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Bottom Smarts

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This blog is one woman's thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings.
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My Bottom Smarts is a blog that documents the true life erotic adventures of a women who loves getting spankings. Bonnie says her blog is one woman’s thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings. You’ll find plenty of sexy stories about Bonnie’s own sex life, as well as plenty of links to blogs she likes, most of which are about domination, discipline, and spanking as well.
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Date: 10.25.2015
This is So Me
Date: 12.03.2015
Answering Glory
I received an e-mail recently from a woman who calls herself Glory. She finds it strange that I allow Randy to spank me:I don't remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I was so surprised by your writings that I feel compelled to ask. is this all true? Do you really let your husband spank you hard with paddles and brushes? Does he also slap or…
Date: 12.06.2015
Exploring What-If
A recent e-mail conversation with a friend named Ted reminded me that most readers never find most of the content here at MBS. I have drop down boxes to assist those who want to read my stories or my fiction, but what about the rest? Some articles are of fleeting interest, but others lose nothing with the passage of time.One of my favorite themes c…
Date: 11.10.2015
A Brief Introduction to Recreational Spanking
Here is an article that I wrote in 2007 as a guest post for a friend's very popular but (mostly) vanilla blog. I enjoyed the rare opportunity to write about our favorite topic for a general audience. I hope you will like it too.My name is Bonnie and for the past two years, I have published a blog named My Bottom Smarts. It deals with adult spanking…
Date: 11.12.2015
Welcome to Our Tenth Annual Love Our Lurkers Day
We bloggers love all of our readers. It's amazing to be able to visit so many excellent blogs. It's cool to have readers who comment and to be able to interact with them. But today, we recognize you, members of that silent majority who simply reads. We hope that you enjoy what you find here and stop back from time to time. But we can only guess at …
Date: 11.05.2015
Coming November 12-13
Coming soon to a blog near you!
Date: 10.31.2015
Video Killed the Magazine Stars
Happy Halloween to all who celebrate this often more silly than scary holiday. It's a chance to role play for people who claim they don't role play. And should that cute French maid end up over the lap of a handsome astronaut, so much the better!I've been thinking about video, spanking video to be specific. For many years, a recurring theme in blog…
Date: 07.25.2015
Bonnie's Mailbag
So you know it's been almost exactly a year since we last dug through the old mailbag? I probably deserve a paddling for letting it go so long, but we'll leave that solemn ceremony for another day. Let's see what we have...Comment: Love your sexy juicy assResponse: My first thought was, "I'm not juicy," but then I looked up the word.Adjectivejuicy …
Date: 10.11.2015
Catching Up
Hi everybody!I've been away so long that I feel I should reintroduce myself. Bonnie is my real name and I've been blogging about spankings for a very long time (more on that later). I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. Randy and I have been married forever and we're still mostly in love. Spanking plays a central role in our relationship. He spanks m…
Date: 07.18.2015
The Third Rail: Arguing with Myself
Hello again, everyone. You wouldn't know it by reading this blog, but I am still around. There are lots of new links in the blogroll and I hope you will enjoy them.It's difficult to find a topic related to spanking that I haven't discussed before. Here at MBS, we've looked at spanking from every imaginable perspective. Save one.I hesitate to bring …
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