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British Gals

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The finest birds from all over the U.K., amateur and pro alike, are all having their picture taken by one site ... and I don't mean glamour shots.
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Complete review published on 07.05.2017
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After years of filming beautiful women — most from the U.K. — all in states of pure bliss, the boys at FemOrg noticed they'd amassed quite the library of steamy pictures. And though still photography undoubtedly wasn't high up on their list, you can bet your ass once they became aware of all that gold they were sitting on, a lot more focus was shifted into that direction and, well, that's how British Gals was born. The tour page boasts a large, predominantly British, model roster, daily updates, and "ultra-crisp" imagery in resolutions as high as 3,000 pixels — just over 18,000 images made possible by just over 180 very special gals.

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Over 1012 galleries about 60 pictures each
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The whole British Gals concept came about as an afterthought, the content, at least originally, coming soley amassed from their other their network of sites. Naturally under these circumstances, you'd be silly not to wonder about quality levels. I mean, it'd be easy to throw up a bunch of half-way decent shots and call it a day, right? Fortunately, they didn't take the easy route and succumb to greed — quite the contrary, in fact; not only are they very selective about what shots make it in, but they also offer a much higher caliber of imagery than you'll experience anywhere else on the network. The lowest res option on current updates has a width of well over 1,000 pixels, and the "Large" option often tops out near 4,000.

That same level of quality control carries over to the actual subject matter, too. Instead of giving us a series of mindless action shots — albeit sporting an unusually high res — they've actually provided us with some rather well thought out, intensely erotic, and highly organized sets. That's not to say these are all filth-ridden, either. In fact, if you take the time to read their F.A.Q., time and time again they drive home the point that, while some of the sites their content is originally derived from are orgasm centric, they most certainly are not. And if you've had a look through their archives, which run the gamut from mild to wild and everything in between, it's hard to argue that point. Oh, and did I mention they've managed to add a brand new set every single day for the past year? Quality and quantity; a rare combination, but I'll take it.

Of course, all of that wouldn't mean squat if the models looked like a bunch of rotten cadavers, now would it? Which is why they've stocked their stable with fine English ladies. Admittedly, there isn't a lot in the way of racial variety, but they have covered pretty much all the other bases, e.g. age groups, backgrounds, and body-types. What's more, each gal has a detailed model page, including a short but informative bio, vital stats, user comments & rating, and, of course, links to her content.

But even a site as seemingly perfect as this one isn't devoid of flaws. Navigation, for instance, while certainly not awful by any means, is still far too bare-bones for a collection of this size and caliber. Tacking this mediocre layout onto an archive of this level is akin to somehow slapping a '72 Ford Pinto body on a '67 GT Fastback. Now, don't get me wrong — the layout is messy, there aren't any broken links, and you'll find your way around easy enough. However, I think when you've got such awful, subtly varied content, the least you can do is provide a strong search function, or at least some form of filtering device beyond popularity and title.

And if you wanna get super nit-picky, set sizes are inconsistent. So, one day you might end up with a new update holding around 90 pictures; the next day, you only get 24. Personally, I don't mind. I just figure they're weeding out a lot of off shots on those "lite" days. And judging by the lighting, aperture, and the wide variance in theme, that's probably not very far off.

One last minor complaint: I can't hear those sexy British accents. I know that might seem silly, but really, I'm sure that a lot of people who get into British porn do so, at least in part, because of the accents. With photos and photos only, we're missing out on a big part of the "British appeal." Nevertheless, this is a photo site and I suppose it can't be helped. And if you really want to hear these babes, you can search them out on the network bonus sites, anyway.

Taking it back to the positive, they've loaded it up good with the bonus content. Before we get into the sites, though, it's worth noting that British Gals itself actually has some cool social networking features, including a private messaging center and user profile. Judging by heavy amount of user comments, I'd imagine these gadgets come in handy. Of course, the real cherry on top is that you get five bonus sites — Fem Flood, Only Emma, Only Zahra, Hands On Orgasms, and X's Orgasms. And just in case that's not enough to keep you busy, you get unlimited Video-on-Demand courtesy of The Female Orgasm.


British Gals may have started as a "happy accident," but you'd never guess it by looking at the content. The photography is exquisite, the models are diverse but always beautiful, and the updates are plentiful. The few problems the site does have are minor, and once you get a look at the price tag, they'll instantly be forgotten, anyway. All in all, whether you're a fan of photography or just beautiful women across the pond in general, you can't go wrong with this site. Highly recommended!
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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