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They say the brain is the largest sex organ in the body, so stimulate that organ with some hot reading material from this website.
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Mon Mouth says it’s rentboy diaries, a shameless smut outlet. All I know is, I really enjoyed it here. They have what is labeled, “Boinking Good Reads” and they aren’t lying. Some great blogging goes along with all the exceptional sexual text that you find here. The archives are dated back to the year 2003, so you are going to have plenty of porn to keep you “up” all night long.
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Date: 05.20.2018
Alice and I met at a book launch where she arrived alone and I with a friend who had heard that such events were great for picking up sex-mad literary vixens. This took place in the roomy upstairs of a Soho pub, and I made directly for the bar while my companion secured a table with some acquaintanc… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Cliterati, the pioneering purveyors of erotica, are up for the Cosmo blog awards. Rarely do I plug stuff on this blog, but now's the time to do so. The site is founded and run by fabulous writers and editors who have put my stuff in books.Vote here for the Cliteratists so they can get the C… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Pouting lips are evocative for me. I can't resist imagining whether they somehow match, reflect or imitate the owner's labia in their plumpness, shape or tendency to protrude when aroused. Sometimes the labia minora can be reticent and slim in repose, but with a bit of stimulation they grow … read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Cheryl was interested in fingers... Grasping her shoulders, guiding her into place, bending her over. She wanted to wait for them. Feel the tingle and rush of blood downwards while the fingertips traced a line along her spine from neck to tailbone. She wanted to be told to wait. And she certainly wa… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Veronica shared a council flat on the upper level of a building long-since sold to the mortgage-owning middle classes. One period feature of cold-war era design remained - an echoing concrete stairwell at the centre, connecting the long shared balcony along the front leading to the front entrances o… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Excuse me, miss - could you hand me that book over there?No, the one further down... all the way down - yes, bend over like that. Bottom shelf, please.No, not that one... further to the left.What? No, I'm not feeling your bum, just steadying you. It's hard to keep your balance bent over like… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
"Look at your reflection in the window. This is what he sees."Arse raised high, I had arranged her so that the voyeur's view would be in profile. Dolores was bent over in a tight curl, her wrists bound with soft white rope to the sturdy legs of the footstool on one side. Her ankles were cuffed t… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
There were no preliminaries once we entered my room. One wall was all glass, overlooking a gray concrete car park (such is the beauty of the central location). I instructed Dolores to put her hands on the window, and take a close look at the shadowy recesses of the building across the way."There'… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
The advert I put up on Craigslist was simple. I asked for a voyeur in Manchester, someone who would be our eyewitness: "That's as close as you'll get."I put it up maybe 20 minutes before Dolores showed up to meet me at the hotel bar. She breezed in, short, petite, and unusually blonde for so… read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Some things were not working out for Ms. T - most frustratingly her body had rebelled against our plans for fucking by starting her period an hour before I was due to arrive.She emailed me while I was on the way, starting the message: "Consider this a test of your patience, resourcefulness and sense… read more »
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