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Her Desires

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This site started as a place for the author to publish her erotic stores but became an outlet for her to explore her sexual thoughts and ideas.
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Her Desires is a blog about a deeply horny, puppy-owning, santa-collecting, certified web geek, who’s divorced and in her early thirties and love thinking about, reading about, talking about, and at times even having sex. The site started as a place for her to post her erotic stores and branched out into other areas from there.
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Date: 12.01.2015
So my man decided to join me in the shower last Saturday. He loves to wash my hair and back and, okay, naughty bits too. (Truth be told, I think he's mainly there for the naughty-bit-washing. The shock!) On this particular Saturday, I was out of body wash. Vikki's been... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
According to my man, who has done intensive study on the subject, I apparently have three types of orgasm. I laughed out loud when he said it - that many types, really? - but once he explained it to me, I couldn't help but agree. Please note the naming is... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
Opening your legs is one of the most vulnerable things a woman can do. It gives access to areas of her body where she's most sensitive, most vulnerable. Done right, the simple act of getting those legs open for the first time can be a huge turn on in and... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
I'm sure the only computers still checking this web site for updates are manned by 'bots; however, that's OK. This was always more a place for me to think out loud and formulate my desires, dreams and opinions "out loud", so to speak - so it's just fine that there... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
Today, I ran across the craziest bit of bling (and normally I, like most girls, am healthily attracted to bling) that I've ever seen in my life. That is to say, I found a $1500 vibrator. Yeah, you read that right. Called the YVA Gold, the thing is a cordless,... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
Lately, I've been reading some things that make it hard for me to maintain a grip on my feelings towards men. I realize, fully and completely, how stupid and pointless and unfair it is to tar an entire gender with the same brush. And yet. The theme this week seems... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
Mark Morford was telling me this morning all about something that he thinks is the most sex-positive thing to happen in simply ages. The news is simple. Amazon sells sex toys. (Okay, that's not exactly news. But I love his take on it.) What a wonderful message this sends. What... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
I've recently been reading Sex in the Office, yet another in a long series of Black Lace short story collections, and I have to admit, the whole Sex in the Office thing does it for me. Actually, the whole forbidden fruit thing does it for me, period, but that's a... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
Bear with me, all, this post's been a long time in coming. And those of you who still manage to stop by occasionally may begin to understand why Vikki's been such a quiet little thing this year. It's been a tough year. There's been cancer, and almost-cancer, a heart attack,... read more »
Date: 12.01.2015
A blanket response to all the women who have e-mailed me lately looking for relationship advice: I don't know why it is that women will stay in hurtful, dead or downright abusive relationships for as long as they do. "But I love him!" they moan. [I'm lying. Of course I... read more »
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