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If you find this site as a part of your girlfriend's favorite list, check it out, she is in search for something that you might not be giving her.
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CyDy Blog is a great site, for women by women, and it has all the little tid-bits of information that might just answer some questions that you didn’t even know you had yet. There are archives and articles that will bring some lesbian goodies to your computer. There are categories such as; cool links, health, literature, news reports, pop culture, sex, sports and so on. The information abounds
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Date: 07.07.2006
AfterEllen has posted an interesting article by Jane Chen entitled A Survey of the Lesbian Fiction Publishing Industry. Check it out! I was surprised to read that only 20% of subscribers to InsightOut Books (queer books-by-mail club) are female...I'd subscribe if I could afford it. read more »
Date: 07.06.2006
I know I haven't updated in forever, and I haven't had a Cyber Dyke update in even longer than forever (that's like infinity plus one, I guess), but I did want to mention that New York just said no to same-sex marriage. Georgia did too, but that's not really a surprise. I was really hoping it would pass in New York, but apparently the rest of the state isn't as enlightened as NYC and New Paltz. read more »
Date: 06.21.2006
I get asked for sex toy advice pretty often...go figure, I have a ton of them! Here's the advice I usually give... Blowfish and Good Vibrations - are excellent places to shop. Another favorite of mine is Toys in Babeland (now just called Babeland). It's important to remember that you're not buying "a strap-on dildo" as such, you're actually buying a dildo and a harness to put it in. They're generally two separate products. The harness I recommend the most is the Texas 2-Strap (my wife and I each have one so we don't have to adjust the straps so much) and the Terra Firma (also available in nylon) is a close second. These are often hard to manipulate if the wearer is pretty large, though, so I usually mention the Crown Harness as well because it's designed for bigger bodies. All of these have straps that go around each leg, which I prefer because they're more secure. If you want one that's just got one strap (thong-style) go with the Thriller G. By the way, I don't like synthetic (nylon) fabrics for harnesses. Backpack straps are also made out of nylon, and that's what these sound like...the one time I used a synthetic harness, I couldn't stop laughing because it sounded like a backpack bouncing along. Dildos are hard to recommend because everybody wants something different...and so there are hundreds (if not thousands) of styles. Look through,, and for something you like. If you want a double dildo, I can't recommend the Nexus (and its smaller cousin, Nexus Jr.) enough: they are designed to feel good for the person wearing the harness, too (most boomerang-style doubles just feel like they're going to fall out). Just make sure that if you get a double, you get a harness that has the hole all the way through. I also recommend silicone over other materials: it's safer, easier to clean, lasts longer, holds heat...there are a lot of reasons to use silicone dildos! (Price, unfortunately, is not one of them, but they're worth the extra expense.) So take a look around and pick out something you like. If all else fails, get a "kit" - the Bend Over Beginner set comes with everything you need. read more »
Date: 06.14.2006
Happy Pride Month, everybody! I had a great time this past weekend during Capital Pride. On Saturday I interpreted for the DC Dyke March, and then participated in the march itself; you can check out pictures from that here; in the one with Dillon I'm the one in the yellow shirt and blue jeans. After the Dyke March I went over to the DC Eagle for some workshops given by a member of the local deaf leather community. I wanted to go to the big parade but I was exhausted from not sleeping well the previous night (the sunburn I got while interpreting didn't help either) so I just headed home. On Sunday I went to the big Pride block party. There's nothing like celebrating your homosexuality literally in the shadow of the Capitol building! I managed to keep my spending to $10 - split between a donation to a cat-related charity, and purchasing a dog tag with the leather pride flag on it. I got to get up on the Main Stage - at Capital Pride! - to interpret for one of the performers, who I worked with before on the RSVP cruise last year. Metro Weekly's hardest-working photographer, Ward, was at both events...I can't wait to see the pictures posted on the MW website! read more »
Date: 06.05.2006
Hopefully my gentle readers won't mind me tooting my own horn for a moment, because I just have to say that the new Girl Tools blog looks great! There are free reviews of sex toys there, and I'll be posting one of my own soon. But the website used to be on Blogger, and I'm the one who got it ported to WordPress and got the new design implemented and working, etc. And now it's live! Yay! read more »
Date: 06.01.2006
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Ipas, and Sister Song have collaborated on a site called Mapping Our Rights . It describes individual states in the U.S. and how they measure up on reproductive and sexual rights. There are personal stories from each state - a nice touch. read more »
Date: 05.30.2006
I'm quite amused that Link, the star of The Legend of Zelda , has been named the hottest video game character by Out magazine. Of course, what I remember as this little fellow has morphed into this stud, so perhaps the title is well-justified. read more »
Date: 05.28.2006
Lesbian student who wore tux to prom says school rules unfair - Not to her, because they let her wear the tux...but to a gay male student who wore a dress. read more »
Date: 05.25.2006
New goal: post at least one lesbian-related news story per day. Ever since I started this blog, I have been getting multiple Google news alerts for "lesbian" and it's about time I start sharing the interesting stuff! Here's what I've found from the past few days. (Don't worry, the sex posts will still be happening too! I have a review of a cool new rabbit vibrator coming soon as I test it some more...) Rice Supports Gay Inclusion At UN, Move Fails - I'm impressed that this administration even tried to back something like this. There were no surprises on the list of countries who tabled the motion, but at least the U.S. wasn't one of them. Gays' place in textbooks: Debate is on - California is deciding how much importance should be placed on gay and lesbian contributions to history. Coalition forms to advocate for gay and lesbian rights - The city of Greensboro, North Carolina, is getting its own advocacy coalition. The state's gay-related laws are not so great - they have a DOMA in place - but this is a good step. Island??s ???in dire need of a gay and lesbian centre?? - The island is Bermuda, and I freely admit that I'm mainly interested in this because I'm going to Bermuda in October. I hadn't expected to find much in the way of gay nightlife there, but it's sad to hear how little there is in the way of gay community . Senate Threatens to Form Gay Coalition out of Mass. Gov. Romney??s Reach - Poor Mitt Romney. He's an anti-gay crusader leading a state that allows gay marriage and supports coalitions for gay youth. You're fighting a losing battle, Mitt! Gay and lesbian storks become parents - Just a final cute story. This was at a Dutch zoo. read more »
Date: 05.09.2006
Woo hoo, darkPlay has my favorite undergarment in the latest update! Veronica is wearing a white corset with a light floral print; unfortunately most of the pictures are from the front so we don't get much of a peek at the lacing but it's still a nice set. Check out this free sample too! BTW, if you are a corset fetishist like me, check out Corset Goddess. read more »
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