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Addie Juniper

Addie is young, horny, bi-sexual, and, fortunately for us, crazy enough to have her own website, overflowing with videos and photos of her wild sexcapades.
Site type: Pay site, category: Single Models, Hardcore, Amateur
Complete review published on 01.03.2014
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[v]Intro promises(4.5)

Addie Juniper is a hot young amateur model with a major zest for life and a fan base pleasing willingness to experiment. She promises her members a unique experience, crediting this to the fact that she has full creative control of the site. According to the tour page, members will get to enjoy "loads of hardcore sex with boys and girls," and "erotic and cutesy fun with hot chicks." And judging by the tour imagery, she means a heck of a lot more than kissing and cuddling. In addition to the 100% exclusive amateur content, the tour also boasts 3 high-def udpates and 1 live cam show per week.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on December 25, 2015.

Over 433 videos about 14 minutes each (download)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
WMV (2700kb/s, 720x404)
WMV (1930kb/s, 720x540)
MP4 (5500kb/s, 1280x720)
Over 27 galleries about 150 pictures each
+ Zip archives
Web Cams:
1 models, online at a time: 1

[v]PricesLast updated on February 05, 2016.

$24.95 / one month (recurring)
$49.95 / three months (recurring)
$99.95 / one year (non-recurring)
Billing: CCBill
Terms: May cancel anytime before rebill date


Addie Juniper wasn't bullshitting when she said she had total control of the site. You can tell this members area wasn't the work of some stuffed shirt web design dweed; the background is a chaotic mixture of childish drawings, including smiley faces, hot dogs, mushrooms, dice, baseballs, even a goddamn T-Rex. Despite the fact that it looks like it was drawn MS-Paint which only adds to its charm, if you ask me I think it's spectacular. Certainly a hell of a lot more memorable than 99% of the other layouts out there, that's for damn sure.

This look carries over throughout the whole layout, with menus having a hand-drawn look. There really is no main menu, though, and there's not much need for one not with all of the updates spread throughout the midsection of the page. They each have their own little "box" with five steamy thumbnails, a multi-paragraph synopsis, and a couple of download options. At the bottom of the page there's a "view more" button. Clicking this rotates five updates back, and you can do this until you reach the end the archive. You can't get anymore straight forward than that, right?

Unfortunately, I can see how a lot of people would find this approach a little too basic. The lack of a search engine, or any real way to break content up into categories, is a bit of a drag. As is, you're stuck with a linear view of the content and, well, not much else. Clicking the "next button over and over again already feels like a chore, so I really can't see things getting any better once the archive grows. The addition of an update calender, or, really, any other means of viewing the archive at all, would be a vast improvement. Going back to the positive, though, I really dig the weekly cam show and twitter feed. I've yet to see Abbie live, as I haven't been a member all that long yet. I can tell you, however, that the sample footage on the feed looks fantastic. Nevertheless, the level of interaction you get to have with Abbie, even in these early stages of the site, is quite impressive. Perhaps even a sign of things to cum?

Videos can currently be downloaded in either your choice of either a Standard(Windows Media) or High-Definition(MPEG-4) file. Although, once you get toward the middle of the archive, you'll notice the "high-def" and "standard" buttons vanish, replaced instead with a button that reads "Click here to download." Until you get really far back into the archive, these files are roughly equivalent to the latest Standard Definition offerings. There's really not much drop off at all until the end, which isn't surprising considering how young this site really is.

The amateur edge found in the layout carries over to the videos. There's a great little cartoon intro complete with a drawing of Abbie in pigtails and an appropriately cutesy rendition of Do Re Mi. Once the action starts, ready yourself for footage that features a lot of unorthodox camera angles and, at times, a bit more motion than I'd care for. All in all, though, there's really not much to complain about. These scenes look really slick, especially for amateur footage, and I'd just assume watch these as big studio stuff. The lighting, for example, is always spot on. Most amateur sites tend to really muck it up there, but you can see every clearly here. And believe me, with Abbie, that's always a good thing.

Juniper was born to be in front of a camera. She's also a natural tease, a talent she wisely plays up in her solo masturbation scenes. Normally I don't care for that sort of thing. Franky, I find it boring. This gal won me over, though, with her tight body and that major league bitch attitude that's just impossible to fake. It also doesn't hurt that she's quite versatile, willing to keep things fresh by changing outfits, hair color, even sexual orientation, if need be. One minute you might be watching a red headed Addie doing a reverse cowgirl on some muscular stud; the next she's sporting blonde pig-tails and chowing down on a fresh axe-wound. You just never know. I've watched at least a dozen scenes already and came just as many times. It's the videos, in my opinion, that make this one worth joining.

If this site has an Achilles' heel, though, it's definitely its lack of photo galleries. As I scanned through the archives which took a very long time with the current setup, believe you me I was flabbergasted to find only 27. I understand video is naturally going to get more attention, but when you've got 433 scenes, the gap's way too big. It's a real shame, too, because Juniper is a rather photogenic chick. To make matters worse, there's not even a method for viewing the photos on-site.

Instead, your only option is to download the full gallery compressed in a ZIP file. I'm as big a fan of bare bone layouts as the next guy, but I think this is taking a little too far. Another minor complaint would be the huge disparity in the number of images per gallery. Some contain 30 whilst others have in excess of 400 images. In their defense, the JPEGs do look pretty good. Sure, the resolution could be a bit bigger, but it's better than nothing, right?


Whilst Addie Juniper's site, admittedly, lacks most of the basic navigational tools we've all grown accustom to, I think this fact is easily overlooked in the face of the regularly added and extremely hot content, as well as the weekly webcam shows provided by Addie herself. This chick is sexy, bisexual, and extremely prolific. I don't know about you, but I'll take take over cutting edge web design any day.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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