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House Of Gord

When your girlfriend turns you down saying she's all tied up for the night, you might want to see this site, it puts a new spin on that line.
Site type: Pay site, category: Bdsm
Complete review published on 07.21.2007
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[v]Intro promises(4)

Torment, torture, pain and most of all pleasure is what this site brings your way. The ladies here are bound for more than glory and wanting to express through pictures and videos how their sexual desires differ a bit from most, but the heightened arousal is something theyíre sure youíll appreciate. They say on House of Gord itís full of the ultimate in restraint, tussing, cocooning, and more.

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Over 266 videos about 6 minutes each (download and stream)
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Over 33 stories
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$31.95 / one month (recurring)
$79.95 / three months (recurring)
Payment options: Credit Cards, Postal Mail

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Gagged babe getting bended and fixed in this position Extreme bdsm action with forniphilia theme All bound lassie getting fucked with a fucking machine


I always use this first paragraph to give a basic over all stream of thoughts on what Iíve seen within the walls of membership, and this site is no different. I havenít really gotten into the content itself yet, which Iím sure it will be fascinating from the looks of the tour area, but I must interject my opinion that I donít care for the way theyíve laid out the site itself, the look of quality just isnít there. They do have things broken down into categories, such as; caged and boxed, cocooning, devious devices, forniphillia, pony girls and more, so maybe navigation throughout wonít be an issue. I would just have liked seeing a spicy, splashy index page to really boast and radiate the taboo nature of this site. To be a fetish site such as this, really needs to be projected with that look to pull in the people and make it an overall punishment.

As I mentioned, navigation on this site isnít an issue to this site, and in going through the different categories, I found those sub pages to have the same similarity of ďOk, here it isĒ look to it. But, the material theyíre bringing your way is definitely for the connoisseur of captivation. There is a vivid beauty to it, which may sound strange, but if this is your style of life, you are going to fall in love with the way these lovely ladies have relinquished themselves into complete trustful territory of those with their hands on the bondage device to either keep them submissive or allow them to go free. One thing I learned from going through the images here is that all of the senses, the self reliant surroundings we take for granted each day, those are totally set free by these models, they have not only given up their freedom, but so much more for an unexplainable satisfaction that is felt when their sessions are over.

I, myself have never witnessed such tools of the trade as were projected through the pages of, House Of Gord. Literally I would call them machines of mayhem, contraptions that will not only subdue the model but leave her virtually and completely helpless to all elements. Iím just amazed by the extremes this site goes to in making the reality of this fetish for most, lifestyle of many, true to life. The thumbs were laid out in sections with text between giving you nice write ups of what youíre seeing, experiencing and admiring. Enlargements werenít full screen, but they were nicely shot. The camera was close to the areas they want focused on the most and the lighting in some had that dark, ominous look to it that really set the stage for what was being done. The pixel size for blow ups came in at a nice 533x800 for most, so even though itís not full screen, itís definitely nice viewing on this site.
In going through the video sections, which youíll have to pick and choose through the categories as they open up, your vids are mixed through with the pictures as well, they donít do individual break-downs. I watched 20+ clips from this site and everything I viewed came through Real Media, which normally I havenít always been such a big fan of that format, but I must admit, the play from these were exquisite. No fuzziness, just a clear view, of what these ladies were being put through, and they loved every second of it. They do offer in big and medium sizes for your connection, but Iím wondering how well a dial up user will fair from this site.

My favorite, the one I feel I have to tell about in my write-up is a model by the name of Zo, that was in the fuck chair. Bound in a full body black latex suit with kick ass heels on, nothing but two small nose holes for oxygen intake, and her vaginal area open, she was strapped over and over again as tight as humanly possible into this chair with a pivoting, piston like prick making her moan with ecstasy over and over and over again. The assistant was seen almost constantly on camera, making sure no straps were loosening and to keep that machine teasing and pleasing at all costs. This was a magnificent 10 minutes of sexual torture. There were different parts to this, showing the actual hook-up into this arousing apparatus and then the action and reaction it caused as well. Iíve never really considered this as a personal choice for my lifestyle, but I must admit, one of these machines would be nice to find under the tree this Christmas. This site is exceptional in the design and orchestrated acts of how this all works.

If only the layout of the site had been more to my taste I have to admit my review numbers would be off of the charts for this site. Itís not that thereís so much material here, granted, itís abundant and will keep you busy for quite some time, but itís what you are seeing and experiencing that really gets the job done. Not only are you drawn in by the devices they use here, through the images and the video clips, but also offered are stories that will get your juices flying nicely as well.


House Of Gord isnít for the faint of heart or for the mildly interested, itís for the serious appreciators of a site worthy enough to make your mind travel non-stop through the torture and torment thatís found here. Yes, I have issues with the layout, and there could have been a few more choices in the material offered, but, in what they fill up the screen with, itís wonderful.
Inspector: Missy
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