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One Life, Take Two

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Have you had to lead a secret life, only to be tossed into real life and having to make your choices as to who you really want to be?This is the story
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The man’s name is Jefferson and trying to bet the best person he can be while still being able to be his own person is what this site is all about. Entry after entry of writings that surmise the trials and tribulations that he is going through every day in his “normal” life. He blogs his way through retaining his convictions on this site called, One Life, Take Two. I enjoyed reading through it.
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Date: 05.20.2018
Here??s a dream from last night:? My wife Kate and I are at a comedy show at a small bar venue. We??re seated separately. She??s opposite the stage. I??m under a platform tech nest. I wave at her and she smiles back. I indicate that I??ve brought a French press of coffee if she??d care for some. She takes a cup and returns to her seat. I continue to watch the show, though my view is obscured by a read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Don't Andy Warhol look natural? New York, New York. April 26, 2018. read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Here??s a dream from last night: I??m a child in a gang of feral children. We??re running around inside an old Art Deco department store after hours. There??s a show going on in an attached theater; I think that??s where the adults are situated. With them preoccupied, we have the run of the place, but only so long as they aren??t aware.? I find a Christmas display area where many children are read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Normal.dotm 0 0 1 3232 18424 housing works 153 36 22625 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Visiting the home of Emily Dickinson. Amherst, Massachusetts. April 14, 2018. At the conclusion of an hour-long tour, the guide asked if anyone had any last questions.? A young woman asked, "Wasn't Emily Dickinson a lesbian?" The tour went well over time.? read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Under Mapplethorpe's eyes. Gladstone Gallery, New York, New York.? April 7, 2018. read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
March For Our Lives, New York, New York. Outside the Dakota,? where John Lennon was gunned down. March 24, 2018.? read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Shirley Jackson is best known for writing ???The Lottery,??? a short story published in The New Yorker in 1948. It would become one of the century's best-known short stories, while its author otherwise slipped into relative literary obscurity. Ruth Franklin??s A Rather Haunted Life is a salutary corrective to her legacy, returning her to the canon of critically and commercially successful read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Here??s a dream from last night.? A disused porch is reduced to a passage from the kitchen at the rear of the house to the yard; we rarely play there any more. There??s not much of the house that I??ve ever known, just the kitchen, though I know it well. My brother G is excited for a party at the house tonight. The party is soon and I??m anxious. I can see that no preparations have been made, read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Here??s a dream from last night. I??ve acquired an antique glass terrarium of sorts, octagonal with multi-faceted panes, about the size of a large platter. At some point it was fitted as a diorama, with dinosaurs fixed in one corner and, opposite, suspended from the top, two figures and a small dog. I understand the narrative to be that the dinosaurs were going to attack but these godlike read more »
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