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Registred: 03.24.05
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Posted: 03/24/05, 20:50    Quote 


I would appreciate if you could review my paysite.

Please find below some details
1) Title:
Magic Nylons
2) URL to my website
3) A short description
Pantyhose, stockings and feet, images and movies. Boy and girl, solo, lesbian high quality content.
4) A temporary login to your member's area.
Please contact me if you are interested.



Registred: 03.25.05
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Posted: 03/24/05, 23:55    Quote 

If you would please take the time to review http://www.jeanswing.com that would be great. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Thanks in Advance!

Registred: 07.02.03
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Posted: 03/26/05, 18:24    Quote 

Good sites, I need more unique sites guys and girls!

Registred: 03.30.05
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Posted: 03/30/05, 00:54    Quote 

The best amateur site I've ever found is this one icon_twisted.gif

Registred: 12.27.04
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Posted: 04/04/05, 20:35    Quote 

This site kicks ass it has Current Total DVD Count: 561 DVDs Total Scene Count: 2724 scenes so for 3or 4 dont work but for 14.95mo its the best video site.Ive seen and no DMA icon_lol.gif http://www.downloadpass.com
 APN Philip

Registred: 04.05.05
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Posted: 04/05/05, 07:43    Quote 

Thanks for the recent Major Hardon addition, we're loving the traffic! We've added you to our "Friends" section:


Could you review our sites shesgotmale.com and grannygummers.com when you get a moment?

Contact me for a user/pass. icon_wink.gif

Registred: 07.02.03
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Posted: 04/05/05, 14:38    Quote 

Thank you Phillip.
I add almost all mentioned sites into shedule.

Lady Samantha, PM5K!
Can't contact with you. Sent you second emails.

Registred: 04.07.05
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Posted: 04/07/05, 17:21    Quote 

Ed C. wrote:

Please consider reviewing StripGameCentral.com.

As far as I know it is the only website dedicated to watching girls (and the occasional guy) playing strip games. Now you can watch girls play and of course LOSE a growing range of games. And we often get the loser(s) to perform a forfeit or two.

If you need a free login, let me know!


so can i have a free login to receive an impression of your website?

Registred: 04.09.05
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Posted: 04/08/05, 23:06    Quote 

Not mine but www.moishaworld.com seems to be very lacking until you get inside. Might be a good bbw teen amateur review

Registred: 04.11.05
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Posted: 04/11/05, 11:17    Quote 

Hi guys,
Please check out our site www.blissbox.com

 Misty Kristy

Registred: 04.14.05
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Posted: 04/13/05, 22:35    Quote 

Please review these 2 sites, I think they're very unique and would be good additions to PI.


Your link is on the resources page already icon_smile.gif


Registred: 04.14.05
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Posted: 04/14/05, 07:20    Quote 

please review this site. thanks!


icq me at 317184842
aim: marumari
email at marketing@virtualhottie.com

Registred: 07.02.03
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Posted: 04/15/05, 21:02    Quote 

leth, let's wait untill your site will bigger.
KateM , we don't review shops at this time. I have no ideas, how to rate them.
Misty Kristy, Joe A - I've sent request to you.
virtualhottie - too hard to review game sites. I'll think about.

Registred: 04.16.05
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Posted: 04/16/05, 15:54    Quote 


Please review 100% Uncensored Hentai - http://www.h-anime.com
One of the oldest Hentai sites on the WWW - huge amounts of high quality content - unique series, full length Hentai movies, games and masses more! Webmaster Program converts like mad if you sent quality traffic!


Chris R
email webmaster@h-anime.com

Registred: 04.18.05
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Posted: 04/18/05, 17:41    Quote 


We would love for you to review our site www.worldwidewives.com, we have been running six years.

Please e-mail me at sigmon@worldwidewives.com if you need a free set ofd login details or any more information.

Thanks for your time


Registred: 04.19.05
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Posted: 04/18/05, 23:59    Quote 

Please review our site: "Kick Ass" www.kickass.com (hardcore)

This is actually the central site of a network of 7 subsites... the same login will work for all the sites.

They are:
Chica-Boom - Latina - www.chica-boom.com
Barefoot Confidential - Foot Fetish - www.barefootconfidential.com
5-Guy Cream Pie - Cream Pies - www.5-guycreampie.com
10 Man Cum Slam - Oral - www.10mancumslam.com
Black Jelly - Ebony / Interracial - www.black-jelly.com
Piss Palace - Pissing / Toys - www.pisspalace.net
Kick Ass Grab Bag - Pornstar - www.kickass-grabbag.com

These sites have been running since April of 2004. Daily updates to the main site (each site updated weekley) - never missed an update.

Affiliate program details at: http://cash.kickass.com

Please contact me: webmaster@kickass.com for members area acess for your review

Registred: 04.19.05
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Posted: 04/19/05, 20:05    Quote 


My name is tyler and I am with Creative Coin. I was wondering if you guys would be interested in review www.naughtynerd.com. She is one of our new Amateur sites.


Please contact me at support /at/ cchelp.org for free account..


Registred: 04.20.05
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Posted: 04/19/05, 21:43    Quote 

Hi let me know if you can review the following sites... all original content and exclusive... Member’s area updated everyday of the week... total of 5 sites and more coming. Greatly appreciated.


ICQ Number : 176-998-299
Name: Photography

Registred: 04.20.05
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Posted: 04/20/05, 00:44    Quote 

Please review www.jeremyeast.com
 Fuzzy Jay

Registred: 04.20.05
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Posted: 04/20/05, 19:38    Quote 

Sorry, have removed this post as I don't meet the criteria to have http://www.fuzzyshouseofporn.com reviewed.


Registred: 04.23.05
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Posted: 04/22/05, 21:13    Quote 

Please review our site:


We feature amateur straight men in solo action. Our audience is both straight women and gay men.


 Lady Samantha

Registred: 03.18.05
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Posted: 04/24/05, 16:55    Quote 

kit wrote:
Thank you Phillip.
I add almost all mentioned sites into shedule.

Lady Samantha, PM5K!
Can't contact with you. Sent you second emails.

Hey there kit I have emailed you site pass details - give me a shout if you need anything else

Lady Samantha

Registred: 05.04.05
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Posted: 05/04/05, 02:20    Quote 

Heya Guys (and Gals) icon_smile.gif

I would love to see KnotNice.com get reviewed- it's a bondage/bdsm/forced orgasm site.

We'll throw up a link to you asap.

Yes we do have an affiliates system:

If you want a free pass, email me at bridgett@knotnice.com


Registred: 07.02.03
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Posted: 05/04/05, 16:11    Quote 

chrisr224, KickAssVic, TylerD, Petersite, smoothrick, hombreman, Bridgett - I've requested access for reviewers by e-mail. I nedd access and promo content (at least 3 galleries by 15 pics and optional up to 6 promo videos).

SIGMON - Sorry, we review sites having webmaster affiliate programs at this time.

Lady Samantha - your site review has been published. You have nice femdom site.

Joe A - your site already sheduled for reviewers attention.

Registred: 05.06.05
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Posted: 05/06/05, 09:01    Quote 

Please review our top selling sites:




Our Rev Share webmaster program is

P.S. I have added your button on our resource page

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Shawn (aka GraphicDude)
ICQ# 5555783
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