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DS Raw

If you've got time on your hands and you wish it were cum….then check out the flicks they're offering here, you pay for what you want when you want.
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Complete review published on 02.25.2011
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[v]Intro promises(4)

You’ve got the best seat in the house, and clothing is optional! DS Raw is all about those hot, horny, hardcore movies that will have you breathing hard one minute and cleaning up a mess the next! You register for free, and even have complimentary clips to view, but if you want the longer running scenes, it’s time to pull out the credit card. No recurring fees, it’s video on demand!

[v]Content Amount(4.5)Last updated on August 22, 2013.

Over 499 videos about 8 minutes each (stream only)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
WMV (34kb/s, 160x120)
WMV (511kb/s, 320x240)
WMV (1314kb/s, 480x360)

[v]PricesLast updated on September 01, 2013.

$2.45 / 10 minutes (non-recurring)
$9.95 / 69 minutes (non-recurring)
$15.95 / 120 minutes (non-recurring)
$19.95 / 200 minutes (non-recurring)
$86.95 / 1000 minutes (non-recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards


Ok, first all, this site should come with its own warning label, “Orgasm will be enforced!” It is amazing the sort of niches they offer and the huge volume of content, so much so in fact, my overall count will be approximated, there’s just too much to try to get a grip on the nitty-gritty detail, but, I dare say, you are going to burn up some bucks on this site! If you’ve been stashing away a few dollars for a rainy day fund, well, consider it a monsoon season of sex and start spending, your genitals will be happy for every penny you’ve put forth!

When logging into the main membership area, the site is pretty much the same as what you see through tour, which makes sense since you’re allowed to register for free and check out the short running clips, just to give you a taste of what you’ll hunger more of. There are a lot of bright colors and bells and whistles, but don’t let that distract you in any manner, just focus on all of the searching capabilities and you’re going to be exactly where you want. Personally, I found the “category” area my best bet for finding the DS Raw way of doing things, and please, take my word for it, they do it very well!

I have over 20 years experience of working in the adult field, and after that long, I pretty much I assumed I’d seen everything there is to see, but, there’s nothing like a dose of reality to put a person back in their place and to realize, nothing is ever as it seems. There are thousands of headers to choose from here, meaning you’re going to have things to masturbate to that will have your head (s) spinning with cum filled delight! You’ll find topics such as, fantasies, alternative porn, fetish, uncensored, retro, teens, MILFs, oddities, oral sex, double penetration, masturbation, forced sex, foot fetish, gay porn, interracial, bisexual, bareback, glory holes, playing doctor scenarios, voyeur, exhibitionism, female ejaculation, and that is just the tip of the list, I could literally type until I have no fingerprints left.
I felt as if I were a kid again, led into the largest toy store in the world and told to pick out whatever I wanted, I just looked with wide eyes and then suddenly, I fell upon a topic I haven’t seen often and it called for a deeper investigation…..since that’s my job of course. They have topics here that I didn’t even realize you could show to the world, but the one that drew me in like a magnet was called, “Freaks of Nature.” Now, I assumed that would mean hugely hung men, things such as that – that I’ve seen before, but nothing prepared me for what I witnessed.

First of all, allow me to explain how this all works, which can cause a bit of head scratching. The videos are in full DVD’s, but, they’re broken down into segments, should you opt for switching to a certain scene that intrigues you the most, they carry an advertising shot, so you know all of the parts making up the whole thing, or, if you have the time purchased, just click on the flick and enjoy the over 2 hour average of these films. They are streaming only, and they include a couple other choices as well, such as a 7 day stream for a certain price, or a lifetime option that will give you access to that particular movie anytime you want it, and there will be some that make you want it. The prices are reasonable, especially when you factor in the knowledge that you’ll see things here that will blow your mind….and your load!

Now, back to the, “Freaks of Nature” footage that still has me thinking I’m either seeing things, or maybe it’s time to finally cash in on some much needed therapy! The first scene to this DVD shows a man with…..now brace yourself….8 cocks! Yes, that’s right, he has this deli of dick between his legs that’s loaded with all of the meat you could ever want. I did everything but stand on my head for different viewing angles because I thought there has to be some sort of camera play going on, something fake for the sake of sex, but, it all looked to be attached to his body. A pretty blonde spends her time on her knees, licking from bulbous head to bulbous head, 4 on the top row, 4 on the bottom. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, wondering how it would end up and would it divulge some sort of something that would make me say, “Ah ha! I knew it wasn’t real!” That never happened.

In fact, I watched as her oral sex attention had those appendages growing longer, each one coming in at around 5-6 inches at full growth, with a darkening shade to the shaft, bulging veins, all of the things that says reality. My jaw was, by this time open in awe, and then suddenly, there was an orgasm, and believe me, the jets of juice were the fact from the fellatio she instilled, all 8 cocks blowing streams of semen onto her face at one time. Oh yes, this was something to see early on a Sunday morning that woke me up in a hurry! And that’s just one of the segments. There’s a woman as well that when having a suction pump used on her outer vaginal lips, they extend and swell to a size that makes me wonder where all of that flesh came from! Definitely an eye opener!

The quality is decent. They offer a low, high and ultra for their streaming, which the technical numbers will show pretty low in some respects, and the browser viewing doesn’t expand the screen to huge proportions, but, you will be so wrapped up in the footage itself from this site, that you’d be happy to watch it from something the size of your wristwatch!


There are certain sites that will tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt why they’ve chosen the VOD method of presentation, and DS Raw has every right to utilize that sort of system. They carry so very much content, they’d be taking a huge loss if it were strictly membership fee, but they do keep their pricing in the range of acceptable. The footage is beyond anything in your wildest dreams, giving hardcore, extreme fetish, niches that are in lists as long as your arms, with quality that isn’t HD by any means, but the content is so hot, you won’t notice!
Inspector: Missy
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