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Sexy Fandom

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If you are an information hound that loves reading things along the lines of extreme and yet the reality still stays in tact, then you'll like it here
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Slip into orbit and then coast your way into this website, its out of this world with some of its expressions, blogs and sharings. They have categories on Sexy Fandom such as; General Famdom, Books, Costuming, Gadgets, Movies, Real Life, Web Sites and then a break down about what they want to be known as and for. Which is partly a TV writer that is enjoying the fun they have with this site.
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Date: 01.31.2015
So I guess Katsumi Chann is now named Pumpkin Spice. This is apparently due to some internet drama. You can ask Pumpkin Spice about it or just enjoy a rose by any other name. Tonight, she literally has a crown of roses on. Pumpkin Spice or KatsumiChann always makes me think of an anime character […] Related posts: Peek at You Katsumi Chann Happy Holidays, Katsumi Chann Katsumi Chann Lace Goth Kitty Ears read more
Date: 01.30.2015
Baby Zelda is doing custom drawings on request, with her adorable titties out of course. Baby Zelda is so much fun and I love how creative she is while doing such hot cam-play with her cool fans and admirers. It’s interesting to hear her talk about her artistic process and what Baby Zelda bases her […] Related posts: Baby Zelda Birthing Pokeman Baby Zelda Naked Elf Baby Zelda Unicorn read more
Date: 01.29.2015
Kaylee Pond is way too nekkid right now for me to write up what she is actually doing. So here is a flashback Halloween gallery of Kaylee Pond in her amazing faun costume. While I had formatted this post, meanwhile Logan was writing up the faun show and beat me to posting. You can visit […] Related posts: Kaylee Pond Noir Femme Fatale Death Star Lands on Kaylee Pond’s Giant Boobs Kaylee Pond is Catwoman read more
Date: 01.27.2015
Camera Kitten is a very pretty cosplayer with pink hair, shaved on the sides (both up top and down below.) She is a lifestyle submissive and enjoys witchcraft and Alan Moore’s V is for Vendetta. I especially love that Camera Kitten is reading a book — an old school paper printed book — live on […] Related posts: Happy Holidays, Whiskey Kitten Introducing Whiskey Kitten June Kitten is Caught Between Easter, Xmas, and a Hard Place read more
Date: 01.27.2015
Kaylee Pond baked cupcakes for her birthday. But it is Kaylee Pond, so she made pastry with a fun gamer twist. You know those king cakes they have in New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Well, Kaylee Pond has different color candies baked into her cupcakes. When someone in her chatroom picks a cupcake, then she […] Related posts: Kaylee Pond Pokemon Happy Dance Happy Cammiversary, Kaylee Pond! Kaylee Pond Karaoke read more
Date: 01.24.2015
Alessa Crow is looking even more like a vampire than usual tonight, and that is saying something. I love all the blue and hot pink glowing color in her room right now. She is listening to music with her alien-looking cat Santu and she (the kitty) looks like she is really getting into it. Alien […] Related posts: Witchy Alessa Crow and Her Alien Cat Familiar Alien Santu is Ready for His Closeup Alessa Crow Creepy Doll Collecter read more
Date: 01.24.2015
Nighty-night, Ophelia Vlad! Beautiful vamp Ophelia Vlad is saying her good nights right now, so you’d better hurry if you’d like to see her, still in her makeup, but wearing adorable Superman jammies. Username: OpheliaVlad CamScore: 4261 Gender: Female Body Type: Average Ethnicity: Other Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Weight: 125 pounds Height: 71 inches Age: […] Related posts: Zombie Ophelia Vlad Steampunk Ophelia Vlad Ophelia Vlad One Eye read more
Date: 01.20.2015
I’ve been taking a wander around some different live sites from my usual go-tos. This one is interesting because it features women, and men, and those in-between, ande couples of all orientations. I really like that feature, although I am still getting the hang of the navigation. Like my favorite, this site is free to […] Related posts: AnnaMolli Does Wonderland Angel in Wonderland Vampette in Wonderland read more
Date: 01.20.2015
Lissa Bunny (formerly Young Vain) is dressed like Batman dynamic duo half Robin. Her doggie is being her helpful ward. She says she likes nerdy jokes and at least one person in her room is obliging handsomely. midnitrcr: Why are quantum physicists so poor at sex? midnitrcr: Because when they find the position, they can’t […] Related posts: CCRhyder Dominant Princess Holiday Bunny Rabbit Girl Bunny Loves Kitty Miss Lollipop Bunny Kigurumi read more
Date: 01.17.2015
Baby Zelda says this is the first time she has been a naked elf. She has a really adorable elf costume, with a sort of medievalist garb waist cincher and embroidered green gossamer. But, after I cropped these screenshots to be SFW (and didn’t screenshot the full body part), you can’t see that much of […] Related posts: Little Devil Baby Zelda Baby Zelda Unicorn Witchy Baby Zelda read more
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