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Lusty Library

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This amazing library of sex stories is 100% free! If you get off on reading erotic stories, then you need to join the Lusty Library and browse through their selection!
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Thousands of stores in all categories such as BDSM, lesbians, anal sex, and even gay! Lusty Library offers tons of member submitted stories that you can lose yourself into! Are you a creative type? You can even submit your own sexy story to the library! Plus also featuring poetry, podcasts, and audio stories - all free! It's a large community with message forums and other fun stuff that you can't miss!
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Date: 01.02.2013
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library "Ok let's go!" my wife said as she walked out of the bedroom. She had just spent the last hour getting ready for our special dinner. Looking at how beautiful she was, the wait was well worth it. She was absolutely stunning in her dress; it showed off all that I loved about her body, her breasts, her beautiful curves and hips, but as I made my way down she was wearing some new stockings which covered only half of her foot with the rest being covered by her hig… read more
Date: 12.21.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library It was Christmas Eve and Drew sat watching television around eleven that night when she received a text.Delilah: Watcha doin?Drew: Watching T.V. all the shit on T.V. and there is nothing to watch.Delilah: Where is your lady?Drew: She is sleeping. What are you doing Delilah?Delilah: Standing outside your house hoping you could come out and play?Drew: No way...You aren't really on stalker status right now are you?Delilah: Put your jacket on and come outside...H… read more
Date: 12.18.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library Tori slammed the door hard, her hands shaking with fury. She went to the bathroom to comb out the tangles in her hair, muttering to herself. "Who does he think he is? He's meant to be my friend yet he treats me like a child. No wonder he never gets laid." She looked critically at her refection. Her hair was a flame of red, her eyes perfectly contrasting in green. Her voluptuous curves were encased in tight blue jeans and an off the shoulder white top. She tos… read more
Date: 12.17.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library I guess my exhibitionist streak began in college when I stood on a coffee table at a fraternity party and danced. I blamed it on alcohol. In truth the alcohol was just the excuse that set me free.Before that night I was shy and spent my freshman year and the first two months of my sophomore year focused on school. I made a few friends and had fun but remained unavailable to guys.That was really OK. I was no virgin but my boyfriend went to a different school a… read more
Date: 12.13.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library I was a nobody in high school, having nothing about myself that really grasped people's attention. I wasn't all that popular, but I still managed to have my share of relationships. None of them were all that serious, and in all honesty, I didn't really see the point in it all. It just seemed like dating all those guys was what any normal high school girl would do. There was really nothing else to it.Now I'm starting my first year of college and settling into … read more
Date: 12.10.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library All it takes for me to get aroused Is the sound of your voice as you Softly moan, when you feel my tender touch. I grow wild, as I feel that talented tongue Touch my intimate parts and lick Those sensitive places in the dark of night. My body explodes time and time again As your mouth drinks my passion's juices away, Moaning as you taste my sweet dew I shiver violently in ecstasy. Your whispered words of passion Make love to my mind As you claim my body with … read more
Date: 12.10.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library When I met you, I was amazed At the depth of all you felt. My heart cried out to yours, Hoping for an answer. We began to talk and the more Time we spent together, The more I began to crave you. I would wake up with a smile Feeling you just a thought away. Your words of love made me Feel beautiful, desirable again. How you claimed you would at all Costs protect me and our love Entrapped me more within Cupid's net. I believed every word you said I felt every c… read more
Date: 12.10.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library Long drawn out treble notesRise from soothing woodwind throats.The first hesitant tremolo quaverOf a piccolo call begins to waverThrough the lowering bass harmonic motionOf deep strings rolling in a musical ocean. Tripping along in a burnished ballet,Dancers begin to step and to sway.An arabesque flow quickens in timeAnd horns join in blending into the rhyme.The quickening waltz spins in perfect controlDancing across the musical flow. Drums drive the tempo to… read more
Date: 12.10.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library (Revised Version)Wantonly willful, she wanders into my soul.She slides through my defenses like an icicle in the brain.She encircles my emotions with constrictor passion.A deeply disturbing desire leaps to flameAnd blisters my tender heart and mind.This newest Demon undermines my intentionsAnd perverts my pure passion into theVile food that sustains her prurient appetites.Dancing and grinding with savage grace,The Demon, Lust, drags me onto her stage.She thru… read more
Date: 12.10.2012
Copyright © 2013 Lusty Library Our eyes meet from across the table, We cannot reach, touch, grasp. Yet we know what each other wants My heart aches by the continuous pounding within it, My head spins of images of our bodies entwined, My fingers through your hair, Your lips brush against my neck, Your index finger creates a path of frenzy which our bodies wish, long to follow till the end of time. Dessert is out of the question; We've chosen a substitute. My feet, barely on the ground or wa… read more
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