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Bottom Smarts

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This blog is one woman's thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings.
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My Bottom Smarts is a blog that documents the true life erotic adventures of a women who loves getting spankings. Bonnie says her blog is one woman’s thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings. You’ll find plenty of sexy stories about Bonnie’s own sex life, as well as plenty of links to blogs she likes, most of which are about domination, discipline, and spanking as well.
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Date: 07.25.2015
Bonnie's Mailbag
So you know it's been almost exactly a year since we last dug through the old mailbag? I probably deserve a paddling for letting it go so long, but we'll leave that solemn ceremony for another day. Let's see what we have...Comment: Love your sexy juicy assResponse: My first thought was, "I'm not juicy," but then I looked up the word.Adjectivejuicy …
Date: 07.18.2015
The Third Rail: Arguing with Myself
Hello again, everyone. You wouldn't know it by reading this blog, but I am still around. There are lots of new links in the blogroll and I hope you will enjoy them.It's difficult to find a topic related to spanking that I haven't discussed before. Here at MBS, we've looked at spanking from every imaginable perspective. Save one.I hesitate to bring …
Date: 01.03.2015
In with the New: Annual Edition
Happy New Year, dear friends!I didn't post an In with the New post during 2014, but that doesn't mean we stopped discovering and linking new blogs. Hermione suggested that it might be fun to share the list of blogs added during the past year. I agree.I omitted from this list all of the blogs that disappeared or became private before year's end. The…
Date: 03.15.2015
The New World
Hi Everyone!With Google's latest censorship edict and subsequent retraction, there has been a lot of discussion about the future of blogging and the direction of our community. These are topics of great importance to me.No one can know the future, but we can certainly speculate based upon what we do know. I last peered into my crystal ball back in …
Date: 11.11.2014
LOL Days 9 have Arrived
It's time again for Love Our Lurkers Days! This is an occasion worthy of waking this sleeping blog. As in past years, we celebrate our silent readers and invite them to make their presence known in the form of a comment.If you'd like to learn more about LOL Days 9, I invite you to visit our friend, Hermione. She is keeping a list of everyone who is…
Date: 07.20.2014
Or Maybe Not...
Date: 12.31.2013
Final Accounting
This blog is now closed. I guess this is farewell.We've been together for quite a while.        100 months        16.2 million page hits        1820 posts        415 brunches        19 thousand comments        8 Love Our Lurkers D…
Date: 12.31.2013
In with the New: Tidying Up Edition
Let's roll out some new blogs just one more time.Arabella Kingsley Erotic NovelsColours of AutumnIntegrating RubyNorthern SpankingSpankings by Loving HusbandsVoyages of MistyCLegendGeneral SpankingPhotos/VideosModel/IndustryDD BlogsAuthors/StoriesDs/BDSM BlogsTo these new members of our community, I bid you welcome. If you would like some blogging …
Date: 12.28.2013
MBS Spanko Brunch #415
Thank you all for your understanding and your kind words. It's been a privilege to serve this wonderful community.So this is our final brunch here at MBS. We could certainly look back, but I prefer instead to look forward.What can we do to make our community more friendly, more supportive, and more successful? How can we help new readers and blogge…
Date: 12.26.2013
Eight is Enough
I've decided to retire from blogging at the end of 2013. There it is. I said it.It's been a great run. I love my readers and all of the wonderful bloggers. And lurkers, yes, I still love you too. I will miss all the members of our community.I have so many memories - pleasant, inspiring, sad, funny, and amazing. And so many friends - both here and g…
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