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Junk For Code

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This blog features a discussion of political cartoons and other topics by Gary Sauer-Thompson.
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Junk For Code is a blog by Gary Sauer-Thompson where he posts and comments on political cartoons, discusses philosophical issues, and chimes in on events in the news. Editorial cartoons are an interesting art form and are well represented here, as well as other forms of art and discussions of current events. You’ll also find extensive links on related subjects.
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Date: 09.01.2014
It`s mission creep under the guise of humanitarian help--to prevent genocide against beleaguered minorities in northern Iraq. It follows the RAAF humanitarian supply airdrops to thousands of people still stranded on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq. Australia`s??s response to Islamic State (Isis) should be on humanitarian aid. Mission creep that... read more »
Date: 08.31.2014
The Renewable Energy Target has been a success. It`s built up a wind and solar power generation industry at a very low cost to electricity users and, along with carbon pricing it has helped to reduce pollution and energy efficiency. It has helped to create Investment in windfarms, solar PV`S... read more »
Date: 08.30.2014
Contrary to the rhetoric from the Abbott Government Australia doesn`t have an imminent debt crisis or a budget emergency. Australia has a long-term structural budget problem caused by an ageing population, which the Coalition is not seriously addressing. An ageing population means the government needs to spend more (on pensions... read more »
Date: 08.29.2014
The Coalition has changed its budget rhetoric. It has dumped the budget crisis/ rhetoric and sovereign risk in favour of there is no need to worry as most of the appropriations bills have passed the Senate and that there is no problem if the Senate doesn`t hurry up with the... read more »
Date: 08.28.2014
Here`s the picture of the child clutching the severed head of the Syrian soldier. According to the mainstream media the young boy (seven years old?) pictured with the severed head is the son of convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf, who escaped Australia on his brother??s passport late last year, three months... read more »
Date: 08.27.2014
It is now pretty clear that the Abbott Government, in turning away from the public service, has contracted out its public policy to the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and the Business Council of Australia (BCA) turned away from the public service and that the task of the Abbott Government... read more »
Date: 08.26.2014
The Abbott Government continues to think of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS ) as a terrorist organization along the lines of Al Qaeda, thereby implying that it will conduct terrorist operations in the west and in Australia. The Islamic State is in fact a state in a... read more »
Date: 08.25.2014
The widespread surveillance of activity on the phone and online advocated by the spooks and government allies in the name of security paints us all as potential criminals. Just in case we do the wrong thing, or are up to something, it would be best to keep an eye out.... read more »
Date: 08.24.2014
The increased security fears about the threat posed by 150 Australians suspected of fighting in Syria and Iraq, if they should they return home has given rise to proposed anti-terrorism legislation. This security threat does not justify the need for the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) to access 2 years of... read more »
Date: 08.23.2014
The Abbott Government`s tabloid politics is very explicit with respect to the unemployed. That policy is demands, on threat of sanction, that the unemployed apply for 40 jobs per month, do 25 hours of community service a week, and wait six months before getting their first cheque. The economic reality... read more »
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