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Girl With A One Track Mind

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There are a lot of people out there that want to share their lives with strangers, if you're one of those people that enjoy reading it, tune in here.
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I didn’t find any real images to speak of on this blog site, but what I did come across was an area that is a self professed diary of a sex fiend. Now that has to tell that Girl With A One Track Mind is writing some heavy duty journal type entries that may surprisingly make your dick start to rise. This is a check out site, I really enjoyed going through and reading what was offered here.
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Date: 07.28.2016
This body. This body tells a story; it has its own narrative, distinct from the chaotic thoughts in my head. It finds its own way, journeys separate to the me I am conscious of, and sets its own pace. No panic or anxiety for this body: it is steady, firm, unwavering. This body is not young, nor sprightly. It doesn??t move with ease; often it creaks and strains and is ungainly. It doesn??t bounce read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
I wish I hadn??t created my blog with a start date of January 1st 2004. I first had the idea of writing an anonymous blog about my sex life back in October 2003, and for some reason - most likely because I am weirdly anal (I mean that in the pedantic, not sexual sense, obv.) - I felt that beginning at the start of the year would be most fitting for a first entry of a sex blog, so I waited a few read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
SYNTAX I want to call you thou, the soundof the shape of the startof a kiss ?? like this, thou -and to say, after, I love,thou, I love, thou I love, notI love you.Because I so do ??? as we say now ?? I want to saythee, I adore, I adore thee, and to know in my lipsthe syntax of love resides,and to gaze in thine eyes.Love??s language starts, stops, starts;the right words flowing or clotting in the read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
I used to be very cynical when I read how depression could be improved through exercise. So many writers of articles seem to claim that they have magically and instantly overcome their depression simply by exercising; their underlying (and sometimes blatant) smugness is incredibly off-putting. It??s especially frustrating to read if, like many people, one leads an active life and still suffers read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
I realise that posting this on here today now just marks an annual event, not another of what used to be my daily writings, and I do feel sad about that. I miss having this as a regular outlet for my thoughts - it was so cathartic for me - and it's a shame I can't write as openly or often on here the way I once did. However, I'm not going to wallow in self-pity about that; I might post here more read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
Ten years ago today, I posted my inaugural entry on this blog. It makes me feel quite old and very nostalgic to be looking back to then; a lot has changed in my life since that initial moment I pressed ???publish??. I remember being filled with excitement when I did. Finally, I had a platform all of my own, a soapbox on which I could say what I wanted without fear of judgement. Because my read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
I wrote a post for BuzzFeed, critiquing the utterly stupid sex advice found in men's magazines. (Obviously, the sex advice in women's magazines is just as awful.) It's so annoying to see this shit spouted on such a regular basis; whatever happened to just: be nice, be honest, be yourself? The piece is here. read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
As many readers will know, before I wrote books, or even this blog, I worked in the film industry; I spent many years working as a runner and assistant director. Before that, however, I was an aspiring writer-director, and worked on my own films (shorts) both prior to, and after, attending film school. It was during this time that I met the British director Antonia Bird, who'd been my idol for read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
Sex Appeal is back! Bigger, harder, longer, funnier. Come! read more »
Date: 07.28.2016
I've been very busy over the last few months and I'm proud to finally announce what I've been working on: Sex Appeal - a fund raising comedy night taking place in January at London's Bloomsbury Theatre, on behalf of the young people's sexual health charity Brook.Regular readers will know that I'm an ambassador for Brook, and that I am passionate about the wonderful work that they do. So it gives read more »
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