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Submissive Reflections

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This blog features erotic stories of interest to submissive women and the men who love them.
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Submissive Reflections is an erotic blog that features stories about submissive women pleasuring their men and getting pleasure themselves in return. This blog is for all the ladies that know being submissive leads to the best sex possible and the men that enjoy being dominant. If you have fantasies involving submission and domination, then you’ll enjoy this free blog.
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Date: 05.20.2018
'It's just life, Sarah.' That is what Mac says when I complain that we have not had time to spend together. And life has been complicated of late. On top of physiotherapy (which I cut back to once a week so I could fit in massage therapy) and massage therapy, I have been going to the hospital for half a day four days a week to visit with my nephew who had knee operation and ended up with a staph read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
I have started on a number of posts, then life has dragged me away and I have not gotten back to them. So here are the things I was going to post.First, Christmas. Yes, going back that far! Christmas day was awful. Well, not all of it. Mac, the kids and I had a really good, happy, busy morning, then my family arrived. My sister and I had not spoken for almost a year, because her husband feels read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
About two weeks ago, completely out of the blue, while Mac and I were having a conversation online, my phone rang. It was Mac. He was talking to me online and ringing me at the same time. I answered the phone.'I just want to tell you that I love you.' He said. 'I need to tell you that I love you.''I love you too.' I said.'Good girl.' I could hear Him smiling. I smiled too.I took the phone to bed read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
I had to have surgery again. I had to hold my foot completely immobile for 8 weeks after the last lot of surgery and scar tissue formed that stopped the joint from being able to move properly. When the surgeon went in, I also had an overgrowth of bone that had to be removed. It hurts. It hurts like the injury is brand new and I am back on crutches again, though it should only be 10 days this time read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Mac doesn't like it when I am on top. Or, at least, when I am on top, Mac holds my hips and thrusts up into me, so He is still in control. I pointed that out to Him one day and He was surprised by that. He had never thought about it. He had just done it, but once I did point it out to Him, He did give it some thought and He admitted it was true. No matter what else is going on, in the bedroom, read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
I am so stressed. I have been sick, a cold, which I have unfortunately passed on to the little man. Nicholas has spent the last two nights coughing and not sleeping, which means I have not slept either. Mac is away and I am exhausted, but life doesn??t stop, Sarah Jane doesn't stop, Mac can??t stop, just because I am sick. Nicholas needs me constantly. I need sleep! I know it will pass. My cough read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
I found that misunderstandings kept happening between Mac and I. Not big deals, just little things that left us both feeling a little titchy with each other. As the titchiness set in the misunderstandings kept coming which meant the titch took up permanant residence and I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all. I hated feeling that grating edge between us.So I decided to go back to the basics. read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
It is funny how two people can be a part of the same conversation and hear two completely different things.I read an article a few years ago that I recall at times like that. It says that we are all the own little gods of our thoughts and that no one hears us exactly the way we mean them too. The things we say and the things we hear are all filtered through our life experiences, our own values read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Mac and I have had a very special week. It was one of those beautiful times where we had time to fall head over heels in love with each other again. Everything just fell into place and gave us time to devote to each other. It was so easy. It was simple and comfortable and still warm, like we had never left it behind. We couldn't get enough of each other, couldn't be close enough to each other, read more »
Date: 05.20.2018
Poiuy asked how I felt about being used by Mac. I had to take a moment to think about it. It's not that I don't like being used. I am quite proud of the fact that Mac knows He can wake me at any time without fuss or need for a production and just get Himself off. I like that He knows I am available to Him. It does make me happy.It's just that there are times that I want more than to have a quick read more »
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