Montey Woods
Date: 08.01.2007
This week, our travels took us from the pages of the most famous men’s magazines to the animated pages of Asia’s naughtiest comic books and everywhere in between. Come along and we’ll see what stops the porno gravy train has for you this week.

Suze Randall. The name alone invokes thoughts of porn’s golden era and best of all…she’s still here. At her site Suze Net, you’ll find the same high-quality glamour shots of famous pornstar faces that you’ve come to know her for. She’s shot everyone who’s anyone, so if you want to see girls like Jenna Jameson, Aria Giovanni, and Jenna Haze photographed by a master, then Suze’s site is where the action is. P.J. found the videos to be a bit smaller screen size than most of us would like, but the vids give you a chance to see not only the girls in front of the camera, but also witness a master photographer at work. Check out the photo galleries and you can see for yourself why she’s one of the porn industry’s best photographers.

Sometimes a person needs to see the softer side of nudity. Glossy Angels gives it to us in the form of teen girls who take off their clothes but keep their virtue intact. The girls are stunning and their beautiful bodies are exposed in perfect HQ photography.

Softcore is nice, but some of us like girls who we know are getting it on. Hustler contract girl and certified hottie, Memphis Monroe is definitely a fuck star in the making. She hails from the south and as Missy quickly found out, this chick is as hot as red pepper sauce.

We’ve doubled our pleasure and our fun with two of Luke Preston’s gay site reviews. If anime is your thing, what about GAY anime? Gay Asian Anime has a name that is pretty self-explanatory and dead-on. These campy tales of gay life and gay sex are illustrated in anime comic books and set to motion as a full Flash animated toon. This stuff is pretty rare and Luke Preston found a site where the quality is quite impressive. Kudos to both of them!

If real boys (as opposed to the animated ones) are more to your liking, never fear…we’ve got those too! Boy Megaplex is filled with a variety of twinks, jocks, and amateur boys getting it on. The best thing about this site is the huge number of videos which are all downloadable so that you can keep them forever.

Finally, we’ve got a gift for the smoking fetishist. While Missy found the amount of content inside leaving something to be desired, no one can argue with the quality. Pretty amateur girls light up their ciggies and light a fire in your pants. This site captures everything — from the smoke curling overhead to the puckered lips of an inhale. It’s all done slowly and seductively so that you can stare at these smoking babes to your heart’s content.

If you’ve joined any sites lately, don’t forget to stop by the message board and give us your personal review. You’ll get 20 minutes of free time in the Hot Movies VOD theater and help your fellow porn surfer at the same time. This week, we have great user reviews of Abby Winters, 88 Square, and more.

Montey Woods
Date: 07.15.2007
During the summer, a site has to be pretty special to keep me inside and out of the sun. Well, this week, we have 10 very sticky sites that will keep you glued to your computer.

These days, LSG Models is what’s making Missy feel all warm and sunny inside and out. You won’t find raunchy, knock down, drag-out sex, but what you WILL find is a collection of tasteful softcore erotica shot so well that it could grace the pages of the finest fashion magazine. But don’t let that fool you. The site is just as sensual and boner-inducing as any other. Need proof? Check out the free video clip of Bente pleasuring herself with a big green dildo.

Sex just isn’t worth it unless it leaves your girl breathless, glowing, and dripping love juice. Screaming O is just as obsessed with the female orgasm as I am and they’ve created a site where the girls get themselves off the best way they know how. Luckily, we’ve been invited along for the ride. You’ll get POV videos where you can see every stroke and quiver. A guy could definitely learn a thing or two from a site like this.

Here’s a revelation for ya: pornstars like it big. Well, yeah! I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with this site. They have all of your favorite pornstars from Jenna Haze to Kinner and they keep adding new hotties every week. Besides, no matter what they’re packing in their own pants, every guy likes to see a girl taking a huge, erect cock.

Speaking of big cocks, for those of you who want the cock without all that pussy to get in the way, we laid our hands on Gay Jerkoff Auditions. Amateur guys come in to audition for a gay porn movie and have to prove they can get it up in front of camera and crew. What’s impressive about this site is the variety of amateur guys they find. They may have a salt-and-pepper haired DILF in one video and a young twink in another. That just means there’s something on the menu that will satisfy anyone’s man-hunger.

Some guys like blondes and some like brunettes. This time, you have a choice. Cute Halle is a sweet, blonde teen who is just beginning to explore her sexuality. She loves to play with dildos and occasionally invite her friends in for some light girl/girl play. Sin Cindy is the opposite of Cute Halle. She’s a petite, brunette teen who’s more naughty than nice. She sometimes ropes her girlfriends into her sexual escapades so you get to peek in on plenty of lesbian romps and girl-on-girl good times.

Finally, we wrapped it up with something different. Adult Baby Girl isn’t the first adult baby fetish site that I’ve seen, but it’s certainly the most well-produced. For those of you who aren’t familiar with regression fantasy, this site features adult women who like to dress up and be coddled like an infant. They throw their food around and get messy, need their diapers changed, and require bottle feedings.

What’s going on in the message board? We’re still continuing our discussion about the use of words like “bitch” and “slut” and some of our members have given us some great feedback (I’m not crazy about the word c*nt either, Mandalore). Jump into the conversation and let your opinions be known. Comment on this topic or create one of your own.

Montey Woods
Date: 07.01.2007
Summer is here in full force and in between naked sunbathing and catcalling women on the street in short skirts, the Inspectors managed to log a few reviews.

Blacks on Blondes is a veteran interracial site and home of the famous Dogfart series. For a while, they were off the radar, but now they seem to be back and stronger than ever. Contrary to its name, Missy found a bevy of blondes, brunettes, and any other type of white chick who goes nuts for black meat.

The desire to gaze at the wonders of a transsexual body are universal and Only T Girls has tracked down the most exotic shemales on the planet. Jeez…with the exception of the swinging dick between their legs, some of these t-girls are more feminine than my girlfriends!

Some of the unique sites we come across absolutely blow my mind and Limited Audience is one of those. They specialize in dark, bondage photos and the pics manage to be artsy without sacrificing one degree on the hotness meter. Even though they call it “limited audience”, I think this site has worldwide appeal.

We dug even deeper into the depths of sado-masochism with three more bondage sites — Tokyo Slaves, Pain Freaks, and Rick Savage. Helpless girls submit to torture, tit bondage, and electro-play at the hands of the most evil Masters and Mistresses. Each of these sites was developed by the same company, but they’re completely different. Check out all three and see which one tickles your fetish fancy.

Of course, for those of you who need to satisfy your yen for hardcore reality porn can do so without spending all of your…well…YEN. Reality Porn Pass features full sites in niches like anal sex, cum swapping, gangbangs, and more. This site is the place to go when you need to toss one off and you need some good hardcore porn to do it with.

This week’s newest models include a lineup of exotic shemales, blowjob babes, and muscle studs. Check out deep-throat pics from Blowjob Ninjas Tia Tanaka or see two guys with gym bodies get down to some hard and sweaty sex if that’s more your liking.

Last week, we asked if you all were offended when reviewers used words like “bitch” and “slut” and our burning question is still up for answers. Missy gave us some of her great insight in the forum and we’d love for you to join the discussion. Of course, if you have personal reviews of any sites you’ve joined, post it and get 20 minutes of free time in the Hot Movies VOD theater.

Montey Woods
Date: 06.15.2007
There are few things I like better in life than a straight-up hardcore sex site. Supreme Hardcore is the site your priest warned you would cause hair to grow on your palms. It’s filled with super-hardcore videos featuring your favorite pornstars getting a good old fashioned pussy drilling. No weird stuff, just straight up hardcore porn. If you want to add a little variety to your porn site roster without having to mortgage your house, try a megasite. One Pass for All combines a bunch sites under one roof and gives them all to you for one price.

Not every wife is meant to be faithful. Anna of Anna’s Fun House is the kind of woman who likes to spread it around town. She and her husband are swingers and her site features videos of the two of them having sex with women, men, and couples. If you’ve ever wanted to peek into the secret lives of swingers, this is one site where you can finally do it. Who knows, they could be your next door neighbor.

Don’t you just love it when a girl knows she has a weakness for cock? The girls at Daddy I’m a Whore are nothing but trouble and damn proud of it. These little misfits are proud of their ball-juggling skills and don’t give a damn if Daddy finds out. These are the kind of bad girls that will fuck your brains out and then set your house on fire.

I can get my kicks watching chicks duke it out in front of my neighborhood dive bar, but no one would appreciate it if I dropped trou and started masturbating while they argued over some mullet-wearing dude in a TransAm. Good thing Missy took it to the mat and reviewed Fantasy Female Fights, a girl on girl catfight site where the girls will slap, bite, and dildo each other to the death.

Britney Spears has gone from teen dream girl to crazed, head-shaving MILF. Luckily, there’s a new Spears in town and she’s ripe and ready to feed your teen sex fantasies. Susana Spears might not have much of a voice, but she’s got a body built for sin. Her site is softcore and sexy enough to kick that other Ms. Spears right off your fantasy fuck team.

Missy and ghost both ran into a few sites that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, but they did an excellent job of letting you know which cumshot and throat fucking sites just weren’t bringing the heat like they’re supposed to.

We’ve also updated the galleries section with photos from models like Anette Dawn, squirting pornstar Cytherea, and some explicit gay sex scenes from High Def Gay Sex.

Hey, does it bother you when reviewers call porn girls sluts? Take a minute to answer our poll question and let us know if you’re offended by words like “bitch”, “slut”, and “whore” in our reviews. We need your opinions to make this site the best review site on the planet, so please post some messages in our forum and give us your reviews of the sites you love (or love to hate).

There were great posts this week about trial memberships that give you access to sample videos only and user reviews of some of our most popular sites. Remember: if you post a user review, you’ll help your fellow porn consumer and get 20 free minutes in the Hot Movies video-on-demand theater.

Montey Woods
Date: 06.01.2007
I’m backing into this edition of the P.I. newsletter ass first. Why? Because that’s what our first three new sites are all about — panties and asses.

I still remember the first time I caught a glimpse of a girl’s knickers underneath her skirt. Ever since that day, I’ve been on an endless quest to get inside every girl’s panties. Panty Amateur brings you right back to that first glimpse of white cotton with real girls who strip down to their skivvies. True panty fetishists will love peeping in on the movies where girls try on several different pairs of panties and then get in the shower until their undies are soaking wet and see-through. Panty Maniacs continues the panty raid with another site dedicated to those full, cotton briefs. This site scored big with me when I saw D-list celebs Nikki Graham and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace from the TV show Big Brother posing in their undies. What a score!

Finally, we moved from the panties to what’s inside the panties. At Big Ass Adventure, the girls are proud to have a little "junk in the trunk". These girls have juicy booty that can barely be contained by a skirt, much less a pair of panties, but the real adventure comes when they bare their asses and get fucked in every hole.

Nice girls are okay, but sometimes you want a wild and crazy bitch who lives to fight and fuck. If you’ve ever seen two chicks go at it in a parking lot brawl, you’ll know exactly why Femme Fight is so damn HOT. You’ll catch a glimpse of pussy or a bare breast as these wild girls brawl it out in catfight videos that often end up with the loser stripped of all her clothes. The crazy chicks at Biohazard Bitches don’t fight, but they do fuck like animals. These girls take on some of the most brutal face-fucking, ass to mouth, and cum drinking that we’ve seen lately.

Luke Preston found TWO hot gay sites. Naked Frat House has won three Cybersocket awards for surfer’s choice voyeur and live show site, so you know they’re all about making their fans 100% happy. And why wouldn’t spying on college guys fill you with bliss? These hunky straight and gay guys put on the best live sex shows and masturbate when they know the whole world is watching. If curious straight guys are your cup of tea, then Straight Goes Gay is where you can drink your fill. I don’t know whether all of these guys are completely "straight", but the site takes the so-called first timers and initiates them into the gay brotherhood.

And if all these choices are just too overwhelming, check out One Pass For All. This site packs foot fetish, squirting, interracial, strap-on sex, and more into one site that packs a helluva wallop...to your sex drive, not your wallet.

Have you joined any of the sites we’ve reviewed? Jump into the message boards and give your reviews of your favorite (or least favorite) sites. message board. You’ll get a 20 minute pre-paid code for your troubles that you can use to watch movies at Hot Movies.

Montey Woods
Date: 05.15.2007
This week, our featured sites revisit some of the best and the brightest. From bodacious asses to internal cumshots to the tightest teens, we’ve covered it all and we're putting the spotlight on three of our best.

Karups PC is one of the most legendary sites on the internet. They’ve been around for years and set the bar for teen megasites. When our only complaint about your site is that it’s so large that it needs a search function, you must be doing something right.

The first time I saw All Internal, I was shocked and the effects still haven’t worn off. Messy creampies drip out of perfect pussies and girls shoot milk out of every orifice. These girls are in dire need of protein and get it by letting loads of jizz leak out of their well-used twats.

From the creators of All Internal also comes Ass Traffic. This is a balls-to-the-wall, gonzo festival of anal buggering. With asses gaped "so wide they look like wishing wells", you’ll be searching with both hands for something to throw down these cavernous rectums.

Rubber fetishists are a tight-knit community and have a small number of sites that effectively serve their kink. Rubber Asylum is where they come to slip into a second skin and find discipline through oxygen play and electric play. Although they might restrict your breathing, the quality of these videos is anything but restrictive. These high-definition fetish movies will have you loving their top notch rubber erotica.

Boys will be boys and we never leave the lads wanting. Boy Fun Collection is our gay selection for the week and what a treat it was for Luke Preston. From amateurs, to sporty guys to ethnic boys, this site has an archive of video that is virtually endless. We had to drag our Inspector away from this one, guys!

When you can’t decide exactly what you’re hankering for, there are always the pass sites. And this time, we’ve got TWO! The first comes from the guys that blew open the reality porn market with the infamous Bang Bus. Their Ox Pass gives you access to 10 of their exclusive and original sites that include handjobs, ethnic girls, cum swallowing movies, and more. The Stall features a collection of sites from the perverse mind of the one and only "Dirty D". Slut wives, interracial gangbangs, cock-sucking contests, and more make this megasite one not to be missed.

We need your opinions. If you’ve joined any porn sites — good or bad — tell us about them. Step into the fray and give us your honest reviews at the message board. You’ll get a 20 minute pre-paid code to use at Hot Movies.

Montey Woods
Date: 05.01.2007
We’re playing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hymen with the girls at Secret Virgin. I’m not 100% convinced that these teen girls are virgins. They appear in solo scenes and have girl/girl sex with their girlfriends, but also have hardcore boy/girl and group sex. I don’t know too many virgins who jump right into the group sex!

An AVN award-winning pornstar, a black cock loving MILF, and a perky teen walk into a bar. There’s a great joke in there somewhere, you just have to find it. Single girl sites are all the rage and this time around, we’ve got a girl for every taste. First up is the fabulous Jenna Haze. Porn Valley’s “other Jenna” has been around for years and now she has a solo website. The site combines scenes from some of her best DVD’s and is guaranteed to be a stellar pornstar site. Next, Missy stepped into the kitchen of hot wife and mom Kat Vixen. Now you might see her baking cookies during the day, but once the light goes out, this little vixen turns into a black cock crazy, group sex machine. That’s the kind of mom we like! But for those of you who like your girls a little more sweet and innocent, there’s Casey Hays. This girl went from making naughty movies with her boyfriend to having her own site where she performs just for you. Her site is mostly softcore and toys, but that’s the beauty of having a cute teen girl all to yourself — no one’s cock gets in the way but yours!

To find some girls who aren’t innocent by ANY stretch of the imagination, we turn to Jules Jordan. He’s directed some of our favorite slutty bad girls (hello, Jenna Haze) and his site Cum in the Face features all of them lapping up the cock cream. Even though it’s new, you’ll benefit from Jules Jordan’s extensive library of cumshot movies.

Fetish sites are always welcome around here and the only limits on BP Limited is in the restraints used to bind their models. This stuff is real fetish content done by masters of the kink. Check out the girl on girl bondage samples that will have you cringing with fear.

Who is Keith Manheim? We wouldn’t leave you boys hanging without some guy on guy lovin’ and Keith is just the person to bring it to you. He tracks down twinks and college guys who don’t mind opening up and getting fucked on camera.

You be the reviewer! We love hearing your opinions of the sites you’ve joined. Step into the fray and give us your honest reviews at the message board. You’ll get a 20 minute pre-paid code to use at Hot Movies.

Montey Woods
Date: 04.15.2007
We’re starting this newsletter with a bang — some bangable female flesh that is!

Dream Babes is your wet dream come to life. These girls were hand-selected to be the most prick raising babes on the ‘net. The photos are like crystal and show every detail of these pretty girls getting hardcore with cock. The only drawback to the site is that there is no video. For those of you who like photos, this site is a winner, but if you like to see video babes in action, it might deserve a pass.

If you’re into videos, our reviewer, ghost, will lead you to the girls of Young Throats. This site chronicles their first deep throat blowjob as teen girls get their gag reflex tested. You’ll see these skinny teeny boppers go after the cock with all the enthusiasm that young girls have for sex. Ghost found even more blowjobs on the menu at Jizz Jugglers. This site features the double whammy of having two girls tangle their cum soaked tongues. The site features plenty of cum swapping but stops just shy of snowballing and completely misses the boat on cum swallowing.

Jenny Reid is the latest offering in a long line of solo girls and teen models. So where does this girl fit in? According to Missy, she’s an absolute tease who shows about as much skin as an underwear model. There are plenty of girls who show more, I suppose, but they might not be as innocently cute as this 18 year old teen squeeze.

You know I’m a fan of fetish and this week, we’ve reviewed two sites that stroke my kinky spot. Love in Latex wraps girly curves in rubberwear and entices them to kinky sex play like finger fucking while wearing latex gloves and having sex without even removing their latex uniforms. Next, we upped the ante with Fucked and Bound, a BDSM site that pushes the sexual boundaries. The girls are bound with chains, ropes, and suspension wire and then fucked mercilessly. This site isn’t one of those fake “vanilla” bondage sites, it’s the real deal produced by true fetishists.

We’ve got more new model galleries this week. Be sure to check out the petite Thai girls like “Ling” from Little Brown Fucking Machines and the all-American cutie Lucy Summers.

Your comments are what keeps this site going, so hit up the message board and give us your personal reviews of any sites you’ve joined. Members who write a user review will receive a pre-paid code to Hot Movies.

Montey Woods
Date: 04.01.2007
I knew the Inspectors were babe magnets, but this week, we’ve brought out the best of the best in new babe sites.

Martin Krake might be a name you know or it might be one you’ve never heard of, but after you see his glamour photography at work inside European Glamour Girls, you’ll never forget him or his stable of beautiful Euro-babes. These teen girls are young and gorgeous and his camera all but caresses these girls and brings out the best in each one.

While Martin Krake’s girls never get hardcore, the girls at Euro Babez go for some “good old-fashioned fornication”. Where other girls might be more innocent, the babes inside this site are never too pretty to take a pounding. They go from self finger-fucking to girl/girl lesbianism to hardcore sex at the drop of a pair of panties.

We go from exotic Europeans to homespun American hotties when we invaded Babelicious.com. With nary a girl over the ripe old age of 26, these young girls are good enough to eat. Missy found them stripping, sucking, fucking, and doing everything in their power to make sure you get off. This site won raves for its slick delivery and the amazing quality of every photo or video inside.

Of course, there are those of you who like your girls a little less polished and perfect. For you, I reviewed Wild Time Girls — a public nudity site where boob flashing turns into an all-out sexfest. The guys who put this site together film girls from wet t-shirt contests in Panama City to boat parties at Havasu and share with you all the real girls getting naughty.

We got Luke Preston to pump out four butt-pumping gay site reviews and I’m pretty impressed with what the market has to offer for guys who love guys. First up was Chillout Boys — where the action is anything but “chilled”. What happens after a night of hard partying to thumping beats? Three or four young club-going guys hook up for a gay sex orgy that lasts well into the morning. Luke’s review of this site comes with clips of a four man orgy where every guy gets a hole.

Chazing Papis is a site for all of you Blatino lovers who like a little dark meat. The site is filled with sexy and masculine black and Latino guys. Luke found some aspects of this site confusing, but if you’ve got a weakness for ethnic guys getting each other off, then it’s well worth the trip.

Downloadable DVD sites are all over the straight porn world and this time, Luke reviewed DVD Boys, a gay DVD site. This swish site allows you to watch full-length gay DVD titles from 22 studios. You can even download these movies and keep them for life with no DRM protection.

But Luke saved the best for last — Cum Into My Ass is a bareback site where the coup de comes when you see a boy leak jizz from his fun hole. The sex is nasty and results in battered assholes that dribble juice. This site will satisfy every bareback fetishist who likes young guys.

These new sites deserve your opinions. Step into the message board and give us your thoughts and reviews of any sites you've joined lately.

Montey Woods
Date: 03.15.2007
Variety is the spice of life! And this week, we’ve got an entire smorgasbord of poontang. We’ve got Asian girls, black girls, European girls, Australian girls. Even...sleeping girls?

When you think of the great West, what do you think of? Wyoming? California? Think even further West than that. Girls Out West features amateur girls from the land down under — Australia. These bush babes are as wild as the Outback and get busy with girls, boys, and toys.

I love black girls! No, really I do. But someone obviously loves them even more than me because they took the time to create a site called I Love Black Girls. These black chicks range from ebony pornstars like Sydnee Capri to straight up ghetto ebony amateurs.

We get a lot of Asian pornstars coming through here replete with big fake tits, collagen-filled lips, and shaved pussies. But what about the Asian amateurs? At My Cute Asian, you’ll find real Asian girls with natural, petite bodies and unshaved bushes. These girls are the ones you’ll see chatting on their cell phones in the middle of crowded Tokyo or partying in Pattaya. They’re horny wives, teen girlfriends, and all manner of real Asian women.

Sometimes, the best kind of woman is the kind you draw. Acme Porn takes this to heart with their collection of hardcore toons and Japanese anime. I was happy to hear that this site has a collection of downloadable DVD titles like "Dragon Pink" and "Pia Carrot". So many hentai sites kick butt in the picture department, but skimp out on the videos. So kudos to them!

The P.I.’s love to feast at the pussy buffet, but we’re also switch hitters. Hungry Asses opens up twink booty and dives inside the darkest hole. Despite the fact that this isn’t a specialty twink site with exclusive content, Luke Preston assures us that you’ll still find plenty of smooth and fuckable teen boy ass. And that’s really what it’s all about, right?

And then we have the shemales. T-girls. Transsexuals. The third sex. These are girls with a little something extra — and that "something extra" is a penis. You’ll see from the movies at Shemale Titan that the sex with these pseudo-women has to be amazing because they go after the cock like no man or woman I’ve ever seen. And OMG, check out the ass on the blonde shemale on the tour!

I couldn’t end this newsletter without mentioning Night Invasion. It is certainly the...err...weirdest site of the bunch. The site is built around a horny predator who sneaks into girls’ rooms and fondles them until they wake up and screw him silly. It’s all shot in green night vision, adding to the gritty voyeurism of it all. Guys, don’t try this at home. Something just seems wrong about it, no?

We gave you an even bigger variety of new sites than usual and I hope you appreciate the diverse mix we put together. Go to the message board and tell us what you think of these sites and our reviews!

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