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Real Dogging

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This blog is focused on dogging, which is a British pastime involving real people having sex in public places.
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Real Dogging is a free blog that features picture and movie galleries of real people fucking in public places. You’ll see drunk cheating wives and girlfriends, amateur babes of all kinds, and even some famous porn hotties like Raven Riley. The focus is on dogging but there’s a lot of other types of adult content here as well.
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Date: 04.24.2014
Sightly Brunette Ex-girlfriend Whore Joselyn Giving Head A Thick Schlong
You see this slut? her name is Joselyn. I met her at the local strip joint here in Trenton She had always told me she was down for threesomes, and that was good by me! We had killer sex parties with different girls from the club, or random bitches she would pick up wherever. All was yummy till I came home one night and found this note taped to the TV it said “George, I’m leaving you, I’m in love with Shelly” What a fuckin chopper! but at least she did not find these videos I taped of her! George R. Trenton NJ
Date: 04.24.2014
Playful Busty Redhead Exgirlfriend Gets Hardcored Doggy, Gives Oral Sex And Swallows Jizz
Dudes this is Rucca, I dated her for almost a year, when it was good it was humping sassy, but when it was bad I honestly wanted to end this bitch! Rucca was really a lazy harlot, and all she seemed to do was wench and moan at me. sure she hammered me almost everyday AND she let me tape our fuck sessions, but all the bad issues Rucca had just ended up outweighing the sex. so I had to dump her butt and go find a new harlot. Here’s some more of the videos of us fucking. Mike R. Location Withheld
Date: 04.24.2014
Enchanting Blond Exgirlfriend Harlot Sandi Rose Sucking A Giant Cock Head
Hey Studs, remember Sandi? She’s the whore I met at the local laundry mat, she used to let me take yummy photos and videos of her and she would also send them to my phone while I was at work at least once every few weeks. Well, I ended up getting drunk and cheating on her, and to top it off I was scwewing dumb enough to be honest with her about it, she dumped me AND she told all her friends that I had herpes! THAT’S A FUCKING LIE! so, here’s my payback! these are some more of those videos I took of that whore! Jason A. Ontraio Ca.
Date: 04.24.2014
Naughty Brunette Exgirlfriend Slut Daisy Gives Oral Sex And Swallows Seed On Her Knees
this banging slut right here is Daisy, a bar fly from here in town, we hooked up for a bit back in 2006 it was ok I guess, she was sexy in bed and she LOVED to play games… the sensual kind of games lol, I took photos of her in various delectable fishnets, and even got some fine videos of her giving head my little buddy. Anyway she got pregnant, I was pissed, I really did not want kids, and I really did not want anything too serious in the first place, she told me she wanted to get an abortion so I was all for it, I gave her the money only to find out the bitch was never even pumping pregnant! in fact she used that money to buy some other dude a cellphone! check out these Videos I took of her giving a throat job my cock Hank M. Miss.
Date: 04.24.2014
Comelu Brunette Amateur Ex-girlfriend Whore In Lingerie Maria Toro Gives Handjob And Throat Job
So, this is Maria, she was our High School prom queen, we dated all through high school and we were going to get married a few years ago, she had gotten pregnant and we were so happy, but then the day the baby came, I was in for one hell of a shocker, after 22 hours of labor (and getting my butt yelled and screamed at by her drilling ass) out pops a bouncing baby nubile… a black teen, I was fucking livid! I stormed out of the hospital and went back home and tossed all of her shit out in the yard, I also lit all her clothes and shit on fire! I did save these videos though HA HA BITCH! Mark J. (Location Withheld)
Date: 04.24.2014
Fucking My Girlfriend Pussy At Xmas Time!
Matt from Dallas sent this nasty pic! Here you can see how he is fucking his girlfriend pussy! Wow, buddy, do you have more pics like this of your gorgeous girlfriend? We really need it! lol In this other pic who Matt sent we just don’t know if she is the same girlfriendthan in the other pic! but we will ask to Matt! Btw, if you want to see more amazing amateur porn pictures and videos, please ENTER HEREright now at You’ll get instant access to all the site, we got tons of amateurs nasty pictures and horny homemade videos! Real hot girlfriends posing and toying their clits just for you! Why don’t you just CUM to SEE it? The Real Amateur Homemade Porn Site!
Date: 04.24.2014
Bathing Beauty Ex-girlfriend Bitch Ami Jordan Smoking And Playing With Her Massive Jugs
Studs, this little whore right here is Ami, if you ever run into her STAY AWAY! this bitch took me for everything I had, and she even tried to get back with me a few weeks ago! what a stupid bitch! long story short, she was ‘homeless’ when I met her, she had just gotten kicked out of her parents house, I moved her in with me, hell nothing better then live in pussy right? while she was living with me she did nothing but lie, cheat on me and steal from me, when I finally had enough I kicked her booty to the riding curb! all I have now is these videos I made of her Mark A. Memphis Tenn.
Date: 04.24.2014
My Ex Girlfriend Selfpic
This hottie with the round ass is Melanie, Mike’s ex girlfriend. He could sent a pic who shows a little bit more, but…he likes this one, cause he said that this girl has one of the hottest asses ever. Want to see more hotties sluts ex girlfriends? Want real amateur sex and homemade pics sent by our members all over the world? Or maybe you just want to have some sexy and horny pics of real girlfriends? Click HERE and enter at RiGhT NoW !
Date: 04.24.2014
Large Meloned Brunette Ex-girlfriend Trollop Liz Showing Her Massive Arse
Hunks, It’s Chuck again, this is Liz I met her at a local Bob’s Large Boy here in town, she worked mostly days serving food, but who knew she would be serving my little buddy in just a few short weeks lol, this chubby little whore was down for just about anything as I quickly found out. All I had to do was ask and she would ’serve me’ I had her shoot these videos for me the day before I dumped her ass, I ended up picking up her sister that worked at the bar lol! check out some more videos of Liz Chuck W. Location withheld
Date: 04.24.2014
Erotic Titted Brunette Ex-girlfriend Bitch Tawny Bryant Sucking A Large Schlong
Private Ron here, and this little bitch WAS the love of my life of over 5 years, her name is Tawny and the tramp put me through hell! I had gotten shipped overseas to Iraq and at first we talked all the time online and she sent me these photos and videos we had made prior to me shipping out, to “get me by” so just about a month ago I get a leave and I headed home to surprise her, but it was ME who got surprised, I came home to an empty house, and I mean EMPTY! all the shit was gone, I went next door to talk to my neighbor and ALL the nieghbors were just staring at me like crazy, my neighbor finally came out and check out what that fucking bitch told him and the rest of our friends…. I died over in Iraq! and the whore stole all of my stuff and took off with our roommate to Florida! What a pounding joke! Well, enjoy these videos of us she sent me before she decided to ‘kill me off’ WHORE! Private Ron Location Withheld
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