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From the look of things, this is its own community of sexual sorts, where you get to know others, have an erotic filled time of living!
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Complete review published on 05.28.2012
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Everyone needs a place to come……to cum! doesn’t give a huge threshold of description through the first page when checking it out, but from what I can make of it, if you love sex, then there’s no other place they say you should be. Signing up will carry no charge, I’m not sure if a fee will be added for partake in the mingling, blogging, video watching, chatting and more that’s pledged

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Well, I must admit, I’ve not reviewed a site such as this before, and with the lack of instruction given, I may not portray all of their elements, stressing the highlights as they should be, but I’ll do my best. For anyone out there that has a Facebook page, then you are going to recognize the basic layout of what you’ll find here, and that is pretty much what it is, a community for connecting with friends old and new, but instead of finding out who just had a baby or which friend recently became divorced, it’s more like who has the biggest cock and which one shows the sweetest ass in a pair of thong panties!

I myself do have a Facebook page and the minute I opened it was as if someone had transported content into a template that made me feel at home and yet at the same time, I recognized very little….now that I have you totally confused I’ll continue. You will find the same sort of features such as the ability to “Poke” someone, an avenue for sending private messages, and of course the chance to add new friends to a list that I’m assuming is going to grow quickly from this site. There is nothing held back, there’s no tease or preliminaries of what could be should you venture in deeper, no, it’s all out in the open. Their default pictures are mostly completely naked and in a compromising position, or at least something very alluring, not to mention their albums holding high counts of equally hard R or X rated shots as well.

Yes, this site is getting down to the brass nuts of it all, it’s about sex, who wants it, who’s ready to share it, in what manner, how many will be involved and do tell exactly how you enjoy it. You make your postings, it shares information on what you’ve done online throughout this community, and then at the bottom of the page will be comments made by other members, some on your friend’s list, and some maybe not, but all of which will be things such as, “Damn you are hot!” “Love Your Tits!” “Chat With Me!” and that is just the beginning of the ice breaking correspondence, from there, it’s anyone’s guess as to how far it will all go. Actually, the concept is good, there are a lot of folks out there seeking nothing but some no strings attached attachments, or even if you’re looking for that ring to fit your left hand, a site like this leaves all of the possibilities wide open for exploration, and the fact it’s heavily laced with erotica, well, that is the premise after all.
To give you a description of areas that seem to be working in respect to these people making new friends, one of the more popular options seems to be the “Polls” section. This is where you post a question, a shout out to whomever – and then by the replies you receive, you progress in your own timely, individual manner. For instance, a guy has posted a question in the poll area that simply says, “What would you do with my cock?” Ok, now it doesn’t get much more subtle than that, and it sure beats the hell out of the old, “Where have you been all my life?!” There are numerous answers you can click on, such as, “Slowly rub it with your feet,” or, “Take it all in your ass,” which tells me this is one way of finding out quickly the personality of those responding, knowing what they like, what they like even better, so actually, I can see where this would all work nicely.

Each person signed into this site has a blog area, so you can go in there and write your heart out. I’m finding a lot of these blogs carry images only, nicely sized, great quality images, but, a picture is worth a lot of words that you don’t have to worry about typing. I’m not sure how they incorporate the shots into their specific blog area, since many of what I’ve viewed actually have watermarks from paysites, unless they’ve been downloaded and then re-loaded for the sake of making a statement to whoever might be browsing your blog.

There is a link that calls for video chat, but unfortunately I can’t report anything about the workings of it to you because it says, and I quote, “Chat is offline while we perform upgrades, please check back soon.” I’ve been here for approximately an hour at this point, and it’s still down for upgrading, so I’m sorry about that, I tried. Also, for the sake of my review, there is positively no way for me to count how many galleries or how many shots per folder are held throughout, it’s absolutely impossible, so I will just say this much in the write up, there are a lot of members, and being a shutter-bug seems to be a common trait between them, they like being in front of the camera giving those softcore and hardcore renditions of how their fantasies form, which means there will be many, many pictures, and it seems to grow by the minute.

[v]Conclusion(3.8) is a great concept. You’ve got Facebook for finding and reuniting with friends, and you’ve got this site for matching yourself up with people as sexually oriented and downright horny as you are. There isn’t much toned down to what I’ve found here, but after all, the design calls for meeting, greeting and going after those that turn you on in the physical sense, and I’d say they’ve done a great job of making that possible. A bit of a tutorial in some form would have been nice, it seemed as if each time I clicked on something I was getting what they call credits, but I still have no idea what they were for or how they’re to be used.
Inspector: Missy
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