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Registred: 07.02.03
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Registred: 03.22.06
Posts: 20
Posted: 03/30/06, 02:38    Quote 

Now this is the King of ALL porn reality sites!!!! Hands down, in my porn opinion, and I have been viewing this stuff almost all of my life. This is what you really call a megasite because this one is the highway to a good porn experience. With this site you are able to access any site that the BangBros operate, and that will be a journey that you will truly enjoy. Especially if you have a broadband/high speed connection and plenty of time and hard drive space. If you are into pictures then this is the site for you, and another plus is that they charge only $23.95 for a one month subscription. So "don't be shy, give it a try"!!!! icon_exclaim.gif icon_twisted.gif

Registred: 10.31.06
Posts: 1
Posted: 10/31/06, 02:23    Quote 

icon_evil.gif Sorry but this site sucks. It is extremely difficult to navigate. When you try to download it will stream - ONLY wmv files are available for the full length videos -- the bandwidth issues will crash my modem.

Furthermore when I tried to use the 'trial' membership to see if I would like the site I found that only extremely limited content . . . that was difficult if not impossible to find . . was available. Then AFTER I had upgraded was I able to discover the videos were basically NOT downloadable.

Go to 21st Sextury instead.

Registred: 05.09.05
Posts: 16
Posted: 02/09/07, 10:14    Quote 


I have been a member of these sites on and off for years. I was a member of Oxpass (same content) for about six months.

The price is good considering one gets about 7-8 video updates a week.

I like the contents and the quality of the video is good.

The issue raised by Cloven about downloading the video, is solved by clicking the download button, when on the page where the whole video can be seen. This will give the option to save to the hard drive and stop the stream. WMV vs Mpeg issue some people have, I have yet to see much difference in quality and ease of downloading. Depends how site is designed.

I did use a copied password once from a site to access these sites and found saving the video's did not work. I wonder if one uses the trial membership the function is disabled and maybe after upgrading to full membership it might not always be fixed.

My only negative issue is when the people of the USA wake up, the speed here in the UK drops to a very slow speed. I have 8Mb broadband and my maximum speed is so good off peak (USA) that I can watch the video streamed without any stutter. These sites provide the fastest off peak speed I have ever seen. Other times I have to download the video which can take ages.

Even though the video is good 640x480, after seeing HD video on sites such as iFriends which can be as high as 1920x1080. I would like to see that improved even if videos were shorter.

The speed issue if improved would be a big plus for me and many others in the UK.

Registred: 09.28.07
Posts: 5
Posted: 09/29/07, 09:33    Quote 

Well the bangbros network is one of the best networks it seems like it use to be more but it is cheaper now so it is well worth the money for all the girls u get and they update on a weekly basis. and trust me thats enough because it will take u almost about most of the month to download everything unless u are going to stay up for some days and never sleep very good website though i have joined and left and went back on many occasion it has been a while since i have joined and they have a lot of new movies so i might have to join again for a little while very good site to join though. and as for the download problems never had none and as for the trial membership i was taken but then i just went on and joined i mean the problem with the world today is people want something for free u not going to get nothing for 2.95 so just take a chance and join a site if u don't like it cancell and join a new one next month onlky way u find good sites is by trying them and always cancell u can usually always get a cheaper rate and even if u don't and u want to join again u can always submitt ur info always worth a chance to save money

Registred: 11.08.07
Posts: 2
Posted: 11/08/07, 01:38    Quote 

Worth the money (can't complain for c.£15 pm) but I can't imagine anyone staying for more than a couple of months. A lot of the content is pretty ropey (especially in the milf, bang bus and international sections) - only about a quarter of the models are really worth looking at and the videos are incredibly repetitive after a while (they obviously don't believe in editing - if they shoot an hour you get to see 58 minutes - which means there's a fair amount of time wasted if you DL the entire videos).

The way the videos are set out on the download selection pages is pretty good. You have the option of either downloading the whole film (typically c.40 mins.) or four 12-15 minutes segments or you can select individual minute long segments.

There are no zip files for the photosets so you'll need a good DL manager ("Down them all", a Firefox extension works very well). Some of the sets are extremely large with as many as 16 pages of 40 thumbnails - you won't want all of them because many of the pictures are near duplicates of each other. Out of a page of forty you might choose eight for example.

The site is easy enough to navigate but isn't particularly well designed - you have to go through three of four steps to do things which you should be able to accomplish with one click.

Quite a lot of the models listed in "The Cast" section are no longer on the site. This content seems to have been shifted sideways to the same group's Busty Adventures/Reality Kings sites. They really should have been removed by now.

I should mention two really outstanding models - Ava and Alexis Silver - these two are excellent both in appearance and above all in attitude. Worth a month's subscription on their own. They ought to run a school to train aspiring porno models, some of the others are hopeless.

One minor point - some of the Monsters of Cock vids are fairly ridiculous largely because one of the male performers (Castro I think his name is) doesn't seem to be able to get hard enough - may be it's a physiological problem or maybe he just doesn't find the women too inspiring.

I cancelled my membership after three weeks or so because I began having problems with saving videos. They would download, fail to save and then start downloading again, fail to save and then download again - presumably ad infinitum if I hadn't stopped the process manually.
Maybe they need a better webmaster.

Overall however worth a month or two.

Registred: 03.27.06
Posts: 75
Posted: 03/30/06, 09:38    Quote 

I'm not sure if I like the sound of this site. I'm all for seeing girls being taken advantage of sexually and enjoying it, but if its right that the guys just leave these lasses in the middle of nowhere afterwards without paying them, then I'm afraid it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I think I will avoid this site. Maybe their site will be hacked by some web site like www.ultrapasswords.com so they can feel cheated out of money. It would be no more than they deserve.

Cheers. Dynamo.

Registred: 03.03.05
Posts: 24
Posted: 08/27/06, 02:38    Quote 

That "leaving them in the middle of nowhere" or whatever is not a new idea and I doubt any of these sites that use that in their videos really do leave the models and not pay them. It has really become a tired and over used idea.

On the other hand, the site is one of the best values as megasites go. Vicme99 described it perfectly.

Registred: 11.14.06
Posts: 1
Posted: 11/14/06, 14:39    Quote 

I researched for the good site and picked Bangbros cause it looked good from the overview.

I wish I had found and read this forum before I signed up cause I felt like a chump after I tried to access the site on the [/i]trial membership. They told me that I REALLY DID NOT HAVE TOTAL ACCESS.

Then when I cancelled they try to get you to stay by giving you one last chance to stay by discounting your monthly membership by then I felt like one of their BITCHES that they fuck over in the end. icon_mad.gif

Registred: 06.09.07
Posts: 2
Posted: 06/09/07, 04:46    Quote 

I, too, was taken in by the trial "membership". I wish I had found this forum first as the trial videos were impossible to find. All I got were screen clips and that's just lame. They used to have a good trial membership about a year ago, but they have changed. I, too, got the 'please don't cancel, we'll cut 50% off of your price' (so the monthly price was about $20) when I tried to cancel. It would be well worth your time to pay for the trial membership and then cancel, to get the upgrade at half price. However, I was already so disillusioned by the fake trial membership that I skipped it.
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