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My Messy Ashley

This unusual site stars a busty amateur babe who likes to get wet and messy, covering her nude body with food.
Site type: Pay site, category: Single Models, Fetish
Complete review published on 11.29.2013
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This site stars a busty brunette who allows herself to be covered in pasta, pies, breakfast cereal, icing, and other messy foods. Parents yell at their children for playing with their food but now that she’s all grown up, Ashley can get naked and go to town spreading foodstuff all over her curvy body. If you’ve got a fetish for the wet and messy niche, Ashley’s your girl.

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Over 19 videos about 5 minutes each (download)
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$29.95 / one month (recurring)
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For some reason I always feel compelled to try to understand the strange sexual fetishes we have in this wacky world of ours, and the wet and messy fetish is no exception. The only thing I can think of is that all those years of our parents scolding us for playing with our food means we now get a guilty thrill every time we spread some messy foodstuff all over our naked lover. Or perhaps some people love both food and sex, so it makes sense to combine the two somehow. Whatever the reason, this unusual porn niche seems to have become more and more popular in recent years, as several sites like My Messy Ashley have popped up on the web.

This one is a fairly straightforward video site from the mind of Messy John, who has created similar websites such as Splosh Me, Messy Kelly, and WAM TGP. John says his newest advertisement for a messy roommate brought him sweet young d-cup Ashley, a lovely brunette who is very willing to cater to his messy desires. John shoots the site in high-definition, offering the movies in Quicktime and Ipod-friendly formats for both the best video quality possible and the most portable. The basic premise of the site is that Ashley gets naked and covers or allows her body to be covered with various messy things, mostly food. This is either exciting or disgusting, depending on your own personal preferences, but I imagine if you’re not into the wet and messy scene, you’re probably not reading this review.
Creampies mean something completely different on My Messy Ashley than they do on other porn sites and getting “pied” means getting your naked body covered with messy pies of various colors. Besides the pie attacks, Ashley puts her feet in cake batter, gets chained up and soaked with a water gun, has ice water poured all over her white t-shirt, coveres her topless body in Spaghettios, gets her boobs coated in macaroni and cheese, has breakfast cereal and milk poured all over her, has icing dumped on her head, pours brownie batter over her nude body, gets relish poured down her panties, and also gets cranberries dumped into her panties. Depending on your tolerance level for the messy fetish and the types of food you like to see on a naked body, you’ll either find these videos extremely erotic, somewhat disgusting, or maybe even a little of both.

A video on this site that will appeal directly to foot fetishists is the one where Ashley breaks out a brand new pair of black high heels, puts them on her feet, and then plops her feet into a giant bowl of pink cake batter. She lets the batter ooze into her shoes and between her toes, splashing her feet around in the batter for several minutes. She then pulls her tootsies out of the bowl and models her messy feet for the camera. There’s no nudity in this particular video, but if you’re into sexy feet, you’ll love it.

The most mainstream videos on My Messy Ashley are the two wet t-shirt videos, which any guy will like regardless of their opinion of the wet and messy fetish. In one Ashley gets her hands chained behind her back so she can’t resist as her white t-shirt is sprayed relentlessly with a Super Soaker. In another, John pours ice water all over her shirt until her hard nipples peek through the fabric. Towards the end of the movie, she actually removes her wet shirt completely so we get an unhampered view of her natural d-cups, which are usually covered in goo in all the other videos. Those amazing boobies alone are worth the price of admission, especially in their high-definition glory.

Finally, we get to the extremely messy content, the relish, the pasta, the brownie batter, and especially the pies, which are in several of the videos. The sight of green hot dog relish poured into a girl’s panties while she wears them is not something I ever want to see again, but I’m sure it’s some one out there’s greatest fantasy. Most wet and messy fans, however, will enjoy the several times Ashley gets pied, especially her first time ever, which happens in bed. On her first visit with John, he has her lie on her back in a nice clean bed, and then slams a green pie in her face. She lifts up her shirt and he smashes a yellow pie into her bare breasts. Then another colored pie goes up her skirt onto her panties and legs before a fourth and final pie lands on her bare feet. This isn’t the last time Ashley gets pied on the site, but it is the most entertaining video, as she’s definitely more nervous and giggly because she doesn’t have much experience making wet and messy videos at this point.


Unless you’re a wet and messy fanatic, you probably won’t want to shell out the money for this modest assortment of exclusive high-definition fetish videos. There’s no bonus content on the site to speak of, but true fans of quality messy food videos and busty amateurs won’t be disappointed with Ashley’s quality scenes.
Inspector: Rictor
Attention: this site has been closed
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