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Real Dogging

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This blog is focused on dogging, which is a British pastime involving real people having sex in public places.
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Real Dogging is a free blog that features picture and movie galleries of real people fucking in public places. You’ll see drunk cheating wives and girlfriends, amateur babes of all kinds, and even some famous porn hotties like Raven Riley. The focus is on dogging but there’s a lot of other types of adult content here as well.
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Date: 08.01.2015
Fat Meloned Ex-girlfriend Bitch In Nylons Karen Washing Her Huge Ass At The Shower
This is karen, we were together for almost 3 years, I had THOUGHT that everything was cool, but how wrong was I! I had gotten contacted by my work that they needed me to head to Texas for a few weeks to help oversee a new plant that was opening up, I talked it over with karen and she agreed that I should go, she however would not be able to go, I decided to go cause we really needed the money,while I was gone we talked almost everyday by phone, and online, she sent me these nude photos of herself to help me get by while we were apart, I also sent her some as well. Long story short when I got home I got a MASSIVE surprise, she took off and cleaned my butt out, took EVERYTHING in the house! SO, I’m posting these photos BITCH! Dude J. Reford Mi.
Date: 08.01.2015
Spirited Blonde Ex-girlfriend In Red Hot Babydoll Jerzi Strips And Shows Her Round Butt
My buddy Jim hooked me up with Jerzi few years back, I had just gotten out of a BAD relationship with this total muff and needed to get my mind off of everything, Jerzi was the perfect cure indeed! she drove me wild sending me these petite videos of her stripping in front of her webcam, I’d get a new video every few days lol. after a few weeks of this I was compleatly over the other teen BUT then she called me, told me how sorry she was and that she really wanted to get back together, I was kind of a dumbass and I dumped Jerzi and went back to the vagina, needless to say it did not last. check out these videos Jerzi sent me Name and Location withheld
Date: 08.01.2015
Erotic Brunette Ex-girlfriend Whore Daisy Giving A Head Job A Massive Prick And Swallowing Seed
You remember my Ex Daisy? The bitch I met at a bar here in town, we hooked up for a bit back in 2006 it was ok I guess, she was good in bed and she LOVED to play games… the giant kind of games lol, I took photos and videos of her in various erotic lingerie, and even got some good videos of her sucking my cock. Well as I said before She lied to me about being pregnant, said she wanted an abortion, I geve her the money and I found out she used it to buy some riding stud a cell phone, the bitch wasn’t even pregnant! I just found more videos of her blowing me Hank M. Miss.
Date: 08.01.2015
Giant Boobed Blonde Exgirlfriend Harlot Jenni Lynn Pounding A Vibrator On The Couch
Guys, this is Jenni Lynn she was a hot little bitch I met at the bowling ally,she really had a thing for testicles lol. we dated for damn near 5 years and yeah it was full of ups and downs, but that’s every relationship, she was an eager beaver in the bedroom though, and she went out of my way to try and please me, she made these delectable videos for me so I could jack off to her while she was away visiting her mother but for some reason I just got tired of humping her, so one day while she was at work, I packed up my shit and these videos lol and I left, I’ve never seen her since Name and Location Withheld
Date: 08.01.2015
Busty Bisexual Exgirlfriend Trollop Jessica Gives Blowjob And Gets Penetrated In A Threesome
Well dudes, these two sluts are Jessica & Pystol I actually dated them both at the same time for a few months, now you might thinking that I’m one siren SOB but I swear to god it was humping ROUGH! allot more then I ever thought it could be, I mean having just one bitch is taxing enough on your wallet and your free time, now double that shit and get ready to pull out your pounding hair! There was allot of beauteour things though, the sex was unreal, many times it was a threesome AND we taped it. Sadly Jessica and Pystol decided that two was better then three and those sluts ran off together. Check out these videos from one of our ‘party nights’ Andy Y. Phoenix Arizonia
Date: 08.01.2015
Busty Exgirlfriend Harlot Kimmy Rubs Pink Cooshie And Gets Pierced Tongue Cummed
I have been dating this trollop Kimmy for 5 months, a few weeks ago we went to a Halloween Party, sadly my Uncle Frank had passed away early that Friday morning. That Saturday night after the party I spent the night at her house, and we made these videos but I had to get up really early to get home and get ready for the visitation with family. Now, I did the family thing on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday night I went to see her and when I left I accidentally grabbed a receipt that was on the table with some of the shit I took out of my pocket…when I got home I found it and it was a receipt from Applebees for double individuals dated the Sunday that I was at my Uncle’s visitation….she told me he did not do much that day and never mentioned Applebees at all… So when I confronted Kimmy about it, she straight up told me, she went out with her ‘pal’ from work and she pumped him. no remorse, no regrets WHAT A PUMPING WENCH! Terry H. Paradise RI.
Date: 08.01.2015
Fat Jugged Blonde Exgirlfriend Whore Allie Rubs Slit Through Black Thong
So, you remember my Ex Allie? the one I met on a dating site, we were dating and the slut still had her dating profile up and running, and just like her ad so was she, I found out she was picking up other studs from the dating site and fucking and giving a throat job them while WE were dating, well I just found some more of those videos she sent me, I’m lovely sure I’m not the only guy she sent these to but none the less enjoy. Brent C. Plymouth Mi.
Date: 08.01.2015
Sweety Brunette Exgirlfriend Lexi Sexton Washing Her Firm Body In Bath Tube
This little slut is named Lexi, I was hypnotized by her tight honey body, and I would have done damn near anything to keep her.. at least in the beginning. If you JUST looked at our sex life you would have thought I was the luckiest drilling guy in the world,I mean look at this whore, she has the perfect baby face, perky little tits, and ass that would stop a truck, and her taco.. I really miss that pussy! anyway the bitch cheated on me more then I care to admit, I guess I just wasn’t enough for her. I did get the last laugh though, I made these videos of her that I’m going to share with you all! Allen C. Vermont
Date: 08.01.2015
My Gf Loves Cum!
Robert from Michigan sent this picture today. She is Andrea, his Girlfriend. She loves to give blowjobs..
Date: 08.01.2015
Adorable Ex-girlfriend Slut Naudia Rio Gives Felatio And Swallows Cum
This little harlot is Naudia, I met her at the mall last year, she really was only into my wallet but I was WAY into her nasty body and tight cooter, I’d have her make me red hot videos and in return I’d take her back to the mall and take her shopping, it was a handsome good trade, she’d fuck and suck my silly AND I got some killer XXX videos of her too, after awhile she started to get a bit on the bitchy side, so I decided to stop taking her shopping and low and behold she left me for some fresh meat, I bet she never thought those videos would end up online though lol TROLLOP! Marcus A. Location Withheld
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