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Drunken Step Father

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It's defintely a different sort of blog with hot chicks! Drunken Step Father promises to molest you, however we think you just might like it!
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It's an odd blog featuring tons of celebrity tits and ass! Nudes, semi-nudes, sexy pics and candid shots of celebrity babes on the frolic! Drunken Step Father is sexy, sometimes offensive, but always entertaining! Make sure you come back frequently to view all of their latest paparazzi pics of hot celebs! Plus tons of link dumps and trash talk from the blog editor!
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Date: 10.31.2014
Happy Halloween you Dirtbags…from #stepGIRLS vs #Creepettes because everyday is Half Naked Halloween for us…and nothing says creepy like clows…except when they are topless…in which case they say “I am terrified by this, but I want to have sex with it”…and I am all for confusing my penis to make sure it is still alive…and apparently…it’s not.. That said here are the pics…by @jsiegelphotography and they are amazing.. … read more
Date: 10.31.2014
Either it’s Halloween or Katy Perry is on her way to Britney Spears’ house for a sex party, you know because in a lot of ways Britney probably inspired Katy Perry to be the poptart with silly songs and dances that with the right costume are highly marketable to retards everywhere – all while making millions and millions of dollars for everyone involved….and this is just her paying thanks… Or it’s just a really fucking awful, yet funny since we all know wh… read more
Date: 10.31.2014
This is the kind of campaign or photoshoot that I find inspiring. It’s racy, it’s edgy, it’s real fucking life…and that’s far more interesting that the hollywood gossip, model or hipster models that want to be models because it’s good for instagram and everyone likes playing make-belief bullshit we’re all used to… There are hookers, there are addicts, there are people who aren’t so fucking glamorous because life chewed them up and spat t… read more
Date: 10.31.2014
If you have a Jessica Alba fetish…and you used to Listen to Guns and Roses religiously, not only are you old as fuck, probably pushing 40, since Alba hasn’t really mattered in a decade, even if she’s still pretty fucking hot…and Guns and Roses, unless for Karaoke or Kitsch factor, you know hipsters being obscure, don’t fucking matter no matter how much die hard Guns and Roses fans, you know the kind of guys with tattoos of roses in various parts of their body… read more
Date: 10.31.2014
There is an instagram company that I’ve been following for a very long time and I really have no idea why, it just sort of happened, and I guess it was because they were some early to instagram brand that featured babes and is now making moves in the big time… They are called SABO SKIRT and this is their campaign with Australian photographer JOSEPHINE CLOUGH that you will like…because girls in bikinis are fun to look at… I have no idea who the model is, her name is… read more
Date: 10.31.2014
My friend and great film photographer out of Portugal KID RICHARDS sent in these pics the other day and I don’t necessarily know what is going on in them… I am not sure if they are erotic or something you can jerk off to, and I know you’re looking for something to jerk off to, but I figure you’re so well trained at jerking off and nothing really does it for you – that you could probably sexualize a kitchen table if you looked at it from the right angle…yo… read more
Date: 10.31.2014
She’s fallen off the rails…and I guess in a good way – because she’s getting naked consistently for attention. I mean she’s protesting a fight I’ve been fighting for years, and that is that Nudity isn’t a big deal and the Christian run media needs to chill the fuck out… People who look at tits, still buy beer, go to movies and wear clothing when they have to. I’ve been slated a porn site that doesn’t make porn money because I am … read more
Date: 10.31.2014
BORING! But I guess in Keira Knightley’s defense, everything she does is fucking boring… I know she has this fanbase and people like her and she gets movie rolls…but there’s really nothing interesting or appealing about her…even when doing photoshoots that could have just as easily been of her spreading ass…but no…she’s too uptight for that… Sure, the uptight girls are usually the ones who want you to cum in their asses while choking t… read more
Date: 10.31.2014
Naya Rivera was on Glee before being kicked off Glee. She was also engaged to some Big penis black rapper who you can assume destroyed her vagina and now she’s married to some new guy who she was publicly dating for 5 minutes…but more importantly…in her early retirement – has discovered that she’s got a hot enough body to wear very little clothing…and I guess when that discovery happens for any girl who was boring on some family friendly, politically corre… read more
Date: 10.31.2014
Shay Mitchell is some very popular girl, at least in one demographic, because I am pretty sure you’ve never heard of her, yet she has millions of fans… She’s on some kid’s show, and unless you’re a creepy dad who watches kids shows with your kids, and I am going to assume you aren’t, because this is the internet generation, where kids can lock themselves in their room and leave you the fuck alone…or some creepy who just watches kids shows to look at… read more
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