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Bottom Smarts

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This blog is one woman's thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings.
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My Bottom Smarts is a blog that documents the true life erotic adventures of a women who loves getting spankings. Bonnie says her blog is one woman’s thoughts and experiences concerning life, love, and spankings. You’ll find plenty of sexy stories about Bonnie’s own sex life, as well as plenty of links to blogs she likes, most of which are about domination, discipline, and spanking as well.
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Date: 10.26.2016
Coming Soon: Love Our Lurkers 11
Date: 10.26.2016
Coming Soon: Love Our Lurkers 11
Date: 10.26.2016
Coming Soon: Love Our Lurkers 11
Date: 10.01.2016
Pear Shaped Vindication
When you see this pretty woman, you might think that she looks strong and healthy. But did you think she's probably smart as well? Perhaps you should. Research has revealed that pear shaped women with wide hips and big bottoms tend to be more intelligent. Better still, our children tend to be more intelligent as well. The reason is that those curve…
Date: 09.04.2016
Autumn Potpourri
Hey everybody. Happy weekend!This is going to be one of those wandering potpourri posts. Back in the days when I posted daily, this would probably have been several day??s worth of material. Anyhow, here's what I've got.First Things FirstFriday has been spanking night at our house for years. We look forward to our evening of recreation and anticipa…
Date: 09.07.2016
A Saturday Conversation
This is a transcription of a digital voice recording of a spanking session that happened back in 2013. It has been lightly edited for clarity and brevity. I don??t recall why I didn??t post it then.I know I haven't been around for a while. Randy and I have been overcome by the four horseman of the holidays ?? illness, over-commitment, fatigue, and …
Date: 08.06.2016
And... We're Back
Hi everybody!It's good to see you all again. My apologies to everyone who was concerned for our well being. We're fine. Ditto to anyone surprised or dismayed by this blog's sudden and unexpected disappearance. It was frankly a surprise to me too. Had I planned to leave, please know I would have said something.So what happened to make me leave? And …
Date: 05.29.2016
Consent (Again)
Hi everybody! I hope you're doing well. We are fine, just incredibly busy. I know I've been gone for a long time, but I'm here this morning.I was reading the news yesterday (a dubious endeavor these days) when I encountered this story. The Pakistani Islamic Council proposed a bill that allows husbands to "lightly beat" their wives. Say what? OK, I …
Date: 06.06.2016
Hooray for Pandora!
I was very surprised this morning when I glanced at my very vanilla news feed and learned that our friend, Pandora Blake, has won her censorship battle in the UK. You can read about it here.This is not the last challenge we spankos will face in our struggle for acceptance, but for today, it's a mighty triumph. Let's all give our congratulations and…
Date: 03.13.2016
Your Questions Answered
Thank you to everyone who posed questions. Here are your questions and my answers.Cat asked, "If money and time were not an issue, where would you travel?"I've always wanted to visit New Zealand with Iceland as a second choice.Lindy asked, "How long have you been practicing TTWD?" and "Do you and your partner have any fantasies?"(deep breath) Randy…
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