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Drunken Step Father

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It's defintely a different sort of blog with hot chicks! Drunken Step Father promises to molest you, however we think you just might like it!
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It's an odd blog featuring tons of celebrity tits and ass! Nudes, semi-nudes, sexy pics and candid shots of celebrity babes on the frolic! Drunken Step Father is sexy, sometimes offensive, but always entertaining! Make sure you come back frequently to view all of their latest paparazzi pics of hot celebs! Plus tons of link dumps and trash talk from the blog editor!
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Date: 03.31.2015
Doutzen Kroes was once a Victoria’s Secret model, but then she quit and moved back home to raise her multiple black babies that she has with some DJ…since Victoria’s pays shit, but put her on the map, when otherwise she’d jsut be some THOT posting bikini pics on her instagram, probably not married to an international DJ, but working the bar and fucking local DJs….because Victoria’s Secret is a stap of approaval, and based on her social media…I assume… read more
Date: 03.31.2015
Gigi Hadid was in Ad Week…discussing life after modeling, even though she’s hardly a model, just a rich kid who was positioned properly to be a “model”…and now people talk to her like she matters…but I guess she does..because being a “model” doesn’t really require much but narcissism and a dad with important friends to put her in campaigns…and eventually, if done right, she ends up like Gigi…relevant…in Victoria’s … read more
Date: 03.31.2015
Miley Cyrus posted some pics of a homemade photoshoot she did, post wisdom teeth removal, featuring some ice on her face like she just got beat up like the hick that she is, you know in some trailer park spousal dispute I wish was her reality, but insteaed, she’s just rich as fuck, living the life of luxury, worth more than any of us, and not even 25 yet…pretty depressing…. We can sit and laugh at her accent, her deep voice, her lame, poser, bullshit “artistic”… read more
Date: 03.31.2015
When you’re a model and your name is CUMMINGS, you’re definitely properly suited to model lingerie, even if lingerie catalog pics are boring, it is still lingerie….because your name acts as an instructions as to what we should be doing to these pics…for them to really be properly executed…not that anyone cums to lingerie pics, and if they do…it’s just because they’ve been over exposed to porn and need to scale back, reconnect with their souls&#… read more
Date: 03.31.2015
So Anja Rubik did this FASHION PORN SHOOT for fashion, that was porn…showing nipple, simulating sex, doing everything I love about fashion porn, you know…bridging that gap from XXX to Mainstream with her gap…. Now she’s following up with some romantic, vacation style shoot, that could be for a shitty resoirt’s catalogue or brochure…with her actual husband…the likely rich as fuck guy who sucks her pussy….and the whole thing is a real fucking b… read more
Date: 03.31.2015
I don’t know who Kristine Forseth is, I assume she’s some asian model…who may not even be asian, all this cross breading, turning humanity into one shade of beige confuses me…not because I am racist, but because racist jokes are easier when you know a person’s race… The shoot is for a fashion magazine, it’s not quite hardcore enough for me to jerk off to like I normally do to fashion shoots, because these girls are “legit” models….… read more
Date: 03.31.2015
Guy Calls Ambulance Saying He’s About to Give Birth Don’t Lend Porsche to Son Shop Owner Beats Up Robber Driver VS Tow Truck Man With Knife Gets Pepper Sprayed Cop Gets Beat One-Handed Rubik’s Cube The post Cigarette Vendor and Other Videos of the Day appeared first on DrunkenStepfather. read more
Date: 03.31.2015
There is something magical about obese black women twerking in the middle of the street, in public, probably while on vacation for their friends as they film…in front of their 7 year old kids..because it leads to future amazingness… Here are some morning links… Zoe Kravitz Did Complex GO A Weird Man and His Instruments GO Martha Steward Killed it at the Beiber Roast GO Michael Jackson Used to Prank Russell Crowe GO Lauren Stoner in a Bikini GO Demi Lova… read more
Date: 03.31.2015
I just saw a 40 year old woman getting fingered by a dude while walking down the street. The dude wasn’t going as deep as he could in her pants, he didn’t sniff or suck his fingers, making the whole thing useless.. Not that it matters…whenWhat it comes down to is that no one sees the bright side of rape, it’s like when else can a white girl get railed by 8 dudes running train on her in a back alley, and have a good excuse for it….you know to not come across as … read more
Date: 03.30.2015
Kylie Jenner is up on some Amber Rose kick, which I guess is up on some Kim Kardashian kick, you know being the hip hop groupie who looks like this obscure waist to hip ratio, even cartoony waist to hip ratio, that she takes selfies of and exploits on the internet, because at 17, she’s been around this world forever, and knows how it works, and really where’s the harm in posting bikini pics, especially when you’ve got a body like this…a body that in time will turn int… read more
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