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Sexy Fandom

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If you are an information hound that loves reading things along the lines of extreme and yet the reality still stays in tact, then you'll like it here
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Slip into orbit and then coast your way into this website, its out of this world with some of its expressions, blogs and sharings. They have categories on Sexy Fandom such as; General Famdom, Books, Costuming, Gadgets, Movies, Real Life, Web Sites and then a break down about what they want to be known as and for. Which is partly a TV writer that is enjoying the fun they have with this site.
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Date: 09.21.2014
She isn’t talking a lot right now, but Zombie Slayer is wearing a Slave Leia bikini. Zombie Slayer looks really really really good in Princess Leia garb. I’d like to see her do the white outfit with the hair coils because she has such long dark brown hair and it would totally fit. Anyway, gotta […] Related posts: Zombie Slayer as R2 Zombie Slayer rocks out the Batman outfit Jalyn Slave Leia May the Fourth read more
Date: 09.21.2014
I’m so excited that one of the best cam performers ever, Hyrule Fairy is back online tonight! I haven’t seen her in quite a while and she is doing it up tonight. She is in a very good mood and she is wearing this comic book-looking sort of dress thing and huge horns and sexy […] Related posts: HyruleFairy Fanged Horned Succubus Live Classic Video Games with Hyrule Fairy Hyrule Fairy Fawn read more
Date: 09.20.2014
This time Cosplay-Mate brings us Stones as an Investigator. I’m not sure what an Investigator is, but apparently it is someone who kicks major butt. I have grown to really appreciate Stones in her work. I think she has great posture and balance for her martial arts moves. Standing still for a great length of […] Related posts: Investigator Stones turns her search inward The Surviving Rebel kicks back The Scarlet Samurai read more
Date: 09.20.2014
I somehow thought I had written Lana Rain up before, but apparently this will be an intro post. Lana Rain is a cosplay cutie who is into exactly the manga and anime and video games you would want her to be into. She is working on a little crafting project with masking tape right now […] Related posts: Gamer Lana is Baking Cookies, if you know what I mean Gamer Lana Gamer Lana Corset Elegance read more
Date: 09.20.2014
I’m so excited that the pirate cam girls are turning on their cams now. Vampire cutie Rayne is the first on the deck. She is wearing a red and white striped pirate scarf and a lace up top and a white peasant blouse, adjusted swashbuckler style. She also made a pirate video for the occasion. […] Related posts: Rayne Makes that Dog a Monster, if ya know what I mean Monster Hat Fangs Rayne Rayne Chills in Vampire Fangs read more
Date: 09.20.2014
GodsGirls brings us Lita. She is in a bit of a patchwork costume. I love the lacy stockings that rise up most of her thigh and the eye patch she starts out with is pretty cute. I think the use of the balloons here work really well in both color scheme and blocking the “naughty […] Related posts: Arrrrrrrrrr Eye Patch Wench Espen the pirate liquor Looner Ninja Turtle Natalia Grey read more
Date: 09.19.2014
Michellelovesu is rocking pastel pink hair now and it looks so good on her. With her fair complexion, and the layered way she put the color in, the pink hair actually looks oddly natural, like it could be her actual hair color. It also gives her a real life anime vibe, which is always a […] Related posts: Michellelovesu Online Now Michellelovesu has Phasers Set to Stun Michellelovesu is Supergirl read more
Date: 09.19.2014
Roman Sluka brings some pirate love with this BlueBlood shoot featuring the lovely Lenka. Lenka is decked out in more modern pirate gear including killer heels and a pistol. The colors and background are really vibrant in this shoot and they lend a certain feel of a distant port. The exotic feel of this particular […] Related posts: Pink Haired Pirate Beauty Shows Her Booty Jen Vixen for Talk Like a Pirate Day Swashbuckling Tattooed Pirate Babe read more
Date: 09.19.2014
Pretty cosplayer Natalia Grey has a very naughty patter of things she says, as she sits on various balloons and pops them. She has cute pigtails and a turtle kigurumi outfit and, I don’t know if it is really her birthday or not, but she has a whole heck of a lot of balloons. And […] Related posts: Happy Cammiversary, HarlieQuinnX! Julia Grey Cam Tattooed Nerd I Am Joy Tiger Kigurumi read more
Date: 09.19.2014
As GodsGirls keeps the Pirate theme up, we find Espen and her ample booty. This shoot has a bit of difference than most of the pirate shoots I have seen and that difference is: a bottle of booze. Yes, I know, it is a bit of a small thing, but when you think of pirates, […] Related posts: Julene and her pirate booty Jen Vixen for Talk Like a Pirate Day Nude Pirate Wenches vs. Naked Johnny Depp read more
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