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Dr Susan Block

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You're never too old to enjoy the imagination, the fantasy, the living out your impulses without the fear of judgment, this site looks amazing!
Site type: Pay site, category: PornStars, Hardcore, Group Sex
Complete review published on 08.29.2017
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Only the inner child of an adult could truly understand the release, the good feeling of those pheromones being turned loose for the greatest of pleasures to pulsate through your mind and body, and from Dr Susan Block they are bringing things to life that the tour area leaves me impatiently waiting until I enter membership, it looks fascinating! They promise high resolution quality from content.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on September 21, 2017.

Over 294 videos about 40 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
MP4 (5000kb/s, 1280x720)
WMV (2000kb/s, 640x360)
Flash (1280x720)
Over 129 galleries about 200 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Zip archives
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[v]PricesLast updated on September 21, 2017.

$5.95 / two days (recurring)
$7.95 / one month (recurring)
$19.95 / three months (recurring)

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Two completely naked sexy girls gets wrapped up face to face by Dr Susan Block The porn show of Dr Susan Block looks like an orgy, unmissable performance! Dr Susan Block makes her dirty dreams a reality in front of the camera in this show


I feel as if Iíve just left the ďnormalĒ world and stepped into something that feels like a cross between Howard Stern and Alice in Wonderland, and I like it here! The main membership doors open widely to show there are no inhibitions from the pornstars and players here, they are allowing themselves to be who they want to be and do what they want in the process. Itís like a release of life, and how many of us can say weíve actually been able to do that, to feel the complete calm and serenity of slipping into a make-believe sort of land, this is the place where arousal is more powerful, the rushing of horniness will sweep you away, and the orgasms will at times saturate the camera lens!

There are stockings, bustiers, girdles, thongs, hats, clothing that looks as if it might have been worn in the 1920ís, or earlier, and itís free spirit exploration all the way! Iím just amazed! Iíve been doing porn reviews for many more years than even I find possible at times, and this is the first installment Iíve ever done like this, and itís like the minute you step across the threshold, you are encased in a feel good aura, no matter whatís going on in your life, itís forgotten at the doorstep. There are big tits, small breasts, toys inserted into the ass, palms that smack those jiggling cheeks to turn them the crimson shad of seduction, there will be pussy licking, dick sucking, clit rubbing and toy banging action everywhere you look, not to mention the lesbian fests, the hardcore penetrations, the group banging, and of course fetish entertainment that will include things like squirting, foot fetish, dildos attached to power drills and then spun into the cervix area of a horny babe, there are body bags where two will be contained, for fondling, kissing, fingering and cumming.

The costumes and hats make such a statement of their own, itís brilliant, absolutely brilliant. With wide brims, looking as though theyíre on their way to the Kentucky Derby, what they actually participate in his the horsing around of horniness that will have smiles on everyoneís face. Dr Suzy carries on a show that explores sex from the deepest depth, nothing is taboo, nothing is censored, and the points brought out are more than intelligent, theyíre insightful and right on the money. When the head sets come off, the head jobs begin, not to mention the broadcasting while broads are gathered around the shapely ass of a blonde young woman, licking and sucking her butt until she can barely contain herself. Iíve never seen anything so ďout there,Ē so different from even the most bizarre things Iíve witnessed before, because this is the uninhibited good time of souls meeting sex and letting the release take them away, itís a live and lust for the moment and itís outrageous, unbelievable and spectacular!
When you have a man on all fours, with rope and a wire substance around his neck, what do you do? Well you climb on his back and ride him of course! When youíve got a vibrator running on AC/DC, and you work it on the swollen clitoris of a mega squirter, what do you do? Keep the chord away from her stream of course! The group sex of everything wild will have you watching videos and gazing at galleries over and over again, the disbelief will have you as drawn in as it has myself. Speaking of videos, I do want to mention they have what seems like miles of variance between the length of their clips, Iím finding some that are a smidge over a minute in time, while others are nearly 2 hours, so, just grab hold and donít let go because the ride through this content is going to let you knowÖ.youíve been ridden!

Branching into the technical side of things from Dr Susan Block, things are well done. Granted, the amount of formats are limited, but each one carries a stream or download, and they do slip over into an extremely nice HD installment! Of course download times will be according to quality and length, but, making a library of their content on your hard drive is a must be! Watching porn stars such as Ron Jeremy in action will certainly show you how sex, the real hardcore, kinky, wild sex is suppose to be done. There are many highly recognizable faces throughout and filtered into the crowds of boner building bodies, and the extremeness truly will sweep you away while watching the movies.

The images are as stunning as the videos in many ways. They keep this darkness to the background, not saying the lighting is poor, itís just the deep rich tones of everything, making you feel as if youíve truly slipped across into a world where there should maybe be an eye of newt, and a few frog legs cooking on the stove, but again, I must add, itís amazing! At first glance through the beginning galleries of my exploration, I thought the pics might be screen caps, but thatís not the case, they are high resolution shots, itís just when they clicked the camera at times, there was some movement that caused that streaking sort of look to the film. The folders are bulging with high numbers, there is a ZIP download offered, and from the browser, youíll carry full screen expansions of, 1024x768 pixels.

From the chronological look of things, this site is almost right on their 1 year anniversary, and even though the numbers I thought could be higher, I checked date stamps and theyíre not rigid with the newness. Sometimes it will be every couple of days, other times, nearly 3 weeks, so, do keep that in mind. For the sake of this review, Iíll mark weekly, to give an average to what Iím finding, but they do vary.


Dr Susan Block has found the way to get the word out about sexuality, either across the air waves or the footage that is exhibited from this personal, pornstar filled website, and itís one of the kinkiest, wildest and truly spectacular sites Iíve ever reviewed. Weíre suppose to be middle of the road on our write ups, not swaying things either way too much, but weíre also to be honest, and for me, that comes in the form of calling them exactly as I see them. Everything is hardcore and fetish from this installment, and even though Iíve done my best in trying to describe the content, this is a must see to believe site!
Inspector: Missy
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