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Girl With A One Track Mind

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There are a lot of people out there that want to share their lives with strangers, if you're one of those people that enjoy reading it, tune in here.
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I didn’t find any real images to speak of on this blog site, but what I did come across was an area that is a self professed diary of a sex fiend. Now that has to tell that Girl With A One Track Mind is writing some heavy duty journal type entries that may surprisingly make your dick start to rise. This is a check out site, I really enjoyed going through and reading what was offered here.
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Date: 10.21.2017
PRESS RELEASEZOE MARGOLIS VS. THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAYOn 7th March 2010, The Independent on Sunday newspaper seriously defamed Ms. Margolis by referring to her as a ???hooker??? in the title of an article that she wrote for them, published in both the paper and online editions.The resulting effect of this libel was immeasurable, and Ms. Margolis was forced to issue legal proceedings against read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
Dear Men,Yes you. All of you. We need to talk.Allow me to bring something to your attention, if I may. That being the problem of how you sit. Everywhere you are, you always seem to sit in the same way: with your legs spread widely apart; whether on the tube, in an office, or in that coffee shop in Soho last week, where you distracted me from my writing a post on my blog.Here??s the thing: unless read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
???Social networking?? can really be such a double-edged sword.After meeting, you become friends on Facebook. You follow one another on Twitter, add each other as Flickr contacts and share your Upcoming events info. Soon you??re reading each other??s blogs, and sharing links you think are interesting, or pictures you hope they??ll enjoy. You view their private Tumblr with relish, and smile when you see read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
It's that time again. That stupid bloody day where everyone's talking about turning over a new leaf, and how they have great plans and resolutions for the upcoming year, and it's annoyingly also the same day as this blog's origin date. Happy blog birthday to me. 13 years: blimey. I posted something on Twitter just now, about how I feel wordless, that I have nothing to say about this anniversary, read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
Ten years ago today, I joined Twitter. When I signed up, on December 22nd 2006, my life was a roller coaster. It was just a few months after the Sunday Times outed me as the author of Girl with a One Track Mind, and it's fair to say I was still traumatised. I'd become mistrusting of everyone in my life (because I didn't know how the press found out my identity - I still don't) and I had hidden read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
I'm running a 10k race this evening and am stupidly nervous - to the point of feeling like vomiting. This is not because I've haven??t done this distance before - I've run three 10k races in the last year - but because I'm so scared of failing and being disappointed. My body is shaking with nerves.When I ran this same race a year ago, I achieved my personal best time and was very proud of my read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
I'm very proud of this talk I gave at The Lost Lectures in May 2012 about sexism of erotic book covers. I even managed to squeeze in feminist issues alongside challenging the hypocrisy of the publishing industry - which is nice. Not to mention talk of cock, obviously: we all need more of that. Enjoy. Credit to Erotica Cover Watch for their inspiration for my talk. read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
It's not about 'reclaiming' the word slut; it's about opposing victim-blaming and challenging the sexist double-standards with regards to sexuality.I'll be there on Saturday to make my voice heard, I hope you will too. read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
Yesterday, I ran nine miles - two and a half miles further than I??d ever run. Nine miles non-stop. And I ran around Regents Park for an hour and 45 minutes wearing just a pair of shorts and my sports bra.Me, in a sports bra. No vest. No big baggy top to hide under. With my H-cup boobs. Running with my wobbly belly jiggling about, on display to the world. Who would have thought it? Not me.I was read more »
Date: 10.21.2017
Today marks four years since I asked someone to marry me. It was such a huge moment in my life, possibly the most exciting and terrifying thing I have ever done.We??d arrived in New York a few days prior. He??d never visited the city; for me, on the other hand, I called it my second home: somewhere I??d been visiting since I was a baby; my first true love. What better place to take him to, then, read more »
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