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Special Examination

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Socialized medicine has never looked so hot! See young, nubile housewives violated, often in front of their pathetically docile hubbies.
Site type: Pay site, category: Fetish, Medical
Complete review published on 10.07.2017
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The tour page at Special Examination Day caught my eye, not only with its dazzling preview imagery and wild concept, but with its uniquely blunt promise of "no ugly whores inside." The site specializes in embarrassing medical procedures, and from the looks of it they don't limit themselves to ladies, sometimes bringing the hubby in to see his wife violated by their sinister physicians. In addition to absurdly hot, awkward footage, members can look forward to regularly occurring updates, 720p video, and an awesome collection of similarly themed full-length bonus flicks.

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Over 270 episodes about 25 minutes each (download and stream)
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Who hasn't fantasized about being a general practitioner of medicine? Aside from the high pay, respect of your peers, and ability to save a life, there's always that extra added benefit of being able to command a beautiful woman to remove all of her clothing and spread her legs to damn wide you can see her tonsils. I know that when I was a young boy and all of my friends dreamed of being firefighters, policemen, and pro athletes, my goal was to become a gynecologist. And though I, admittedly, never got that dream job hey, not all of us are cracked up for a decade of medical school there's no reason I can't enjoy the fruits of the labor. Which is the whole point of Special Examination Day.

The actual members page is surprisingly modest for a site that, so far as I can tell from their update schedule update schedule(3-4 new episodes per month) is rather busy dispensing costly medical procedures. I don't mind, though. The minimalist layout seems to work here. My only suggestion would be that they drop the green background, but that's just nit-picking, really. Either way, one thing is for sure, nobody's going to be saying this site isn't user-friendly anytime soon. At least no one in their right mind.

They've limited their main menu down to three choices: Questions and Problems, Requests, F.A.Q. To access the content itself, all you need do is scroll down through the main page, and work yourself through the 6+ pages of videos and picture galleries. While this may sound too simplistic, it actually works out rather nicely. The only thing that's really missing is a mode index. But since these Russian hotties seem to be primarily made up of unknowns, if not entirely, I suppose that's understandable, too.

The scenes all seem to be set in a similar room. The "doctors," oddly enough, are always wearing scrubs, as if they were about to perform a particularly nasty surgery and not your run-of-the-mill pap smear. Then again, there's nothing typical about these check-ups. Take, for example, the good Doctor's tools. I freely admit I haven't had a checkup in a long while, but I doubt so much has changed in the last five years that dildos and butt-plugs have become the norm. But what do I know? I just write about porn. Yes, I think it's best I leave the doctoring to the doctors. Judging by the moans of pleasure and looks of rage the latter of which comes from cowardly husbands who stand by and watch, helpless as lambs they're doing something right.

On a sidenote: if you're a foot fetishist, you'll be happy to know this content has the added bonus of showing delicious sole shot in just about every scene. This is not surprising, since it's pretty much mandatory you strip down for a physical, but considering the huge amount of screen time these babes' yummy lil tootsies seem to be getting, I felt it was worth throwing out there, nonetheless.

The only thing that keeps me from being totally in love with these scenes is the simple fact that they're all in Russian, a language I don't speak. Consider the high levels of manipulation, humiliation, and overall delicious awkwardness of the situations, it's doubly disappointing that I can't quite follow what's going on. The addition of subtitles would go a long way, and, frankly, these scenes deserve it.

Since the site's launch, they've been uploading exclusively 720p videos. The only thing that's really changed in those three years is the bitrates, which only seem to be getting higher. Downloadable files comes in the Windows Media file, with the latest sporting stellar play-back quality. Unfortunately, there are no lower-res files here, so if you are, for some reason, still on a dial-up connection, this site probably isn't for you. Just like the content, even the streaming vids are larger than life.

And, not unlike the movies, galleries here have limited themselves to one resolution size: fucking big. Even on older sets, you can expect dimensions of around 2, × 3,216 pixels. Not only that, the average gallery contains well over a hundred. The least pictures I saw in one, actually, was somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 photos. Another bonus is that, though they're watermarked, it's insignificant in size and, thankfully, well placed out of the way in the bottom, right-hand corner of the image. There's no slide-show or any other fancy viewing gadgets, but I think this is more than evened out by the outrageous hotness of these shots. Seeing these babes, spread eagle with their feet in stirrups, being violated by the ultimate quacks, is absolutely boner-inspiring.

In the mood for bonuses? No problem. Your membership comes with 9 extra videos from sites like Lesbian Army, Medical Femdom, and Gyno Orgasm Videos. As you can see, these sites are all similary themed, which is great. Especially when most sites seem to offer bonus content that's wholly unrelated to their own material. These videos average around the 25 minute mark and are every bit as hot and high-quality as as the original content. And from the looks of, there's more to cum.


Whether you're into humiliation, cuckolds, or just like seeing pretty ladies put in terrible predicments, you're sure to find something you'll dig at Special Examination Day. For the last three years they've been extremely consistent and reliable, both in terms of their update schedule and the quality of their porn. So, if you're looking for a great site with a great price, then you should probably add Special Examination Day to the top of your list. It's just that hot.
Inspector: BeerhatMcfly
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