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Drunken Step Father

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It's defintely a different sort of blog with hot chicks! Drunken Step Father promises to molest you, however we think you just might like it!
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It's an odd blog featuring tons of celebrity tits and ass! Nudes, semi-nudes, sexy pics and candid shots of celebrity babes on the frolic! Drunken Step Father is sexy, sometimes offensive, but always entertaining! Make sure you come back frequently to view all of their latest paparazzi pics of hot celebs! Plus tons of link dumps and trash talk from the blog editor!
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Date: 04.21.2017
I like reconnecting with the 18 year olds I used to get nude pics from 10 years ago….she got a boyfriend and disappeared to marry him and have kids…and do that whole thing…where I never heard from her again…and I can’t even remember where we connected, it was pre-tinder, pre instagram, and despite being 28 now….she’s still young enough to want to look at nude pics off….now that she’s recently divorced and ready to pick up where we left of… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
Selena Gomez is apparently showing nipples in this IG video – because she wants you to know that The Weeknd, despite being black, didn’t steal her nipple like he stole her “purity”….and more importantly her nipple hasn’t been bit off but LUPUS she’s dying of… She’s a whiner, annoys me, runs off to rehab because her famous and rich life isn’t easy enough for her. She’s got teams of people who suck up to her, friends who use he… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
These are apparently pics of Madison Reed…. Madison Reed is apparently Victoria Justice’s sister, both are pretty hot, neither are really that famous, I mean her sister is the more famous one, this one is the latch on younger sister..and she’s young and hot and taking selfies…that are pretty racy considering her sister was this huge TV star who carried a Nickelodeon show….I guess it doesn’t mean she’s any different than any other girl…they all… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
Body Positive Demi Lovato keeps on showcasing her tits….which I would say is sexualizing her tits…or drawing attention to her tits…that is on her body positive kick, you know she’s positive her body can garner some attention towards her social media…to give her that feeling of relevance… but probably more her way of saying “eat what you want, don’t wear make-up girls, you can all be sexy, it is empowering but just show tit, guys like that”… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
That’s all I have to say about that…. Oh and here’s a video of her spitting up Starbucks that Starbucks probably paid for… That’s it. if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)};jwplayer('jwplayer-3').setup({"aspectratio":"16:9","width":"100%","primary":"html5","logo":{"file":"http://drunkenstepfather.com/About/ds_logo_drk.png","hide":false,"link":"http://www.drunkenstepfather.com","position":"bottom-left"},"file":"http… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
Alyssa Miller is some hipster model who is probably best know for being a Sports Illustrated Swim model….I am sure she’s made money in her career… But I know her as some chick I follow on Instagram who is getting on in age, she’s around 27, and her highlight reel includes – leaving her photographer boyfriend that got her in Sports Illustrated for Jake Gylenhaal who was her attempt to have that hollywood life…before scaling it all back and moving to TEXAS… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
Jessica Simpson still has fat tits.. Thank god because where would the chubby fat mom of a couple of kids pushing 40 be without her tits… Oh, right she’d be an ex popstar, turned billion dollar fashion brand owner, who makes tons of fucking money regardless of her tits…. She could just sit at home and get fatter and fatter – prepping to play the Gilber Grape mom who just died when hollywood ends up trying to do the remake of the original starring Leo as Johnny Depp… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
This is some cheesy hipster shoot of some really hot chick named Caroline Corinth. I am into her, even though I’ve never heard of her, and I like that she’s showing tit, because I’m old school and tits are fucking tits, and will always be tits, to a pervert like me…and I like that tits are necessary in most photoshoots because I am into tits, and tits will always be tits, and to a pervert, tits are wonderful… Caroline Corinth, whoever you are, you vintage Fren… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
Daphne Groeneveld has a great face….she’s 22 and has been doing this for a while. She’s getting a lot of work, so I guess she’s working the new generation Claudia Schiffer, but then again, she’s up against thousands of whores – doing the same fucking shit – but at least this one’s getting in magazines…that matters right… OF course it matters she’s showing tits…. So you should all get into this Daphne Groeneveld…p… read more
Date: 04.21.2017
Missy Rayder is some 40 year old model who was probably a lot more relevant when she was 18??and working for every major company..it was the 90s??pre internet which means she virtually barely exists now??but if you are old as fuck – you may have masturbated to her in some fashion magazine showing tits before??and now she’s letting you masturbate to her showing tits now??.. Thanks Missy….Keepin relevant. The post Missy Rayder Nipples on the Cover of the Day appeared first … read more
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