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Bizarre Video

It's ok to wander over to the dark side now and then, it's good for the juices to bubble from a different direction, and they have it hot here!
Site type: Pay site, category: Bizarre, Video, Fetish
Complete review published on 05.17.2014
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[v]Intro promises(3.5)

There is strangeÖ.and then there is sexual strange, and from this site, itís designed to make your dick rise, your hand lower and your jaw drop! Bizarre Video shows an excellent tour area with huge advertising images and of course your gateway into membership, which can be a bit confusing, it includes a free sign-up for streaming some content, but full membership gets all rights they say.

[v]Content Amount(4.5)Last updated on July 15, 2014.

Over 261 videos about 20 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
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Over 95 galleries about 85 pictures each
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$29.95 39.95 / one month (recurring)
Billing: Epoch
Payment options: Credit Cards, Online Check

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Bizarre Video / Gallery #5775956


Iíve spent some time in going through this site, as the initial scan through and assumption, and some things that Iím about to report will have you trembling as you go through the membership process, while other things will have you moaning loudly from despair, not dirtiness. I will start on a positive note by saying that in going through the many episodes offered from this fetish site, youíre going to definitely have your fill of fornication that is anything but vanilla in flavoring, but then thatís what youíre here for, the out of the ordinary aspect of how arousal can be reached by means of the taboo measures.

I have to be honest, and honestly speaking, Iím not a fan of their layout or premise to how they offer what they carry at all. Theyíve mixed the ability of being able to pay per minute with the concept of a regular membership which is to give you access into everything, unlimited and unconditional. For some sites, it works out nicely, but I found confusion to be the navigator from this offering, and Iím not sure why. Theyíve mixed too much with too many offerings and it sort of leaves a person just sitting and saying, ďWhat do I do now?Ē There is DRM in effect, but thatís not such a big deal, itís just the disorganization in general.

They do break things down into three categories, retro, standard videos and HD videos, which is great, but hard for a reviewer to get a true count, because in going into the retro section you have standard and HD, and things are mixed in such a manner, it makes accuracy difficult. Another stigma Iím finding is the fact that their episodes are streaming only, if you want to do any downloading, it will have to come in the full version, which is a huge nuisance at times, unless of course you have a previous engagement of lunch with someone, or still have a partial shift to put in at work, because they are going to take a long time.

However, these are long full versions, most of which are over an hour in length, whereas the episodes range around 13 minutes. But still, with my DSL connection, itís still taking nearly 2 hours for one downloadÖnot what I wanted since spending that much time on a review is a true liability. One bit of a negative side to the streaming episodes is there are some buffering issues, I counted in a 50 second time frame, there were 6 stops and catch upís to the content. But, with that being said, itís only fair to follow up with the fact that the quality from their footage is beautifully done, even with many holding a darker background, giving that illusion of doom and gloom, not to mention torture and torment, theyíve achieved it all beautifully.
Ok, Iím a bit confused, yet again from Bizarre Video, I took all that time to download the numbers for their HD presentation, to report back to you, and ended up finding numbers lower than what was in the standard presentation! Excuse me while I wail a loud, Grrrrrrr! But, with that last complaint being said, I do have to admit their title is fitting to the material youíll find here. It is fetish filled to the rim and oozing over onto the floor. They are bringing some sights forward to your screen that will leave you wondering what youíve been missing out on, when youíre once a week encounter with the significant other consists of just a lick to a nipple and some missionary penetration. Oh yes, they are going well above and beyond that.

I donít think there are enough colors on the wheel of an artists palette to describe everything theyíre doing on this site. Youíll find of course the ball gags, the restraints, the latex and riding crops leaving welts on someoneís ass, but that is only the beginning. They find things to do with dildos and vibrators that will have you taking notes, they carry out anal penetration until you find yourself wanting to sit on something soft just from watching the footage, they partake in water-sports, foot fucking, lesbian brutality, male/female BDSM, transsexual endeavors, infantilism and so much more. They are stocked, locked and loaded with the fetish content, itís just the basic navigation and choices for viewing that Iím not a fan of.

Throughout the mix you will find image galleries, but not with every set, which again, is a reviewerís nightmare, so my overall count for this write-up will be approximate in that area. What I am finding along those lines will not be accessible for plain browser viewing, they are in a ZIP to start with and must be downloaded as such for their high resolution presentations.


I had my true-blue issues with the way Bizarre Video has been constructed and displayed, but I will definitely give applause where applause is due, and that surely comes from the form of the material they offer. This site is full of raw fetish, some you might expect, such as the spankings and the restraints, but so many others that will show you things youíve maybe never seen before. Such as, how many times have you witnessed a grown woman wearing a diaper while laying in a crib? Yes, itís hardcore, fetish and will have you thinking about the no boundary sort of sex.
Inspector: Missy
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