female sexuality'. It can easily be considered therapeutic for its sincerity! Even if you're not after a quick turn-on, Abbywinters is just as good to look at like a beautiful Monet painting, be it moving or not. Deep respect to Abbywinters and all women!

Registred: 01.27.07
Posts: 1
Posted: 01/27/07, 14:56    Quote 

I wish I had found this website earlier. The girls all look like they are having a great time. In fact it looks to me that the models themselves are the ones in control of the shoot, not the photographer. There's a variety of beautiful girls and everyone will find something they like. Plenty of content. In fact even without signing up, there's more free content than some pay websites members sections. It also loaded very quickly, despite most photos being well over the 1280x960 pixels.

What really attracted me to the site is the community feel. Abby hasn't just gathered gorgeous girls and put them out for the world to see, she's also brought in the audience and made it a party. Despite the amount of work Abby and her team has, they all have time to converse and joke around with their members on their forums - something I feel a lot of sites lack. She's not telling the audience what they want, the audience is telling her. Abby, the staff and the models are all approachable. Just read the comments here - Abby has posted here twice to find out what it is we want to see and try and improve the site.

One more thing that drew me to the site, and it's probably more relevant to me than anyone else, most of them are Australian girls. They look like the ones I sit on the bus and train with, the ones I pass by everyday in the city. These girls really could be the girl living next door. I've been trying to find decent australian sites and I'm wishing I had seen this one earlier. I wouldn't mind seeing a couple more Boy/Girl shots, but there's plenty of content to make up for that.

Abby and team had a concept of what an adult site should look like and have brought it to life. After seeing the girls just playing around, I don't think I can visit other sites where the models are posing. They all look forced now. I've got a hard-on from not just the models, but from how the whole site has come together.

Registred: 03.27.07
Posts: 1
Posted: 03/27/07, 12:38    Quote 

The Abby Winters site is FANTASTIC. Take the free tour, and then hop over to Gold membership because it really delivers! Great videos and photos, excellent tech support and superb value for money. And the girls... gorgeous, genuinely sexy young ladies who are having a hell of a lot of fun and really getting off! It's a fake-free zone. Forget the contrived plastic-porn rubbish that's been thrown at us since the 70s, this is the real thing - amateurs doing whatever they like best (and doing it really well, I might add!)
If you like girl/girl action with genuine orgasms, it doesn't get any better than this...

Registred: 07.24.07
Posts: 1
Posted: 07/23/07, 21:18    Quote 

If you are getting tired of fake porn you may want to check out Abbywinters.com. It’s an adult site with real people!

Don’t get me wrong, it has the photos you want. In fact, if you surf the usual TGP sites that I used to (note the phrase "used to"), you have probably seen tons of these photos already in the sample sets that are posted around the internet. Clear, natural, and refreshing are the words I would use to describe them. From the fully-dressed beginning shots to the closing portraits, and everything in between (which includes just about every part of the model’s body that can be caught with a camera!) these pictures are special.

There is also usually a 10-45 minute downloadable video set included with each shoot. Some of these are full-on girl-girl sex scenes, and others are solo models doing anything from climbing a tree naked, to giving a tour of her favourite "bits" or her undies drawer, to masturbating on a comfy chair or even toilet seat! In many of them the models chat with the crew (who are all female, which seems to help make the whole scene more relaxed) or directly with the viewers.

However, that is just the beginning. I said "real people" and that is what makes this site even more special. How many sites encourage you to chat with the models, with other site members, and even with the staff, on any of hundreds of topics? How many sites let you in on the crew members’ thoughts about the different shoots – the good and the bad – and give you lots of behind-the-scenes photos? How many sites let you watch the models get dressed after the shoot? How many sites let you even get to know the office staff? None that I can think of.

And then there are the GGT1 shoots, which are really what attracted me to AW in the first place. You’ll have to check out the site to find out what that abbreviation means, but if you like to see groups of girls having non-sexual fun wearing nothing but their birthday suits, then this is the place for you.

But the thing that most impresses me about AW is the respect they have for the models. Many of the models are first- (and often only-) time amateurs, and no model is required or manipulated or tricked into doing anything she is not ready for. And in the "before/after-the-shoot" notes that each girl writes, so many of them say what a great experience it was, and how it helped them to have a more positive self-image (something that young women increasingly struggle with). Hardly an attribute of most "porn" sites.

That’s why I hesitate to call AW a "porn" site. It’s more like a site for high-quality erotic photography, community, and…well, a celebration of our humanness.

Oh yes, I should mention that they allow you to sign up with a cash-by-mail option, for those (like me) who choose not to use a credit card.

I forgot to talk about the M/F scenes. There aren’t many, and it looks like these are being phased out. So if seeing super well-endowed guys doing their thing in a dozen positions is important to you, you’ll want to give AW a pass. This is definitely a site that specializes in and celebrates female beauty and sexuality.

Registred: 09.21.07
Posts: 6
Posted: 09/22/07, 18:08    Quote 

Simply the best softcore amateur webpage that I have seen. You will not find these women anywhere else. The picture quality is excellent. The issues I have with the site is I wish they had more hardcore. Also, I would prefer if the video was offered in smaller clips for faster downloading.

Perhaps they should start a new hardcore amateur?
 John the Photographer

Registred: 12.06.07
Posts: 1
Posted: 12/06/07, 06:59    Quote 

First and foremost, I am a student at the University of Missouri, here in the states and I have had the pleasure of living in the city where the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) event takes place, this is where some of the best photos in the world, from amateur photographer, all the way to the top photographs from magazines meet. I've had the pleasure of seeing some of the best photographs in the world and I hold my standards quite high, and STILL Abbywinters has managed to blow me away with her beautiful scenery, composition, and subject matter. To be quite honest, scenery like that, is why Australia is the number one place on my list to travel, beautiful women, beautiful land. Alongside that, the models are even more real than some of the people I walk past every day at the University, *shrug* there's no beating that, simple as can be. I'm very sorry to anyone who doesn't view this site at some point in their lifetime.

Registred: 01.06.07
Posts: 1
Posted: 02/07/08, 11:31    Quote 

I have never found such beautiful photography and filming anywhere on the Internet to equal what I have seen on abbywinters.com ! That is not only the girls bodies but their personalities and the atmosphere created to produce the outstanding pieces of art. I was a female portrait photographer in my younger days so I know how important it is to have more than just a pretty face.

As for the Boy/Girl photos, or should I say Girl/Boy to get our priorities right. If some people so desperately want to see that catagory my advice to them is to visit sites dedicated to that theme, not try to change Abby's. She, along with her beautiful every-day girls, not fogetting the team she must have behind her, have a theme, with brilliant art within that theme. That is obviously where her heart lies so leave it alone.

To you Abby ... stick to your guns girl, like I said, if it ain't broken, don't fix it !

PS Our local Chinese restaurant makes delicious Chinese food but only has a very limited choice of Italian. Guess what ?? We go to the Italian for that ! icon_rolleyes.gif

Registred: 04.29.09
Posts: 1
Posted: 04/29/09, 09:13    Quote 

I love Abby!
The girls are super hot and horny, and even better, everyone at Abby is GOOD PEOPLE. Who wants to mix up a great thing, girls, with a terrible thing--sexism and misogyny???

But seriously, the girls are way hot. My favorites are Marigold, Sue-Anne, Larissa, and out of nowhere, Kara D!!! She is amazing!

1. I can finally imitate saying the word "no" with an Auzzie accent. It's kind of a "Nuh-yih," in case you were wondering.
2. I finally believe that some girls authentically enjoy sex.
3. I get an erection every time I watch Steve Irwin's old show.

No. 3 may only paritally be due to Abby. I do love crocodiles and khaki.

Abby gives men positive models of sex. And the models are so fucking hot.

Registred: 09.05.11
Posts: 10
Posted: 09/04/11, 22:00    Quote 

This is one of the two or three best sites of which I have been a member. Never boring -- never! The models look and act like amateurs and seem to truly enjoying themselves. The girl/girl action here is better than Saphic Errotica as it is currently structed, but not as good as that site was back when Kimberly and the gang were in full bloom!

Registred: 07.02.04
Posts: 11
Posted: 01/01/05, 16:26    Quote 

This site has some fantastic sexy pictures. I'd love to spend time with all their models.
The pictures of the girls will get a raise out of any male whos not gay.

Richard Vasseur

Registred: 07.02.03
Posts: 349
Posted: 01/01/05, 22:54    Quote 

This is definately one of the greatest sites at this moment. Thumbs Up!

Registred: 08.21.04
Posts: 50
Posted: 01/01/05, 23:42    Quote 

Sexy Outback bad Girls icon_biggrin.gif


icon_razz.gif She looks good enough to eat...


This one is most differently Good enough to eat! (I think I will take it from that Expert who is going down on her icon_smile.gif )


Registred: 07.02.04
Posts: 11
Posted: 01/02/05, 00:17    Quote 

I want a taste of that!

Richard Vasseur

Registred: 08.20.04
Posts: 2
Posted: 01/02/05, 13:54    Quote 

I am currently a member of this site and as good as this review says it is, its even better. icon_biggrin.gif


Registred: 11.01.04
Posts: 4
Posted: 01/02/05, 19:57    Quote 

I just joined up as well, and the only thing I will say is that when the reviewer says "Many amateur sites of this caliber shy away from showing boy-girl sex, but Abby Winters includes the occasional sex scene." what he actually means is 3 SHOOTS TOTAL.

That's it, there ain't no more, and from the sounds of it, none coming anytime soon.

So if Boy/Girl videos are your thing, this is definately NOT your website.

Registred: 08.20.04
Posts: 2
Posted: 01/03/05, 15:35    Quote 

Vidfreaky wrote:
I just joined up as well, and the only thing I will say is that when the reviewer says "Many amateur sites of this caliber shy away from showing boy-girl sex, but Abby Winters includes the occasional sex scene." what he actually means is 3 SHOOTS TOTAL.

That's it, there ain't no more, and from the sounds of it, none coming anytime soon.

So if Boy/Girl videos are your thing, this is definately NOT your website.

I've been a member for over a year and the reason that there are not that many boy/girl shoots is because most of the members including myself don't want them. There's more than 3 and another one is due out soon.

Last edited by jess on 01/03/05, 16:42, edited 1 time in total
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