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Registred: 03.03.05
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Posted: 03/05/05, 00:17    Quote 

The site offers a large variety models, which depending on your tastes range from hot to ugly. They offer downloadable videos in mpeg format. The biggest downside to this site is the webmasters who insist on being part of the action. The site markets itself as amateur guys having sex among themselves and in solo action--but in reality its feature is two average looking 40ish guys who give the models blowjobs, etc. Their attitude is that if you don't want to watch them have sex with the models, either don't join or leave the site. Its really sad because they have a lot of hot models. Its really frustrating to see two or three hot guys about to have sex and then these two jump in to join in. One thing I have never understood with this site is the cameraman will talk to the model in what appears to be an attempt to turn the model on. What makes anyone think the sound of a man's voice would turn on a supposedly straight model? It's really interesting how these guys go on about how they have never given a blowjob and then they begin giving one hell of a cock suck.

The site offers three updates each week and they are very timely in these updates. They also offer webcam shows with the memberships which appear to be quite popular. They have one of the largest forums for members to post messages and it is a good source of information.

Registred: 05.05.05
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Posted: 08/02/05, 14:35    Quote 

I have subscribed to ASG a few times on and off over the past four years, and honestly, I'm still on the fence about it. On the one hand, the content is impressive. Big, searchable archives, listed by each guy--so if a certain straight guy is your thing (and I definitely had a few of mine), you can check out every single bit of film they've got on him. However, it does often feel like the site's founders (Doug and Jay) push certain guys down our throats, so to speak. If they get a hard-on for a guy, we're forced to see this stud in every possible combination and situation until everyone's sick to death or exhausted. Another mark in the negative column for most is the infusion of non-straight guys into the mix. Many recent models don't seem to even want to play along that they might be straight--they're just here for dick. And that's all well and fine, but I think many viewers want to see real straight guys slowly letting their inhibitions go, be it through tempation, bribery, or whatever else. As other posters have discussed, the quality of guys has been erratic, and in my opinion, has suffered since the site's home base has moved from Kansas City to Phoenix. Who woulda thunk that, right? Still, there's a much more generic quality to the newest batch of boys, and it bores me just a little bit.

One last thing--regarding Doug and Jay: It does seem like they want in on the action themselves quite a bit, but I have never minded that. I guess I find them both appealing enough to let it slide (plus, I think they both suck a mean cock). Never bothered me that much.

So, overall?? Well, as I said earlier, I've had an on-and-off relationship with this site. It's well worth a quick trial spin, but long-term?? Only if you're down with this new set of guys, and frankly, I'm not.

Registred: 02.03.04
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Posted: 03/04/05, 08:49    Quote 

i wish i could be there

Registred: 03.03.05
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Posted: 03/06/05, 19:44    Quote 

In all fairness, I should add that the site has some hot models who are willing to take things further than the typical "come suck me while i lay back and do nothing". The site does offer more updates than most other amateur sites. The video quality is good and the downloadable movies are such that you can watch them when offline. Whether these guys are straight or not does not matter as they are masculine. The archives of movies are large enough that even if you don't want the webmasters in the scene you can find enough in there to justify a membership for at least a month or two.

Registred: 05.28.05
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Posted: 07/25/05, 17:16    Quote 

I just finished up a 4 day trial and am ready to share some feedback. There's a heck of a lot of content but for the most part the quality of men didn't justify the expense of signing up for a month. And it was kinda disapointing on a few occassions to spend 5 or 10 minutes watching a video to end and still not see a money shot. Also the lighting and sound at times left much to be desired. As for the owners getting in on the action, I didn't notice it happening that much so it wasn't much of a bother.

Registred: 03.03.05
Posts: 24
Posted: 08/02/05, 20:30    Quote 

I agree with you sucknfuck. i cancelled my membership a couple of months ago, but I check the updates each week and I have found nothing to make me want to re-join. The site has really gone downhill. Models with that street thug, let's just get this over with, look has been over-used.

Registred: 06.04.05
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Posted: 11/07/05, 09:42    Quote 

I'd go gay for pay but it would have to be a truckload of money.
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