Montey Woods
Date: 10.01.2014
Who's the best studio in all the land? We put Devil's Film up against Evil Angel and made them scrap it out. They both earned 4.9 stars for being pretty awesome and damn near perfect. If you just go by sheer numbers, Evil Angel wins with over 9,500 videos to Devil's Film's 5,500 videos. You can find big name stars like Rocco Siffredi, Alexis Texas, and Lisa Ann in both sites. But Evil Angel is definitely the king of gonzo. They literally made the genre and they've racked up more AVN Awards than we can count. The movies are hard-hitting and action packed, without a lot of time wasted on storylines. The camerawork and the up-close shots are the star of the show and they shoot scenes that are unforgettable.

On the other hand, if you're into family themes, it's Devil's all the way. They've perfected the genre with titles like, "It's Okay, She's My Mother-in-Law" and "Your Sister's a Cocksucker" — both the kind of movies that will make Thanksgiving dinner very awkward. Really, both of these sites are winners and you can't go wrong no matter which studio you decide to pledge your allegiance to.

There are still a few mysteries in the world. Wet and Puffy uncovers the secrets of the female vagina and gives you a close look at the many different types of clamshells. The combination of masturbation, fingering, and sex toys puts the attention on female pleasure — and there is a lot of pleasure here.

Many of the sites we reviewed this week are well-established sites backed by big brands where you know exactly what you're getting. Milking Table on the other hand, is a 4 month old site that currently has about 67 videos. Despite it's new car smell, the site explores a unique fetish that mixes handjobs with...well, you should just see for yourself. Like anything new, there were some technical snafu's, but the content speaks for itself. And you'll be able to say you discovered it first. There's nothing more hipster than that.

When an old porn hound like me hears the words "Deep Throat" our brains automatically hit the wayback machine and start reminiscing on one of the most erotic movies of the Golden Age. Deep Throat the website allows you to take that journey once again with a treasure trove of vintage films that bring up women like Sharon Mitchell, Amber Lynn, and of course...Linda Lovelace. This site is a bit of nostalgia that will take you back to the beginnings of your sexual discovery.

Reyna's House is a place where the curves are in full bloom. Reyna is a BBW and an absolute amateur, but she doesn't show any hint of shyness in her solo or more hardcore scenes. Red hair and big boobs are always a winning combo and Reyna puts all of her curves behind that one-two punch.

Femme Fatale Films is a boutique bondage studio where the women are in control. These dominant personalities exert control over male submissives and administer canings and punishments that sting even when you're sitting in your chair at home.

Everything is coming up Rocco. Actor/director Rocco Siffredi, aka "The Italian Stallion", makes an appearance in no less than four of this week's sites, including this site which bears his name. Rocco specializes in over-the-top kink that goes from straight-forward gonzo to psycho-fuckfests with more complex storylines.

A bevy of beautiful brunettes is waiting for your fapping pleasure inside the free photo galleries. We threw in beautiful European girls, exotic Asians, and even an occasional blonde MILF as a palate cleanser. Time to explore your options.

Your turn! The message board is open 24/7 and waiting for you to share your experience with these sites or any others you've joined. It's time for show and tell.

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Date: 09.15.2014
Quick: legs or boobs? Actually, don’t bother to choose. We’ve got enough of both to go around. Let’s start with some gorgeous gams at Hot Legs and Feet. They go from the piggies all the way up to to the thighs with foot and leg fetish videos that let you worship solo girls in stockings, indulge in sapphic foot play, or get off with hardcore fucking and footjobs. This site tries to give you a wide variety of foot and leg play, so it’s perfect for those with a new interest in feet as well as those who have honed in on their favorite aspect of foot fetish. If you have a very specific kink, you might have to dig a little more, but you certainly won’t leave disappointed. This site has been a leader in the foot fetish niche for years and with good reason.

I love legs and feet, but I’m really all about the boobs. DDF Busty is so full of big tits it’s like you’re floating on a sea of soft pillows. Staring at boobs is great, but the best way to enjoy them is when they’re in motion and this site has enough toy play, girl/girl sex, and pounding hardcore to make these breasts quake. If you like tits as much as I do, this site will make the blood rush and your pants get a little tighter in the groin.

First Anal Quest sounds like a very kinky video game. But put your Xbox aside for a second and pay attention. This site is one of the best places to discover Euro teen girls in first-time anal videos. Once you see them gaped and taking a backdoor pounding with relative ease, you might doubt their virgin claims, but we SWEAR they’re popping cherries. The site has ballooned to over 350 videos since the last time we checked in and now their size matches their enthusiasm for great buttsex.

Let’s turn the tables for a minute. CFNM stands for "clothed female, naked male" and it’s pretty obvious who will be objectified inside this site. Pure CNFM gives women a chance to torture guys and tease them by stripping them naked and letting their girlfriends play with the goods. These guys are here to do nothing but serve as a woman’s plaything and they do a great job at taking the humiliation with a stiff upper lip as well as some other stiff parts.

Earl Miller has a reputation that precedes him. This world-famous photographer has had some of the most beautiful women in front of his lens and he shows no hint of stopping. His videos are just as impressive as his photos and are full of heated lust. The ultra-glam look of this site and the glamazons inside will appeal to your love of the finer things in life.

Brunettes are taking over this week. These dark-haired babes are exotic and ready to show you their sultry side. The girls from Erotique TV Live are tiny and flexible like a bunch of circus contortionists. Petite Latina Veronica Rodriguez looks virginal in her white lingerie but not so innocent when she ends up with a load of spunk dripping down her A-cup boobs. Giselle Leon is another exotic ball juggler who gets banged while she still has her leather boots on. Gemma Massey from Ice Hot Babes looks like trouble in the best way possible. Check out her bikini body and then watch her go full nude for the camera. No tan lines at all.

Have some sites you want to tell us about? Go to the message board and let us know what you think. We’ll be waiting for you!

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Date: 09.01.2014
The maximum speed at which erotic sensations travel from skin to brain has been measured at 156 miles per hour. Let's see how fast we can make those sensations travel today.

I still remember the first time I got my hands on a Hustler Magazine. I remember the way the glossy pages felt — the way they stuck together a little bit and the way the pussy practically jumped off the page and landed on my pimply, teenage face. There's something special about holding a dirty magazine in your hands, but getting the same stuff on the internet is much more efficient. Hustler.com takes all the hyper-sexuality you've come to expect in a nudie magazine and gives it a modern spin. The combination of HD videos and high-resolution photos makes them leap off the screen and puts them into full hardcore motion. All we had was our imagination. You young whippersnappers have got it good!

Team Skeet is one of the new breed of sites that satisfies our more filthy urges with hardcore that gets straight to the good stuff. They give you 20 sites full of butt reaming, deep throating, facials, and POV. With over 1647 videos, you could watch non-stop for a month and you still wouldn't finish them all. We got them to give us some free stuff, so check out the photo galleries of Bella Blaze, Kya Tropic, and Lola Perez — a trio of hotties.
Is there something you've dreamed of but thought was too kinky? You can probably find some of it inside House of Taboo. This site is like that dark, old, spooky house in your neighborhood. You know weird shit goes on behind those doors and you're scared out of your pants to find out what it is. Well, our reviewer, Missy, went inside so that she could expose all the watersports, preggo bondage, and flogging her eyes could devour. This site is the place where you can indulge your dark fantasies and enjoy all the D/S play they offer.

Women rarely wear nylons and stockings anymore, but when they do, it's one of the seixest things on Earth. Club Nylon is full of girls wearing stockings, thigh-highs, and lingerie as they show off their feminine charms. The girls are beautiful and you'll see their high sex drives as they make their way through boy/girl, girl/girl, and group sex. You'll never look at a woman in a pair of stockings the same way again.

The secret's in the sauce. Tranny Sauce lets transsexual girls put their secrets front and center. This site has over 150 great videos where you can see a mix of tgirls stroking solo or get deeper into the hardcore action with tgirls taking cock and giving it. This site is a great place to start your transsexual explorations or continue your love of she-meat.

By itself, Crush Him is an interesting site, but with only 5 videos, it's too small to be satisfying. Luckily, it's paired with one of the best twink networks out there, so you actually get over 1,400 videos from all the sites combined. You get straight guys gone gay, twink BDSM, and a bit of boyfriend revenge. Taken as a network, this site is extremely satisfying and gives you a peek into the kind of boyfriend revenge every bad boy twink deserves.

I have a thing for Italian girls and Marina Visconti is my new obsession. Her photos from Blacked.com are especially boner-inducing when you see her curvy butt cheeks spread for a big black stick. Anissa Kate and Keisha Grey are also climbing aboard the black meat train in this week's pics. European girls are sexy and kinky and the pics of Alysa from Hands on Hardcore prove it. Just watch what she's able to do with a real cock and a dildo — two poles, two holes.

Now go enjoy some of these sites and then let us know what you think. Until next time!

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Date: 08.15.2014
Your biggest sex organ is your brain, so exercise it by reading all about the sites we reviewed this week.

Brazzers Network is the diamond in a porn king's crown. They've been around for over 10 years and keep putting out stellar sites. This network site rolls in every site they have — all 30 of ‘em — and gives you access for one price. This site is the best in the biz, so they can attract the biggest stars — women like Lisa Ann, Lexi Belle, and Riley Reid — and they can also splurge on some of the best HD video. This is a site that every fan needs to experience at least once in their lives. You'll be spoiled forever.

There are a lot of things we could tell you about the female orgasm, but this site would rather show you. The aptly named site shows you the way girls really get themselves off. The girls at The Female Orgasm use fingers, toys, and even each other to bring themselves to an explosive and very REAL orgasm. If you've ever just wanted to sit back and watch a woman give herself pleasure, this is the site where you can just lay back and enjoy the view.

There's a lot of gonzo out there to watch, but sometimes you want something with a little buildup, some eroticism, and a story. Lust Cinema gives you all of that by mixing romantic videos with some kink and some sex education thrown in for good measure. These movies are high-quality and well-crafted to satisfy anyone who's looking for some smut with a little substance.

Tiny 4k is a new site and among the sea of veterans, this one stands out. This one is full of spinners — petite girls that you can just sit on your lap and take for a ride. Their bodies are tight and flexible and the cocks they take are big and hard. You'll be caught wondering, “can that all go in there?” We assure you, it can and it does. Just take a look at Kacey Jordan and Chloe Amour getting positively reamed in the photo galleries.

Fuckbook is where you'll spend all your time when you're not at that other place. This social network isn't for cat videos and pictures of your aunt's new baby. This is where you find fuck buddies or at least some very hot people who want to share their naughty photos and videos with you. This one bills itself as a dating site, but I'm not sure if anyone's ever hooked up from it yet.

"Move over Bel Ami, you have some competition." Them's fighting words! Staxus.com is the new hotness when it comes to Euro twink boys. The site comes from a major European producer and the quality shows. There are already over 1500 high-quality videos in this site and the guys are skinny, smooth, and as horny as ever. Take a load off and start your European vacation right here.

Cute skate punks? Check. Spanking? It takes a little digging, but it's there. Check! Skater Spank doesn't have a ton of videos, but they're part of a larger network of 13 sites; giving you foot fetish, twinks, straight guys, and more.

There are too many pretty girls and hot guys in the world to choose just one, so we gave you 12 photo galleries to enjoy. Check out Destiny Dixon all oiled up and naked in some pics from her personal site. Or if you like girls with glasses and elastic assholes, watch Lara get her butt reamed in Fuck or Fired. Zack Randall is always good for something kinky and awesome. A guy in a ski mask jerking it? Why not!

Have you joined any good sites lately? We want to hear about them in the message board.

Montey Woods
Date: 08.01.2014
Did you know: there are at least 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris. It's worth finding.

The cooze connoisseurs at Wet and Puffy know their craft and they can find he best vag attached to the cutest girls. Their poon classification system is unique and totally necessary to anyone who fancies themselves a scholar.

Digital Desires is one of those sites that's been around for so long that it's gained a reputation in the industry. Photographer J. Stephen Hicks cut his teeth at two of the most well-known men's magazines — Playboy and Penthouse — and his site reflects the high standards that you would expect. His softcore, glamour aesthetic works for this site and makes even the raunchiest pornstar look like a sophistacate.

Barely Legal is a classic. Straight from the mind of Larry Flynt, this ode to 18 year old girls has stood the test of time. These days, the site has 9,500+ scenes and is still the first stop for the young women of the adult industry. You'll see some of your favorite young starlets and when you're done with them, there are 19 additional bonus sites to peruse. This is the ultimate hookup!

Not all women squirt, but most of the ones at Fem Flood have mastered the dark arts of female ejaculation. The site isn't huge (I mean, how many squirters have YOU been able to find), but it gives you a decent collection of girls masturbating until they ruin the sheets. If you're curious about squirting, you should give yourself an education.

On the more traditional side of ejaculation, Milking Table has set up a site where the focus is on hot girls squeezing, rubbing, and sucking their way to a salty surprise. The site is more of a niche site where the reward is always the money shot.

There are some fantasies that get me so excited I can barely tap out the words on my laptop. Fuck or Fired is a site that takes the office hookup fantasy and makes it a reality. The storylines and videos are hot, but this site is just getting started. Hopefully, they'll grow a bit and work out some of the kinks to become one of my go-to spank spots.

Student Sex Parties on the other hand, does a great job of helping you relive those college days where everyone was wild and free. These young, Russian girls and guys should probably be studying Econ 101, but they're busy banging each other between classes and blowing off steam in an afternoon orgy. You should definitely join in!

A real best friend is the kind you can ask to come over and screw your boyfriend. Teen BFF takes two barely legal teen girlfriends and gives them one guy to share. The videos are in HD so yuo can see every detail of these FFM threesome scenes.

The gorgeousness is dripping from the pages of our free galleries. Girls like Adele Stevens don't come along all the time and her images from Digital Desires will make you fall in love...or at least in lust.

I know you've been out there joining sites and yanking your crank to some of the good stuff, so share it with us. We love it to read reviews from our readers!

Montey Woods
Date: 07.15.2014
There was a recent article in Esquire about how we should stop calling older women MILFs and just appreciate them for the sexy women they are. Well, I've been loving them for years and have no intention of stopping now. Karup's Older Women is feeding my addiction to experienced women with a steady parade of hot moms. We're big fans of Karup's sites and this one holds up just like all the others. But don't just take our word for it. Check out the sexy poses of Laura or the hardcore MILF sex of Kara in this week's free galleries.
br> In my imagination, you can't turn a corner in a European city without stumbling into an orgy in full swing and every European woman is ravenous for multiple cocks. That may be slightly base, but Euro Sex Parties follows two regular guys on holiday and that's pretty much what happens to them. Even when they set off in search of the local culture, they end up in some Bavarian village gangbanging one of the townies. Stop dreaming of fucking your way through Europe and follow two guys who actually do.

Puffy Network is a collection of three sites that will keep your spank bank filled with teen girls and 20-somethings exploring sensual play as well as the surprising kink of watersports and rim jobs. There's never a dull moment with this site.

Kink isn't in short supply this week. The site Kinky Exploits came across our radar when we were looking for...well, nevermind what we were looking for. We found a site that easily mixes BBW, interracial, group play, stockings/nylon fetish and more. This is a site with not a lot of bells and whistles but a decent collection of non-vanilla stuff. If it's off the beaten path, you'll probably find it here. Check out our free galleries of Faustine Lee being reamed by a fucking machine and Vanessa Blake downing a black cock.

Need something different? Luci May isn't your average British girl. She's an amateur transsexual from the UK whose site dates back to 2007 and includes everything from spanking to leather/PVC and roleplaying. Or how about the highly arousing anime of ToyaSEXomics.com. This site takes the drawn form and makes them do some very dirty things.

Kayden Kross is one of the most gorgeous girls on the internet and this week, we've got a special gallery of her dressed up like a French maid sans panties.

Thanks for letting us be your taste testers this week. I know you all have strong opinions about the sites you like. If you've joined any of the sites we've reviewed, then jump into the message boards and give your reviews of your favorite (or least favorite) sites.

Montey Woods
Date: 07.01.2014
We're about to dive into an all-amateur feast of epic proportions, but before we do, here's a random sex fact. There are about 5 calories in every teaspoon of semen and it contains the same protein as egg whites, along with vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12 and zinc.

Eye Candy Avenue is proof that softcore doesn't have to mean boring. This site is full of erotic potential in first-time models that still have the bloom of youth in their cheeks. This site doesn't seduce you with a bunch of bells and whistles, but they satisfy your urges with a simple site where HD video and lots of fresh faces take center stage.

When it comes to amateurs, the Russian sites have a very different definition of 'first-time' girls. The ease with which these girls take a backdoor banging gives it all away. Xfreax.com delves into the anal cravings of girls who have had their butts cracked open like a teenage feast.

If you end up at Girls in Leather Boots, it will be pretty obvious what's in store for you. The name itself is self-explanatory. Combine that with the images of girls stretching their long legs in leather or latex boots that reach all the way up their thighs and you've got the makings of the kind of boot fetish site that will send you to your knees. The UK smut professionals who created this site have done a great of of balancing women who can be the kinky dominatrix with girls who can play the sultry vixen. Our reviewer, Missy, found the site a little difficult to navigate, but maybe that makes the pleasure you find when you get to your destination all the more intense.

If there was ever a time for you to have a chocolate craving, the time is now. Black Nextdoor delivers beautiful, cocoa-skinned ebony amateurs right to your doorstep and invites you to unwrap and taste them one-by-one. They give you everything you might want to see from an amateur black girl — self-shot stuff, boy/girl, lesbian, interracial. There are more than 160 beautiful black women here, which should make up for their spotty update schedule over the last few months.

It takes a lot to turn our heads these days, but Josie Ann is an absolute stunner. She's a cute brunette who can be at one moment sweet ingenue and at another time spicy temptress. Josie Ann is just over 18, so we're not sure how this 6 week old site will develop, but I suggest you stay tuned because she probably has quite a few surprises in store.

Expect the unexpected. CMNM.net has a few tricks up its sleeve. The site is one part humiliation and one part coercion. Reviewer Luke Preston describes it best as, "real straight guys being stripped and humiliated by groups of guys who remain clothed. The straights are probed, toys are used, they are forced to play bottom, and they get unwanted jerk-offs too." The guys are everything from the boy next door to professional types who could double as your doctor, lawyer, or tax accountant. This is a unique site and if you're into seeing straight guys compromised (or if you're a straight guy who wants to be compromised), then this site should go on your 'wank soon and wank often' list.

Our study of amateurs doesn't stop with these sites. Amateur photo galleries are the kind we love because they capture the naked innocence and discovery all in an instant. Sexy POV takes the lead with girls giving you a perv's eye view as they strip and assume the position of pleasure. We also stumbled upon my new favorite girl Josie Ann frolicking in the woods dressed like Alice in Wonderland before she decides to strop down in the outdoors.

Whether you like those rough cut amateur videos or those slick studio movies, we want to hear about it on the message board. Stop by and share your thoughts with fellow fans and let them know what's good and what they should avoid.

Montey Woods
Date: 06.15.2014
Did you know? There are about 1,000 recognized euphemisms for ‘vagina’ in the English language. I wonder how many there are for the male penis.

These days, DDF Network is a rarity — a collection of 14 sites that range from Euro glam to hardcore BDSM to solo girls and 13 of them update regularly. The site delivers a variety of hardcore and their regular updates will keep you knee-deep in Euro poon for as long as you want. Our reviewer, Beerhat McFly, recommends DDF Network for neophytes looking for their first megasite (are there any virgins still out there?), but I think this site is a winner for anyone who likes high-quality hardcore with high production standards and gorgeously horny European women.

Team Skeet is 20 sites of gonzo studio smut.The girls are LA pros who give you that no-holds (or holes) barred sex that let you know they love it and they’re getting paid for it. The scenes here deliver anal, double-anal, creampies, sloppy BJs, and all manner of hardcore Porn Valley reaming. This has become one of the better networks where you can see well-known stars and industry newbies, so lie back and enjoy it!

You usually need a medical degree to get this up close and personal with a woman’s anatomy, but In the Crack provides you with an anatomy lesson that you might actually remember. These cameras go where many men have probably gone before with deep speculum explorations and the kind of extreme closeups that leave nothing to the imagination. Of course, this is all presented in HD , making it even more insane.

Teen girls plus hung guys are usually a winning combination. Teens Love Huge Cocks shows young girls following their natural urges for devouring large pieces of manmeat. This is a Reality Kings site, so high quality is practically assured. This site is one of their newer ones, launching 10 months ago and now ramping up to weekly updates to satisfy the urges of these teenage size queens and all of you who love them.

Amateurs aren’t just sweet, solo girls who pose in bikinis and twirl their pigtails while they suck on phallic-shaped lollipops. Amateurs can be damn kinky too. When you first hear the name Zoe Fuck Puppet, you may laugh, but this is no giggling matter. Zoe is an amateur British tgirl who is deeply in touch with her kinky side. Her amateur videos sometimes look homemade, but that just adds to the charm of this leather-clad, slightly gothic tgirl. Strapon Jane on the other hand, is a cisgendered woman who wields a strapon like she was born to it. She likes to take her big cock and put it in unexpected places — all while dishing out a nice dose of humiliation on her submissive boytoys. Her videos are well-done, amateur style combined with kink and humiliation.

When you workout, you release endorphins and the women at Model Muscles take those endorphins and turn them into sexiness. This isn’t your average fit pornstar, these fitness models have muscles on top of muscles and muscles in places I didn’t think you could have muscles. Their dedication to fitness is absolutely amazing and showing off their bodies seems to come second nature.

Pride is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with some casting videos from a stellar amateur guy site. KB Castings isn’t your average gay casting couch site. The video quality is much better than your usual amateur fare. The guys are a mix of handsome American, European, and Latino studs and not a twink to be found.

Our free photo galleries are filled with beautiful girls and hot naked guys. Most of this week’s models are unknowns and we had a great time discovering them. Blush from Art Sexy Studio made us fall in lust with her rosy lips and pale skin before she teased us mercilessly with some nearly nudes that make you want to see exactly what lies underneath her bikini. If you want an amateur girl with a little more gumption, look out for Kerry from a href="http://www.porninspector.com/reviews/review/uk-flashers/">UK Flashers. She gets totally naked and flashes her cherry pie in the middle of a country road. Ethnic guys set your holes aquiver. Check out black stud Navy and hung Latino Dion from two of our top-rated gay sites.

Don’t forget about the message board. Stop by and jump into a conversation or start one of your own. We’d love to hear from you!

Montey Woods
Date: 06.01.2014
Is a certain part of you ready to rise and shine?

Teen Flood opens up the floodgates and let's loose a barrage of teen angst and lust that's been pent up since 2001. If there's one thing that should ALWAYS be seen in HD, it's a teen girl in her prime. She has perfect skin, a tight body, and that glow that girls only seem to get when they're being regularly serviced. All of the girls here have that glow and even the oldest videos give you some level of HD with the quality climbing as the videos get more recent. Dive in and let this teen lust flow all over you.

'Amazing' is a word that is often overused, but when it comes to some sites, it's just accurate. Twisty's is the top of the line, cream of the crop, A++ level babe site. The girls are beautiful enough to be considered glamour girls, but dirty enough so that you don't feel bad wanking one off to them. You can watch them go through softcore teasing that leads up to more tantalizing hardcore pleasure. We've reviewed Twisty's several times and it consistently gets high marks. You really can't go wrong.

The only “pure” thing about Pure XXX Films is the pure, unadulterated hardcore that you'll find inside. The site launched earlier this year, so it's a little on the newer side, but they have already gathered a nice set of full-length, harcore movie clips. They manage to hit all of the highlights with oral, anal, interracial, lesbians, and even a little BDSM thrown in for those Tuesday nights when you're feeling a little kinky.

Naughty Tinkerbell is worth talking about only because it's so goddamn unique. She's only done 98 scenes over 3 ½ years, but features everything from pee drinking to bondage and being suspended from a tree. She didn't even stop when she got pregnant, giving her fans a heavily preggo video. I don't know if it's worth sticking around, but I'd give this site a shot just to see all the strange things she gets up to.

Something twisted this way comes and it's Kink.com. This network site gives you full access to all of their sites in one and there are few limits here. You'll get hetero kink right up against girl/girl, trans, and male/male, plus BDSM, humiliation, watersports, and fucking machines. They let you safely explore every nook and cranny of your submissive/dominant/switchy personality. Kink.com has proven itself over and over again. If you're into anything kinky, this should be your first stop.

One of the newest sites in the Kink network is 30 Minutes of Torment — a study in gay male bondage. This site should come with a 'don't try this at home' disclaimer. You'll find water torture, nipple torture, bound sex, and more.. It would be shocking if it wasn't so hot. The guys featured are consistently handsome, muscled studs as you can see in the free photo galleries we got from the site. Check out Leon Fox nipple tortured and fucked while he's in a pillory and Robert Axel get his nipples clamped and ass violated by a fucking machine. This site is intense.

If you prefer your guys with more beefcake, less bondage, check out Famous Dick. They've got stripped down pics of celebrity men like Mark Walhlberg, Ryan Gosling, Adam Levine, and more.

We've got a new influx of teen girls from Teen Flood and some newbies from Twisty's. Do yourself a favor and start with the exotic brunette Idelsy. She's curvy and sensual but not shy about showing you the inside of her brown muff. When you get yourself worked up, move on to Dillon Harper. She does more than just tease and you'll get to enjoy the way she gets herself off by riding a thick and slightly curved womb tickler. Blonde bombshells are always in season. Lucy Zara is a new find and we got her to show off her love of lingerie and costumes in a few photo galleries.

Our message board is here people like you and me….people who love naked bodies and great sites. If you have something you'd like to share or just want to hear from other people who like the same things you do, head over and start posting. Cheers!

Montey Woods
Date: 05.15.2014
According to a survey by Trojan, Americans have sex an average of 156 times per year, or about three times per week. Does that sound right to you or are you a little jealous of your neighbors?

America's favorite porn site could very well be this one. Naughty America is as American as apple pie. The megasite gives you access to all of their sites under one umbrella and one password. They're masters of fantasy, so you'll get scenes featuring naughty housewives, sexy teachers, and wild neighbors. It's a slice of Americana!

Mac and Bumble is the place where beautiful girls go to play. These are the girls you see in the centerfold of magazines — Gina Lynn, Aria Giovanni, Jenna Jameson — but now you can see them without a staple in the middle. Some of these names are a bit of a throwback, but the quality is modern, high-resolution and if you love the Playboy aesthetic, you will appreciate this site's high-end glamour.

When it comes to BDSM sites, the grittier the better. Hard Tied is slightly unpolished and amateur, slightly dirty and more than a little brutal. That amateur nature is what makes this site great. There doesn't look to me much faking in the screams of pain from flogging or the mix of pleasure in the forced orgasms. This is the kind of bondage that makes me wince, but I can never turn away.

Burning Angel is legendary. They have been one of the most successful sites to embrace the punk, goth, rock and roll lifestyle. Anchored by its queen, Joanna Angel, the site is a gathering place for hot and horny girls with tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair. You're going to fall in love with the theater kids and misfits all over again.

We're always on the hunt for something unique and HunGirly is something we haven't seen often. It's a game that combines adventures with sexuality. In the quest for new stuff, this one was one of the most intriguing.

Craig Morey is a nude art photographer who specializes in black&white photography. At Morey Studio, he lets his imagination run wild with softcore photos in both B&W and color that let you admire the softness and angles of a woman's body. Our pictures of Yelena in the free photo galleries remind me of art. With her pale skin and natural body, her photos make her look like a Raphaelite painting.

Whose the prettiest girl this week? It's so hard to tell. We were taken in by the smile on Destiny J from She's New. Ashli Orion and Megan Moore are the brunette and blonde dream team from Fucked Hard 18 where they twist their tight bodies and get pounded in their photos.

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