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Pimp Passport

Someone has just handed you a sack full of sexual delight, shake it up, reach inside and you'll find juicy joy from your choice!
Site type: Pay site, category: Site Networks, Hardcore
Complete review published on 03.01.2014
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With nipples hard, mounds shaved clean, earrings dangling, and of course juices flowing, this site is offering you the gateway into their gooeyness that holds hardcore pleasure from beginning to end. This tour area displays just what youíre wanting to see, and itís in multiples from this network, all pledged to hold the highest of quality from their high count image and video sets.

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Over 22855 videos about 15 minutes each (download and stream)
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$1.02 / two days (recurring)
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Pimp Passport / Gallery #5252090 Horny brunette chick in black latex boots and stockings gets her trimmed snatch Sweet brunette girl Nicole in white blouse and red mini-skirt gets her shaved pu Lucky heavy breasted Emily George gets her juicy cunt shafted after nicely given


Your first peek into the main membership area of Pimp Passport will tell you Ė your travels have brought you home, with horniness. Theyíve done a lovely job of giving you what they have, in the easiest way possible upon your eyes. A handful of updates are first and foremost, followed by the numerous sites to this network itself, broken down beautifully and done with just the right amount of color combination and brightness that makes a loud statement against this white backdrop. This is one of those porn in good taste type of presentations, which always strikes a chord of a fine eye and creative hand being in the mix.

One thing I notice in breezing through the sites in my first initial exploration is the fact that the dates are a bit hit miss with their new material, theyíll go from the year 2004 to the present month of Sept. 2009, so maybe they were a bit neglectful but have decided to begin building again? I am finding through my scurrying through the sexiness of numerous niches to this network that they werenít as lax for all sites involved, although Iíve yet to find one that remains regular with the new material.

Thus far Iím finding the same basic layout from each of the 11 sites to this network, which is good, you donít have to feel as though youíre learning navigation over and over again. Itís simple, itís basically a bit on the plain side, and yet enough razzle-dazzle to make their sexual statement. They do, as promised, offer streaming or downloadable videos, with no rhyme or reason to the type of quality you get between sets of all sites, some will hold the HD in streaming, while others through the download, itís sporadic in places. The technical numbers are good, riding the fence on normal in some areas, to well above average in others, keeping things high enough to make you happy you signed up. So far, the biggest nuisance Iíve come across has been the first time you go into any of the sites, you have to apply username and passwordÖand since Iím doing the gala crowd of cunning porn, thatís a lot of repeat action.

Before going into more detail of the sites themselves, there are a couple of things I want to make mention of. First of all, as I touched on lightly above in this write up, they keep the layout the same throughout the sites, which is an excellent choice, however, they didnít do that with the quality offered, and from there it does wander a bit into the head scratching stage. Nothing is permanent from site to site, or set to set for that matter in how you can view the clips, some are HD, some are not, it would just be nice for this network to keep an even keel of presentation in some places. Also, on a plus side, they offer something Iíve not seen before when the clips begin playing, your own personal graphic equalizer, giving you just what you want, how you want it, nice job for that extra that keeps them standing out in a crowd!
As Iíve made mention of, there are 11 sites total to this network, and each one deserves their own introduction to you readers, giving you a synopsis of what youíll find. I will say in an overall expression of what Iíve found, there are some of the loveliest women to Pimp Passport, all of them holding the uniqueness to their personalities that comes through loud and clear in their films and images. They have the individual erotic side to their nature that will enhance your viewing pleasure.

X Movie Zone: From the footage of this site youíll find not really a single niche to bank on, but more of a broad-view to their ball busting footage. With a range of softcore in places, and hardcore in most, youíll find the oral, anal, group and of course masturbation as well, which is always a recipe for a Saturday night Ė home alone, no one but you and your lotion to pass the time away.

Teen 18 Exposed: Just imagine in your mindís eye the naughty little things that barely legal babes can get themselves into and youíll find a relative closeness to those visions from this installment. A few of the girls, in this reviewerís opinion, looked a bit over the ripe age of 18, but not by too many years and they kept the action seductive. Theyíre utilizing their learnerís permits to porn by taking on men, at times in multiples, and also sharing lesbian lust from this parcel.

Shemale Lollipops: The title is self explanatory in the fact that this array of arousal is going to hold those chicks with dicks that can pleasure any gender, while of course finding the juiciness for themselves. Sharing the screen with these lovely ladies packing their peckers in panties will be men and women alike, not to mention multiple shemales that will keep the hardcore action going beautifully.

She Fucks Her: This quickly became one of my favorite parts of this network mostly because the women were so delicate, so tender and seductive from most of the sets, it was more than enjoyable to view. They have all of the tools of their traded needed for orgasm driven footage, which includes fingers, tongues and toys.

Hentai Uncensored: Iíve always been such a fan of the artistic talents for those that bring these wide-eyed and heavy hooter-ed drawings to the screen. The reality is so consuming, youíll find these sketched sexual creatures almost seem to take on their own personality while you watch them playing out porn in itís most hardcore fashion.

GoGo Pornstars: Iím not sure where to begin in expression how much beauty and lust youíre going to find from this portion of the porn pie. They have the attitude, the moves, the look, and of course the bodies that spell out sex each way you see them. Some gorgeous interracial desires will play out from this site, not to mention the rest they have to offer, each increment is a treasure for pleasure.

Glamour Blowjobs: From this site itís all about the feminine charm that will coax the trouser snake free for the oral delights they want to express, not to mention the girl/girl endeavors that will play out as well. Sexy lingerie, long, shimmering hair, every womanly type of wonder will be wooing the goo from your gonads!

Excellent Handjobs: Youíll not be able to look past the beauty of the bodies from this site, each girl is lovely, shapely, and holding that look of determination in their eyes that says they are out for pulling that load of cum from the balls of their partner, and they have the talented fingers and palms that theyíll place on the shaft and then shift for their expertise in jerking joy.

Backdoor Pumpers: A few soft kisses, some roaming hands over hard nipples, a finger tip or tongue to the clit and these babes are so lost in the moment, theyíll give up anything just for the ecstasy theyíre desiring, which means the deep plunging of anal sex, deployed by big cocks and leaving those gaping holes that we all enjoy seeing after the semen has been shot.

Asian Porn Exposed: The delicate side to these petite females gives them that China doll look, the sort of heirloom you want to protect and preserve, but when you get them turned on, they go wild with the wetness and beg for the banging! Whether it happens with a toy placed on and in just the right areas, or multiple cocks feeding them with a fury, these girls will definitely show you what hardcore porn is all about.

Amateur Porn Hunt: Is there anything sexier than viewing those lovely young women that are determined to make a sexual splash in the porn world? Theyíll get naughty and down right dirty to assure them a spot on this site that holds the unfamiliar faces, or maybe they could be familiar to you, if they share your neighborhood. The loveliness of their bodies speaks volumes and what they do with those bodies will be the loudest of all!


There were many high points to the network, Pimp Passport, a few things as well that I didnít care for and found to be a problem, but overall, they offer the right niches and definitely the right amount of content, however, the topic of regular activity in their updating does concern me. The quality carried its own beautifully, just a bit erratic in what you get from where, it varies greatly. Youíll find a little softcore, but mostly hardcore enjoyment, and well worth your time.
Inspector: Missy
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