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Exploited Teens Asia TV

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These girls rely on text of tour to express the erotica held here, it's a bit hard for them to speak with their mouths so filled of fornicating fun.
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Complete review published on 12.17.2017
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Thereís no denying a woman, even a young woman that truly adores sex, as intro for this site will show. Exploited Teens Asia TV offers advertising images of amateur footage, filled with softcore and hardcore action to tempt you inside for a closer look. They promise quality will be near DVD standards, with multiple manners in viewing, and a very worthy length to their video clips for members.

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on February 20, 2018.

Over 203 videos about 12 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
AVI (3222kb/s, 784x576)
AVI (3500kb/s, 720x576)
MP4 (1562kb/s, 720x480)

[v]PricesLast updated on February 20, 2018.

$29.95 / one month (recurring)
$59.95 / three months (recurring)
$89.95 / one year (non-recurring)


I was anxious to do this review, mostly because Iíd done a sister site, which was said to be pretty much the prelude to this installment, with they promised higher quality carried through the material of this morsel, I found eagerness in seeing the improvements for myself. When logging into the main membership area of, Exploited Teens Asia TV, itís more than apparent, just from scanning through the layout, this will be amateur content and the same in construction. There are no fresh pages opening per click, everything is in one area, calling for scrolling, scrolling and a bit more scrolling.

There is a FAQ section that may be beneficial in checking, even though there isnít much information, they do alert members to the fact that should videos look a bit distorted when viewing, once you download the, VLC or DivX player, you can change the ratio. Through my investigation, I found there is a bit of difference between what their original site (which Iíve recently reviewed) and this installment, which they say is an updated version of, holds. The clarity was a bit more apparent, the technical numbers were a little higher, but as an overallÖ.I canít help but still feel a bit of disappointment, not from the action, but from the layout and offerings for members.

With any negativity now said and done, itís time to let the clouds part and allow the sexual sunshine to beam down upon the hardcore excitement of this site. These Asian females have tossed any bashful traits to one side, being beautiful, bold and daring with the action caught on film. There are small write ups that accompany each set, and, from those and the image as well, youíll find they offer quite a bit of oral sex. Iím not talking about a bit of licking around a bulbous head, no, these girls are going all the way down to the gonads, offering deepthroat cock sucking, even if it means their eyes watering and jaws clenching as theyíre face fucked. Of course the tongue doesnít always remain just in the area of the shaft and testicles, there are times when it drops lower for a bit of anal rimming as well, especially when the duty is shared with another lovely Oriental girl, giving the threesome twist to the temptation.
Of course the oral sex leads to much bigger, better and bolder things. If they can get past the feel good measures of the blowjob, and not leave a pretty face covered in cum, then itís time assume a hardcore position for penetration. Whether it be doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, or missionary, these legal aged Asian girls are stretched to the limit by the girth of the more than aroused penis. The sexual excitement takes over and not only is it the vaginal openings that are left feeling the pleasure of rhythm filled thrusting, but, also anal sex depicts the gaping holes of horniness. Orgasms will be apparent in many of the sets, with the salty sperm dripping from chins and also as creampies.

As I mentioned earlier in my write-up, everything is accessed from one single page. Each set gives, an image, a small description, and video times that average around the 30 minute mark, some a bit more, others a little less. However, these times are broken down into snippets, or, episodes as I will call them. The number of episodes will vary, at times, thereís just one, but, for those most part, there are 3. So, approximately 12+ minutes into the footage, youíll have to go back and download the next installment, and, they do take a bit of time to do so. Again, as I spoke of earlier on, the quality is better than fair, not HD by any means, but, any complaints should be minimal. A member can stream or download, with a couple of choices in format available for saving to your hard drive. There are no images offered from, Exploited Teens Asia TV.

The title does fit the content well, these young women have an almost used and forced look in their eyes as theyíre being fed many thick inches of an engorged cock, which spruces the niche nicely. The content could carry its own in many instances, whether you enjoy oral sex, cumshots, or the hardcore banging of balls against a butt as the rectum is stretched for anal sex, it could be enough to warrant membership. However, there are a few other issues I need to bring to light. The first one being, there are no date stamps, so, of the 203 sets, available at this time, I have no idea exactly when they were added, or if they keep content fresh.

What I can say however is this; Above the sets, from the main page, is text that gives notice of, recent site updates of mid June, 2014. This is now, nearly mid July, 2014. BUTÖthe confusion continues, because when checking out the FAQ area, there is a similar notice, explaining about the changes in coding for videos and stating that recent site updates of the latter part of, April, 2006! Yes, youíre probably as confused as I am, and, with good reason. If this site is over 8 years old and only carries 203 sets, thereís a problem.


I was eager to do this investigation, mostly because after reviewing one of their sister sites, and having it explained there that this would be the updated version of it, I wanted to see the changes first hand. Unfortunately, I still found more disappointment than joy after reviewing, Exploited Teens Asia TV. The action itself is hot, hardcore, and a bit fetish filled as well, and that is the main highlight of it all. Too many things have been neglected that could make this site much more than what I found it to be.
Inspector: Missy
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