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Male Video Network

Promised boners we hope are up to some gay standards on this website. If the site of hot, horny male bodies gets your libido surging, then come on in.
Site type: Pay site, category: Gay, Gay Video
Complete review published on 02.26.2010
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[v]Intro promises(4)

Male Video Network has a tour page that opens up to deep throat, deep penetrating action. Young males with hairless chests inhabit the model index, showing you that boys don’t need Tonka Trucks to be made happy. Promises include images and videos out the stretched rectum, which they say are of DVD quality, full length and hundreds of hours of them. Sample movies are offered in MPEG and WMV formats

[v]Content Amount(4.5)Last updated on March 30, 2012.

Over 553 videos about 15 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies
AVI (1100kb/s, 640x480)
Flash (400x300)
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites, Live Chat

[v]PricesLast updated on December 07, 2014.

$29.95 / one month (recurring)

[v]Sample Videos

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The members section of this site opens up to reveal a note to you stating that when watching videos you can use the “Add” or “Remove” icons to place videos into your very own personalized, “My Folder,” that way, each time you login, you can easily jump to your “My Folder” page to view your favorite saved flicks. You’ll also find a “What’s New” section and one that holds their exclusive movies, which tells me not all of what they offer here is completely exclusive material. But you will find 24 of them on this first page. We’ll learn more as we journey our way through this cheek prying, butt plunging website.

Ok, I’m going to interject my own opinion here for a minute. I know this is basically a video site, so we should be happy with any images that we get above and beyond, however the navigation in the photo section is a little questionable. There is an area for “Newest Solo Photos” which shows 4 guys, full dressed in the advertising shots. But then there is a link that says, “Click here for more solo photos” which I did, and it took me to the same 4 men! Then, below that they have thumbs of “Newest Underwear Photos” showing 10 guys posing and teasing, some of them in their tidy whities, which is hot, don’t get me wrong, but again, a link says, “Click Here For More Underwear Photos,” click and you come up with basically the same images of advertisement, then as if that wasn’t confusing enough, there is a “Pick Your Favorite Photo Category” and guess what….there are NONE to choose from! What is up with that?

Alright, I’ll stop my complaining and get to the information about the images that are here so you’ll know what to expect. I must admit I haven’t seen many guys on this site that were what I would call handsome, so I think I’ll just pick a dick and go for the stats. An Oriental looking gentleman sitting cross-legged and seeming to be the last person you would ever expect to see on a gay porn site caught my interest, so we’ll slip into him and see what we’ve got. Oh, by the way, he’s called, “Helicopter Man.” Well, I know this is going to sound like I’m experiencing PMS or something, but I so hope the movies are better than the images I’m viewing. Helicopter Man on Male Video Network is great at posing, even shows the removal of his underwear as some sort of achievement, he spreads his legs nice and wide, showing you what he was given at birth, but let me tell you this much, it’s not much and what is there never even got semi-erect! There are 32 images of the most blah booty content. Let’s try Ulises next just so I’m not jumping the gay gun here and making assumptions that might have just been a bad gallery. Well, we nearly made it through all 55 of his images before seeing much reaction from his dick. Couldn’t they have popped in a porno or something in the background to prime these men before the camera started clicking? The thumbs are nicely sized at 120x160 pixels, with a pale gray background even these images without borders do show up clear and nice on the page. Enlarging these shots will bring the size of, 450x600 pixels. Not much in bragging rights for the images on this site. Ok, let’s shoot for the vids….
Opening up the video page on this site it shows some of the newest content added broken down into categories. They also give you text links with headings such as, amateur, bare-back, behind the scenes, black, blow-job, European, fetish, group-sex, hard-core, older men and twinks to name a few. I always root for the new ones trying to break into the boy biz, so I think I’ll check out the amateur section and see how well the rookies do. Ok, apparently everyone else on this site knows their stuff and has flaunted it before because there is only one couple sharing the amateur section. Louie and Pascal are the two brunettes that are going to be shown in motion. I think this website just made a large improvement. When I opened up these brown haired boys there are 5 clips to their credit, each one offered in streaming and/or download in WMV or MPEG formats. I think I’ll check out the 5th clip first, the last one always seems to be the one that holds the best action.

After buffering for a few seconds, play started with the sort of action that I was expecting from this website. It was so clear and carried anal penetration, masturbation and both guys shooting for the stars,…well, at least for their bellies as the launch of their cum spewed all over their soft skin. The stats for this particular clip is as follows, It ran 2:42 in time, it’s 548Kbps and the video size is, 320x240. I’m finding the clips throughout all are pretty close to those same numbers, so that gives you a rough idea of what you’re looking at. Going through the other vids that are offered, I am happy to announce that good-looks did prevail after all, there were some very handsome men offered in the movies. Each area holds 4-6 clips each. Ok, I must admit the “Older Men” group turned out to be my pick of the long dick litter. This site does have some very nice action packed into 900+ clips.

The videos really did redeem this site in my eyes. So just remember, if you come here for some hot pics, keep going, but the clips they offer are abundant and hot. Even the ones taken in outdoor type of settings where the lighting wasn’t so great, came out wonderful. The bit of darkness they showed really cast shadows of reality to them. I will tip my hat on these clips and anxiously tell you to await more since this site does offer daily updates. You’ll find some really hot scenes of going bare-back without a condom in sight, solo masturbation pleasures and multiple men that are all groping for the goods. br/>
Under the “Plugins” link there was one thing found here, it’s called, “Bare” and they say that these are long time lovers that have no need for condoms in the most intimate of situations. “Bonus Sites” offers again just one item, titled, “Street Bait” and the description of it says, that the mission is to trick and deceive young, straight tender virgin assholes right off the street and give them the taste of meat for the first time. Mmm, sounds like fun! The “Live Shows” feature of Male Video Network comes to you from a site by the name of, “I’m Live.” They say here you can chat with their hot studs from all over the world, you get off while they do the same.


Well, there is good and bad with this site. The photos in my opinion were pretty bad, a small amount to start with, and the models that graced the Kodak moments just weren’t enough to make me breathe hard, and some of them didn’t even have erections themselves! As for the videos, the quality in the clips was wonderful, so clear and so action filled, with a ton of them to choose from, however in the intro it promised full length…those I never found. Unless I was looking in the wrong place, which there was not anywhere else to go, each folder held 4-6 clips only, and there were no full playing vids.
Inspector: Luke Preston
Attention: this site has been closed
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