Montey Woods
Date: 09.01.2005
Where do you go for porn star photos and exclusive videos if you’re not up for another night hiding out in Jenna’s bushes? New Sensations features exclusive scenes from some of the biggest names in blue movies. Carmen Luvana, Chloe Jones, and Jenna Jameson all have scenes that can only be found inside this porn star megasite.

We got soaking wet but we learned a lot when our professor, Axel Braun, tried to teach us how to stimulate a woman’s G-spot and give squirting orgasms at Squirting 101. What’s the technique again? Two in the pink, one in the stink? Well, we were to busy whacking off to be good students, but maybe you can concentrate long enough to learn how to give those gushing, squirting orgasms.

This week, Missy reviewed one of my favorite internet babes — Ashley Brookes. This Midwestern cutie has the innocent looks of an ingénue and the body of a full-fledged sexpot. Missy’s description of Ashley’s live shows and nibble-worthy nipples are enough to leave puddles of drool on your keyboard.

We also reviewed one of the biggest personals sites on the internet. Adult Friend Finder features personal ads from single men, women, and swingers. Jamdin did a thorough review and found that whether you’re looking for casual sex or a relationship, this site and its almost 20 million members should have someone for you. As a matter of fact, Jamdin might even have a date soon.

Many of you have requested a review of the long-running site, ALS Scan, and we have finally been able to feature them in our quick reviews section. ALS stands for “all ladies shaved”, and the site focuses on girls who shave completely bare down there. The photos and videos are well known for their high quality and high resolution

We are also exploring free sites and high-quality blogs to review. If you know of any sites that deserve a look from us, let us know. Visit the message board and give us your opinions and suggestions on our reviews, sites that you like, and the ones that you hate.

Montey Woods
Date: 08.15.2005
Summer is almost over and the school girls are out in full force. We’ve got a batch of teen sites filled with girls who just got legal. Masha’s World is a unique site that gives you a rare look inside the sexual world of a Russian teen girl. Amateur 18 features flexible teens that can twist their bodies in the most amazing positions while a cock fills their most hungry holes. Finally, Teen Filthy brings up the rear with a mélange of teen babes that fill this site with barely legal pussy.

For those of you who like to find one girl and give her all your attention, we have several single girl amateur sites for you. Tawny Roberts, Lauren Sands, Jena Ricci, and Secret Sarah are only a few of the big names we’ve reviewed. These girls range from innocent French beauties to Vivid superstars and exhibitionists.

We’ve finally reviewed the big dog of gay sites — Bad Puppy. You boys have been barking for it for months and it’s finally here. Bad Puppy is the seminal (hehe) gay site and it’s been around since Al Gore created the internet. A site that has been around this long can only be expected to have an extensive archive of gay movies and photos, and Bad Puppy doesn’t disappoint.

Join us on the message board. Things have been pretty busy over there with both positive and negative site reviews.

Montey Woods
Date: 08.01.2005
It’s only fitting that we kick off this newsletter with a true internet Legend. Danni Ashe is known as the “world’s most downloaded woman”. She started Danni’s Hard Drive in 1995. Today, her site features a gargantuan archive of high-quality photos, videos, and virtual lap dances. Inside, is a mixture of busty women, porn stars, and beautiful centerfolds. You’ll find even more hooter-rific content at Busty Rachel Aziani. Rachel is a tanned and toned summer bunny with natural breasts who bares them in her personal site that has been online since 1999.

So much porn, so little time. For those of you who can never decide on one site to joinBang Bros Network gives you access to 12 sites (and counting). These sites are some of the most well-known reality sites and feature big boobs, MILF, and big cock sites.

Our kinky side is showing again. P.J. reviewed the spanking site, Boys Boarding School, and boy, is his ass red! Naughty men get their asses reddened by strict women who wield whips, floggers, canes, and paddles. I reviewed our first female wrestling site. Ultimate Surrender is hands-down one of the best girl-on-girl wrestling sites that I’ve seen and has an active member fan base that loves to see these girls pin each other through real scissor and submission holds. Missy also got a dose of pain in her review of Pain Toy. Sadistic tour guides led her on a pain-inflicting exploration of breast-binding, whippings, and humiliation.

We have recently added a new section to your favorite review site. The Quick Reviews area features brief overviews of sites that we have not had a chance to review in detail. These quick reviews are like mini snack bites in between the full on meal of reviews that we’ll continue to bring you. Check them out and let us know what you think on the message boards.

Montey Woods
Date: 07.15.2005
This week, we're coloring outside the lines with some unique sites in unique niches. These aren't your usual stroke and pokes, we’ve found entire sites dedicated to some of the fetishes that you’ve all been clamoring for.

We’re coloring outside the lines with the hentai site Lestai. Have you ever seen two girl toons get it on? Lestai is filled with lesbian hentai video clips and full-length movies where cheerleaders, schoolgirls, sisters, and friends get it on in lez love scenes. If this site isn’t enough to turn you into a 100% lesbian, it will definitely make you want to be a toon.

This week, Jamdin reviewed the personal site of one of my favorite quirky porn stars. Mary Carey is the same busty blonde who ran for governor of California and attended recent Republican party fundraisers. Inside her personal site, however, the only thing she’s raising is your temperature and her skirt to show off her perfectly pink muff.

Our newest gay site review will have you guys all aquiver with excitement. Blacks on Boys is the kind of site that gay men dream about. Black guys spear lily-white assholes with big black cocks and leave these white boys pumped full of ebony cum. These gay interracial videos show no mercy as rough and rugged black guys dominate their white bottom boys.

We wouldn’t dare leave out our fetish lovers. This week’s, kinkiest corner will show you how to get off when all you have is an AC/DC outlet. Fucking Robots spreads leggy girls wide and satisfies them with tit suction cups, piston-pumping pricks, and every variety of fucking machine.

Drop by the message boards and let us know what you think of this new batch of sites. Are we stroking your favorite fetishes? Let us know!

Montey Woods
Date: 07.01.2005
Ron Harris is the man who Hugh Hefner called the “King of Erotica” and Playboy Magazine deemed the “Granddaddy of Softcore”. Now he’s blown us away with TWO erotic photography sites. Ron Harris Studio and Harris Archives are two unique sites where every photo caresses the female form. However, it is his softcore videos that capture the female orgasm with an intimacy that even he couldn’t capture on the glossy magazine pages. With these sites, he brings us all one step closer to ecstasy.

God, why didn’t I take my mother’s advice and go to medical school?! If the videos inside My Horny Doctors are any indication, PhD stands for “pussy hunting degree”. These medical fetish videos show dirty doctors who take their exams very seriously. They use stethoscopes and speculums to spread open tight pussies and assholes before they insert their cock for the final exam,

That’s not the only fetish we found. This week brings you a whole new lineup of the kinky stuff. Rubber Dollies satisfies your love of the slick and slippery latex and PVC fetish wear. Just like Brooke Shields and her Calvins, nothing comes between these gorgeous goth girls and their rubber corsets and clothing.

Roman Video immersed us in the suffocating world of female domination. Domineering women smother, slap, and site on the faces of their naughty boy-toys. This site delivers a good collection of face-sitting movies that leaves slaves gasping for air.

Finally, P.J. got all tied up in the non-vanilla world of Bizarre Adult Club. This fetish site gives fans of spanking, bondage, and extreme sex a brand new playground. This site isn’t for the weak-hearted. The brutal dungeon master puts his submissive sluts through their paces and relentless cycle of punishment.

Don't forget...P.I. is more than just reviews. We're a big, porn-loving community. So, drop by the message boards and interact with the rest of us.

Also. take a moment and vote in our latest poll. We want to know if you find the snippets from other review sites helpful.

Montey Woods
Date: 06.15.2005
The Inspectors took a trip East and loaded up on the ethnic poontang. Asia Nude 4 You finds the prettiest Asian babes and strips them naked for your erotic pleasure. These exotic Asian girls will mesmerize you with their perky tits and petite bodies. Next, we moved a little further East to discover some sluts in saris. Indian Sex Club features elusive Indian beauties and Bollywood sluts who gladly give up a slice of their hairy Indian pie.

What does the girl who lives next door to YOU look like? My next door neighbor is a lady with mousy brown hair, frumpy clothes and sensible shoes. She looks NOTHING like the girls at Next Door Amateur. These ‘round the way girls are hot as a summer day and have an insatiable appetite for sex. The guy who runs this site gets to photograph and fuck girls. He stuffs his cock down their throats and leaves their pussies worn out and leaking jizz. Whatever neighborhood these girls are living in— I’m moving in!

We haven’t left out you boys who love boys. We found Jeremy East, a cute and collegiate straight guy with a kinky side. Jeremy doesn’t have gay sex on his site (he is “straight” after all), but he’s not opposed to jerking off for the camera, being tied up, or indulging in his obsession with feet — his own.

We always try to give you at least one site that will freak you simple. This week that site is Extreme Holly. Holly is the kind of kinky porn whore who is happiest when she’s being skull fucked until she pukes and then tops it all off with a bucket of piss being poured over her head. Extreme Holly is really too twisted to be explained. You’ll just have to experience her utter depravity yourself.

Don't forget about the message boards. Drop by and post your own reviews and opinions of sites you have joined.

Montey Woods
Date: 06.01.2005
After a long, relaxing weekend, I always like to come home to some quality smut.

There’s something about those Brazilian girls that you just can’t get enough of. Is it the caramel-brown skin? The round bubble butts? The stiff cock between her legs? Yes — the stiff cock between her legs! Brazilian Shemales Club goes deep inside the asses of some of the world’s sexiest trannies. These t-girls have dangerous curves and an insatiable appetite for sex.

There’s nothing like a drop-dead gorgeous babe in front of a master photographer, and this week, we bring them to you in triples. Playboy Plus, 24 Main Street, and Marquis Models all feature droves of beauties photographed in true glamour style. The photography is slick, and these softcore models show off bodies that glisten like well-oiled machines. Marquis Models and Playboy Plus both feature some familiar faes. At Playboy Plus, you will get to see all the Playmates that have made themselves famous between the pages of Hef's legendary magazine. Marquis Models features a mixture of Penthouse Pets and adult video superstars. A trip down 24 Main Street will bring you face-to face with some of the most beautiful internet models and exotic girls of the import auto scene.

Finally, Tman found one of the coolest sites I’ve ever seen. My Gay Sim Life is like The Sims on ecstasy. It is a virtual reality world where you can choose a character and make him either in your own appearance or someone else’s. Once you have a character, explore the world and start meeting up with and having sex with all the guys you meet along the way. You can get invited to an orgy, go to the beach, or roam around the red light district.

Visit the message boards to post your own reviews and opinions of sites you have joined.

Montey Woods
Date: 05.15.2005
The Inspectors always try to bring you the newest and most innovative smut sites out there, and this time, I think we’ve outdone ourselves. We tackled a site with an extensive collection of movies and a ground-breaking way to deliver them. Hot Movies doesn’t make you sign up for an entire month. This video-on-demand system allows you to watch only the specific movies or scenes that you are interested in. Whether you spend two dollars or twenty dollars, it’s all controlled by you. You’ll find videos in every niche imaginable, as well as a collection of gay erotica at their brother site Gay Hot Movies.

This week, European girls have taken us by storm. First up are the gorgeous girls of Super Glam. Super Glam plunders Europe in search of the prettiest faces and hottest bodies they can find. Once they track down the best and brightest, they photograph them in super-high quality glamour style.

You would think that Super Glam rooted out all the gorgeous girls in Europe, but there were still a few left over for Explicite and Ebina Models. Explicite is the official site of French filmmaker and photographer, John B. Root. He has protested strongly against the ban of porn on French television, and most of his adult films were shown on the popular pay-TV station, Canel Plus. His site features sophisticated erotica from both amateur girls and French porn stars. Ebina Models is another bastion of female beauties (many of them European). This site features a mega-dose of beautiful babes in masturbation and hardcore movies. This international line-up of beauties pulls girls from Europe, Canada, and the US.

All this slick erotica might be a little to vanilla for some of our kinkier members, but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. One of my new favorite sites is Gothic Sluts. One visit to this site will make these dark-haired alterna-girls your permanent pin-up fantasies. Chicks like Masumi Max, Szandora, and Dana Dark show off their tattooed, pierced, and pale bodies in a collection of well-shot images.

P.J. made a spank-tastic foray into Bun Beating Fun. This spanking site lures in unsuspecting girls with promises of a modeling job. Once they get there, he pulls the bait-and switch and takes these girls over his knee for some open-handed spanking that leaves their pretty asses red.

Don’t forget about our message boards. Want to talk about a site or a review? Have a porn star I.D. question. Bring it to the boards!

Date: 04.15.2005
My taxes are done for another year and I hope you got your taxes done by the April 15th deadline. Now I can turn my attention to the great outdoors. Spring is definately in the air with birds chirping and flowers blooming. Unfortunately, I cannot stand to be outdoors for long thanks to hayfever. Luckily for me, I can shut myself indoors and check out the reviews at Porn Inspector.

If you enjoy Australian amateurs, then you will find Tman's review of Girls Out West to be of interest. Amateur honeys get their back doors invaded at Pump That Ass. Leg World will make you a lover of long legs and sexy feet if you are not already one. Fans of older women will enjoy Mommy Loves Cock and Nasty Housewives. Both sites prove that one does not have to be young to enjoy sex.

The hot pornstar, Nikky Blond has Stevo drooling and with good reason. She is one hot and wild babe! Nude celebrities can be found at Mr. Skin. Montey Woods gives high praise for the teens at Barely Legal. Gay lovers will find Major Hardon and Male Movie Club special treats. If you enjoy the best of both worlds like me, you will flip over She's Got Male and Rate My Tranny.

Tired of watching boring dating shows that never show what really happens? The women at Blind Date Bangers really put out in hardcore action that is too hot for television. While I have been on plenty of blind dates, I have never been to a massage parlor but after reading the review of Rub And Tug I want to go to one now. Speaking of dates, ever chatted with a woman online and wonder how to fuck her for real? Internet Hookups will help you by showing you how to do the dirty deed. I have worked as a pizza delivery man so I know that the events at Big Sausage Pizza can actually happen. Finally, if you ever wondered what really goes on in a strip club after hours, then you have to see what P.J. says about Strip Club Exposed.

Montey Woods
Date: 04.01.2005
The countdown to tax time has started, and in a few weeks, many of us will be left a little light in the pockets. Lucky for you, the Inspectors are a thrifty bunch, and we've managed to find something that will fit every wallet — Video Box. At less than ten bucks a month, we can all afford to taste these scrumptious sex videos. With hundreds of movies in any category you can think of, this site is like eating caviar when you’re on a cheeseburger budget.

Suze Randall is legendary for her in the world of erotic photography. Her photos of porn stars past and present have graced the page of every major men’s magazine, and now Suze Video blesses the internet with her DVD-quality videos. These videos boast high production values and some of the biggest names in the biz. Jenna Jameson, Aria Giovanni, and Tera Patrick have all had their beautiful bodies graced by Suze’s camera; and you can find these and other high caliber starlets in glamour and hardcore videos.

All of the sites we’ve found lately are just plain titillating. From the black-on-black sex at Tiny’s Black Adventures to the puffy pussy cameltoe of I Spy Cameltoe, there’s something here for every smut lover. One of my favorite naughty new finds is a little teen minx by the name of Little April. This brace-faced teen lets us in on a girl just beginning to explore her sexuality. Luckily, we get to come along for the ride.

P.I. has fans both male and female from all over the world, and we love hearing from you all. Recently, we received the following letter from a female fan:

I was surfing the net, and came upon your amazing site. Wow! What a selection of shots and preferences. As a woman, I can appreciate a good set of tits (and a good fuck!). My boyfriend will love this site. The problem is choosing.......so many sluts and cocks. Now I have a lot more sites to choose from thanks to your site. I am so happy I could just strip tease for you! lol. Anyways, thanks again and I will be visiting your site soon. Signed, a happy customer

We love getting letters like these! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to send them in. Also, don’t forget to visit the message boards.

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