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Maybe you're a man that is all about the information you can retrieve and build a thought upon, then this site is right up your alley for sure.
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This website is all about the links, a long happy page of different areas that they are directing you to, in hopes that they have struck a chord. You’ll find topics and avenues on leading to everything from finding a fuck buddy to tales of UFO happenings, now the spectrum doesn’t get much broader than that. This really is link heaven so be ready to venture off here and there.
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Date: 09.13.2011
Sorry to keep you waiting. Due to some small issues i have to wait one day longer to put Coolio`s in his new home. Meanwhile i`ve prepared alot of new entries for you so please be patient. We`re nearly there read more »
Date: 09.08.2011
Meanwhile i`m preparing the new Coolio`s. Mainly because of a small holiday weekend i will not be able to update on this location anymore. Next week on tuesday september 13th we`ll leave this location and transfer to a new host/server. read more »
Date: 09.07.2011
Seen Nadal`s cramp during the press conference ? The reaction of Wozniacki. Hilarious. Funny those tennis boys and girls. read more »
Date: 09.07.2011
The most amusing traffic jam ever. Remembering 9/11, all 9/11 picture galleries. As i adore the tennis game : Scene`s from the US Open, last grand slam of the year. Also at CBS. He`s sheeped away. Booooooooooooookkkkssss. An amazing read more »
Date: 09.05.2011
Never forget the flag colours. Top fast cars in the movies. Hot bunnys. The Castrol Index. Joshua Catalano`s internet. It did not really strike the Eiffel Tower but it remains a nice picture. Hungry ? The perfect hamburger. Really ? read more »
Date: 09.04.2011
As said in my last post, i`ll be back soon with more then just `new posts`. I`ll come with more then that : a new design, more `state of the art` bloggin like videoblogs, Just be patient and please read more »
Date: 08.22.2010
Yeah, I`m gonna really try to make it here on a weekly basis. I`m even going to try to see if I can coerce Flip to get his ass back here too. ANY of you old timers who are reading read more »
Date: 08.08.2010
What was the infamous lie? Ah yes, that I`d post weekly, bi-weekly, once a month Yeah, didn`t get too far with that one, did we? I could give you excuses, but would it really make a difference? Probably not. So read more »
Date: 01.01.2010
OK, once you shake off the obligatory hangover, and get a better picture of what the HELL you did last night, come dance with me Let`s start off with a vid I think we can all agree on- Clothes Off read more »
Date: 12.21.2009
You wait two months and two come together lolcouldn`t let Christmas pass without popping in to see the old gangbusy times in Flip world lolso have a very Merry Christmas and let`s hope we all have a Happy and Prosperous read more »
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