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Drunken Step Father

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It's defintely a different sort of blog with hot chicks! Drunken Step Father promises to molest you, however we think you just might like it!
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It's an odd blog featuring tons of celebrity tits and ass! Nudes, semi-nudes, sexy pics and candid shots of celebrity babes on the frolic! Drunken Step Father is sexy, sometimes offensive, but always entertaining! Make sure you come back frequently to view all of their latest paparazzi pics of hot celebs! Plus tons of link dumps and trash talk from the blog editor!
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Date: 10.23.2014
@macbud getting ready for winter in this #tbt A photo posted by www.drunkenstepfather.com (@drunkenstepfatherdotcom) on Oct 10, 2014 at 9:55am PDT Pregnant girls in the grocery stores don’t like when you tell them that their baby will be the biggest dildo their pussy ever felt…Twitter Girls do like when you ask them for more asshole pics…while Tinder Girls don’t like when you ask for their home addresses to kidnap them…what a complex species of … read more
Date: 10.23.2014
Here’s some really disturbing bottom feeding from bottom feeding LeAnn Rimes for the Halloween version of her announcement of her official Christmas tour…and what amazes me is that only 3,000 people have watched this high school caliber video edit job that is just low budget insanity…from a woman who has sold 37 million records worldwide, who has or should have a lot of money or even a friend who does video editng…producing something worst than an iphone edit…it… read more
Date: 10.23.2014
Some chick exploited Gwyneth Paltrow being in her stupid fitness class, by posting THIS ON INSTAGRAM before someone edited up to really showcase just how ridiculous Gwyneth Paltrow is…or looks doing this “hip hop” dance class filled with white rich women – instructed by a white rich woman – racist as fuck for the real hip hop dancers of the world…because shit comes complete with an irish jig. I can assume this was paid for – or part of her lifestyl… read more
Date: 10.23.2014
Genevieve Morton, star of South Africa, with breasts the size of a small child’s head, designed to do more philantrhopic work, like feeding a small African village where all the mom’s died off of aids, with her beautiful breasts that I’d rather she use feeding me…is in the latest issue of South African Swimsuit , which you’d expect of her, since she’s South Africa’s trophy bikini model….which is better than South Africa’s trophy legless … read more
Date: 10.23.2014
Jennifer Lawrence’s side profile while she covers her face, is far less interesting than her hundreds of nude selfies that showcased said ass, possibly even getting fingered in at least one, or more importantly her young, Oscar winning tits, that we can assume only the producers her mom sold her and “boyfriends” she use to fill the emptiness in her soul thanks to her mom selling her off, had the right to see before…it’s like now, anything she does, even when bra… read more
Date: 10.23.2014
Apparently this is a picture of Victoria Justice’s ass in a thong. Pretty uneventful because it is not a spread ass with a thong being inserted, you know the way you would expect it to be based on the nature of the internet porn generation and the fact they own cell phones, webcams and computers….. But more interstingly, HERE IS A VIDEO OF HER PEEING I can’t confirm or deny any of this being real or not, I don’t know who Victoria Justice is, but I do know creepy ol… read more
Date: 10.23.2014
#orcafashion love my new dress A video posted by Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) on Oct 10, 2014 at 9:53pm PDT Nina Agdal is ridiculous. I’ve always said she looks retarded, now her behavior may prove that theory, something many guys find cute or fun, or like she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and maybe that makes dudes think they can relate to her or take her out for a good time – as long as they are rich enough to pay her nightly rate… But all I see i… read more
Date: 10.23.2014
In the wake of all the nonsense going on in Canada, where innocent soldiers are being killed by insane French Canadians who are converting to ISIS because it appeals to their misinformed anarchist beliefs…because I guess they never grew the fuck up from being 15 and full of angst….I figure we should stare at this ALyssa Barbarad photoshoot with someone named Torrey West, because clearly she is the best thing to come out of Canada since me…not that I have come out yet, desp… read more
Date: 10.23.2014
Amanda Seyfried is the girl who moved in and stole all of Lindsay Lohan’s work. She was the “she was a bitch to me on set of Mean Girls, and now she’s an un-hireable disaster, that I’m, gonna take every job she ever was offered or rumored to be offered, even if they don’t pay me – because I’m hotter, I have better tits and fuck her”…which is kind of awesome…as is her ability balance her mainstream vanilla cheesy roles – while … read more
Date: 10.23.2014
Lindsay Lohan posted a topless selfie – that was strategic enough to show off her nipples – while wearing some panties – in what I still consider highly erotic because Lohan may have a legacy for having been a troubled girl exploited by her own horrible family…broken, rude, and tormented with a an addiction…you know tabloid fodder no one actually cared about…others may think her legacy is a bunch of really shitty movies she acted exactly the same in…… read more
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