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Bottom Smarts

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This blog is one woman's thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings.
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My Bottom Smarts is a blog that documents the true life erotic adventures of a women who loves getting spankings. Bonnie says her blog is one woman’s thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings. You’ll find plenty of sexy stories about Bonnie’s own sex life, as well as plenty of links to blogs she likes, most of which are about domination, discipline, and spanking as well.
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Date: 11.18.2017
Happy LoL Day!
I simply can't miss Love Our Lurkers Day. If you are a lurker, or even if you aren't, I invite you to leave a comment and say "hello." You don't need to share your life's story (unless you want to), but please let us know that you are out there.For the full LoL Day experience, I encourage you to visit Hermione's blog.Happy LoL Day everyone!
Date: 09.24.2017
Twelve Year Reflections
Hi Friends,It was twelve years ago today that I created this blog. I had a collection of spanking stories that I wanted to share and I thought this might be a good medium for that. It was all that and much more.I don??t post often these days, but this blog is still a part of our lives. On this occasion, I want to express my humble gratitude to ever…
Date: 08.30.2017
This and That: A Late Summer Update
Hi Everyone!  I hope you've had a wonderful summer with all the spankings that were needed.  We've been busy with a million small details.  But we've enjoyed some fun times too (rubs bottom).Our MBS blogroll has expanded to include over 900 links.  There's a whole lot of spanking going on out there and people are writing about i…
Date: 08.13.2017
Exploring the Maze
The spanko mind is an interesting place, filled with layers of paradox and contradiction.  When viewed through the proper lens, pain can heal and confinement can liberate.  So it is with me.On Friday evening, Randy and I were settling into what I perceived to be our familiar weekly OTK spanking session.  My skirt was around my waist …
Date: 04.27.2017
Learning Every Day
Not a day goes by when I don't acquire some useful new scrap of knowledge. For example, just last night, I discovered that, "Oh, goody," is not the expected response when Randy informs me that he intends to punish me.Contrite as I may have been, briefly, for my unconscionable breach of protocol, I'll stand by my statement, if only because it's more…
Date: 04.22.2017
How Not to Meet Women: Tip #587
I'm not sure how much play this story received outside of our region, but there is a moron who is now residing in the Spokane city jail after repeatedly assaulting women in a city park. In a televised confession, Jonathan Smith admitted that he was the "Spokane Spanker." His explanation was, "I saw women??s butts that I liked, and I slapped them fo…
Date: 01.15.2017
A Simple Question
As rarely as I post, it??s surprising that I still receive reader e-mails. But I do. Some of them are those goofy and unnervingly inappropriate messages that Erica handles so wonderfully. But other correspondents genuinely want to talk about being a spanko.I would like to share a bit of one conversation that you might enjoy. A young woman named Mel…
Date: 02.19.2017
On the morning of Valentine's Day, I found this in my mailbox.I love that man!
Date: 11.02.2016
Topping the Top: Strict Julie to be Paddled
Many spankos are intrigued by the concept of flipping the script. Can a domme gain insight about the bottom side through first hand experience? I suspect so, but it's likely to be a painful lesson.Our friend, Strict Julie, is beginning just such a role-reversing journey. She will soon accept a severe paddling on her bare and very inexperienced bott…
Date: 09.04.2016
Autumn Potpourri
Hey everybody. Happy weekend!This is going to be one of those wandering potpourri posts. Back in the days when I posted daily, this would probably have been several day??s worth of material. Anyhow, here's what I've got.First Things FirstFriday has been spanking night at our house for years. We look forward to our evening of recreation and anticipa…
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