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Solo Girl Blog

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A picture of perfection is what you'll find on this blog website, along with links and everything else that makes this a really nice place to be.
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They are eager to have you bookmark Solo Girl Blog, and with good reason why, this is a great site. The images are so large throughout this page and you’ll find a long list holding 56 names of the top solo girls. Enhanced elegance with a touch of denim is what you’ll find and you’ll love every minute of it. Get to know these young girls well by checking out all of their pictures, they’re hot.
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Date: 07.14.2008

I started this blog over 3 years ago. It’s had its high points, low points, and no points. It’s tough to dedicate consistent time to a hobby, you know? Well I’m back again and hope to restart the consistent solo girl updates. To apologize for my most recent six month absence, I’m going to start up the updates by revealing a hot girl daily from one of my favorite sites for atleast a couple weeks.

Spunky Angels is the site I’m referring to. The makers of this site also launched some legendary solo girls such as Kate’s Playground, Southern Brooke, Diddylicious, and Sweet Krissy.

There are some girls out there that just don’t want to dedicate the time to keep up with their own site. These types of girls shoot a couple photosets and/or videos for quick cash and then they’re done. Spunky Angels brings these types of girls all to one place. They’re all young and very sexy. I think a lot of these girls are even hotter than Kate.

Let’s start it off with beautiful Alana. She’s a tiny all natural brunette with great little perky tits and a shaved muff. You may have seen her on other teen sites before.

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Date: 01.16.2008

Doloris in her pink bikini just screams sex! She’s a blond with a tight bod and a pretty funky attitude. Her bikini comes with a wraparound skirt and what you see under it is adorable: the actual bikini bottoms are sheer but have a big feather thingy covering her good bits. Soon it doesn’t matter as she’s pulled the top and panties aside to give a nice good look at everything you’d want to see. Her tits are very small, her clam is meaty, and her face is that of a horny teen that’s turning into an adult model as we speak. Watch the transformation for yourself.

click here for today’s doloris gallery!

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Date: 01.15.2008

I suspect that Kelly is really hot but her haircut and bangs take away from her sexy features. It looks like she wanted to be a real stylish model but had to settle for nude scenes. She’s tall and thin with very nice breasts and a great body all around. She knows how to pose to always make her bod look great - or maybe it just looks great no matter what. Kelly is a great looking girl that really needs to fix up her hair. Then she would be my object of desire in a bad way!

click here for today’s kelly gallery!

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Date: 01.14.2008

Christie is a foreign girl with a different style. She has long blond hair and tan skin and she wants to show off her long lean body to you. From the feet up, she has on stilettos, sheer stockings, and a silver mini dress. Panties? Of course not. Bra? Of course not. In fact, even though she has on stockings, they’re entirely crotchless. She sucks on a lollipop as she spreads her legs wide and reveals every little nook and cranny that she has.

click here for today’s christie gallery!

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Date: 01.13.2008

Lux looks like a sexy bitch, doesn’t she? That slender body, the narrow features… that eye liner and sexy scowl! You won’t be able to decide whether you love her or hate her but it doesn’t really matter. She’s a hot blond that’s getting naked so you’ll watch. She undoes her corset one clasp at a time. It looks hot on her but she doesn’t really need it, considering she’s very skinny already and her tits are too small to make pop out of it. Once naked, her small implants are revealed (I wouldn’t have guessed), her shaved pussy, and even some tattoos. Lux is definitely a wild cat no matter what she’s wearing or how she poses.

click here for today’s lux gallery!

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Date: 01.12.2008

I don’t often go for unnatural photo sets set in studios, but Christine is hot enough to make me feature one. She’s a leggy brunette that’s petite all around. Her tits are a bit less than a handful but her attitude is more than one! This lusty young lady likes to tease men with her toned skin and her shaved twat. She looks into the camera seductively, always, and spreads her legs as if it’s no big deal. Christine doesn’t acknowledge her own nudity - she lets you do that for her.

click here for today’s christine gallery!

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Date: 01.11.2008

This girl may be labeled Lauren but I know her as the beautiful Sunny Leone. These are old amateur pictures of hers before she came into her own. As she aged she only got more beautiful and much sexier. She’s an Indian girl with a gorgeous face and a particularly nice smile with great pearly white teeth. She’s wearing a cowgirl uniform with her nice tits hanging out. Her lips are pouty and very sexy. Her pussy is delicious and extremely tight. I love “Lauren” and Sunny Leone equally!

click here for today’s lauren gallery!

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Date: 01.10.2008

Gabrielle reminds me of Posh except not nearly as thin which is only a good thing. She has “that look” and some very pronounced cheekbones that come about without starving herself. Naked and oiled up, she’s ready to wash all that grease off of her tan body. Equipped with a vibrating shower head, she does just that. She takes her time, enjoying the water that pulses onto her body. Her eyes are closed sometimes as if she’s dreaming of a sexy fantasy. Other times they’re wide open, staring into her audience and beckoning them.

click here for today’s gabrielle gallery!

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Date: 01.09.2008

Cora’s face might not attract you but the rest of her sure will. She has big round tits that fit her body remarkably well, but that’s not what drove me wild. She has nice skin and great thighs, but that didn’t do it either. Check out the gallery to scope out a look at her perfect muff. It is perfectly shaved albeit a landing strip and absolutely tiny. It looks like the tightest teen muff in creation and Cora, a girl that isn’t very petite at all, is the one lucky enough to be endowed with it. Good for her and her tiny little sexy secret!

click here for today’s cora gallery!

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Date: 01.08.2008

I don’t know if this girl is Hawaiian or just pretending, but I don’t really care either. She has dark eyes and long dark hair and she has a very festive outfit on. A red sarong with a matching red crop top and even some flowers pinned behind her ear. Underneath she has a bright crimson thong that matches her lips. Her ass will entrance you but it’ll be her perfect shaved twat that’ll make you cum. It’s absolutely beautiful in every regard. With full tits and a small twat like that, she has no trouble getting men!

click here for today’s lina gallery!

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