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Drunken Step Father

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It's defintely a different sort of blog with hot chicks! Drunken Step Father promises to molest you, however we think you just might like it!
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It's an odd blog featuring tons of celebrity tits and ass! Nudes, semi-nudes, sexy pics and candid shots of celebrity babes on the frolic! Drunken Step Father is sexy, sometimes offensive, but always entertaining! Make sure you come back frequently to view all of their latest paparazzi pics of hot celebs! Plus tons of link dumps and trash talk from the blog editor!
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Date: 06.28.2016
Skinny Legs…are amazing and I am seeing a lot of skinny legs…probably because all the other kinds of legs are invisible to me and I don’t see them…. But then today – I was checking out an ass in spandex shorts and skinny legs walking towards me – I didn’t have my glasses on and when the person was in range…it was a dude. Then I got caught in the rain, thinking, maybe I’ll get struck by lightening and do the world a favor – or at le… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
Jennifer Aniston was pregnant in a bikini a few weeks ago, that was the story, and now she’s no longer pregnant in leggings… One could assume she was just experiencing Menopausal bloat, but I guess she could have had a miscarriage. She may pretend she’s still young and hot, but she’s 47 years old – which is pretty fucking old…even when you have a pile of money to hire the best cooks, fitness instructors, and people to surround you and tell you how hot an… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer('jwplayer-1').setup({"aspectratio":"16:9","width":"100%","primary":"html5","logo":{"file":"http://drunkenstepfather.com/About/ds_logo_drk.png","hide":false,"link":"http://www.drunkenstepfather.com","position":"bottom-left"},"file":"http://drunkenstepfather.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/AVA.mp4"}); Ava Sambora, is a rich kid trying to make it, and who I truly believe could make it, even if her mom bare… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
Aneta Pajak is a Polish model and these Vogue Russia pictures aren’t that interesting, unless you’re old and still fascinated by seeing the Mob run country picking up on western things like Vogue – when you remember the 80s when the country wasn’t filled with billionaires but rather despair….in government issued work camp outfits…sports uniforms – etc…and this whole freeing things up, even if it’s all corrupt and not a democracy at all, j… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
In case you were wondering – Charlotte McKinney still has tits…and in case you were worrying – she’s still uses them as aggressively as she can without being considered porn – since brands don’t like giving money to porn – They are a natural wonder of her world, and she should be using them aggressively – before it’s too late and either the rest of her catches up to them, or they get cancer and need to be cut off or some shit…MAXIM… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
In the first minute and a half of this video for MIU MIU, a huge fashion brand, you’ll see the talent they cast for the video is Cindy Crawfrod and Randy Gerber of Gerber baby empire daughter Kaia – laying in bend…in soft focus…gripping her sheets….before walking around the pool in a sheer pool dress, I mean I don’t need to recap this if you just watch the fucking video, before stripping off her clothes, facing a children’s toy and jumping into the p… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
I don’t know if I’m still facebook friends with Jason Lee Parry, but I was for a long time and I always appreciated his pictures for what they were. He was one of the first in modern time to do that instagram vibe – hipster vibe – girl in the desert topless with bush – having a bon fire and running around amongst cactus – hired by brands and urban outfitters to get that 70s, Manson family, sitting around drinking or doing psychedelics on the ranch, typical… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
David Beckham’s son may have beat the fuck out of Chloe Grace Moretz’s pussy so hard it’s swollen… Or maybe she’s just got naturally fat pussy lips…that whenever she slides into leggings that are one size too small..that she jacks up into her pussy because she likes the way it feels, she likes the way people look at her, and she just feels at home with her pussy out there, without putting her pussy out there, because that would make her look like she was … read more
Date: 06.28.2016
Here are two trending stories I saw on my facebook feed, or what I like to call the corporate controlled, evil brain washing feed by a company that tracks our every movie…and monetizes it….because there is NOTHING good about facebook, there is nothing positive about facebook, it’s not even interesting content, just noise distracting us idiots.. Either way, the first story trending was that “Jamie Chung” was on vacation with a few of her hooker friends. I have n… read more
Date: 06.28.2016
Terrifying Rape Attempt / Public Spanking of the Day Taco Bell Fight of the DAy Man Gives Water to Wolf STRIPPING IN THE STREET – MY KIND OF GIRL Refugee in Germany of the Day Unfortunate Situation of the Day Topless Woman Undresses The post Couple Banging in a Church Captured By Drone and Other Videos of the Day appeared first on DrunkenStepfather. read more
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