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Bun Beating Fun

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Every now and then you just want to slip them over your knee and give them the swats to show them you mean business, and they're doing that here!
Site type: Pay site, category: Spanking
Complete review published on 02.04.2016
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It’s derriere dreams coming true in the form of brutality from Bun Beating Fun! They promise through the mission statement that you are in for the real deal and only authenticity from their site, no cupped palms for air spanking, it’s all open hand, cheek smacking, ass reddening material that will leave you wanting more. They profess these are models and pornstars coming to them for discipline.

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Over 114 videos about 18 minutes each (download)
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$28.95 / one month (recurring @ $15.95 each month)
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Blonde in green panties gets her ass bared and spanked with gag in her mouth Screaming blonde gets her black panties removed and ass ruthlessly beaten


When opening up the main membership page to this site, I expected to see some hard hitting displays, but alas, that’s not what I found at all, they’re keeping it simple, professional and pretty well down to earth. They offer text expressing how they’ve encoded their newer movies a bit differently, and in places you may be prompted to add username and password again, technically speaking, DRM. From there, it’s nothing but medium sized boxes of the beauties that are going to hike their hiny for hand to ass contact, guaranteed to leave a glowing shade of pink that won’t stand for blushing, but more for brutality!

With the presentation of a model index, you receive the girl’s name, age, occupation and what sort of offense she’s committed that justifies the spanking she receives. There are no dates from this main page exhibited that will calm your mind on how fresh the material remains. When clicking on a choice, you still won’t find that tid-bit of information, so that to me is a bit of a red flag, I like knowing how studious they are at supplying the goods. They do however believe in choices for your video viewing, offering everything from dial-up bandwidth to broadband, with the promised multiple formats alive and well, and things are broken down into episodes or the entire movie.

Listed down the page are your choices, and things couldn’t be any easier. I found the quality of Bun Beating Fun to be somewhat pleasing to the eye, not mind boggling in crispness, but actually better than I expected, with even the dial up choices holding a clarity that was better than what many sites will extend through that sort of resolution. The girls are pretty, and I was in some cases surprised to think that these are models and pornstars (as advertised) because they look many ways like the girl next door, yes, the very pretty girl next door, but just the same, they didn’t strike me as those that normally wear a pound of foundation and a hundred swipes of mascara ink to bring their features full throttle. I liked the way they presented themselves.
Julian Wells was the cute blonde that was first in the list….date added unknown, but she went through the ritual of redness with a few tears being shed and some contortions to her face that will speak volumes for the validity of this site. Once she strikes a few poses to display her rounded cheeks and how the spread of her thong make them look delicious, that strip of material is then used as the equator for the erotica coming her way.

She goes over the lap of her master in command and with the size of his hands, there’s not going to be much of her half moons that won’t be covered in welts. He begins striking and quickly the redness appears and then the deeper spotting of blood filling her butt cheeks. Her cries are for compassion, but something tells me there’s some moisture involved as well that stems from the sexual pleasure she’s receiving. Part of the allure to the fetish offered from this site is the way she’s just discarded onto the floor once he’s finished with the wildness of the whipping. Just left to her own humiliation.

The image gallery is offered from the same set page as the video choices, and these do seem to be screen caps. They do have that motion of the movement evident in the shots, and when enlarging, they’ve kept the pixel sizes to a meek, 573x430. They are worthy of browsing through, even if it’s just to keep your erection alive and well while you’re waiting for the download of the video. If you’re like me, I enjoyed the fact of these ladies being a bit on the older side, not Geritol stage by any means, but I’m only finding a couple that are around the barely legal mark, many more are late 20’s to mid 30’s, good choice for this footage in my opinion.

The only extra perk that accompanies this site is their own self supported store area, and from here, you can purchase the full length films that you’ll find throughout their site. Available as either DVD or VHS, they claimed through the tour area these films are in the proximity of an hour long, and if that’s the case, the price, in this reviewer’s opinion….well, is a little steep. I understand this is fetish material, giving an extra twist for the dollar…but still.


Bun Beating Fun is one of those sites that after going through and projecting my thoughts through this review, I’m still swaying on the fence. There was a lot I liked, such as the girls themselves, they were the real deal, as was the spankings they received and the quality was done fairly well, but there’s just something that left me feeling a bit satisfied in being able to make full recommendation. It’s good, it’s got choices, and it’s got fetish enjoyment, so the choice will be left up to you.
Inspector: Missy
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