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Panty Perv

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This blog contains smoking hot ladies wearing pretty panties and silky smooth thongs that expose their bare asses and are tight around their pussies.
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Panty Perv is all about underwear. These girls are gorgeous and they love to show off the new Victoria Secret panties they just bought. They'll try on their whole collection for the camera. There's every kind of panty here, from white cotton bikini cuts panties to classic silk thongs. You'll love how these girls describe how their panties feel on their pussies and how they enjoy turning you on.
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Date: 08.27.2006

I redesigned yesterday and already it’s making more sales. This truly was a learning experience for me.

I learned that people don’t just but the product they buy the packaging.

By that I mean, the images are all the same. I had spent 2 weeks going thru all the photos and cropping them all for the tour. Then as it turns out, people just didn’t like that tour. I needed a new design and quick. I wasn’t about to re-select, and re-crop 200 images again… read more
Date: 08.22.2006

As most of you know, asian women are the most sought after women in the world. Some of you may also know that BBW (Big Beautiful Women) are also sought after.

Asian women are coveted for their exotic look and ancient sexual secrets that are still not yet fully explored. BBW are wanted for their sensuality and truly feminine features. It’s very rare, no, it’s EXTREMELY rare to find a woman that posesses both traits with such a high degree of quality.

My business partner and I have b… read more
Date: 08.22.2006 Go check out my friend’s blog. He’s funny as hell. He travels all over the world shooting porn and doing dirty things to people. But under that rough exterioir is a nice, kind warm hearted bastard! LOL.

Go, you’ll like it.

read more
Date: 08.21.2006

Ok, so as a video editor it’s my job to watch and edit videos. Well this one was posted on a bulletin board and was just screaming “REPOST ME!” so, here it is. It’s so fuckin’ funny. And, oddly enough it’s totally true. The site really exists, and works.

Peep this video then, do as I have done, and repost it.

Copy this URL and repost it everywhere.

read more
Date: 01.21.2006

People say there is good money in gay blogs… I think it’s time we explore the possibilities.

read more
Date: 10.25.2005

Well, I got a call from an old friend today, Mandy Blake. Our conversation was going fine then she sent me this pic. I’m not sure what else she said after sending this pic, I kinda got sidetracked and wasn’t paying attention.

HOLY CRAP those are some big ass tits!! Look they’re bigger than her head! WOW! I’m at a loss for words. She could feed a starving nation with those things.

Speaking of feeding. Go watch her eating videos. (she makes me hungry. LOL) I can never … read more
Date: 10.21.2005

So RACKnRUMP finally got approved by VISA!!! WOOHOO!! While it was being approved I built a new tour for it. Go check it out, I think you’ll like it.

Within a few minutes of it being live it got a sale, so I assume that’s a good sign.

More to come…

read more
Date: 10.18.2005

Just sit back… relax… I want you to focus on the middle of this image for 1 minute. Relax… You are getting sleepy. You are getting sleeeeeeeepy. Your eyelids are heavy. Relax. You are getting very tired, you are getting….. JOIN TODAY!!! … very tired.

read more
Date: 10.17.2005

Sluts Unite, that’s what is says on this french prostitutes banner on her RACK. What I want to know is… why is it when they show a hooker, they always find the nastiest one? If your choice was to fuck this girl and pay for it, or jerk off for free, wouldn’t you just fuck your hand for free?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slamming this girl for being ugly. God h… read more
Date: 10.14.2005

Well, it tooka few days for to complete it’s credit card processing installation but it’s finally official. We’re now open for business.

I hope it all goes well, with girls like Gianna, It’s gonna be hard to go wrong.

The site is loaded with girls like Gianna. Her masive RACK is to die for. And she’s an awesome girl to hang out with. She came over just 2 nights ago with one of my partners for the site, and she was really down to earth.

As an edi… read more
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