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Alt.Sex.StoriesText Repository offers everything sultry on one website. This site is promised to contain and also have links to visual, audio, and/or textual depictions of nudity and heterosexula, bi-sexual, homosexual and transsexual situations. This website is home to over 1,000 authors of erotic literature, and they as a non-profit site, so donations are welcome and very much appreciated.
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Date: 04.16.2006
Here's a little prelude of something I've been working on... About half of chapter one... not yet edited :) **************************************************************************** Title: Justicia Cabrera - Naked Cop Author: Tenyari Part: 1 Universe: Naked Future Keywords: MF FF cons rom viol interr F-solo exhib bi (F) ScFi NiS Naked Summary: After Justicia busts a mob boss, she becomes
Date: 04.11.2006
This formed the bulk of a recent email I sent: I know a lot of men around here seem to think rape is a topic for action and humor, a chance for their hero to lord it over the women he controls by showing how helpless they are without his aid... But for many, it is a shock to personal past horrors to even breach the topic, let alone describe it in detail. I personally know many women who are
Date: 04.06.2006
The last chapter of Alandra is coming soon. I'm in writing on the final portions, where I have to build up what essentially amounts to a tragic climax for our 'heroine' of her own design... A downfall based on elements I hope have been properly hidden into the previous chapters. However this project took me three years more than I expected it to, so I might have to go back and edit to make sure,
Date: 12.30.2005
See this cover image. I'm thinking of writing an erotic comic book after I finish Alandra (Hopefully that will actually come to pass). The idea is roughly - Our protagonist would be trapped in a nude world, and must overcome a series of challenges to win some prize / santcuary / safety... The usual 'in a strange land story', wherein the hero/heroine seeks to get some great deed done in order to
Date: 11.28.2005
Date: 11.28.2005
Now that I've written up a short piece on dialog, it seems only right to follow that up with a simple request to my readers. If you see grammar errors in my writing, let me know. Most writers want to know what they've done wrong. Those that don't, well, probably shouldn't be writing... Sure, some grammar errors are going to be intentional, like a bit of dialog saying something like: (bear with
Date: 11.15.2005
Do I write good, or at least decent dialog? I don't know, but like any critic I've begun to get a little full of myself with the notion of what should be in good dialog. I think we all know that porn is the last place one would ever find good dialog. The same is often true in the 'stroke' variety of erotica. When I first started writing I read a few guides on dialog, and the best bits of advice
Date: 11.12.2005
Gut reaction, yes or no? Given who is likely to be my readership here I suspect most of you went through something like; 'Heck yeah, then I could bang those chicks and get away with it!' (at which point I have a mental image of 'Glen Quagmire' from Family Guy saying 'giggity giggity'... You're then probably going to have 'moral second thoughts' at some later point in time when you 'think about
Date: 11.08.2005
Something that's been bugging me lately as I sit there wanting to write and not having time... In my Alandra story I've been working on over the last few years, which is now on its last legs, from day one I've envisioned a very tragic ending. The protagonist Alandra ends her experience searching for something she knows she will never find, something she lost through her own misadventure.
Date: 06.25.2005
Well, to be honest I've been too upset for the past two weeks to write anything. But, I was working on my next chapter, and I will get back to it in time. First, a note on "Naked Girl". This story is in a semi permanent limbo. I've been getting a lot of feedback on it lately, so for those people who read this I thought I would say something. A number of things have 'tossed me out' of working on
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