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Sexy Fandom

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If you are an information hound that loves reading things along the lines of extreme and yet the reality still stays in tact, then you'll like it here
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Slip into orbit and then coast your way into this website, its out of this world with some of its expressions, blogs and sharings. They have categories on Sexy Fandom such as; General Famdom, Books, Costuming, Gadgets, Movies, Real Life, Web Sites and then a break down about what they want to be known as and for. Which is partly a TV writer that is enjoying the fun they have with this site.
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Date: 04.23.2014
I like red heads. I do not think that is even a secret. So, when I see CherryBambaro rocking out that red-do of hers, along with matching outfit and flower in her hair, I have to stop to say hello. She seems to have mastered playing music in her show. You know how some cam […] Related posts: Warrior Maiden Morrighan Rocks the Predator Armor HyruleFairy plays dice AdellaM chats up DnD and Game of Thrones read more
Date: 04.22.2014
Hey there Star Wars fans, especially Darth Vader loyalists: Hot Blonde Stormtrooper. Yes, Ava Raeh is a hot blonde stormtrooper with the side of her head buzzed. What more do you need to know? Username: AvaRaeh CamScore: 3199.1 Gender: Female Body Type: Muscular Ethnicity: Caucasian Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Weight: 135 pounds Age: 22 City: […] Related posts: Stormtrooper-Clad Rayne Lollipop Light Sabre Sexy Boyfriend Darth Vader Robs Bank May the Fourth Be with You read more
Date: 04.22.2014
It is very rare when a model can out talk me with anime, but NijikkoDolly just kicked my butt. She starts out discussing Pokemon and why she can watch some of it forever and then the game turns to the different Nonon Jakuzaure costumes from Kill la Kill. This is where I started to google […] Related posts: AdellaM chats up DnD and Game of Thrones MaryJane69BBW talks up Game of Thrones Anna Molli Anime Babe read more
Date: 04.22.2014
So, I am browsing through the cam shows today and I see this girl with aquamarine hair. She reminds me of the song by The Men that I dig. I had to stay a while and I am glad I did. She is wearing a black lacy xGet_Jinxed says she wants to throw a party. […] Related posts: Lenoresaurus is Mario Topless Video Games With GingerAnn AdellaM chats up DnD and Game of Thrones read more
Date: 04.22.2014
When I see a model who has a smile like AdellaM, I have to go in for a closer look. I guess it was the smile even more than the hair that brought me to the room. She is a great laid back hang with every topic from cosplay to DnD and things in between. […] Related posts: Code Monkey Like Fritos and Omisuki Live Blue-Haired Anime Kitten Girl MaryJane69BBW talks up Game of Thrones Froliccc Anime Expo Furry Hat read more
Date: 04.21.2014
Remember that time that Joffrey choked to death at his own wedding? Yeah, that was pretty great. I mean, not looking at his gross purple face and bulging out eyes, but great cuz he really, really had it coming. I mean, the whole Seven Kingdoms is better off for that shit leaving this mortal coil, […] Related posts: Game of Thrones – Two Swords Game of Thrones – Mhysa Game of Thrones – Kissed by Fire read more
Date: 04.20.2014
Tonight on Orphan Black, it was the first episode of the second season. And boy oh boy did it take you for a ride! So we started the episode assuming Helena was dead. Towards the end of the last episode of season one, we saw Sarah shoot Helena, and we thought that was the end […] Related posts: Orphan Black Returns The Guild Season 6 Episode 11 – Raid HQ! The Guild Season 6 Episode 12 Season Finale – End Game read more
Date: 04.20.2014
Every now and then my editor pats me on me bum and scoots me out the door to meet new friends. HyruleFairy is everything Easter used to be–a demon dressed in lace playing sexual dice games with a room full of cam chatters. Well, alright, so maybe that goes a bit beyond the old Pagan […] Related posts: HyruleFairy as Harley Quinn for Halloween HyruleFairy Panda Sexy Elf HyruleFairy read more
Date: 04.20.2014
I noticed Arwen Datnoid for the first time the other night when she was cosplaying Rikku from Final Fantasy. She was too nude a version for me to show it here is SFW-land, but, trust me, she looked cool. Her profile says she is a “Professional elf”, so I think she wears the ears all […] Related posts: Kaylee Pond Pokemon Happy Dance Kaylee Pond is Catwoman Mid October Night’s Choose Your Own Shakespeare Adventure read more
Date: 04.20.2014
I’ve seen a lot in cam. I have seen girls claim they like Dungeons and Dragons in order to get tips, but I never saw someone pull out a dice bag and produce a d20 to roll a saving throw for her buttons. That’s right, GweenBlack just pulled out a d20 in order to see […] Related posts: New Friends Button for Linking Topsites Topsites Animated Button Geek Girls Online Vivian Winters read more
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