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Rob And Jill

A woman in control of your orgasm. That's Jill and she teaches her techniques using poor Rob. It's up to HER if he has a full orgasm or not! And when she does let him...
Site type: Pay site, category: Amateur, Handjob
Complete review published on 07.30.2012
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[v]Intro promises(3.5)

These two have been at it since 1998 and they have a very unique website dedicated to the control of the male cock! This couple shows orgasm control, teasing techniques, ruined orgasms, and minimized orgasms (when Jill says!). Being left with a throbbing cock and nuts that ache can be extremely erotic as you load up for a huge reward. Updated daily. 1000 orgasm denial videos, live webcams, and more!

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Over 1500 videos about 4 minutes each (download)
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WMV (1000kb/s, 864x648)
Over 1000 galleries about 35 pictures each
3rd Party Feeds, Message Board, Live Chat

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$17.95 / one month (recurring)
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So much to say, so few characters to allow my thoughts to roam, but for this site, I will push my luck and go as far as I can. I normally make note at the very beginning of my reviews on what my eyes fall upon as the main membership doors to a site open, so I wonít waiver any to my usual pattern, so, for Rob and Jill, personally, I do not like their membership area, the display of it that is. It looks as though it was created by someone that has never built a website before, with an extremely amateur-ish look that isnít always a bad thing, if done well enough to pertain to the niche of amateurs, but when itís just poorly presented, then it makes an impression, and not a favorable one.

There are bonus sites involved, which is great, but, they group everything together down one side of the page, so youíre not sure until exploring what actually goes to what. Then, from the center we have their news items, which those I normally appreciate, just to give me an idea of whatís been changed, added, etc., but, they donít have their boundaries set correctly, so instead of finding a nice flow of uniformed text, you have a very long vertical listing of sentences that carry only one word each, then drops to the next line, that is a problem needing fixed. Some may think I put too much into the presentation factor, but, I look at it this way, itís all a part of the navigation itself, and in many ways, sex can be like food, if youíre given a plate that has everything spread out beautifully, youíre going to feel hungry for it even if youíve just had a snack, but if itís all just tossed and piled and made to look as though itís been eaten before, youíll push that plate away.

Once going into the content that pertains to this site onlyÖ.again, not a fan of how they lay things out. The video sets are small images that you seemingly have to click and click and click from one thing to another before you ever make your way to the episodes. Theyíve pledged this site has been around for awhile, but no dates gives me nothing to back up that pledge, so I canít honestly report to you. Just the overall, ďHere it is, come and get it,Ē sort of notion to the willy-nilly display of their hardcore, fetish filled material just didnít do it for me.
Now that I have that off of my chest, Iíll get to the really good part about Rob and Jill, and there are some very good parts! First off, I have to say, the premise and niche of this site is a fan favorite of mine, orgasm denial. Many, many years ago when I was an adult talk line operator, I enjoyed those sort of calls more than most, primarily because it falls under a heading of submissive and dominant Ė and when a person is truly into that lifestyle, you know they are doing exactly what you tell them to, or theyíre defeating their purpose, not to mention wasting their money. This woman definitely has the knack down to a fine art, and theyíve managed to mix in a lot of other fetish entries along with the primary pornographic cause of this site.

There are fucking machines that she enjoys immensely, CFNM entertainment, smoking cigarettes, toys, and more, not to mention the hardcore act of her backing up to his boner, allowing him to penetrate her, or dropping to her knees to suck his cock like the pro that she is, yes, everything is here, except for her granting his gonads the permission to explodeÖuntil sheís ready for him to do so, and when he does, then definitely add some very erotic cum shots to the list of performance perfection. Some sets will carry nice long write ups with the content offered, such as per video set, while others will be a bit shorter, to the point and more so just get to the action sort of display, but they both work in my opinion.

One thing is for sure, and it holds true from the niche itself, this babe is going to be sexually satisfied over and over before he ever has the chance of letting a drop of pre-cum drip over his bulbous cock head. Sheís the one in charge, thereís no doubt about it, and she does it well enough to make you consider this sort of fetish lifestyle, even if you never have before. They present their material through video clips that are limited in formats, and also sporadic type of offerings as far as that goes, you donít really know until you open the set as to what youíre going to have or not have. Theyíre broken down into episodes, with 2 formats thus far that Iíve found, so not a lot of choice to the older/aged looking contentÖ.which much of what I viewed does carry that aura of not only the clothing, the backdrops, but the film itself carrying a 70-ish sort of look to it, which that was a good time for sex! For the WMV presentation, I was surprised the technical numbers came in where they did, keeping me from having major complaint in quality.

The galleries were a lesser amount when it came to the content count, but again, fairly well done. The largest expansion will bring a pixel sizing of, 720x960, but I didnít find a ZIP option anywhere. Oh, and as a footnote to this fetish site, youíll find some of the video sets will carry a partial DRM effect.


The niche of this site is an awesome one, giving you that bondage, the cock rings, the shackles, the fucking machines and of course the lingerie, not to mention the main focus which is orgasm denial, so that pleased me, made me happy to receive Rob and Jill as one of my tasks, and I feel that Iíve been fair in my assumption. However, I didnít care for the layout itself, the content presentation, there were issues that just left something gnawing at my belly that said it could have been done differently and better.
Inspector: Missy
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