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When you start with near perfection, there's not a lot of room for advancement, but, the women here are pulling off the prettiness you'll admire!
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Complete review published on 01.11.2014
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[v]Intro promises(3.5)

Itís all about the tease of transformation, taking the normal, everyday walk of life lady and turn her into a sexual kitten that will leave such an erotic impression upon you, your dreams will never be the same. Daphoz.com claims throughout their intro pages that everything you find here will be original, offered through HD videos and hi-res images, with weekly updates for fine, female freshness.

[v]Content Amount(3.5)Last updated on October 22, 2015.

Over 68 videos about 3 minutes each (download and stream)
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[v]PricesLast updated on October 22, 2015.

$24.95 / one month (recurring)
$29.95 / one month (non-recurring)
$98 / one year (non-recurring)

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Naked leggy model Kyla Cole in high heels shows off her lovely boobs and bush Brunette goddess Melisa Mendiny with long dark hair and perfect ass poses naked Fabulously beautiful blonde Kamilla Weiss in black boots and fishnet dress shows her private parts


When opening the main membership area to this site, I had extremely high hopes, mainly because of the manner in which tour was presented, there was a certain twist to what I realized would be a softcore presentation that I truly believed would make them stand out. This site has high points, but there are also flaws that left me feeling as though someone is overlooking some true possibilities that could go with the sweetness here. I am trying to keep in mind they project these ladies as basically being amateurs, but the transitions I spoke of through my intro write upÖ.it disappeared within membership.

The large images that phased in out and through tour held that intrigue of the before and after portrayal they made quite clear. Leading me to think theyíre taking a girl from her mundane routine and turning her into a sex kitten. When I began really getting into the material, granted, they show these ladies as being in seductive, orchestrated shots, but, they lost the, ďlet me introduce you to the woman I was, now meet the new woman I amĒ ambiance, which was sad to see.

There are many things that point to this being a newer site, such as, a low amount of content, and glitches throughout their display of seduction that says bugs are to be worked out yet, and the quicker the better. They donít supply actual date stamps, so, their pledge through tour of there being weekly updates is just that, their pledge, I canít confirm either way, which I wish I could have backed them up on this issue, especially if it truly is new, I could say, hang in there, theyíre staying current, but, I canít do that. From there, youíll find in the galleries three sizes for browser viewing, a low, medium and high, however, in some of their sets, each offer will carry the exact same pixel sizing all the way across, no difference, and/or, they will have the highest setting listed under the medium and vice versa. Yes, some bugs to work out indeed.
The women are beautiful, thereís no argument to that fact, each one holds a personal sway of sultriness that says with a little more experience, they could pull off some hardcore presentations and make you swoon watching them. There are two sets in particular I wanted to mention that shows the drastic difference in how the content is offered. A video clip of Tina in the shower, just over 1 ½ minute long, does nothing but point the camera at a beautiful brunette, staring off into space while she allows the water of her hand held shower to cascade over her beautiful nudity. Yes, itís stimulating, sheís sexy, butÖa little too unemotional.

Then we go to the next clip, now hitting 5 minutes in length, featuring a blonde in knee high boots and a fish net top, sipping at champaign. She poses, stretches, and exhibits all of her womanly attributes, but itís more than apparent the coaching sheís receiving from the sidelines. For the most part, she tips her glass but the liquid never reaches her lips, itís all for the presentation of your imagination, and in a few areas she even laughs while trying to be seductive, which may cause your rise to go a bit south. Again, I know itís amateur and softcore, but, theyíre trying too hard to make them look professional when thatís not what they are, and it shows in the footage.

Youíll find leather, food, lace, stockings, high heels, the peeking of hard nipples from palm sized breasts, pearl necklaces, bathing suits, elbow high gloves, all of those things that shout femininity, and it would work wonders if they would allow the women to be themselves, I think thatís the biggest key to whatís lacking here, individual personalities. This is a less is more type of presentation from, Daphoz.com, less instruction and more natural action to keep it original would do wonders. What you do find here does show nicely through the stream and downloadable clips. Another tip this may be a newer site is the fact all they offer at this time is HD, they show standard definition buttons, two different quality levels, but, they canít be activated, itís HD or nothing, so, expect just two formats at the time of this review being written.

The galleries hold a lot of span in their amount of pictures per folder, some will be a bit over 20 while others are nearly 200. Yes, as promised, these are high resolution shots, but, as I said, thereís a bit of criss-cross going on throughout their offerings of size/quality, but, to give you an idea of the browser viewing, youíll have 1154x866, and, 2048x1536 pixels, with a ZIP download offered.


Daphoz.com is one of those sites that if theyíd kept with the presentation through tour, allowing it to play out the same through membership, the niche would have been a true crowd pleasure, but, that wasnít the case. Even though this is presented as amateur related material, it was a bit too staged in many ways, with flaws in the presentation that told me some work definitely needs to be done to spruce up those areas. Itís softcore, and the women are stunning, which is a great base to go back and re-build upon.
Inspector: Missy
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