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Domina HD

Their loveliness comes with a lesson to learn, and that is, don't consider women to be the weaker sex, they're stronghold your shaft and ego nicely.
Site type: Pay site, category: FemDom, Video, Fetish
Complete review published on 03.11.2014
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[v]Intro promises(2.5)

These men may think they’re in charge, but they pretty much leave their ego on the doorstep, these controlling women have plans and they don’t include accepting feedback or initiative from their submissive male subjects. Domina HD shows an array of advertising shots through intro, depicting damsels that will rule the rod, and the restraints. They claim there will be HD found inside.

[v]Content Amount(0)Last updated on July 05, 2015.

Over 65560 videos about 22 minutes each (stream only)
DRM: No restrictions

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$1 / 2 day (recurring)
$24.9 / one month (recurring)
$59.4 / three months (recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards


I had to keep reminding myself of one thing when crossing the threshold into membership of this site, and that is, I’ve done thousands of reviews and it’s hard to find two sites exactly alike, but, I dare say, I’ve never seen one quite like this. When the main page opens, I expected some text, some offerings, a layout of hardcore, fetish content, but I was only about 50% correct in my assumption. There is much in the offering department, very explicit, wild and everything but vanilla in offering, but that’s where the similarity to my assumption stopped.

There was basically nothing but advertising shots and snippets of titles to them underneath. Yes, there were a handful of links in a horizontal bar at the top, mentioning, BDSM, FemDom, Ass To Mouth, Anal and Cum Swapping. That was it, cut and dry. There was uniformity in the placing and presentation of the 110 installments per page, that wasn’t the problem, it’s just that it gives a feeling of being penetrated before you’re properly lubed. I did an overall count of material from the main page, which offered many hundreds of sets, and from those, all of the categories would fall into place.

Even in overlooking their lack of a, “Hey, let me shake your hand, come on in and set awhile” type of cordialness, there was another item that quickly caught my eye. Within the first three rows of the many found on the first page, there were three identical pictures offered of advertisement for the clip once clicked, but, they had different titles under each one. I thought it might be different snippets of one full scene, but, when opening, it was the exact same content , meaning there is repeated footage within Domina HD. This could have been the only instance, there are too many sets to search each one, and if it hadn’t been for the fact, they were basically grouped so closely together, I may not have noticed….but I did.
Before continuing with things I found in regards to not quite holding up to intro promises, I have to say, the footage is as promised, steaming, hot, filled with fetish delight and hardcore in a way that will leave you weak in the knees. Some of the installments looked like old film, as if it were produced in the 1970’s, it had that aged presentation, and, that may be the case. There will be a lot of high heels, stockings, leather, ball gags, strap on dildos, and asses that are being reamed and left gaping. Even though tour pictures showed women dominating men, Domina HD also carries content where the male is much more in charge of what’s delivered.

Not only do the genders partake in a role reversal for the BDSM installments of this site, but now and then they slip in things that aren’t about control and humiliation at all. Yes, they’ll be hardcore, such as group sex and all things hardcore, but the brutality doesn’t factor in, and, I also found at least one bisexual scene, which included two men and anal sex, so, there are sub niches to their main fetish. I’ll tip my hat to the women here, they know how to make a man grovel, they are experts with the expressions that speak without verbal language that they will call the shots….and the shooting. There will be ropes and chains, purple breasts from tight restraints, cum shots, whips, and a look of terror in the eyes, but always a sexual innuendo throughout.

For a site with so little razzle dazzle to it, my description is long, but that may be because of the “not what I expected syndrome.” They spoke through intro about video clips being stream and/or download, but, when clicking on the many choices that I did throughout my investigation, it was stream only. Quality was nice, very few buffering issues that I found, but no download choice. In fact, once your mouse makes contact with a morsel of this kinky distribution, you’re taking a black page that has the screen for streaming and that is it my friends, no write up description, no choices for anything as in quality, no nothing but just the clip.

As an FYI entry, with their lack of luster to presentations, there is also the missing date stamp information, nothing that tells me how often there is newness added, I can only speak for the count that is here at the time of the review being written.


Domina HD is different from any other site I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Not only do they open their membership to nothing but immediate content, there’s nothing more to be found throughout either. This is as hardcore and fetish filled in content as promised, but with so much lacking and a question of them repeating sets, the intro statement of stream and download, when all I found was stream only, and a few other things that will keep the star count a bit lower than I would have enjoyed giving.
Inspector: Missy
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