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Submissive Reflections

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This blog features erotic stories of interest to submissive women and the men who love them.
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Submissive Reflections is an erotic blog that features stories about submissive women pleasuring their men and getting pleasure themselves in return. This blog is for all the ladies that know being submissive leads to the best sex possible and the men that enjoy being dominant. If you have fantasies involving submission and domination, then you’ll enjoy this free blog.
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Date: 02.10.2016
I have started on a number of posts, then life has dragged me away and I have not gotten back to them. So here are the things I was going to post.First, Christmas. Yes, going back that far! Christmas day was awful. Well, not all of it. Mac, the kids and I had a really good, happy, busy morning, then my family arrived. My sister and I had not spoken for almost a year, because her husband feels read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
About two weeks ago, completely out of the blue, while Mac and I were having a conversation online, my phone rang. It was Mac. He was talking to me online and ringing me at the same time. I answered the phone.'I just want to tell you that I love you.' He said. 'I need to tell you that I love you.''I love you too.' I said.'Good girl.' I could hear Him smiling. I smiled too.I took the phone to bed read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
I had to have surgery again. I had to hold my foot completely immobile for 8 weeks after the last lot of surgery and scar tissue formed that stopped the joint from being able to move properly. When the surgeon went in, I also had an overgrowth of bone that had to be removed. It hurts. It hurts like the injury is brand new and I am back on crutches again, though it should only be 10 days this time read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
Mac and I lost interest in sex. It wasn't His fault. It wasn't my fault. It was He got busy at work. I had two unhappy babies with head colds who had trouble sleeping, which means I had trouble sleeping. Every night we were climbing into bed exhausted. It was taking real effort to talk to each other and when I had time, He didn't. Also I have found that the less sex we have, the read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
It's not all sex and compliments around here. I told Mac yesterday that all work and no play make Him a dull boy. It didn't go down exactly as I meant it too. I meant dull as in tired and listless, leading to illness. He thought I meant He was getting boring. It made for a minute of misunderstanding before we were back on track again. I think He only took it that way because He was tired from read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
She moved down the bed carefully. He was sleeping soundly and she didn't want to wake him. Not yet, anyway. She stopped at his waist, pulling the sheet off him slowly. He slept deliciously naked, something that made him seem both sexy and vulnerable. There was enough moonlight through the window for her to see his cock resting limply on his bollocks. It looked small, helpless, harmless and she read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
When I had left Him breathless with orgasm, He said "After nearly 9 years together, you are still by far the most sensational woman I can imagine in bed. And light years ahead of anyone else I have heard of or imagined, leave alone actually had."And the Man says He is not a romantic.I cannot think of anything I would rather hear. read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
I have learnt that to get through this life successfully, you have to be willing to be flexible. Nothing works out the way it is expected to and you will do much better, it will be much easier, if you can just accept that and go with the flow. My accident was one of those unplanned things that has completely changed our lives. Every day spent with the children (which pretty much is every day) read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
I am in trouble. (Hangs head.) I have been a bad girl. (Hides behind hair.) I was told that I was overdoing it, but I didn't listen and I didn't stop and now my ankle is inflamed. I have to keep it up, keep it iced, and let it rest for a few days. I didn't mean to overdo it. I meant to rest. But there was just lots of little things that I thought would be ok. I mean, it doesn't hurt to just go read more »
Date: 02.10.2016
On Christmas Eve my foot swelled up like a balloon. It was so sore I was wincing with every step and even though I had helpers, I just couldn't keep myself sitting down. I had things to do and I am stubborn about asking for help when I should. I could have stayed in the seat and asked others to bring things to me, but instead, if I needed a knife, I got up, hobbled to the drawer and got it, then read more »
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