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Naked Gord

Gorgeous amateur models, hardcore BDSM, medieval machines, and a real-life mad scientist to operate them. If that's not a recipe for success, I don't know what is.
Site type: Pay site, category: Bdsm, Bizarre
Complete review published on 12.06.2011
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I've seen a lot of machinery fetishism and BDSM sites in my day, but rarely any as imaginative as Naked Gord. Instead of stocking his site with the usual sybians and other generic sex machines, he decided to think outside the box. The result of which was a wonderful mixture of fuck toys/torture devices, many of which can't be seen outside of the site. Gord describes himself as 'diabolical." Well, judging by his obvious sexual deviance and extreme knack for creating these monstrous devices, I'd say that's an accurate assessment.

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Over 780 videos about 12 minutes each (download)
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$31.95 / one month (recurring)
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Young femdom in latex humiliating her mature submissive lady Girl getting legs wide spread and suspended head over heels Gagged ponytail hoe being tied up and given fantastic orgasm


What you see is what you get at Naked Gord. They lay it all out there on the tour, which has an identical layout to the members area. In addition, they've added in a "Free Area" where guests can sample the goods. And seeing as how he's been updating regularly since 2005, the updates are plentiful. The content itself is displayed throughout the middle of the page, can be filtered by menus on the left-hand side of the page using 9 different categories Machines, Models, Activities, Accessories, Sex, Bondage Positions, Bondage Materials, Materials, and Miscellaneous each of which has 30 subcategories. As is, narrowing down content with pin-point accuracy is a cinch. I would, admittedly, liked to have seen a more advanced search tool. With the current setup, however, I suppose it's hardly necessary.

I also really dig how they've setup each video/gallery page. Updates are listed in chronological order by default, and the pages contain plenty of information to aid you in your quest for your own personal BDSM 'holy grail' scene. And in addition to six very large thumbnails, you'll also have descriptive tags, an extremely in-depth, detailed synopsis, even a trailer. Most of these, I should add, can be seen before entering the actual page. Hell, they even let you know the number of photos in the gallery ahead of time.

The content here is fucking killer. As I write this, my balls are absolutely drained from watching too many of these damn scenes. Normally I'm pretty good at keeping my composure when watching this sort of stuff, but old Gord's really nailed the whole bondage genre and made it his own. Plus, you've just got to appreciate a man who is mechanically inclined. I can't recall ever being at any sort of machine fetishism site with such a wide variety of devices catering to such a diverse group of fetishes. If anything, you have to applaud the guy for his creativity, his ability to recycle "junk" from his garage into highly functional, macabre looking devices. I mean, how can you not love a guy who can take a 10 foot step ladder, high powered vibrator, a little plywood, and what looks to be a tabletop converted into stocks. Throw in some electrodes and you got yourself one devastating orgasm-maker!

Watching these scenes, you can tell Gord has really mastered the art of making pain and pleasure indivisible. The lines are often blurred immediately. He often starts the scene being somewhat gentle as he setups the device. He might start out with gentle caressing well, as gentle as they can be from a working man's hard, calloused hands and, in the blink of the eye, switches to hard slaps and scratches, then back to a soft, pleasant massage. The squirming bodies, the looks of confusion, terror, and pleasure ... it's enough to fill your belly button with ejaculatory fluid.

The latest episodes are usually split up into three 10 minute sections: Installation, Scene, and Interview. That's in chronological order. To be honest, I think I would have preferred the interview to be beforehand. During the initial setup, you usually don't get much out of the girl other than a little nervous. Personally, I find it a lot hotter to get to know the girl beforehand. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the post-scene interviews were rather hot. Seeing the girl all red and covered in sweat, shaken up, describing her experiences, it's enough to get you ready to go all over again. Very hot.

The latest videos are available in stunning, HD quality MPEGs and Windows Media files. Play-back quality was excellent and I found the camera-work and lighting to be far superior to most of the bondage sites out there, particularly the mom and pop variety. The editing is solid and the operator always zooms in on the good bits right in the nick of time. Once you go a little further back in the archive, you'll naturally find files of a much lower quality. I wasn't so much bothered by that as I was the lack of a clear-cut streaming option. I also would have preferred being able to download the scene all in one file as opposed to the 3 sections. Nonetheless, I'd still give the video section a solid A, if anything for the sheer hotness of the scenes.

The only section of the site I could say I was disappointed at all in would be the photo galleries. The resolution and image quality hasn't changed all that much since the site's debut 7 years ago, which is definitely a drag. On the bright side, they've made the galleries really unique by giving you a play-by-play of precisely what was happening every 10 images or so. It makes browsing the galleries feel akin to a reading an erotica short but without the need for a vivid imagination. You can expect an average of 130 photos per gallery. There's really no fancy viewers or anything, but full galleries can be downloaded compressed in a ZIP.


If you're serious about your machine fetish or just bondage in general, then I cannot recommend Naked Gord to you enough. The site's been at it just shy of 7 years, and the scenes as well as Gord's over the top inventions have shown continual improvement throughout the years, both in terms of raw quality and creativity. True, it's not the cheapest monthly rate, but I think the price is more than made up for by the unique content and incredible ingenuity of its webmaster. This one's a real steal.
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