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Sexy Fandom

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If you are an information hound that loves reading things along the lines of extreme and yet the reality still stays in tact, then you'll like it here
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Slip into orbit and then coast your way into this website, its out of this world with some of its expressions, blogs and sharings. They have categories on Sexy Fandom such as; General Famdom, Books, Costuming, Gadgets, Movies, Real Life, Web Sites and then a break down about what they want to be known as and for. Which is partly a TV writer that is enjoying the fun they have with this site.
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Date: 03.23.2018
Real Life Hiccup makes an appearance in this cosplay by Liui Aquino (but seriously, the resemblance is uncanny). Hiccup’s appearance as a 20-year-old in the How To Train Your Dragon 2 teaser trailer premiered this specific look with high, defined cheekbones, green eyes, and disheveled hair (from riding Toothless). Everything here is perfect from the […] Related posts: Tham’s Astrid How To Train Your Dragon Cosplay Charizard by WhiteSpringPro Cosplay Daenerys’ Dragon read more
Date: 03.23.2018
All aboard! I present you a sexy red hair Captain Fortune from the League of Legends, revived by the beautiful Lolibel Cosplay. Beauty and danger, this is the way this girl goes. I think that she did a great job, from the outfit to the background and photo shooting. The wig is perfect, the eyebrows […] Related posts: Captain Liliana by Yuki no Hana Cosplay & Art Miss Fortune by Giada Robin Rogue by Ryoko Demon Cosplay read more
Date: 03.23.2018
Based on the Spiderman movie (2002), Mary Jane Watson is Peter Parker’s love interest since childhood until a conflict arose which tore them apart (in Spiderman 3, 2007) and a new love blossomed between him and another character, Gwen Stacy. However, his romantic relationship with Gwen Stacy never lasted that long since he was never […] Related posts: Spider Gwen Dazzling AF Mary Jane Cosplay Mary Jane is Zombie Mermaid read more
Date: 03.21.2018
I know I’ve written quite a lot about Harley Quinn cosplayers in SFW but hey I just can’t help it! Haha! For most Harley Quinn lovers like me, Harley Quinns’ fashion sense never goes out of style. — From the cute and playful pink, red, and blue color combination to the passionate and wild, black […] Related posts: Harley Quinn in Gotham Rosanna Rocha gone nuts with this Harley Quinn Cosplay Harley Quinn Cosplay by Raychul Moore read more
Date: 03.21.2018
Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 5 Season 1 Recap is about the member of the Agency, Edogawa Ranpo. If we based this on history, Edogawa Ranpo is the pen name of Tar?? Hirai, the Japanese author known for his detective novels such as Boys Detective Club. I’ve read about him because I’ve watched Trickster, which is […] Related posts: Bungou Stray Dogs Recap Season 1 Episode 1 Bungou Stray Dogs Season 1 Episode 7 Call To Cosplay Recap Season 1 Episode 4 : April vs Kimba read more
Date: 03.21.2018
Whenever people say Tokyo Ghoul cosplay, what automatically comes into mind is black clothes, masks, black sclerae, and red pupils. It is very seldom that we see cosplays outside of these mainstream outfits. But here we have cosplayer, Noeru, breaking the clich? and bringing to light a different approach to cosplaying Tokyo Ghoul??s lovely protagonist, […] Related posts: Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Controversially Hot Summer Perfect Asuka Langley Cosplay EGOIST Cosplay by Ely read more
Date: 03.20.2018
Careful of this one. Poison Ivy will definitely pinch you if you’re not wearing green! (Or, more aptly, give you an unpleasant rash in exactly the opposite color of green.) Drummerina’s cosplay shows this DC super villain in an action pose, presumably to get rid of some foolish and hapless enemy of hers trying to […] Related posts: Ivy Snow is Poison Ivy Kati3Kat Cosplays Poison Ivy Live Rosanna Rocha goes Poison Ivy read more
Date: 03.19.2018
Even Villain needs their Princess. Everybody cosplaying heroes heroes heroes, and only a few goes villainy with their cosplay. In the marvel series the most famous villain that always been cosplay is Black Cat and to be honest she’s really not that evil. But luckily there are the few who goes out of the norm […] Related posts: Magnetic Green Super Hero Yaya Han! Strike it with Asgardian Sword read more
Date: 03.18.2018
Let’s go green.Since there are some rumors that Xmen will be ending entirely in the comics, I thought that I should post some article about X-men for you guys to be reminded that X MEN SHOULD NOT END.. It’s common in the comics of having a superhero or supervillain having the same exact powers and […] Related posts: Super Hero Yaya Han! Merry Urd Christmas Scarlet Witch by Yaya Han read more
Date: 03.17.2018
With only a few weeks to go before Avengers: Infinity War will be released, a new trailer dropped today and we can hardly contain our excitement. This movie by far has the biggest superhero team up that is ever going to happen and is probably one of the biggest movies Marvel has ever made. Almost […] Related posts: Eleanor Rigby Infinity Gauntlet Playboy Bunny Avengers Skyfall New Trailer read more
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