Montey Woods
Date: 12.01.2008
The holiday season is upon us and after a few days with family, I need my porn fix even more than ever! If it wasn’t for hot babes on my laptop (and that stash of Playboy magazines still hidden under my bed), I’d never make it through the holidays. Here are a few of the new sites we’ve reviewed to keep your winter nights warm.

Some guys who are good at convincing the hottest girls to get nude in front of their camera would rather slap their own names on a website instead of dedicating it to the hot babes inside. I don’t know whether it’s an act of vanity or an act of pride, but Jimmy Canon is the latest photographer to name a babe site after who else — himself. Inside his site, you won’t find nudes of Jimmy Canon (thank god) but you will find girls like Bree Olson, Amy Reid, and Jelena Jensen. The photos and videos are so hot and so well done that you can almost excuse the vanity.

You know what’s better than one girl? Two girls. You know what’s better than two girls? Twins. The Apple Twins are two hot blonde twins from California who like to take pictures with each other. There’s no hardcore sex, but there’s enough tease in this site to make you want to immediately go out and find two hot sisters to bang.

We love it when there’s an Asian sex invasion. Those Asian girls always look so cute when they’re banging down the door demanding that we get naked and sell us our military secrets. Asian Sex Quest features some of the hottest Asian pornstars, but sometimes it seems like more of a mission than a quest. Missy found them a little light on the updates, but with 26 bonus sites, there’s still a great deal of porn for you to look at.

You know I love the bondage sites and this week, we’ve got our ball gag firmly in place with Fetish 360. The site gives you plenty of rope bondage, Japanese shibari, and role playing. This site doesn’t cover just one aspect of the BDSM lifestyle. You’ll find femdom, pony play, and piss play as well.

Sometimes one of the things I’m most excited by is life’s little accidental nudity — those moments when you just catch a glimpse of something forbidden. If you’ve ever searched furiously for the latest Paris Hilton nip slip or pics of Britney Spears flashing her pussy as she gets out of a car, you know exactly what I mean. Down Blouse is a site dedicated to those little mishaps. The shots are unposed and voyeuristic as they were all taken without the girls’ knowledge. The sneaky element gives these photos and videos an extra bit of electric excitement.

T-girls are working the beat with the hot new site Tranny Police. This site puts the transsexuals in uniform and in control with scenes that involve interrogation and jail-house themes. There are t-girl on straight guy videos as well as some t-girl threesomes just to mix it up a bit. This is certainly a hot new site to check out for tranny lovers.

Of course, we’ve got lots of girly parts on display in the new models galleries. There are lots of outdoor pics like cute 18 year old Latina Gigi Spice getting naked on her backyard patio and Diana Doll wearing pink lingerie and toying on the pavement.

You guys have been busy writing user reviews of sites that you’ve joined, so go check out the experiences of your fellow porn site surfers and add your own reviews to the P.I. message boards. You can earn 15 minutes of pre-paid time in the Hot Movies video theater just for writing a review.

Montey Woods
Date: 11.15.2008
The older I get, the more I love these so-called “older women”. But sometimes it’s hard to find a real older woman on a porn site. Twenty-five is not a MILF in my book! Well, this week, we’ve got two sites that will renew your faith in MILF sites.

Anilos.com is one of the most high-quality MILF sites to come across my desk in ages. The women are true older women in their 30’s and 40’s and they’re photographed in a high-quality way that leaves nothing to the imagination. The camera picks up everything from the way their pussies spread to the laugh lines around the mouth.

Hot MILF Club gave us another round of over 30 hotties with some truly raunchy hardcore scenes that show you just why so many men love fucking hot moms.

If these women are a little too long in the tooth for you, then the barely legal girls of Teen 18 are probably right up your alley. These girls are young, but you can already see how much they love cock. Some of my favorite teen porn starlets are inside this site like Alexis Love and Faye Valentine, so if you have a thing for fresh, young meat, then dig into this site.

Lithe and sexy teens are nice, but some of the hottest women I’ve ever been with have been BBW’s. All BBW Porn is exactly what it says — 6 different BBW sites that make up a ton of fun for fat girl lovers. The sites are unique and each one has a lot of big and beautiful women. There are even a couple of BBW solo girls so cute that you can easily fall in love with a fat chick.

Sometimes a site is a home run for me just from the name alone. Taste of Vagina is one of those sites. Although it sounds like the site is just about pussy licking, it’s actually about hot couples having great sex. However, PJ did find one major disappointment in the lack of content and small number of girls the site features.

My mother was a good Southern woman and according to her, “there are some things you just don’t do in public!” Well, tell that to the submissive girls inside Public Disgrace. These women are stripped, spanked, and fucked all in public where perfect strangers can view their humiliation. If you’ve ever wanted to see a girl made to fuck a dirty bum in the streets or suck off multiple strangers, then this is one of the only sites where you’ll find such extreme scenes. Even if you’re not into kink and fetish, this is one of the most intriguing sites I’ve ever seen.

The best thing about those hot British boys? So many of them are uncut! Unfortunately, Luke Preston had a ton of technical difficulties with this site and even though he found the boys young, sexy, and uncut as promised, there just wasn’t a whole lot of meat to the site.

Take a stroll through our new galleries and this week you’ll find horny older women from Hot MILF Club, amateur Latinas from Real Teen Latinas. My favorite is Marcia. Just check out the abs on that curvy little Latin hottie.

Montey Woods
Date: 11.01.2008
Sometimes we start off the newsletter nice and easy with some softcore or solo girls and other times we just jump right in with our hip boots on.

If you’ve been jonesing for hardcore, then this week’s newsletter is your fix. We’re starting this newsletter off right with an anal site that is as rough as they come. Attack My Ass lets you in through the backdoor with some rough anal scenes that include hard pounding and double penetration. The videos are super-high quality and you get access to every site in the network to amp up the value.

If tits are more your thing than asses, then Tits and Tugs is for you. The parade of big fake tits and big natural tits continues until someone slaps a cock in a girl’s cleavage and entices her into a tit fuck. Aside from the tit-fucking, one of the best things about this site is that they provide videos that you can watch on your iPod, iPhone, or Sony PSP. You really can take your tits just about anywhere.

Were you breathing too easy through these first reviews? Maybe you need some smothering. A face is the perfect seat for the perfect ass and Sit and Smother gives those with a smothering fetish a place to rest their butts. The site was obviously created by someone who loves the facesitting fetish and despite some navigational confusion, there are a ton of great videos inside the site.

Everyone has dreams, but at Strapon Dreamer, every dream is about a hot girl wielding a strapon cock. The cartoon on the tour pages is arresting in itself – two girls, one black and one white, taking their strapons to a white guy in the middle. Once you move past that, the content inside is just as attention-grabbing. Their HD videos show dominant women using their strapons on submissive men as well as other women.

If you’re still dreaming, there’s Japan Dreams. These Asian chicks are so sexy and watching them will stoke your fantasies, whether they do hardcore or pose in sexy schoolgirl uniforms.

Porn sites are great, but sometimes you want a little one-on-one interaction. For that, there’s Web Cam Portal. I went through a couple of chats with the live models and absolutely fell in LOVE. You’ll quickly become addicted to watching different girls tease and play in front of their webcams.

We’ve got a ton of new user reviews and comments from the message board, so jump in and leave some comments yourself!

This week’s free photo galleries brings you plenty of pretty girls and some sexy bois too. Everyone loves a French girl and we’ve got two galleries from Petites Parisiennes giving you two more reasons in the pink-haired Zoe and tiny but sexy Lou. Plus we have pics of Austin and Andrew from Twinks.com both stripping down and wanking their young cocks off.

Have you joined any sites lately? We are always looking for detailed reviews of any sites that you have been a member of. Come by the message boards and leave your own site reviews. Let us know which sites you love and which ones we should stay away from. Detailed reviews can earn free time in the Hot Movies theater.

Montey Woods
Date: 10.15.2008
Girls are nothing but trouble. They drive us to distraction and every week, there are more of them getting naked on my computer desktop. Good thing watching porn is my job or I’d have a hard time concentrating!

Viv Thomas Video has seduction down to a science. When it comes to capturing girls on camera — video or photo — Viv Thomas is one of the best. This site has some of the most HQ content around and the girls inside include some of your favorite models like Sophie Moon and Eve Angel.

If you prefer your girls a little less experienced, then X Posing will give you the amateur style you crave. These girls are real wives and girlfriends who posed for their boyfriends in their bedrooms and private places. Many of them probably never thought they would end up on the internet, but here they are. The sheer numbers you’ll find inside this site are impressive, but the girls are very hot too.

If I had to choose one favorite girl this week, it would be Brandy Juggs. Why? It must be be her glowing personality. Or perhaps it’s her 40 JJJ big boobs. I love Brandy because she’s a real woman with a little bit on the chunky side and loves her body just the way it is — bodacious curves and all.

It’s raining men this week. After a few weeks with not much new in the way of gay sites, we’re coming back strong with several wank-worthy sites. Twinks.com is the one Luke Preston is most excited about, rewarding it with a stiff 4.5 stars. And what’s not to be excited about? This site is overflowing with teen boys with cocks ready to spill at any second. This site is perfect for those of you who really have a type – young 18-year-old guys who are full of cum and for those of you who just like your sex as raw and energetic as you can get it.

Extreme Gay Boys is yet another twink site, but this one takes you on a whirlwind tour of twinks around the world with Europeans, Asians, black guys, and Latinos. But no matter where they are, 18-25 year old guys are all the same — horny and ready to cum. They make sure that the sex is full of passion, whether they’re shooting in a European hotel room or outdoors in South America. Thinking globally, fucking locally.

SD Boy is even more local — local to San Diego, California, that is. If you’re the kind of man who wishes they all could be California guys, then this site will make you want to pack your bags and head for the beach. They believe in high production values and super-hot guys — two things any boy-lover can get behind.

I’m sure you all have opinions about the sites we’ve reviewed, so share them! If you are a member of any site we’ve reviewed (the new ones here or in the archives), please come share your opinions with a community porn watchers just like you. Stop by the P.I. forum and start chatting! Tell us your favorite and least favorite sites. Let your porn-viewing brethren know what sites to join and which ones to steer clear of.

Montey Woods
Date: 10.01.2008
We like butts. Big butts. Small butts. Black butts. White butts. Asses of all sizes or shapes are one of our obsessions. So we led this week’s newsletter off with two butt-centric sites. The first, Real Spanking Pass is about the kind of butts that turn violently red when you put them over your knee and go to work with a cane, a paddle, or a bare hand. The pass gives you access to 8 sites and a huge amount of content with girls spanking girls, guys spanking girls, and bruised asses all around.

There are plenty of sites out there for the big butt lover, but what about the ones who like a nice, tight, butt you can bounce a quarter off? For them, there’s Tiny Butt. This site features girls with slim hips and tiny butts who masturbate furiously with household objects, toys, anything they can get their little hands on. If you’ve always been a fan of petite bodies, this site has them by the buttload!

This week, two sites are re-defining our opinions about amateur sites. Trisha’s Amateurs is a bit slicker than you would expect most amateur sites to be. This site dazzles your eyes with HQ photos that are well-shot and colors that jump off the page. The only thing “amateur” about this site is their bevy of never-before-seen batch of babes.

On the other hand, Brandon Longwood is a horse-hung amateur of another color. Brandon is not only a big black cock slinger, but also a computer engineer who developed his own site and made it a showcase for his considerable web skills. Trust me, you’ve never surfed a porn site that utilizes Flash technology to deliever content like this. Of course, you can have all the bells and whistles you want and if your content is crap, people won’t come back. But Brandon Longwood keeps you coming back with hot amateur interracial sex featuring sexy white chicks who love getting some of his black dick.

Brandon certainly has enough swinging meat to hold his own at Cock Competition. This gonzo-style big cock site is full of surprises — from the massive black cocks to the firehose-strength spewing ejaculate. If you come at this site with a sense of humor and don’t mind your cocks a little on the fake side, this can be an entertaining porn interlude.

If you like your women a little more meaty, then Plumper Pass gives you a set of lovehandles for you to grip tight. This pass site contains 7 different plumper sites with girls who have meat on their bones…and their hips, and their tits, and their thighs. These girls are thick and sexual and work their bodies like you’ve never seen. If plumper chicks are your obsession, then this site should keep your hands full for days!

We always have a hot, new batch of photo galleries coming out of the oven and this week is no different. Amateur models like Nina Kay and professional pornstars like Tera Partick and Lacie Heart from Pink Fever.

How are we doing on the porn reviews. Drop us a line in the forum and let us know if our reviews are on point or full of crap!

Montey Woods
Date: 09.15.2008
If you’re as celeb-obsessed as I am, you follow their lives in the blogs and read all about who’s screwing who in the tabloids. But haven’t you always wanted to see your favorite celebs let loose and show some skin? Haunted Celebs tracks down celebrity nudity and those embarrassing pics they never wanted anyone to see. That Tonya Harding wedding night sex tape? It’s in here. A Paris Hilton nip slip at the beach? Plenty of those.

Of course, if you’d rather spew your load to real pornstars and not paparazzi pics, we’ve got a buttload of those sites as well. Speaking of buttload, Anal Slurp is something you have to see to believe. P.J. wasn’t too impressed with the layout of the site, but if you’ve ever wanted to see a girl get her ass fucked and then have another girl lick out her anal creampie, then you may have stumbled into the right place.

Girls licking girls is nothing new, but black girls licking black girls puts a unique spin on lesbian love. Sorority Sistas takes you straight to chocolate clitty city with some of the hottest ebony lesbians. There are some pretty amazing pairings like Lacey Duvalle and Candice Nicole or Jada Fire and Chavon Taylor and with this much star power, I’m glad the videos are 30+ minutes of hot lesbian sex and not a lot of bullshit setups and storylines.

The girl next door can look like just about anyone. But the girls at Nextdoor Models must live in the prettiest neighborhood ever! This softcore amateur site is good at finding real girls who have a wholesome sexiness about themselves. I’d let these girls borrow sugar anytime!

After that all-American wholesomeness, we took a stroll down the street and turned into a dark alley. If you like your "girl next door" to have a bit of an edge, then you’re going to love the girls at Erotic Kittens. The girls are more Betty Page-esque than hardcore kinksters, but there’s plenty of latex, stockings, and enough ball-gags to let you know that you aren’t dealing with America’s sweethearts anymore.

I know I’ve already dumped a whole heaping load of porno poon on your lap, but make room because I’ve got more. We reviewed some very cool megasites that give you a little bit of everything you like the most. I was most impressed with at Porn Green. It doesn’t have the most high-end exclusive scenes, but they give you a huge amount of general porn as well as videos in niches like golden showers and hairy girls. Best of all, they go out of their way to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting before you join. So no nasty surprises after you’ve joined and stepped into the member’s area.

If you have a breast fetish and a love of big tits, then Only the Biggest will keep your hands full of pornstar boobs. A good mix of MILFs and younger women plus the star pull of busty women like Paula Peeks is what earned this site network a 3.6. Of course, giving access to 18 additional sites helped too.

Finally, there’s an all-access network for the kinky folk. Extreme Movie Pass took me on a whirlwind tour of fisting, spandex, smoking fetish, and watersports. After joining this site, you may know way more than you want to about the kinky things people can do with a bit of latex and a good imagination.

Of course, we’ve got plenty of free photo galleries as well. Check out Kerry Marie from Boobs.pl and see her bouncing Polish boobage in all its glory.

Now that I’ve told you what we like, run to the message boards and tell us what YOU like. In-depth site reviews from real members can earn you a 10 minute pre-paid code to Hot Movies.

Montey Woods
Date: 09.01.2008
Is summer over yet? Not in my neck of the woods! We’ve still got half-clad American girls, nude Brit babes, and sexy fat chicks busting out of their bikinis.

The UK might be a bit cold and foggy for my tastes, but The English Mansion turns up the heat with 200+ hours of excruciating time in their dungeon. If you can handle their special mix of pleasure and pressure, then they’ve got some brutal femdom movies for you where the women take control and turn masculine men into their submissive little bitches.

Back across the pond, our American girls are less leather-clad, but still willing to strip down for the stars and stripes. The site looks simple on the outside, but once you navigate past the ho-hum exterior, you’ll find the most amazing collection of amateur pics and vids inside American Kittens. I thought these girls were a breath of fresh air and a real break from the pornstars I’m used to. The girls inside this site were mostly amateur and semi-pro and each one really surprised me with sexy videos that revealed her true sexuality.

If your craving for pornstars just can’t be satisfied, then Red Light District is a site that you can trust to give you all the pornstar goodies you crave. Red Light District is a studio that puts out some of the most well-known and highly-anticipated porn movies you can think of. If you’re a member of their site, you get the true VIP treatment — full DVD’s, same day releases, and some of the freshest porn videos you can legally download. They truly go out of their way to give porn consumers everything they desire and I love supporting a porn studio that has my porn-viewing interests at heart. This is honestly my favorite new site this week! I can't rave about it enough, so you have to simply go read the review.

Q: What do you call a girl who is not quite a pornstar, but loves taking pics in her bikini?

A: No, not a "Myspace whore"...you call her Jessica Burciaga

Jessica Burciaga is a softcore bikini model who has risen through the typical model ranks — Maxim magazine, the Playboy Club (Las Vegas), and of course…Hooters. This brunette hottie keeps it classy inside her site, I Dream of Jessie, with a lot of tease photos that show just enough skin to make you want more. This chick is gorgeous and she could be on her way to being the next Carmen Electra or Pamela Anderson. If I still lived in a dorm room, I’d definitely plaster her pics on my walls. I’ve got plenty of all-natural “glue” to make her stick too.

We always showcase plenty of svelte, skinny chicks, but I think the BBWs are sexy too. But then again, I'm a man who loves a big ass and doesn't mind a big belly. Big beautiful women like the ones inside Fuck My Flab are incredibly sexual and they love a good roll in the hay with a man who can appreciate every inch of their fleshy bodies.

These days, everyone is obsessed with gossip sites that reveal who did what to whom. I like the sites that really dish the dirt, but none of them are as dirty as Celeb Hentai. This is a hentai site with a twist & mdash; taking your favorite movies and TV shows like Desperate Housewives and turning the characters into toons that fuck the neighborhood and get more explicit than regular television could ever imagine. These erotic drawings are so impressive that I would even consider putting them on my wall — if they weren’t so damn dirty!

Lately, I’ve had a real thing for older women, and this week, we have two sites that feature those sexy MILFs. Bruthas Who Love Muthas is a relatively new site (but growing) and features those older women who suddenly find themselves craving black cock. Because it is such a new site, they give you lots of bonuses while steadily growing their collection of black guys on moms videos. MILFs in Heat is a similar site with equally horny older women, but minus the black cock. This site features horny MILF pornstars who like to fuck mostly big white cock. So, if you like sexy women who are 30+ in age, then there’s a new MILF site for you no matter your preference.

Don’t forget to check out the new models we’ve added. Some of my new favorite obsessions made it to the free galleries. Asian model Tia Ling reveals her cookie and dares you to read her fortune while Chica from Chica’s Place will make you yearn for Hough Hefner’s grotto in a pink bunny costume. What can I say? I love ethnic chicks. But we've also got pics of some cute fatties that I'd definitely take home after last call and several galleries of girls getting nude in public places. Shocking!

Guys who love guys, we haven’t forgotten you! Two muscle studs from Man Avenue should keep you pretty preoccupied. Check out Adam’s ass (rock hard on a boat!) and Carlos’…well, you figure it out.

Please take a sec out of your super-busy porn-viewing schedules and answer our new user poll question about your free porn preferences. When is "enough" free porn enough and when do you prefer to pay for your smut rather than get it for free?

I’m sure you all have opinions about the sites we’ve reviewed., so share them! If you are a member of any site we’ve reviewed (the new ones here or in the archives), please come share your opinions with a community of smut fans like yourself. Join us in the P.I. forum and start dishing the dirt! Tell us your favorite and least favorite sites. Let your porn-viewing brethren know what sites to join and which ones to steer clear of.

Until next time...stay porn-y!

Montey Woods
Date: 08.15.2008
On your knees slaves! We’re not starting off this newsletter nice and sweet. We’re going straight to the dungeon where slaves, Masters and Mistresses await us. Have you ever felt the urge to tie your girlfriend up, douse her pink bits with candle wax and flog her until the neighbors come running? No? Well, maybe that’s just my thing. Dominated Girls bow before strict male masters while the submissive women inside Mighty Mistress get tortured in lesbian bondage videos. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous group of girls who look even more beautiful with rope burns all over their bodies.

We’re always keeping up with the newest American pornstars, but what about those Japanese AV stars? Idols 69 was one of my first forays into the world of Japanese AV idols and I came out the other side a true fan. Japanese girls are a welcome respite from the blonde and the silicone and this site this site will fascinate you with the way they open up for sex with one, two, ore more horny partners. Yellow fever? Yes, I’ve got it!

Who the heck is Rodney Moore? Well, he's a male pornstar who shoots huge loads and he may be nicknamed the King of Cream, but his navigation sucks! Once Missy stopped bumping around in the maze of his site, she found the content actually quite enjoyable. If you’re a cumshot connoisseur, you’ll enjoy these cum-drenched videos, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about the navigation.

If you prefer to find your pornstars in a slightly more orderly fashion, check out K Beech XXX. This long-established studio and distributor has at their fingertips a plethora of porn movies and they’ve put full DVD’s online for your enjoyment.

Guys from the UK aren’t all upper crust British aristocrats or self-effacing dandies like Hugh Grant. Some of them are real working class guys who get their hands dirty and like dirty sex as well. Those are the guys you’ll find inside UK Scally Lads. They’re young and horny, but they could never be described as “twinks” or “muscle studs” — just guys who like jerking off and occasionally fucking their mates. The guys are as rough around the edges, but they’re real as they come and they have big dicks to boot. This time, the British really are cumming!

If you find yourself getting wood watching the Superbowl game, then you might like the site Rock Hard Jocks. The site is fairly simple, but gives you full access to athletic guys who like to strip and jerk off. The site is fairly new, but if you’re a fan of hard body guys in great photography and jack-off scenes, then you’ll love it.

We’ve got a grab-bag of beauty and booty in the model photo gallery section. There are the Latina shemales from We Rate Shemales and some ass-centric pics like the rimjob girls from Clean My Ass and a big booty ebony honey from Black Booty Invasion.

Our site thrives from the opinions of people like you. The forums are always hopping with the latest scoop on porn sites, so when you try a new site out, drop by the forum and give us your user review. You can earn a 15 minute pre-paid code to Hot Movies and help your fellow porn surfer to boot!

Montey Woods
Date: 08.01.2008
I have a serious addiction to the female form. Sexy babes with curves, big boobs, and soft skin make me weak in the knees. I had to type this entire letter with kneepads on because this week’s sites paid homage to girls of all types — busty girls, Thai girls, naked girls — way too many to list. If you love girls as much as I do then we have plenty of sites for you in this week’s new site reviews.

Like busty ones? Of course you do! Busty Ones is a new site from the owners of Twisty’s — the ultimate glamour babe site. The same high-quality vibe carries over to this site, just with bigger tits! Some of the busty models you’ll find inside include fan favorites like Jalena Jensen and Annette Dawn.

You’ll have to turn your attention further south for our next site. Footsie Babes starts at a beautiful pair of perfect feet with manicured toes and works its way up. The videos aren’t completely foot-centric as they quickly move from foot foreplay to hardcore sex, but if you are a casual fan of babes with beautiful feet who give great footjobs before sex, then these are some of the most high-quality foot fetish videos you’ll find.

Don’t you hate getting a new skin mag in the mail and then by the time you make it to this month’s pornstar centerfold, the pages are all stuck together? With Genesis Magazine online edition, you won’t have that problem. The magazine has access to the most beautiful women in porn, so you’ll find high-quality photos of Tera Patrick and Ashlynn Brooke as well as full-on hardcore vids where these pornstars get to do what they do best.

If girls who are a little less experienced than the average pornstar are your thing, then HDV 18 has those nubile teen girls that you love so much. The thing that sets this site apart is that every video comes in high-definition. HD porn is the wave of the future and these teens are the future sexpots. It’s a match made in softcore tease heaven.

Of course we can’t leave out the more exotic girls. I Love Thai Pussy (and yes, I do!) makes sure that you don’t even have to leave your house to experience the exotic beauty of Thai girls. The girls are petite and constantly horny for that thing between a man’s legs. The videos inside include hardcore and show everything with some exceptional camera-work.

We have amazing photos of some of the new models in our gallery section including innocent Spanish teen Little Lupe showing off her brown tetas and a gorgeous collection of Brianna Banks spreading and fucking for Genesis Magazine. Of course, we also have a couple of new guy galleries where male models Tristan and Adam proudly show their hot bodies and manmeat.

I know you all have opinions about the sites we’ve reviewed. If you want to share your opinions with a community of smut fans like yourself, join us in the forums!

Montey Woods
Date: 07.15.2008
There’s only one thing that could keep me indoors during the summer — a beautiful woman. This week, we have several of them, including solo girls who do hardcore and lots of European chicks (some of whom love it in the ass). It was well worth me missing out on my tan time to review these new sites.

Some girls are all silicone and enhancements, but Foxy Anya uses the gifts Mother Nature gave her to get guys off. Foxy Anya has long natural nails and long hair that reaches all the way down to her calves. She uses both of them to entice the opposite sex, raking her nails down bare skin and wrapping her hair around the base of a cock while she gives a blowjob. Even if you don’t have a long hair fetish or a long nail fetish, watching this sexy and petite little spinner will turn you into a fan for life.

Some girls make do with what nature gave them while other "girls" take nature into their own hands. The t-girls at Tranny Ass Assault were born with a cock, but they love getting fucked just as much as the next girl. These tranny videos feature horny transsexuals who need it in to get double-penetrated in two holes. If you’re into t-girls, this site is an amazing find for you because it includes 6 full shemale sites for the price of one. That’s a lot of tranny tallywacker!

If you like assholes, but not the tranny cocks attached to them, we’ve got a similar site featuring a group of girls that have Asshole Fever. The temperature inside this site is through the roof and the girls take their butt-fucking seriously. You’ll find assholes stretched to their limits and double-penetrations galore. This site is also part of a network that includes Deepthroat Frenzy, so you can see girls get poked from either end you like the best.

I’m a big-time bondage fan and I’m always excited to discover a new bondage site. I think PJ found RT Bondage a bit brutal, but the combination of real pain and restraints on female slaves will make true bondage freaks wet their latex catsuits. The site also seems to have undergone a few key improvements that make it more user-friendly. After all, the idea is to torture the submissives, not the surfers.

Like most guys, I love girls of all nationalities &mdash from America to Europe — but the girls at Polish Big Boobs now hold a special place in my heart for their big...uh...assets. These European girls have big boobs and you won’t find one girl under a D-cup. Some big tit sites totally miss the boat by only having softcore and solo masturbation scenes, but at this site, there are girls who do solo scenes, girl/girl, and boy/girl.

It’s summertime and the girls are out in full-force. But we’ve got the real cuties right here in our model photo galleries. Sexy Polish girl Klenot lounges on the stairs while she plays with her pink dildo and Christmas comes in July when Foxy Anya dresses up as Santa’s sexy little elf.

Take a break from the warm weather and drop by our message boards where porn lovers just like you gather to shoot the shit and trade opinions about their favorite (and not so favorite) sites. Write a user review about a site that you’ve actually joined recently and you can earn yourself free minutes to use in the Hot Movies video-on-demand library.

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