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Junk For Code

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This blog features a discussion of political cartoons and other topics by Gary Sauer-Thompson.
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Junk For Code is a blog by Gary Sauer-Thompson where he posts and comments on political cartoons, discusses philosophical issues, and chimes in on events in the news. Editorial cartoons are an interesting art form and are well represented here, as well as other forms of art and discussions of current events. You’ll also find extensive links on related subjects.
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Date: 07.23.2014
Carbon pricing has gone but it lives on in the form of a battle about decreases in the cost of living and the Coalition`s new fear campaign that Labor wants to bring back "the carbon tax" (ie., an emissions trading scheme) at the next election. The conservative cultural warriors claim... read more »
Date: 07.22.2014
The Coalition has a short term budget problem and its rhetoric is becoming increasingly shrill about needing to fix its fiscal imbalance now. If this doesn`t happen then the country will go backwards. The short term budget problem results from cutting revenue (from carbon pricing and the mining tax) and... read more »
Date: 07.21.2014
The Palmer United Party is currently using its balance of power in the Senate moment to frustrate the Abbott Government. The rationale for this strategy, as Jack Waterford points out is: is to attract the ultimate loyalty of 14 per cent of the vote, not 50 per cent. Every unsuccessful... read more »
Date: 07.20.2014
So the Coalition`s proposed policy switch from carbon pricing to Direct Action this week amounts to a shift from taking money from polluters and distributing it to taxpayers to taking money from taxpayers and handing it out to polluters. The Coalition is increasing corporate welfare for the big polluters such... read more »
Date: 07.19.2014
We have a new Senate in Canberra with an increased number of Independents and the two major parties--Labor and Liberal --- are not happy as they are beginning to realize that they`ve lost control over their third senate spot. So the attacks on the micro-parties begin. The Coalition has the... read more »
Date: 07.18.2014
SA Labor, after its return to government, has adopted a management tone of measured, controlled, rational adminstration. This confidence and competence has been thrown out of kilter with the toxic groundwater beneath Clovelly Park adjacent to the Monroe shock absorbers plant and the old Mitsubishi site; and the need to... read more »
Date: 07.17.2014
The Coalition`s rhetoric around welfare reform is harsh. It says that Australia`s welfare system is unsustainable (even though the welfare state is actually shrinking). The rhetoric says that it is unfair to keep a welfare system intact that is not encouraging participation and personal responsibility. It is up to individuals... read more »
Date: 07.16.2014
There is a lot of nonsense written about Clive Palmer on climate change policy. The Canberra Press Gallery focuses on the politics and interprets it in terms of smoke and mirrors by the showman seeking to increase his public profile. It`s the image that counts. David Pope Those on the... read more »
Date: 07.15.2014
The Abbott Coalition still appears to have one style of governance. Bash the doors down, yell at the buffons to clear a passage way and kick those who get in the way. It comes across as tactics of the bully boy throwing his weight around. I cannot see these techniques... read more »
Date: 07.14.2014
Abbott-Hockey budget have failed to convince the public of a budget emergency. So they are shifting the rhetoric to lifters and leaners with unfairness being defined in terms of the lifters having to work a month a year to support the "leaners"--those Australians on pensions and benefits. The "learners", by... read more »
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