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Posted: 06/16/12, 09:04    Quote 

OK, really, Aussie girls rule! This site was quite a surprise for me. It happens to be far more tantilizing than the landing page leads you to believe. I would have passed right on by without trying it had it not been for some of it's more "satisfying" content being discovered along my websplorations.
Heres what you will find inside that makes GOW so awesome. Of course there are the girls. Most are between 18 and 24. But what sets GOWs girls apart is that they are natural and look very "real". By natural, its refreshing to see girls that look as if you could run into them on the street. No polished plastic to perfect types here. No, just very plane average types.. some pudgy, some thin, some natural big tits, some flatties and an awful lot WITH HAIR! How refreshing is that. But combine those same girls with nasty hardcore natural sex and this sight becomes well worth a month or two and a return in several months. There are a ton of streaming vids featuring these very nasty very amateur girls not just fucking but masturbatung, lez and some peeing too. there is a girl here for every taste. I was pleasantly surprised by this sight and very satisfied with the content for several months. Don't make the mistake of passing this one by. icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif

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Posted: 04/24/12, 15:33    Quote 

Well where do i start with Girls out West?

For all the poor girls that have been ripped off, pushed into something they dont wanna do and been royally fucked over i am going to be your voice.

It disgusts me the way annie manipulates girls by giving them false misleading information, makes it sound like its the easiest cash you will ever make when really she degrades you to a level lower than dirt, and makes a fairly good profit off the measly $250 she has paid you, and milks the fuck out of all the footage she has of you making it into three different videos, and three shoots when i wasnt even aware of the cameras filming me i was told it was a photoshoot...

This cant keep happening. icon_evil.gif

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Posted: 08/25/12, 17:08    Quote 

I would certainly recommend subscribing to this excellent site. Girls Out West (GOW) advertises that “Australian (amateur) girls make awesome porn!” and they are correct. The benefits of the site are numerous: the updates are daily; there are numerous quality videos and photos to view and download with several different formats (*wmv; *.mp4, etc.); the girls are quite attractive; there is a forum where you can interact with other subscribers and staff; the cost of subscribing is reasonable; and the site is easy to explore based on the various categories, i.e., girl solo, girl/girl, boy/girl, video, photos, Rosie’s Blog, etc. The downside is that downloading a video can be frustrating. For some unknown reason I have never been able to download a *.wmv file successfully. After numerous attempts I simply switched to downloading *.mp4 files and the problem was solved. I have learned to never download a file the same day it appears on the site for the first time as one or more problems might be encountered. Clicking on the picture “frame” may result in a blank box (there is nothing to download); downloading a 400MB file, for example, will finish in two minutes (my download speed is typically 1.80Mbps); the file name will not correspond to what’s stated on the screen (Ex: the file name for Mary and Jane-Part 1 may actually be maryjanept3); and not all download formats may be available the first day. In my opinion, I attribute these problems to the sloppiness of the employee responsible for placing the files on the website. In subscribing to twelve different adult sites over the years, this is the only website that requires me to actively monitor the download process of the video file. In the majority of my downloads, the file will stop/freeze during the download process. I have never experienced this problem elsewhere but is solved by simply selecting the “pause” button and then restarting the download process. None of these problems would prevent me from renewing my subscription to GOW as I have learned to deal with the various problems encountered on the site. icon_biggrin.gif
You can post your opinion about „Girls Out West“!
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new! Write a short review of any site existing in our ratings and get the prize:
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