Date: 06.01.2006
Summer is sizzling with the beginning of June and the porn is just as hot as the weather! On Porn Inspector we’ve spiced things up the past couple of weeks and brought you an erotic array of different sites, sure to please the pumping action of any fist. Straight and Gay had their time in the sun along with hardcore, fetish and interracial, so no one was left without arousal.

Montey Woods bounced around the bodies in The Rubber Clinic. Dressed in stretchy, taught and tantalizing full body suits, Montey found the only exposed body parts were the most important ones in which they took full advantage of the exposure, by riddling them with enemas and catheter insertion. They show you how these holes aren’t just exits anymore and what comes out of them may just be the thing that puts you over the edge. …Now where did you put that lotion?

For all of you femme fans out there that enjoy watching solo action and girl/girl play time, then you’ll definitely want to check out Amateur UK Rictor must have had to wipe the sweat from his brow a few times while going through the images and videos. They show you exactly how the British are cumming here and it’s done through the sweet action of amateurs. With shyness set aside and their legs spread wide, their fingers, toys and British accents will lure you in and make you want to lend them a hand.

If the beautiful bodies of the babes offered on the reviews of Porn Inspector just doesn’t quite get the job done, then you might want to drift your wood into, Rear Stable. No, they don’t board horses there, but they do have over 100 men that are hung like horses. High resolution digital images is just one of the features that P.J. found to comment on. Hard, chiseled bodies of gay men making those gaping holes a bit bigger, and your pants a little tighter in the front!

Ghost had the fun lately of venturing into the interracial site of, Mr. Biggz You won’t ask why he’s called that once you see what he brings to the table! These ladies deserve breakfast in bed after catering to a cock that size, but they’re probably to weak to eat it! You’ll get high quality videos and images that you can download in a zip file to keep your porn collection growing. With 80 plus models on this site to date, you’ll see all the sexiness unfold in black and white.

Don’t forget that Porn Inspector is here for you, and we want to hear back! So visit our message board and mingle with reviewers and other partakers in quality porn!

Montey Woods
Date: 05.15.2006
When it comes to threesomes, the best way to enjoy it is if at least two parties are bisexual. Otherwise, it just ends up all awkward. BiMaxx is full of bi boys who love boys just as much as they love women — and often at the same time. These videos are hotter than your average gay sex or male/female hardcore video. Combining the three makes this site absolutely combustible.

There’s something that’s a little “different” about European porn. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but sites like Mondo Rossi make it apparent. Slovakian porn actress, Claudia Rossi’s personal site features mostly group sex scenes where you don’t feel like three people were just thrown into a room and instructed to “make it happen”. She’s take-charge without being a total dominatrix and manages to create a solo site that combines hardcore plus glamour all at the same time.

If you read gossip blogs…and I know you do — you’re familiar with the allure of the celebrity nip slip of panty flash. There’s something about seeing an icon flash some skin that is 100% more titillating than watching some regular schmuck get nude. Celeb TA capitalizes on our celeb-lust by cataloging sexy photos as well as topless or full nude videos captures from their feature films.

We’ve added a few new reviewers and initiated “Arianne” with a review of Tabitha’s Toybox. She did an excellent review of Tabitha’s porn star site (god, what an ass this girl has). This review was pretty tame, but I’m sure we’ll break her in to the pleasures of spanking, flogging, and other fetishes in a matter of time.

We did find a site that rubbed a bit of salt in our wounds with Extreme Naturals. According to Rictor, “natural” these girls ain’t. They’ve apparently Photoshopped some enormous tits on girls like the already-busty Brandy and Carmen Hayes. I took a look and while I’m not sure about the digital manipulation, I am sure that these tits are HUGE. Good enough? Yeah…I thought so.

Don't forget to check out the message board.

Montey Woods
Date: 05.01.2006
Can you ever have too much sex? We certainly don’t think so. Today’s newsletter kicks off with more fetish sites than we’ve ever had in one place. If you like boy/girl sex, expect it to come with cock restraints and nipple rings. If you like teen girls, expect them to have a goth sensibility and come with tight bodies pierced and filled with dark ink tattoos.

First up is a strict Mistress. And when I say “Mistress”, I mean the type that will beat your ass, not the type that will keep secrets from your wife and prance around in frilly lingerie for your pleasure. Lady Sonia keeps a whip in her hand and discipline in her heart. Missy bravely took a tour through her online dungeon and came out on the other side with a thorough knowledge of FemDom torture involving male slaves in CBT (cock and ball torture), spanking, flogging, and venomous verbal humiliation scenes that would make the most unruly slave weep. According to Missy, Lady Sonia’s site is put together quite nicely, and I have a feeling that a webslave (not webMASTER) is behind the scenes dutifully spitting out code and to give his Mistress the online altar of worship that she deserves.

Suicide Girls is the alt-girl site of note and Joanna Angel is the movement’s reigning queen. However, there are dozens of alt-girls who get naked on the internet. You can find some of them inside Fatal Beauties. The girls are pierced, tatted, and hair colored within an inch of their lives. Not only can you stare at their pics and play their videos, you can also let your freak flag fly and interact with them via their online diaries and a forum. Sweet. This site is like Suicide Girls without all the weird, goth drama. These chicks both scare me and turn me on. If you’re looking for the type of chick you would take home after a Marilyn Manson concert, look here.

Where my Arab girls at? Inside Arab Sex City, you’ll find Middle Eastern girls who let you see what’s under the burka.

One of our newer reviewers, Luke Preston, cut his teeth and wet his lips on Amateur Canadian Guys. He reviewed a site that started off vanilla with your average straight guys, but quickly turned kinky with some spanking. This week, even our gay reviews looked toward guys who give you more than vanilla fare. Hairy Boyz featured a forest of men with hair everywhere and full beards that catch cum droplets.

This week, we got deep into the niches and encourage you to let your freak flag fly. If you have ever felt there were too many softcore teens on P.I., this is your week to spank it and gloat. From goth sex bombs to hairy men, we’ve found the shit that will tickle your perineum. Look it up. *wink*

Montey Woods
Date: 04.15.2006
The tax man cometh, but we have a new crop of sex site reviews to take your mind off your tax woes.

When it comes to boobs, I’ve got one motto: GO BIG. As the mother of all big boob sites, Score Land seems to share my idea. I reviewed this bra-busting boob site and gave it a tits-up score of 4.5 stars. This was due at least in part to a great showing from busty stars like Kandi Cox and Sierra.

If you love older women and you also love interracial, you owe it to yourself to read Missy’s review of Black Mother Fuckers. This site is one of the newest interracial sites to hit the internet and features old school porn babes like Tiffany Mynx and Selena Steele. Now not only can you see these moms in action again, but now they’re fucking black cock.

Every now and then, you want to take a fresh-faced teen girl and watch her blossom into a woman. Teenrotica does just that with barely legal babes who show off their new curves. This site is more softcore than most sites, but also throws in some girl/girl lesbian action. However, if you're looking for more hardcore teens, the girls of Ebina Models will raise your cock while they're going down on one.

Cum lovers rejoice! We’ve reviewed facial site with a fey twist. His First Facial goes after guys who love guys and soaks them in goopy splooge. We don’t see nearly enough gay facial cumshots, so this site is a welcome addition for fans of boy juice.

We give you so many choices that sometimes you’re on smut overload. DVD Box solves that problem with 1,001 full-length DVDs. These DVDs cover categories from vintage 70’s porn to trannies to teens.

Conversations on the message board have been interesting to say the least. There’s the discussion of DRM vs. no DRM, fantasy vs. reality in porn, and revealing some sites that were once great but now seem to have gone bad. If you have an opinion you’d like to share or even if you just like to watch a good catfight, check out the forum.

You can now add us to your del.icio.us bookmarks. For those of you who are now completely lost and wondering if that’s something you eat, here’s a quick explanation.

What is del.icio.us?

del.icio.us is a social bookmarking site that allows you to save your favorite sites in one place. Every bookmark is viewable by other site users and you can use it as a way to share your favorite sites. Of which, P.I. surely is one. So click this link to add us to del.icio.us!

Montey Woods
Date: 04.01.2006
Everyone has their favorite movie, favorite books, but what about your favorite porn site? This week, we have some sites that are poised to snatch the crown and become my favorite.

First up is Matt’s Models — the ultimate amateur babe site. I don’t know where Matt is finding these smoking hot real girls, but I wish he would take me there. This site has been around since 1996, and Jamdin’s review found a site packed with girls of every shade, color, and type. Boasting 668 girls, 151,637 pictures, and 550 videos, this site is an amateur lover’s paradise.

As if those numbers didn’t give you enough fine female flesh to drool over, Marquis Models brings you closer than ever to glamour babes like Aria Giovanni and Jelena Jensen. If you have any doubts about the quality of this site, take comfort in the fact that even its ownership is glamorous — it’s run by June 1992 Playmate, Angela Melini. Now that’s hot!

I’ve been turned on by toons since I first saw Jessica Rabbit in her slinky red dress. Manga vs Hentai throws us a kinky curve ball with scenes of alien and tentacle sex, bondage, and extreme sex acts that only toon babes can get away with. Fans of perverse Japanese artwork will get sucked into the artistic underworld.

I know some of you would rather have your porn with all dicks and no chicks. There have been plenty of sites about mom’s we’d like to fuck, but what about dad? Never one to be left out in the cold, Play Dad turns up the heat on mature men. These gay daddies hook up with younger studs who are eager to find out what years of experience have taught them.

Overall, we came across some great sites. Of course, we also had a few disappointments. PJ and Missy both found sites that weren’t quite up to snuff and steer you far away from them. What would you do without us, eh?

As always, Porn Inspector continues to set the bar high and we've made some key changes around here.
  • Every page has been re-designed to look great at all screen resolutions and with all web browsers. See, we really do care about you Firefox geeks.
  • In our "Sample Videos" section, we have also added thumbnail photos so that you can get a peek at what each video includes before you download it.
  • Hey, where did the Quick Reviews go? We didn't hide them from you, we've just combined the Quick Reviews and complete reviews into one category. Now, if you're looking for your favorite Babe sites, the more extensive complete reviews will be listed first, followed by the shorter Quick Reviews.
Don't forget about our blog reviews. We've got reviews and RSS feeds of some of the most popular sex blogs around. These blogs are 100% free, so there's no reason not to check them out.

We’ve had a chance to tell you about our favorite (and least favorite) sites, now it’s your turn. Take yourselves to the message board and give us your opinions, questions, and even suggestions for sites we should review.

We’re still looking for detailed member reviews of the sites featured here. If you have joined any of our reviewed sites and have an opinion, go to that review and click the "Be the first to review it!" or "Write a testimonial" link. Members who write a detailed user review (at least 500 words) will now receive a 15 minute prepaid pin code to the video-on-demand site, Hot Movies. For more information, see the P.I. FAQ.

Montey Woods
Date: 03.15.2006
This week brings you some reviews that many members have been begging for as well as a review of some of the biggest names in DVD porn.

First up, lets satisfy the biggest dog in the room — Vivid.com. Home of current contract stars like Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick, as well as former legends like Chasey Lain, this site has the advantage of years of DVD porn to draw from. But can it hang with the titans of internet porn? Our inspector, ghost, seems to think so, and he awards it 4.4 stars.

Moving from the tame to the slightly kinkier fare, we glanced back at 1000 Facials, one of the most popular cumshot sites around. While the girls give you a more girl-next-door vibe than the Vivid contract girls, they’re also a lot nastier. These girls suck and fuck cock, but always take a messy facial across their pretty amateur faces.

Next up, Tempest reviewed Bruno B — helmed by a guy who is living the fantasy — 24 years old and fucking some of the hottest amateur and porn girls in the biz. He’s not even the hottest or smoothest guy around, but his goofy personality and big bank roll bags him some hot chicks. It will either make you insanely horny and insanely jealous.

Missy cruised on by the gay porn site of Jake Cruise. But as she found out, it’s not all Jake. He introduces you to over 90 guys who he often (although not always) fucks on camera. Either way, it translates into some sizzling guy-on-guy sex that kept Missy busy for quite a while.

For those of you more into cam sex, we’ve unearthed a new webcam site for you. This one is full of webcam girls who range from college coeds to lonely wives. Live Jasmin allows you to get up close and personal with girls 24/7…whether it’s 8pm or 3am.

On the message boards, you’ll find one of the liveliest discussions yet about bukkake and swallow sites. Plus, there were plenty of user reviews and two opposing opinions on Vivid.com. The Inspectors love opinionated readers (we promise we won’t kick your ass if you disagree with us), so come visit the message boards and throw down your opinions about the sites you’ve joined.

As I mentioned last week, we are always looking for detailed member reviews of the sites featured here. If you have joined any of our reviewed sites and have an opinion, go to that review and click the "Be the first to review it!" or "Write a testimonial" link. Members who write a detailed user review (at least 500 words) will now receive a 15 minute prepaid pin code to the video-on-demand site, Hot Movies. For more information, see the P.I. FAQ.

Montey Woods
Date: 03.01.2006
There's a plate full of porn on our laps this week. We have a lot to give you this week, so let's dive right in. Part of this week's update could be called "where the boys aren't". If you can do without the dick in your porn, then we have quite a few selections to pull out of our goodie bag.

We start off with a true internet porn veteran — ALSScan. ALSScan stands for "all ladies shaved". This site has been around since 1996 and P.J. got to dive deep into an archive of shaved teen photos and videos that spans a decade. A decade of shooting shaved pussies for the internet? Not many people can brag about that!

Cute teens and pretty glamour girls are nice, but every now and then, you want a chick with a little "edge". Suicide Girls is the home of the alterna-girl. Their personal blogs and photo shoots give you an insight into the minds and sexuality of girls who are a little bit left of center.

Every now and then, we lez out with some girls who love girls. This time, Missy explored Lez Cuties. The site is full of young pussy, and the girls got a positive review for their creative use of fingers, tongues, and toys.

I’ve developed quite the spanking fetish lately, and P.I. has been kind enough to feed my obsession with the new site, Vixen Ladies. This site will have you bending over and smacking yourself on the ass while you dream about a spanking from a strict British laddy.

Some of us still like to see chicks wrestle dicks and we get plenty of that in a reality megasite that features no less than 9 hardcore sites (plus one lesbian site). Adult Reality Pass goes where many men have gone before and delivers guys fucking MILF’s, European girls, teens, and even more hardcore.

When it comes to our gay sites, we believe in “the more the merrier”. So, this week we have two new gay site reviews that are overflowing with hard gay and curious straight guys. Male Video Network and Perfect Guyz both put the “dick” in “addiction”. Both Missy and P.J. found much to get excited about at these man-tastic hardcore sites.

We are always looking for more member reviews of the sites featured here. If you have joined any of our reviewed sites and have an opinion, go to that review and click the "Be the first to review it!" or "Write a testimonial" link. Members who write a detailed user review (at least 500 words) will now receive a 15 minute prepaid pin code to the video-on-demand site, Hot Movies. For more information, see the P.I. FAQ

Montey Woods
Date: 02.15.2006
From kink to cute — this week, we've got ya covered.

P.J. took a trip to the dungeon and crawled out long enough to file a review of BDSM Artwork. This site ain’t for the faint of heart. It features 3-D art, illustrated stories, and toons that involve dark fantasies of domination and submission. His review takes you deep into the twisted minds of fetishists to explore illustrated scenes of torture, suspension, and bondage.

Next, we went from the depths of depravity to the Orient. Oriental TS Club scours Asia to find the prettiest passable ladyboys. These girls show off both sexy curves and swinging dicks in softcore photos and hardcore videos where they have sex with other shemales, men, and even women. It wouldn’t take any tricks for most men to fuck these beautiful trannies.

Pigtails Round Asses takes us from the kinky straight to the cute. This site is brand spanking new and full of fuckable teens. You’ll find girls like Flower Tucci, Hayley Jayde, and Savanna Stern — each blessed with a bounty of booty. They’re all sporting sexy pigtails that get used as handlebars when they’re getting their juicy asses fucked. Now that’s cuter than a bag of bunnies!

Also new this week is the review of a hot new gay site that focuses as much on the quality of photo/videography as on the hard dicks inside. We had to wipe puddles of Missy’s drool off the sexy gay guys inside Blake Mason. The site is full of British amateur lads and when they’re not covered in drool, they’re covered in cum.

Finally, for those of you who prefer not to pay for full membership to a site, we have two new video-on-demand offerings. From the same site that brought you Hot Movies and Gay Hot Movies, we now have Hentai VOD and Anal Sex VOD. These two sites offer streaming videos in your favorite niches — anime and anal sex.

Don't forget the message boards. There's plenty of open porn discussion about your favorite and not-so-favorite sites.

Montey Woods
Date: 02.01.2006
It’s February and the scent of love is in the air. *sniff* *sniff* Wait…that ain’t love — it’s PORN. The air is tinged with the sweat of nubile bodies locked in lust and we’ve got plenty of pre-Valentine’s Day booty to share.

The line between fantasy and reality has been blurred once and for all. All Access Reality is a megasite that gives you 19 reality sites for one monthly price. The girls inside these sites are the stuff of late night marathon jerk-off sessions and you can watch them all in videos that feature girls being face-fucked, spreading pussy for a messy creampie, and fucking like wild sluts.

Not to be outdone, there’s now a pass for the slightly kinkier side of life. Spank Pass makes you bend over its knee and cry for mama. It combines 4 exclusive corporal punishment sites under one roof. The wide variety of spanking movies inside this site will have you in an erotic tailspin that can only be cured by a bare handed butt beating.

While we love the megasites, sometimes you’re looking for something specific. Model Flats brings back the Russian girls we all love so much. And what’s not to like? They’re young, thin, glamorous, and they like vodka. Okay, I’m just assuming on that last one, but surely they must. These girls share a model apartment in Russia and while they’re waiting to make they’re big fashion supermodel debut, they shoot some softcore nude photos. Hmm...I wonder if this is how Kate Moss started out.

Missy found the girl-next-door at Amateur Allure and guess what they were doing — sucking cock. If you like your girls equal parts nice and naughty, then these amateur cocksuckers will tickle your fancy. These real-world girls suck plenty of dick and swallow every drop. If this is what the girl-next-door is doing, then I need to get out of the house more.

We got Jamdin to wax poetic about one of his favorite subjects &mdadsh; shemales. His review of Sexy Shemales from Brazil unearthed some of the hottest trannies in the world. It’s well worth the trip to South America to see some shemale bunda (ass), but if you can’t make the trip, Jamdin seems to think that this site might be the next best thing. You can also get access to this site through the reality megasite, Pick Your Poison.

Now don’t be greedy and keep all the porn to yourself. A subscription to a sexy site makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It's better than chocolate.

Step into the message board and give us your opinions and reviews of any sites you've joined lately.

Date: 01.15.2006
I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far. The weather has been mild in America’s heartland and this January has been unusually warm. No matter what the weather is in your neck of the woods, Porn Inspector brings you reviews of adult sites. We love to read your feedback on the reviews, answer your questions or chat about anything that is on your mind at the message board.

To warm more than your belly, check out what Montey Woods had to write about Fat Joe’s Cafe. If you are looking for hot butts, then look no further than Ass Parade. Several butts are spanked had at Girls Boarding School. P.J. warms up with amateurs at America Fucking.

Christmas was very good to lesbians as Missy found out at Strapon Lesbians. Ghost also found real women that enjoy masturbation and sex toys at Fresh Amateur Vids. Rictor found what real women do with their webcams at Cams.com.

Missy takes an unexpected ride on the Brazil Bus to witness some hot gay action. I wonder if she went directly to the beach afterward to check out the CL Bikini babes. As for myself, I was rather pleased with the tasty transsexuals I found at Wild Shemale. P.J. on the other hand finds something tasty at Pee Orgy.

Not every site reviewed is hardcore fucking and for those who enjoy softcore action will greatly enjoy Montey’s look at Hegre Art. Rictor gets gung ho with gun-totting Action Girls. Lovers of cute teens will find out what P.J. discovered about All Ashlee before taking a look at big beautiful teens at Young fatties.

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