Montey Woods
Date: 09.01.2006
It’s back to school season and what better way to celebrate than with a fresh crop of nubile teens and young amateurs. First up is a site called Nubiles. The dictionary defines “nubile” as a “sexually attractive young woman” and the girls that Missy found inside this site fit that description to a tee. They’re barely legal teen girls who are full of smiles and newly discovered orgasms.

Sometimes I get sick of all the cutesy teen girls with their blonde pigtails and lollipops and I find myself lusting for a badass girl to shake up my world. This week, that badass babe comes in the form of dark, goth chick Liz Vicious. If your type is a “redhead with pale skin, big eyes, and pouty lips, not to mention a perfect little figure”, then Liz is your little drop of angst-ridden sunshine. Unlike a lot of solo girls, Liz doesn’t just get naked and pose for us, but she shows off her cock-handling skills as well. She interacts a lot with her members via thrice weekly live shows, a message board, and a blog.

I Shot Myself sounds like it might be a site about errant gunplay, but it’s actually one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Real girls from around the world submit self-shot nude photos and videos. The stuff you’ll find here are highly erotic and allow every girl to let out her inner sex kitten. It’s artistic, uninhibited, and strangely empowering for those that participate. The site’s concept is reminiscent of my review of Beautiful Agony. Beautiful Agony captures la petite mort as the French would call it. Real men and women turn on their video cameras and film just their faces in the throes of passion and orgasm.

Have you ever had sex in your office after-hours when (you thought) no one was watching? It could be that you got caught by the security cams, just like the couples at Security Cams Fuck. Everyday people got caught fucking in parking garages, hotel hallways, and bathrooms, and now it’s here for voyeurs to watch. So be careful the next time you decide to drop your pants in public. There's always a camera lurking where you least expect it.

Of course we need a little kink to close the newsletter and Pantyhose Supremacy fits like a well-worn, nylon glove. Pantyhose slaves and sissy boys take abuse from dominant women in perfect hosiery. The site explores a wide range of kinky themes such as trampling, forced feminization, smothering, and foot worship — but they all prominently feature men and women wearing pantyhose. In these scenes, extreme pantyhose Mistresses give no mercy to their bound and subservient slaves.

We've also completely revamped the Models section. The male and female models are in two seperate sections and you can vote to rate your favorites and quickly find the sites that they are featured on. You can also browse for models alphabetically by their names, making it even easier to locate your favorite porn stars, solo girls, and internet babes.

The message boards have been buzzing with user reviews and conversations. Topics include which sites have crappy trials and whether girls in porn have too many tattoos. Don’t forget to drop by and leave your two cents.

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Montey Woods
Date: 08.15.2006
This week, we have some cool new stuff as well as some vintage P.I. Every now and then, we like to take a trip down memory lane and re-introduce some of our you’re your) favorite sites.

I thought Rookie Babe was one of the most special new sites this year, and Missy seems to agree. They keep coming up with truly fresh faces that you aren’t likely to have seen on any porn site. R.B. does a great job of including girls of all nationalities, so if you’re just a fan of women in general, this site is your Mecca. They do an awesome job of showcasing real girls with personality and more going for them than a pair of perfect tits — although that helps too.

My review of Abby Winters is also back and showcasing a slightly different sort of amateur girl. These are all-natural girls without fake tits, sometimes unshaved, and always Aussie. Some people have a problem with how real these girls are and find them “homely” (see this message board discussion for example), but I think they’re naturally beautiful. The girls are photographed with such loving exactness that there's no doubt in your mind that they're comfortable with their bodies and loving what they're doing. "Like gazelles in the wild, you'll find these girls in their natural habitat — not coerced into uncomfortable and unnatural sex scenes."

Of course, we’ve also got some fresh meat for all of you out there. Naughty Julie is the friend of Naughty Allie — and oh, what a friend to have. Julie is a bisexual swinger and an exhibitionist who more than proves that she’s worthy of her “naughty” name. Check out her photo gallery and you'll see why she's the perfect sort of girl to take on a hiking trip with you.

Speaking of those unshaved Abby Winters girls, Missy’s review of The Hairy Site gave us a nostalgic trip to a time when not every pussy was shaved bald. Back in the '70’s, hairy pussies were all over the place, but these days, it’s like catching sight of a unicorn. She also took a trip to teen lesbo-land with Sasha Fucks Dasha — a site where two sexy solo girls get together to lick pussy and hunt down other girls to convert to their Sapphic ways. Missy had high praise for both of these sites.

Finally, for all you indecisive sort who like to taste a little bit of this and just a morsel of that, we have two megasites — Videosz is a megasite that gives you unlimited downloads of full DVD’s, while Adult Rental allows you to view movies “on demand” without the hassle of a monthly subscription. Both sites give indecisive porn lovers a wide range of flesh to enjoy.

We want your opinions about the sites we’ve reviewed, so drop in the message board and share your opinion. Also, take some time to answer our poll about which sections of our reviews YOU find most helpful and important.

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Montey Woods
Date: 08.01.2006
The streets are sizzling with the sound of new sites hitting the sidewalk. I got off the wagon and into some cups — Prime Cups that is. Prime Cups is the kind of site that you didn’t know you wanted but now can’t do without. The effects of girls with big tits are subtle, but whenever I see one, I start to drool, twitch, and have an insatiable urge to nurse. Prime Cups is a site dedicated to girls with big tits and it will definitely leave your brain addled and full of fantasies that can only be fulfilled by a busty model.

Urolagnia. Watersports. Golden showers. Piss Hunters is the sort of site that you either love or hate. If you’re into pissing, you’ll love it. If you prefer not to watch teen girls squat and pee, then you won’t get it at all. This piss site takes a twist on regular old girls making water and combines it with some voyeurism. These chicks think they’re alone, but there’s someone in the bushes watching them pee. It takes me forever to pee outside, so I can just imagine how these girls felt pissing in the snow or sneaking off to the woods.

We were on a roll with the voyeur sites this week. We got into even more voyeuristic fun at Voyeur 4 You and Beach Hunters. Hey, if a girl is going to get naked on the beach, she should expect to end up on the internet, right? Well, the pervs got together and put their spy pics and videos online for lazy voyeurs like me and you and those who don’t want to get caught.

There aren’t nearly enough lesbian porn stars. I mean real lesbos — not those I only have sex with girls on camera but I fuck my boyfriend every night sort. All Ruth is all lesbian. She’s a Brit babe who prides herself on being able to get any girl off. It’s a big boast, but P.J. found it worth watching…over and over and over again.

Missy called it “obscene”, but I call it “HOT”. Street Life is the site where you can find thugged out black and Latino guys. It’s definitely hard to navigate, but there are still intense gay scenes for all of you to drool over.

You know, just because a guy likes to be penetrated, doesn’t mean he’s gay. Strap On Tales introduces you to the world of girl-on-guy butt-fucking scenes. These videos are hot because you can see masculine guys give up control and love it.

We write these reviews for all of you, so drop by the message boards and let us know your opinion. You can also add us to your bookmarks. Click this link to add us to del.icio.us!

Montey Woods
Date: 07.15.2006
There are so many different types of porn sites in this update, that it’s about to send me into triple x overload. The first site is impressive in its size, but comes with a bit of a caveat. One Girl a Day has hundreds of different girls and a different one every day. For those of you who can never seem to get enough new porn to fill those hard drives, this site seems like a winner. BUT Missy found one oddity. The site is a clone of the site 1 By Day. Now that’s a little off-putting.

Sexy Couple chronicles the swinging sex life of a couple who isn’t just “sexy”, they’re down right kinky. Raven Black and her husband, Jeff open up their bedroom doors and let us peek in on group sex, cum play, and plenty of interracial fucking. Raven Black loves black guys and she and her friends gobble down on the dark meat delicacy as often as they can.

For the fetish lovers, we’ve got one of my personal favorite BDSM sites — Sex and Submission. Let me tell you what makes this one so special. Instead of just executing a little rope bondage and whipping on their submissive girls, dominant Masters also have sex with their girl toys. That’s right — while the helpless girls are gagged and bound, they are also fucked until they scream out with real orgasms.

Ladyboy 69 have just won me over to the dark side of transsexuals. The Asian t-girls inside this site are just too gorgeous. They’re all passable and you could almost forget that they have cocks. But one of them even has a cock so big she can bend down and lick the tip of it with her tongue. Self-sucking trannies? I think I’ve officially seen everything.

We haven’t had a batch of gay sites this good in a while, but once we get our hands on some good man candy, the Inspectors go buck wild. We’ve got not one, not two, but THREE excellent gay sites for you and they all rated over three stars. Now I know that makes it hard to pick which one to join, but I’ll give you a little run down on all three of them.

Jason Hawke is an internationally known gay porn star and Jason Hawke XXX is his fanboy shrine. Inside, you’ll find a ton of photos — from behind-the-scenes stuff shot on the set of his movies to candid vacation pics. You’ll also find some pretty personal photos of him and his partner, Jeremy Jordan in hardcore sex scenes. The boy switches it up pretty regularly, so you’ll enjoy him as both a top and a bottom.

Oh those Italian boys. They ooze sex and sensuality. With Marcello is the personal site of a hard-body Italian model. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and waxed within an inch of his life. He shows off his hairless body and strokes his cock until he has real, jizz-gushing orgasms.

Finally, once you get yourself all worked up with those two sites, head over and get yourself some Man Jam. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! Man Jam is a social networking site that lets you create a profile, add friends and make new ones. Yeah, it sounds very MySpace-ish, but it seems like an easy way to meet a nice boy you can take home to Mom. Oh, who am I kidding? You’ll just find your next booty call.

We write these reviews for all of you, so drop by the message boards and let us know your opinion. You can also add us to your bookmarks. Click this link to add us to del.icio.us!

Montey Woods
Date: 07.01.2006
Summer is the season for partying, and we’re kicking off the month of July with a site that takes parties to their sexual extreme. Party Hardcore is a site that will convince you not to send your girlfriend or wife out for a “Ladies Night Out” ever again. P.J. peeled back the curtain to find male strippers shaking their moneymaker in front of women who go wild for manmeat. Every party declines into a completely debauched orgy of 50+ people where the women suck dick and drop their panties to get fucked. I wonder how many of your wives are on this site?

There’s a first time for everything — even bondage. My First Bondage takes novice submissives and initiates them into the way of the dungeon. While Missy found the scenes to not be the “harshest” BDSM site she’s been to, it still managed to give you a good look at first timers led down the slippery slope of submission. Plus, judging from the sample galleries, there’s plenty of rope play to keep shibari enthusiasts interested.

We love kinky girls around here and The Panty Collector is where we found a panty-loving princess named Katja. She and her girlfriends sniff and taste each other's dirty panties. Panty sites are common, but a site that features cream-filled panties worn for several days is so good it's RIPE.

It’s always nice to take a bit of a break from your average porn site and delve into something a little bit more interactive. Cam Cruiser allows you to whip out the webcam for some one-on-one time with a cute cam girl. While there weren’t thousands of girls to choose from, the select bunch certainly knew the art of the tease.

The Japanese aren’t the only ones who appreciate the sight of one girl surrounded by a circle of cum-spraying cocks. Our favorite goo lover, ghost, reviewed American Bukkake — a site where good old American girls get blasted by load after load of man juice. He found girls who collect and swallow loads and girls who are content to let the spray from over 90 guys drip down their faces.

We also got to know two new solo girls — Audrey of Meet Audrey and Miss Luana. They’re both solo girls, but they satisfy two different tastes on your palate. Audrey is a Canadian college girl and a complete exhibitionist. She is 100% amateur and has a tall (5 feet 9 inches), hourglass figure (34D breasts). Next up, I took some time with Luana Lani, an exotic Filipina model and a real beauty. Her site is more softcore glamour, but just as erotic. If you like live webcam shows, wait until you see this cutie in action.

You’ve read our opinions, now visit the message board and give us your take on the sites we’ve reviewed.

Montey Woods
Date: 06.15.2006
Girls, girls, girls! We try to keep a constant parade of hot poontang around the pages of P.I., and this week, we’ve outdone ourselves again.

We started off with the centerfold-ready girls of ModFX Models. The photos are very Playboy-esque and feature famous models like Aria Giovanni, Crystal Klein, and Jesse Capelli. Speaking of Jesse Capelli, for those of you who can’t get enough of her, we also reviewed her personal site. She of the hourglass figure and high sex drive enticed Missy with a collection of photos and videos that include equally sexy girlfriends like Natalia Cruze. Rictor mentioned the larger than average number of Asian models inside ModFX Models, but we still needed to whet our Asian appetites even further.

So we satisfied our Asian persuasion with two sites chock full of Asian girls stuffed with cock. Quality Asians gives a glam look at women of the Asian diaspora. This site features a variety slick-styled photos and videos of porn stars like Jade Hsu and Asia Carrera. Then, we got personal with a single girl site dedicated to the Asian porn star, Nyomi Marcela. Nyomi is the little sister of porn star, Jade Marcela, and she has a petite body built for speed. Rictor found her site a tour de force of girl-on-girl, creampie, and interracial sex scenes. Big sis, Jade, even dropped by for a four girl lesbian lick session.

Asian babes aren’t the only ethnicity that we fondled this week. Club Vanessa Blue came bursting out of the gate as the premiere site for the eponymously named ebony porn star. With her sexual voracity and FF boobs, Vanessa Blue is a true crowd pleaser. She fucks black guys, white guys, and everything in between. Black Pipe Layers flipped the switch and gave us black guys fucking white girls in videos created by well-known director, Justin Slayer. Slayer is well-known in the interracial DVD market as a director and performer whose scenes bring ultimate heat.

Don't forget to check out the message board and add us to your del.icio.us bookmarks. For those of you who are now completely lost and wondering if that’s something you eat, here’s a quick explanation.

Date: 06.01.2006
Summer is sizzling with the beginning of June and the porn is just as hot as the weather! On Porn Inspector we’ve spiced things up the past couple of weeks and brought you an erotic array of different sites, sure to please the pumping action of any fist. Straight and Gay had their time in the sun along with hardcore, fetish and interracial, so no one was left without arousal.

Montey Woods bounced around the bodies in The Rubber Clinic. Dressed in stretchy, taught and tantalizing full body suits, Montey found the only exposed body parts were the most important ones in which they took full advantage of the exposure, by riddling them with enemas and catheter insertion. They show you how these holes aren’t just exits anymore and what comes out of them may just be the thing that puts you over the edge. …Now where did you put that lotion?

For all of you femme fans out there that enjoy watching solo action and girl/girl play time, then you’ll definitely want to check out Amateur UK Rictor must have had to wipe the sweat from his brow a few times while going through the images and videos. They show you exactly how the British are cumming here and it’s done through the sweet action of amateurs. With shyness set aside and their legs spread wide, their fingers, toys and British accents will lure you in and make you want to lend them a hand.

If the beautiful bodies of the babes offered on the reviews of Porn Inspector just doesn’t quite get the job done, then you might want to drift your wood into, Rear Stable. No, they don’t board horses there, but they do have over 100 men that are hung like horses. High resolution digital images is just one of the features that P.J. found to comment on. Hard, chiseled bodies of gay men making those gaping holes a bit bigger, and your pants a little tighter in the front!

Ghost had the fun lately of venturing into the interracial site of, Mr. Biggz You won’t ask why he’s called that once you see what he brings to the table! These ladies deserve breakfast in bed after catering to a cock that size, but they’re probably to weak to eat it! You’ll get high quality videos and images that you can download in a zip file to keep your porn collection growing. With 80 plus models on this site to date, you’ll see all the sexiness unfold in black and white.

Don’t forget that Porn Inspector is here for you, and we want to hear back! So visit our message board and mingle with reviewers and other partakers in quality porn!

Montey Woods
Date: 05.15.2006
When it comes to threesomes, the best way to enjoy it is if at least two parties are bisexual. Otherwise, it just ends up all awkward. BiMaxx is full of bi boys who love boys just as much as they love women — and often at the same time. These videos are hotter than your average gay sex or male/female hardcore video. Combining the three makes this site absolutely combustible.

There’s something that’s a little “different” about European porn. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but sites like Mondo Rossi make it apparent. Slovakian porn actress, Claudia Rossi’s personal site features mostly group sex scenes where you don’t feel like three people were just thrown into a room and instructed to “make it happen”. She’s take-charge without being a total dominatrix and manages to create a solo site that combines hardcore plus glamour all at the same time.

If you read gossip blogs…and I know you do — you’re familiar with the allure of the celebrity nip slip of panty flash. There’s something about seeing an icon flash some skin that is 100% more titillating than watching some regular schmuck get nude. Celeb TA capitalizes on our celeb-lust by cataloging sexy photos as well as topless or full nude videos captures from their feature films.

We’ve added a few new reviewers and initiated “Arianne” with a review of Tabitha’s Toybox. She did an excellent review of Tabitha’s porn star site (god, what an ass this girl has). This review was pretty tame, but I’m sure we’ll break her in to the pleasures of spanking, flogging, and other fetishes in a matter of time.

We did find a site that rubbed a bit of salt in our wounds with Extreme Naturals. According to Rictor, “natural” these girls ain’t. They’ve apparently Photoshopped some enormous tits on girls like the already-busty Brandy and Carmen Hayes. I took a look and while I’m not sure about the digital manipulation, I am sure that these tits are HUGE. Good enough? Yeah…I thought so.

Don't forget to check out the message board.

Montey Woods
Date: 05.01.2006
Can you ever have too much sex? We certainly don’t think so. Today’s newsletter kicks off with more fetish sites than we’ve ever had in one place. If you like boy/girl sex, expect it to come with cock restraints and nipple rings. If you like teen girls, expect them to have a goth sensibility and come with tight bodies pierced and filled with dark ink tattoos.

First up is a strict Mistress. And when I say “Mistress”, I mean the type that will beat your ass, not the type that will keep secrets from your wife and prance around in frilly lingerie for your pleasure. Lady Sonia keeps a whip in her hand and discipline in her heart. Missy bravely took a tour through her online dungeon and came out on the other side with a thorough knowledge of FemDom torture involving male slaves in CBT (cock and ball torture), spanking, flogging, and venomous verbal humiliation scenes that would make the most unruly slave weep. According to Missy, Lady Sonia’s site is put together quite nicely, and I have a feeling that a webslave (not webMASTER) is behind the scenes dutifully spitting out code and to give his Mistress the online altar of worship that she deserves.

Suicide Girls is the alt-girl site of note and Joanna Angel is the movement’s reigning queen. However, there are dozens of alt-girls who get naked on the internet. You can find some of them inside Fatal Beauties. The girls are pierced, tatted, and hair colored within an inch of their lives. Not only can you stare at their pics and play their videos, you can also let your freak flag fly and interact with them via their online diaries and a forum. Sweet. This site is like Suicide Girls without all the weird, goth drama. These chicks both scare me and turn me on. If you’re looking for the type of chick you would take home after a Marilyn Manson concert, look here.

Where my Arab girls at? Inside Arab Sex City, you’ll find Middle Eastern girls who let you see what’s under the burka.

One of our newer reviewers, Luke Preston, cut his teeth and wet his lips on Amateur Canadian Guys. He reviewed a site that started off vanilla with your average straight guys, but quickly turned kinky with some spanking. This week, even our gay reviews looked toward guys who give you more than vanilla fare. Hairy Boyz featured a forest of men with hair everywhere and full beards that catch cum droplets.

This week, we got deep into the niches and encourage you to let your freak flag fly. If you have ever felt there were too many softcore teens on P.I., this is your week to spank it and gloat. From goth sex bombs to hairy men, we’ve found the shit that will tickle your perineum. Look it up. *wink*

Montey Woods
Date: 04.15.2006
The tax man cometh, but we have a new crop of sex site reviews to take your mind off your tax woes.

When it comes to boobs, I’ve got one motto: GO BIG. As the mother of all big boob sites, Score Land seems to share my idea. I reviewed this bra-busting boob site and gave it a tits-up score of 4.5 stars. This was due at least in part to a great showing from busty stars like Kandi Cox and Sierra.

If you love older women and you also love interracial, you owe it to yourself to read Missy’s review of Black Mother Fuckers. This site is one of the newest interracial sites to hit the internet and features old school porn babes like Tiffany Mynx and Selena Steele. Now not only can you see these moms in action again, but now they’re fucking black cock.

Every now and then, you want to take a fresh-faced teen girl and watch her blossom into a woman. Teenrotica does just that with barely legal babes who show off their new curves. This site is more softcore than most sites, but also throws in some girl/girl lesbian action. However, if you're looking for more hardcore teens, the girls of Ebina Models will raise your cock while they're going down on one.

Cum lovers rejoice! We’ve reviewed facial site with a fey twist. His First Facial goes after guys who love guys and soaks them in goopy splooge. We don’t see nearly enough gay facial cumshots, so this site is a welcome addition for fans of boy juice.

We give you so many choices that sometimes you’re on smut overload. DVD Box solves that problem with 1,001 full-length DVDs. These DVDs cover categories from vintage 70’s porn to trannies to teens.

Conversations on the message board have been interesting to say the least. There’s the discussion of DRM vs. no DRM, fantasy vs. reality in porn, and revealing some sites that were once great but now seem to have gone bad. If you have an opinion you’d like to share or even if you just like to watch a good catfight, check out the forum.

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