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Registred: 05.06.07
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Posted: 05/06/07, 01:15    Quote 

No Going Back...

If you like the look of this site, please be sure you really want to join before you sign up. After being a member for less than a couple of hours, I decided that I wasn't happy with the photo content (small image sizes, small galleries). I wanted a cancellation and refund.

After stating my reasons via email, the hosts sent back a rebuttal telling me my claims were 'unwarranted' and that the site's content was clear from the preview pages. Believe me, what you see up front gives no clarity as to what you get as a member, same as many other adult sites. What's different about The English Mansion is they leave no room whatsoever for dissatisfaction. I persisted with my inquiry but was told that 'as far as we are concerned, the matter is now closed'. Thanks for listening, guys.

I wasn't trying to jerk them around and I feel my case for a refund was legitimate, I outlined my reasons clearly and received a straight up no in response. In my view, even if I hadn't given any reasons, if I'd just said that I was dissatisfied, THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH. So much for customer service.

I understand that the porn business is built on the art of teasing customers into coughing up cash and joining up - I mean, when was the last time you saw an in depth and honest preview tour? I'll play that game, but to be allowed no way out if I don't like what I see? That's just robbery. I now feel chumped, paying for a subscription I'm not using. Good job I didn't sign up for their 3 month 'deal'.
 Steve EnglishMansion

Registred: 06.28.07
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Posted: 06/28/07, 16:27    Quote 

JoshP - We advised you before you joined our site, that we do not sell individual galleries. So when you subsequently joined, downloaded the specific gallery you wanted and then wrote an email requesting a refund (attempting to disguise your name from your original email) we politely declined your request. To say that you received poor customer service because our support team were wise to your scam, is a little bitter and unfair.

Our preview tour is 100% honest and in depth, with over 150 hours of movie footage (that's 1,286 movie clips of approx. 7 mins each) and a new movie for our members every single day, we do not need to trick people into joining our site. As for photo's, if you look at our preview tour, it's obvious that our focus is on movies, however we do actually say how many photo's we have on the 4th page of the tour and we even state the maximum size of the pics as 800 pixels on the longest side, to avoid any confusion. What you see and read in our preview, gives clarity as to what is inside.

We have never/never will misrepresent the content of our site. We work extremely hard to provide our members with excellent product and service, which is reflected by the thousands of satisfied members who join and rejoin our site each year.

Registred: 02.24.06
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Posted: 07/01/07, 11:05    Quote 

As a rather late comer to this discussion, im not sure if it was sorted, it doesnt sound like it was, anyway he should still have been entitled to a full refund under the Distance Selling Regulations that are part of consumer rights, this allows him 7 to 14 days to ask for a refund with or without reasons.

Just thought you should know.

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Posted: 10/30/08, 11:05    Quote 

This is a great site with lots of varity. You have have bondage, medical stuff, femdon, spanking, and then women wearing leather or latex clothes during sex. They do normal to some very interesting stuff. You should find lots you like here. Even my wife found some of there movies she liked and she does not like this stuff normaly. I was on this site for a few months about 6-8 months ago. I might be resigning up for the site, I liked it that much. They have new content often.
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