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Bottom Smarts

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This blog is one woman's thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings.
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My Bottom Smarts is a blog that documents the true life erotic adventures of a women who loves getting spankings. Bonnie says her blog is one woman’s thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings. You’ll find plenty of sexy stories about Bonnie’s own sex life, as well as plenty of links to blogs she likes, most of which are about domination, discipline, and spanking as well.
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Date: 01.15.2017
A Simple Question
As rarely as I post, it??s surprising that I still receive reader e-mails. But I do. Some of them are those goofy and unnervingly inappropriate messages that Erica handles so wonderfully. But other correspondents genuinely want to talk about being a spanko.I would like to share a bit of one conversation that you might enjoy. A young woman named Mel…
Date: 02.19.2017
On the morning of Valentine's Day, I found this in my mailbox.I love that man!
Date: 11.02.2016
Topping the Top: Strict Julie to be Paddled
Many spankos are intrigued by the concept of flipping the script. Can a domme gain insight about the bottom side through first hand experience? I suspect so, but it's likely to be a painful lesson.Our friend, Strict Julie, is beginning just such a role-reversing journey. She will soon accept a severe paddling on her bare and very inexperienced bott…
Date: 10.01.2016
Pear Shaped Vindication
When you see this pretty woman, you might think that she looks strong and healthy. But did you think she's probably smart as well? Perhaps you should. Research has revealed that pear shaped women with wide hips and big bottoms tend to be more intelligent. Better still, our children tend to be more intelligent as well. The reason is that those curve…
Date: 09.04.2016
Autumn Potpourri
Hey everybody. Happy weekend!This is going to be one of those wandering potpourri posts. Back in the days when I posted daily, this would probably have been several day??s worth of material. Anyhow, here's what I've got.First Things FirstFriday has been spanking night at our house for years. We look forward to our evening of recreation and anticipa…
Date: 01.20.2017
Keyword Chaos!
These are some of the search terms that people use to find this blog.bonnie spanks – No, I don??tbuild a better spanking – Now there??s a worthy projectbutt sex love – How about butt sex OK if we must?cheerleader paddled – The pleated skirt somehow attracts polished woodgreyhoundsowner – What does this look like, a dog…
Date: 11.20.2016
Thank You!
I am grateful to everyone who helped to make LoL Day 11 another wonderful success:Bloggers who hosted LoL Day postsRegular readers who commentedOur beloved lurkersHermione, who organized and managed this year's eventI'd also like to recognize the MBS visitors who left comments. You are the reason that I blog!Thank you one and all!
Date: 11.18.2016
LoL Day 11 has Arrived!
It's LoL Day again!We started this tradition a decade ago as a way to recognize our silent readers. We still Love Our Lurkers in 2016, but the event has expanded to become a kind of spanko community block party. If you like to visit spanko blogs, but don't comment, this is your opportunity to collect some heartfelt appreciation. If you're a regular…
Date: 11.04.2016
Keyword Chaos: The Sequel
It's been three years since we last dug into those strange search terms people use to find MBS. wife first spanking ?? Chivalry is not dead! tumblr caning ?? How am I supposed to take this punishment seriously if you won't get off that damned computer? bonnie rump roasted ?? Inelegant as it may sound, that is what happens here spanking your wife ??…
Date: 10.26.2016
Coming Soon: Love Our Lurkers 11
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