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If you love the clean, sleek look often provided by glamour photography but are tired of it being so damned softcore, then you absolutely must check this one out.
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Complete review published on 10.25.2011
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[v]Intro promises(4) isn't your typical, boring glamour photography site. Sure, they've got svelte models posing in front of scenic backdrops, hair blowing in the wind and all that jazz. But they're also willing to walk on the wild side, if need be. This is evidenced clearly by tour promises of "muff diving, pussy tasting, tit teasing, and clit licking," as well as some surprisingly hardcore imagery to back it up. In addition, members are promised daily updates, 100% exclusive content, high resolution photos, and loads of models you've probably never even seen before.

[v]Content Amount(3)

Over 22 videos about 14 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
MP4 (5500kb/s, 1920x1080)
MP4 (1119kb/s, 1280x720)
MP4 (688kb/s, 720x400)
Flash (920x516)
Over 119 galleries about 150 pictures each
+ Fullscreen pictures, Zip archives
Model Index

[v]PricesLast updated on December 28, 2011.

$24.95 / one month (recurring)
$49.95 / three months (recurring)
$124.95 / one year (non-recurring)
$1 / one day (non-recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards

[v]Sample Galleries / Gallery #3 / Gallery #2 / Gallery #1


The members area at has a very inviting, deceptively simple look to it. At the top of the page is the main menu, which has narrowed it down to the bare necessities: models, sets, clips, categories. You'll also find models and category sections on the right-hand side of the page. All of these tools have additional drop-down menus and are statically placed, meaning they're always there, no matter which area of the site you're currently visiting. On a sidenote, the categories cover a lot of ground, delving into a fetishes like high heels, body hair, even hats. I particularly enjoyed the gynmastics sets. Very tastey. Anyway, the remainder of the home page is filled out with links to the latest photography updates, in the form of highly stylized magazine covers. There's also a "view more" button at the bottom of the page, and with each click 6 more updates are revealed. You could actually view the entire archive this way if you wanted to.

They've got a great little model index, currently housing 22 girls. They're all real beauties, and I can honestly say I don't recognize a single one of them from anywhere else. It's a diverse group, too, both ethnically and in terms of style. You see, unlike many sites in this genre, they welcome girls with tattoos and body piercings. In fact, there's a whole category dedicated to just that. Going back to the models for a moment, though, each girls page contains a sexy little write-up about the gal and tons of links for easy access to her content. To be honest, I would have liked for there to be a little more info on each gal, but it's a very solid setup, nonetheless.

The members page is actually near perfect. There is one flaw, however, and I've gotta say, it's a hard one to overlook. Unless I'm missing something, there's no update calender or timestamps, making it nearly impossible for me to ascertain how often they update, or even when the site launched, for that matter. The tour promised daily updates, a promise I can't verify. Judging strictly by the layout and the uniform quality of the material, I'd guess this site just recently launched. So their claims are probably true. Still, though, it'd be nice to be able to check.

Since I went in under the assumption this was a photography site, I didn't exactly expect tons of movies. In fact, any moving pictures I planned on taking as a bonus. So, I wasn't really all that let down to find there were only 22 scenes. I'm going under the assumption that the addition of movies was a recent phenomenon, because as I pointed out earlier I have no way of knowing when they were uploaded.

The videos can be downloaded in high definition with two resolution choices, or, if your connection is a little slower, in your choice of several different single-definition files, some of which, I might add, have very large resolutions. For streaming they use the JW Player, an app that I've heard great things about lately. Play-back was smooth, and I liked that I could switch from SD to HD with a little button in the top, right-hand corner of the screen. Surprisingly, there was no excessive buffering or hiccups whilst trying to catch up to the new format. A smooth process, indeed. I did get an error once or twice whilst trying to speed up in a video, but I think that was probably a problem on my end, because after I rebooted it didn't occur again. All in all, the video section of the site was very well done.

The scenes themselves are very hot and have a cinematic quality to them that I didn't expect. The usage of multiple camera angles, elaborate sets, and flashy editing all comes together to make for a unique experience. The musical choices also surprised me. For instance, one had really awesome, Wes Montgomery-esque jazz guitar. The octave slides and sexy mellow melody complimented the earthy surroundings of the garden and the smooth moves of Gala, whom eventually bared all for the camera. Not all scenes are solo, though, and not all of the music is instrumental. I recall one scene where two gals really went at it, practically gnawing the lips off each other's vaginas. It went very well with the otherworldly singing and earthy, acoustic guitar of the unidentified artist.

Just as I expected, they really upped the ante when it came to the quality of the photos. There are 119 photo galleries in total, with each set holding upwards of 200 images. Pictures can be downloaded in high or regular quality, with resolutions going as high as 4,300px × 2,821 pixels. The images are clear and crisp, and often shot in beautiful outdoor locations. They've also got the indoor thing nailed, because the lighting is always perfect, even when the building they're in is quite literally ancient. There are some great angles, and some of the best spread shots I've seen in years. I'm telling you, you've gotta see these pussies in super high-res. It's unbelievable! Coupled with their fancy slide-show doo-hickey, jerking off has never felt easier.

[v]Conclusion(4.2) is a killer site with high-quality productions and the willingness to push the envelope, making for some hot glamour photography that strays from the boring, formulaic softcore offered on similarly marketed sites. They've also recently gotten into producing videos, which look every bit as good as their still photography. A great deal all around.
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