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Sexy Fandom

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If you are an information hound that loves reading things along the lines of extreme and yet the reality still stays in tact, then you'll like it here
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Slip into orbit and then coast your way into this website, its out of this world with some of its expressions, blogs and sharings. They have categories on Sexy Fandom such as; General Famdom, Books, Costuming, Gadgets, Movies, Real Life, Web Sites and then a break down about what they want to be known as and for. Which is partly a TV writer that is enjoying the fun they have with this site.
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Date: 05.28.2016
LexiVixi is ready to show you an unforgettable time with this lively show in which she looks super-hot (as she always does) with her makeup on, the way her hair drapes over her shoulder and her blue lingerie, which not only has some very interesting patterns, but it is also subtle enough to still allow […] Related posts: LexiVixi’s Nightie-Night Holy Tank-top, LexiVixi! LexiVixi Lovely Finesse read more
Date: 05.28.2016
Kota Morgue says her favorite colors are red and black. Black is technically a shade, not a color, but I think you know what she means anyway. Kota Morgue does a beautiful job with all her red and black decor and clothing and costuming. Her unique looks is so unusual that it is hard to […] Related posts: Space Kitty Kota Morgue Inkier Kota Morgue Zombie Cammiversary Kota Morgue Big Furry Paws read more
Date: 05.28.2016
The title says it all. AnimeAnnie, seen dressed in her Deadpool costume, just announced to the room that she has a secret (not so secret now) plan to create a ummm…hmmmmm….what’s the ‘safe for work’ way of saying this? Basically she wants to play a bit of Pool and not shoot with rope. Too obscure? […] Related posts: AnimeAnnie as Mario AnimeAnnie plays a bit of Mario AnimeAnnie talks jobs in furry ears read more
Date: 05.27.2016
Liuna is proudly wearing a sorceress outfit from the videogame The Witcher that is simplistic enough to be arousing from the start, and detailed enough to give you lots of things to look at while she displays her seductive side. During this CosplayErotica presentation, and in the video that comes attached to this images set […] Related posts: Liuna on the prowl towards Lee Ho Fook The Witcher 3’s Ciri by Ladee Danger at Dragon Con 2015 Seductive Sorceress StrangeLeah read more
Date: 05.27.2016
RazorCandi lets it all hang out in this Batcave Beauty set. Usually, I like to tease the photos and talk about the action in the shoot, but this time I am going directly to my favorite photo of the whole set. As RazorCandi says this is her unleashed, if you will, I find it my […] Related posts: The transformation of RazorCandi RazorCandi makes my Halloween with Zombified! RazorCandi rocks the pink in her Beautiful Corpse shoot read more
Date: 05.27.2016
Pumpkin Spice made her hair silver today. She looks amazing! The white blonde look is very fae and comes across somewhere in between fairy princess and Marilyn Monroe sex bombshell. Actually, come to think of it, Pumpkin Spice herself is always a bit somewhere between fairy princess and Marilyn Monroe sex bomb, so the style […] Related posts: Pumpkin Spice Panda Plush Hugs to Pumpkin Spice Anime Look Pumpkin Spice read more
Date: 05.27.2016
That title came off a bit naughtier than I thought, but here we are. StrangeLeah is dressed like a hotdog and she’s playing Operation. Yes, I mean the funny bone removing buzz buzz buzz type of Operation. When I saw her gif in the MFC window, I couldn’t pass the room up. This looked way […] Related posts: Enjoy Getting Your Kidneys Stolen in New Orleans for Mardi Gras Strange Leah Cosplays Jessica Rabbit Strange Leah is Dr. Fozzie read more
Date: 05.27.2016
I once coined ‘Pimp for Nickels’, little did I know that someone would come along and be WhoreNickels. She’s on a Donald Drumpf roll and, if I close my eyes, I can’t tell the difference between his actual press and her satire. She’s that good. She brings a lot of the energy, a lot of […] Related posts: Captain America Dastan Yesevi Captain America Vera Baby Captain America Doll Parts read more
Date: 05.27.2016
Kota Morgue is wearing one of her outfits which is really her trademark style with layered fishnets of all different patterns and fetish jewelry and stripes and cat ears and lots of glitter makeup and an animetastic schoolgirl uniform and huge black rimmed glasses. I love her alien style and the way only she can […] Related posts: Kota Morgue Gets Even More Hot Alien Babe Alien Cat Beauty Kota Morgue Kota Morgue Cat Rabbit Vampire Cosplay read more
Date: 05.26.2016
Usually when it comes to anime the first episode isn??t always enough determining factor to make you want to stay ???til the end of the season. However with Dagashi Kashi, episode one was enough to make me stay. I instantly got hooked with the anime and I loved the characters so I was pretty delighted […] Related posts: Hotaru Shidare, by Kariko Hikari Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light Sweet Revenge!: Andy Rae’s Sith Lord Cosplay read more
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