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Pornstars Punishment

When a woman is “taken” in the realm as what you'll see here, it's a feeling they won't forget anytime soon but will crave for the passion and power!
Site type: Pay site, category: PornStars, Rough Sex, Hardcore
Complete review published on 05.10.2011
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[v]Intro promises(5)

When they go bad, they get it good! Hot babes crossed the line with their womanly way of flaunting and teasing and the men have taken all they’re going to, now it’s time to give. Pornstars Punishment is showing a beautiful tour area that holds huge advertising shots of just how brutal this hardcore entertainment is pledged to be. Being a part of Brazzers says quality, action and bonuses galore!

[v]Content Amount(4)Last updated on June 09, 2012.

Over 130 episodes about 30 minutes each (download and stream)
DRM: No restrictions
+ Full Movies, Multi-Bandwidth
WMV (2360kb/s, 768x432)
MPEG (1800kb/s, 768x432)
Flash (768x432)
iPod/PSP (425kb/s, 320x240)
WMV (12800kb/s, 1980x1080)
Over 130 galleries about 700 pictures each
+ Video captures, Zip archives
3rd Party Feeds, Bonus Sites, Model Index, Message Board, Live Chat

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$1 / two day (recurs $39.95/month) (recurring)
$19.95 24.95 / one month (recurring)
$59.95 / three months (recurring)
$95.4 / one year (non-recurring)
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Payment options: Credit Cards, Online Check

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There’s something about the way the word Brazzer’s rolls off of your lips that tells you something good will be waiting inside, and you’re right! This has always been a fan favorite network for me, mostly for their niches, the way they present the pornography with a plot line and nice quality, rounding things out in a way that makes the entire erotic experience one that will make you a fan as well. I wasn’t disappointed when entering the swinging doors of this site. Even though they have so many sites and so many different condiments to coat your sex with, they take you right to the intended site, with user friendly navigation.

Ok, let’s get the mundane and yet important factors out of the way, so we can focus on the hardcore entertainment this site is bringing to your computer…..and more. First of all, thankfully, they show dates of freshness, from which I found this site came to life at about the same time you were prepping your turkey for Thanksgiving last year, and they have kept with a regime of weekly updates, they promised that in tour, they delivered in membership. As I’ve already mentioned, finding everything you want will not be an issue, they have a nice way of keeping things organized, while at the same time pleasing to the eye. You’ll have from individual sets everything boxed into one page – everything that pertains to that block of Brazzers enjoyment. Those things will include videos, high quality pics, screen caps, and a place to leave comments….no muss, no fuss.

Now, I can’t wait any longer to tell you the action is extremely hot from this site! It’s all that was pledged through the introductory area and more. These babes are so hot, with their partially unbuttoned blouses that not only display the top of their lace capped lingerie made bras, but the heaving cleavage of their big tits as well. With a little strap showing on the shoulder, and of course short dresses with thigh high stockings, and lest we not forget those stimulating high heels, oh yeah, these girls come to the front of fornication with sex on their minds, and they know exactly how to flaunt it!
Keep up with my excitement here, because if you could see me sitting at my desktop computer, I would remind you of a mad-hatter sort of persona, with the sweat flying from my brow while my fingers go with such speed across the keyboard, stopping now and then to twirl the tips of moustache….well, ok, there’s no moustache, but you get the picture. I have watched many of their installments, enjoying the storyline behind them, the way the girls are bouncing and flirting, trying to drive their intended wild with their womanly charms and that that pivoting point when the man decides if they want to act that way, then they’ll be treated that way! Pornstars Punishment truly is a perfect title for this site, because it goes beyond hardcore in the realm of power, control, the sort of, “I’ll show you bitch!” sort of attitude!

There is no mercy shown at all, they literally exhibit that raw sort of passion that most every woman has dreamed of experiencing in her life. I mean, flowers, candy, a candlelight dinner and of course those sweet nothings whispered into the ear are indeed endearing, but there’s also that side of a gal that aches to know that feeling of just being taken. No anything that says they care, just the expression of want. That is what this site is all about, being slammed over a desk, tossed to the floor, the skirt hiked high over the shapely asses while panties are ripped free to expose those nether regions that the man has already staked claim to. Usually from behind they ram and jam their cocks deeply within, no foreplay, just give me that pinkness and give it to them now!

And if you think these girls are going to be sore the next day, you’re exactly right, but there will be more than the inside of their thighs that may show some bruising, because the oral sex is sensational! Their hair is pulled to brace their head right where they want it, and from there it’s good ol’ fashioned face fucking! No licking and using sensual motions to make their blood boil, oh no, these men literally drive their dicks with such force, they must be feeling some teeth as well as tongue. Oh, and just so you know, they didn’t find men with those little appendages, they are well hung and they definitely utilize every thick inch.

What compliments the action itself is the nice quality to their footage, and rightfully so, nothing else would have allowed this sort of impact to be placed on the pages. There are numerous formats, with a stream or the downloading options. The HD promised through tour is there, in browser viewing or download, you have a choice of either HD or SD, but believe me, it’s all good. Download times aren’t bad at all, especially when you see they’ve broken things into episodes as well, with an approximate run time of 5 minutes each, or the full video can be opted for as well. Do keep in mind however that the HD will take quite a while for the full version to arrive on your screen, even with my connection speed it’s over two hours in process.

There are high quality pictures and caps, with the thumbs spread out perfectly, giving the cherry on top to this sundae of sexuality! The folder counts are large! They are a bit modest with the browser enlargement sizes, just a smidge, but they could have gone much larger with no distortion whatsoever. But that is a small item in the big overall picture of greatness they offer here, which does include a slideshow and a ZIP download.


All it takes is 2 minutes spent within the membership area of Pornstars Punishment to realize you’ve more than made the right decision in signing up for membership. They are keeping with the pledged weekly updates, not a huge count at this time, but the site isn’t that old to start with. From there, nice quality, easy navigation and of course the action itself makes this site a winner. It’s backed up by the Brazzers Network, which means goodness lives!
Inspector: Missy
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